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Caged: The Quest for Freedom

Once upon a time, in the land of Rellington, there was a brave young Prince that went by the name of Geriant.
Geriant was not only a prince, but he was also a soldier that fought for his town. One day, Prince Geriant talked
to his father about him going to war with Sharath. His father disapproved of this idea, but Prince Geriant being
the determined man he is, ignored his father and went to prepare for the war. As Prince Geriant was preparing to
face another fearful battle, his father walked in and said the following words “Son, I am warning you, please do
not go to this battle. I am certain that my men are going to lose.” Prince Geriant took a deep breathe and slowly
said “I do not care if I die, I just want this town to remember me as a hero, as a person they could look up to,
a person with great faith”. Prince Geriant’s father sad as ever said “I will make sure that you are remembered
son, for you have brought great honor and pleasure to my life” Prince Geriant replies with a tear running down
his face “Thank you father”. His father leaves Prince Geriant to ponder on the words his father left him. Prince
Geriant puts on his golden trimmed armor, and wields his steel sword. As he leaves the large storage room, the
Princess walks in. She looks at him as if she knew that he was going to die, she licks her lips and says “Geriant,
I know you think you are unstoppable, but take into consideration that your father might be right” Prince Geri-
ant walks closer to the Princess and just stares as if it would be his last. He walks out of the room, leaving her
to think about why he is determined. As she leaves the room, she looks back to remember all the times she has
seen him leave for war. As Prince Geriant was leaving for war, he saw his mother and he thought to himself, he
should say goodbye just in case his father was right. Prince Geriant leaps off his white coloured horse and walks
towards the direction his mother. As he walked towards his mother, she could hear his sword rattling against his
armor. She turns around slowly and at that moment, Prince Geriant saw that his mother was crying. Prince Geri-
ant asked his mother “Mother, why are you crying?” his mother replies “Because this is the last time I’m going
to see you” Prince Geriant shocked at the words his mother said, replies “If I am going to die tonight, I want
you to know that I died a happy man and that I have always loved you” his mother crying more than before
says “I was honored to be your mother, but please don’t go to war” Prince Geriant kisses his mothers forehead
and walks back towards his horse. Prince Geriant mounts his horse and takes him men into the direction of the
battle. As he leaves Rellington, he looks back to see the town saying their goodbyes to the soldiers.

Their journey has led them to the entrance of dark mysterious forest. They look at the entrance of the forest no-
ticing that no-one has entered for years or even centuries, there weren’t even tracks on the pathway. They stand
there thinking if it was best to enter the forest or to find another way around. After a long discussion they finally
decided to take the risk and enter the forest. They enter with caution, as they hear sounds coming from both
sides of them. They notice that its dawn and they decided to set camp. Prince Geriant and the 7 men accom-
panying him, lite a fire and pitched tents. Prince Geriant tells everyone that its late and they should go to sleep
because they have a really big day tomorrow. They all go to sleep, except Prince Garient who kept watch over
the tents. The next morning they packed all their equipment and continued on their journey towards Sharath.
After a few hours of walking they came to a house. Prince Geriant tells his men to mind his horse while he goes
and enters the house in search for food and water. Prince Geriant knocks on the door, then a few moments later
a young blonde woman says “Hi, can I help you?” Prince Geriant replies “Yes, do you have food and water
that I can have?” she replies “I can feed you, but what will I get in return?” Prince Geriant replies “Well, I can
help with your farm, I could help you with harvesting the food”. The lady stands there thinking to herself and
then says “well, ok tell your men that they can come in and have some food”. Prince Geriant then walks back
to his men and he says “She has welcomed us into her house and offered to feed us, but we must help her with
harvesting”. The men reply “Yes, today we feast”. After the man has spoken, there was a loud uproar. Prince
Geriant than says “But we must be on our best behaviour since we are her guests”. They all dismount their
horses and enter the farm house. She welcomes all of them and then introduces herself. Her name was Alycia
and she had a son that went by the name of Kaspar. They both were very quiet as we all sat at the table stuffing
our faces. After eating Prince Geriant goes out into the field and harvests some food. A few hours later the men
say their goodbyes as they need to go to Sharath.
The journey was long but they finally arrive at the gates of Sharath. But they were late, the soldiers of Sharath
were already waiting for the Prince Geriant. Prince Geriant and his men charged waving their swords above
their heads and yelling “Fight with honor and run with pride”. Prince Geriant watched as his men ran towards
a hoard of soldier waving sharp swords. All he could hear were the clashing of swords and the yelling of men.
Before he knew it all his men were on the ground screaming in pain. He watched as the heartless Sharath people
went around stabbing all of Prince Geriant’s men. Prince Geriant than was noticed by one of the men. They all
start to charge at him, he stands there full or bravery wielding his sword with both his hands. He swings killing
one, but there were too many. Then one of them hits Prince Geriant across the head with the back of his sword
knocking him out. They carry him into Sharath city, and wait anxiously until he wakes up. A few hours pass and
he wakes up, and one of the men who was as hairy as a monkey said “Prince Geriant I presume” Prince Geriant
replies “Yes, and you are” the man replies “Just call me a friend, the only reason your alive is because I need
you to go to Caramier where you will kill the evil Supreme Ruler” Prince Geriant replies “Ok, ill get to it, but I
need some money, my weapon, armor and horse”. The Sharath men bring what he wanted and also give him a
compass and a map. Then the hairy man said “We also have the Princess held captive, just in case you try to do
something tricky”. You have been set on your quest, the princess’ life is at stack. Prince Geriant looks back at
the small bandit camp, and continues in the direction of the closest town.
He travelled to the nearest town called Camelot. Walking through the dark bushy forest that night he saw an
evil person all in black, by that moment he knew that there is going to be trouble being scared, hungry and tied
prince Geriant all of a sudden started running through the forest looking for a way out. He continued to run and
run there was no use the more he ran the more dangerous it was going to be.

