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Kal Sarp Yoga

Pt Bhooshan Priya

The concept of the Kal Sarp yoga is a very recent phenomenon, may be just a few decades old. It does not occur in the classic works of Astrology. So very little literature is available on it that the concept sounds as a yet another ploy of the astrologers to make money. Each astrologer interprets it the way he wants. In most cases it is used to intimidate his clients and make a sucker of them. Here is how I look at this yoga. Kal Sarp yoga occurs when all the planets are between Ketu and Rahu , i.e. when all the planets are on one side of the Ketu Rahu axis. When I say between Ketu and Rahu , I mean that if counting from Ketu { anti clock wise , zodiac counting }all the planets should fall between Ketu and Rahu and if that happens then only the yoga is formed. Easiest way to find out is, place your finger at Ketu and move anticlockwise till Rahu , if all the planets are placed along your way to rahu then it is a Kal Sarp yog otherwise not. We all know that Rahu has a retrograde movement i.e. in a kundali planets { not retro } move anti-clockwise where as Rahu and Ketu always move clockwise. Therefore in the above placement all the planets would be in front of Rahus head , giving an impression as if Rahu will gobble up all the planets on its way. Now does this yoga affect the life or the quality of life? All kinds of results are attributed to this yoga, some good and some bad. Even I feel that this yoga must be effecting in one way or the other because half the kundali remains unoccupied. The planets confined to only one half of the kundali must have some kind of an effect and most probably adverse effect. There is yet another question. Should the yoga be decided on the basis of degrees or on the basis of Rasi? Technically speaking it should be decided on the basis of degrees. If any planet gets out of this Ketu Rahu coil, there shouldnt be a Kal Sarp yoga. There are others who believe that if a planet is in a rasi of either of the planets the yoga takes effect.

I being a cautious type, and not prepared to take risks for those who seek my help, accept the Rasi option. After all why take a chance; give a wider berth. For all I know, even if a planet is out of the coil {in degrees } but in the same rasi as Ketu or Rahu , the yoga might still become operative. Therefore I believe that if the planets are between Ketu Rahu axis and the rest of the planets between the Rasi of them both , the yoga occurs. The reverse of Kal Sarp Yog is known as Kal Amrit Yog.

If KSY exists then there is an inherent tendency to enjoy and to grab material comforts for oneself. This can take an extreme form like criminal tendencies like stealing etc. If KAY exists, then the tendency is to give up everything.
Does Lal Kitab take cognizance of this yoga? No, it doesnt like all other classical texts. And still the yoga exists in the psyche of the people. And thats why the upaya.

Upaya :
Two different upaya need to be done for this yog. One is general, not horoscope specific, and any body can do. The other is based on the horoscope. Both have to be done. [ 1 ] General upaya : Get a small sandal wood piece of half an inch X one inch. On this piece get two silver wires, in the shape of a snake pair, either embedded or glued. Wear it round the neck either in a white silk thread or a silver chain. OR Immerse in a river / sea a pair of silver snakes on any day. [ 2 ] Horoscope specific upaya The other upaya will have to be suggested on the basis of the horoscope.

Bhooshan Priya