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104 Trust Centre, 912-914 Cheung Sha Wan Rood, Kowloon, Hong Kong. i:1t : (852)2371 2898 FAX. ~ ~ : (852)23712919

~il!-:Jt.tt-k~.:!"~l!.912-914$t*1t 'f'U" l04j: E-mail i: -'f ~ 4fi : info@vaupel.com.hk
Contact Person: Mr. Danny Tan Telephone: 632-920 9980 Fax: 632-9209981 Date: December 10, 2009

Quality Labels Inc. #2 Mercury St, Comer Neptune St., Congressional Heights, Qnezon City, Philippines

Agreement for Spare Parts Purchase on Credit
We, Vaupel (HK) Textile Machinery Co Ltd, provide the best technical support and the continuous after sales service, and as well, spare parts supply. We now offer to provide spare parts purchase to you on credit. Credit Amount: Period of Validity: Credit Period of Payment: Limit up to HKD 20,000.00 201O.0l.01 to 2010.12.31 30 days against invoice date

To be agreed and accepted the following terms (1) For Spare Parts Purchase up to HKD 20,000.00 For spare parts purchase, the credit amount to be accumulated up to HKD 20,000.00, but payment must be paid 30 days against invoice date. (2) For Spare Parts Purchase over the limited of HKD 20,000.00 Under special condition, if the spare parts amount over credit limit of HKD 20,000.00, we can accept payment against company cheque. With your company's post dated cheque make payable to "Vaupel (HK) Textile Machinery Co Ltd" and the cheque date is the last working date of the current month. We will not accept any personal cheque. (3) We offer the credit period of 30 days for spare pare purchase, on equal basis, Quality Labels Inc., should make full and prompt payment, that is, 30 days payment against invoice date. If any late payment, we will stop to supply spare parts and request full settlement on any unpaid amount and in the meantime, stop to execute this Agreement.

If you accept this offer and terms of conditions, there will be credit period of 30 days payment against invoice date. This Agreement will subject to annual renewal. Please sign and return for the acceptance of this offer.

Vaupel (HK) Textile Machinery Co Ltd Return Slip To: Vaupel (HK) Textile Machinery Co Ltd

c.c.: CPA accountant

Signature with company chop

Enclosed please find two copies of Agreement for Spare Parts Purchase on Credit Pis sign & return TWO copies with enclosed envelope. Upon received the signed copies, we will sign back and return One copy to you for validity.


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BANKER: HSBC (HongKongBank) DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.

HKD AlC 004- 168-8-0 14834 HKD A/C 016-494-471469718

EUR A/C 004-001-3-600648 EURAlC 016-494-471118570

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