Each time he passed a tree in the forest the evil person appeared to be in his face. The prince knew this was
going to be the end of his life but still running with hope and bravery through the forest thinking yes I can make
it he looked into a different direction and with not any notice that there was a large brown thick stick on the
ground he tripped and fell head first on the ground. Falling head first on the ground it looked like his in a seri-
ous condition, his head was split not ever 60 stitches would cover it, his knees were scrapped and bleeding like
you have never seen before and at one moment it looked like he was concussed. With the courage and bravery
he showed he got up and continued to walk through the forest the evil person suddenly disappeared and wasn’t
to be seen any more after the prince tripped over the tree. The prince suddenly looked up and saw a passage
way that leads him out from the forest, he was pleased and filled with joy. Within a blink of a eye prince Geri-
ant reached the passage way that leads him out from the forest. Through the passage way he went, no trouble
and horror occurred. Ten minutes passed, at last in a loud voice Prince Geriant said I have travelled through the
forest and showed how a brave prince should be. He walked through the town and all of a sudden he then met
one of his oldest and best friend named Tyson. Tyson was a tall and built block, he had green eyes and lived in
a small town called stormwind. Prince Geriant was a lucky block that day meeting his friend Tyson and know-
ing that he would no the location of the town he was traveling to. Before Tyson and Prince Geriant took off to
the small town of Stormwind, Tyson could not continue and risk the health of Prince Geriant so the Prince was
taken by Tyson to a local hospital in Camelot he was stitched up and was all taken care of by the nurses and
the specialist. After Prince Geriant was stitched up and ready to go on the journey the specialist come in and
gave him bad news, he said’ Prince Geriant we are scared of your health and being concussed we shall not let
you leave the hospital tonight because further scans and checkups have to still be done because we are afraid if
you go on the trip tonight you may have a stroke and cause more damage to yourself. So if everything turns out
good you may be alright to leave tomorrow in the afternoon.

Prince Geriant was so angry and peeved off that he couldn’t continue to the town of Stormwind today. Tyson sat
beside his best mate on the chair and encouraged him to not give up he told him don’t worry after this Journey
and quest you will earn your freedom back and I promise you’’. After hearing those words Geriant was full of
confidants and thanked his mate.

Midnight passed and morning come Prince Geriant and Tyson were waiting for the doctors decision on whether
he can leave today or not. 1 hour passed the doctor come in at last the decision was in his hand the prince was
waiting urgently and Tyson was waiting there with hope. Prince Geriant listen to me yesterday we as doctors
had to leave you in the hospital for your own health because if you were to go last night and continue to walk to
the town of Storm Wind you wouldn’t know what could of happened. To be honest I think you would of caused
more damaged to yourself. Anyway on the other hand yesterday we took scans of your head and the results have
just come out thats why I was late. The results that were taken to me show that you are healthy and have no
damage caused to your head you may leave as soon as you want. Take care and don’t forget to buy your medi-
cine you need for your health.

Prince Geriant was in Disbelieve but at the some time he was filled with happiness, he even didn’t know what
door to get out of. He thanked his friends for all the hope he gave him and they went bought the medicine that is
needed for the princes health and then they both took off and continued there long Journey to the town of Storm
They continued to walk and walk, this time instead of walking through the bushy green forest they both walked
on the smooth clean roads and on bridges. So they continued there long Journey it seemed like it is never com-
ing to an end, from a long distance away there was a sign saying the TOWN OF STORM WIND turn right and
continue 20 kilometers.

1 hour later Tyson and the prince Geriant were almost there it looked like the Journey was about to end at last.
They both struggled to continue Tyson went in one direction and Prince Geriant went in the other. Thankyou
‘’Tyson said Prince Geriant’’ I will keep your words in my heart’’. Tyson answered if you need anything call me
and I hope you and your princess earn the freedom you deserve from the town of Camolet. Meanwhile when
prince Geriant entered the town of Stormwind prince Geriant went up to a random man that looked black as the
colour black he asked him ‘’ he asked him is there a supplies shop around here that sells equipment’’. The guy
answered ‘’yes it is located in the next street. Prince Geriant then walked around the corner and found the shop
the guy gave him directions to. It was what he wanted finally. We entered
The shopfront was titled Stormwind supplies shop. The shop was incredibly vivid in colour, as it contained
many bright graphical details on its front. This shop was very different to the ones that Prince Geriant had
encountered before on his journey. He couldn’t put his finger to what was so different. Maybe it was the detail
of the shopfront or the people to whom were occupying it. “Yes that was it!” shouted Prince Geriant as now he
had discovered what was so different. It was indeed the occupants of the shop. The occupants were truly very
elderly and mature individuals. This shop was infact an elderly hunting shop which contained only old hunt-
ing tools such as bows and arrows. “No” Geriant said to himself as he had now realized that he had entered
the wrong hunting shop. He was searching for more advanced hunting tools such as scimitars and halberds. As
he walked down the main street he looked for a more advanced supplies shop, but his quest was seeming to
come to no avail. He then turned left and entered a back alley. As he was walking down the alley he noticed a
shop, frankly titled John Blakey’s weaponry and arms shop. The prince then entered the shop. This shop unlike
the other town supplies shop was very dirty and rundown. The man serving at the counter seemed to be very
knowledgeable in the field of weapons, he was actually the head craftsman. On the Grey walls of the shop hung
the mans various craftsmanship awards. One in particular stood out that was his Best Craftsman in Stormwind
award. The Prince now approached the man to purchase the required weapons for his journey. “May I please
view the latest and most expensive weaponry available” said the prince. The man then replied “certainly you
may” and he then proceeded to find the requested weapons. The man then returned with four of the finest hand-
crafted weapons available. The prince then conducted a quick overview of these weapons. The weapons were of
such high quality. The handles of the knives were gold in colour and as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The blade of
the swords were so shiny that they could reflect light from any corner of the shop. But the most elaborate detail
of each weapon was the placement of a red ruby at its heal ; the blacksmiths visual trait. The dazzling, intense
shine of the Ruby amazed the prince, this was therefore the most influencing factor in the prince’s purchase. He
then decided to purchase all four of the weapons. The craftsman then thanked the prince for his large purchase
and then exited the shop.

Two weeks later

After a treacherous journey through the countryside to toughen himself up the prince was now in town. He had
undertaken a trip through the country side to prepare himself for a fight against ‘the supreme ruler’. During the
course of this trip the prince undertook various training activities. Some of these activities were target shooting
(with the bow and arrow), precision stabbing (with the new knives) and weights training ( undertaken via the
carrying of boulders). The prince was now strong and fit enough to now fight ‘the supreme ruler’. The prince
was now so confident that he was going to beat ‘the supreme ruler’ that he stopped his training regimen. After
four weeks of non training the prince was now overweight and sluggish. He was so fat that now he could not
even run from his bed to the main street of Stormwind. After many days of reflection the prince had now real-
ized that he’s weight was now a major barrier to which he had to overcome in order to undertake the fight. For
weeks on weeks on end the prince trained like he had never trained before. After each session he’s body weeped
as much sweat as a professional boxer after a twelve round fight. These sessions took a grueling demand on the
body of the prince. After every four to five days the prince required treatment on his back from the town doctor.
The princes body was now experiencing short and sharp pains in most of his joints.

Four months later

Finally the princes body was now recuperated after many treatments. During the last few months the prince
underwent various different medical treatments such as acupuncture and blister removal.
The day after the princes final blister removal he went for a walk down the main street of Stormwind, something
which he had been unable to do for the past 6 months. As he was heading down the street a broad shouldered
and slightly overweight man approached the prince. The man then asked for directions to Caramier. The prince
then replied “ironically enough my good man I am heading the same way as yourself”. Then the prince asked
the man whether he would like to accompany him on the journey to Carimier. His response was a thankful one
and therefore he accpeted the invitation. “Just one final thing, I did not get your name “ said the prince. The man
whos name was currently unknown by the prince replied “Oh yes my name is Romiro”.
Four weeks later
After a treacherous trek through the Forrest the prince and Romiro finally reached the castle. It was a long gru-
eling trek that took both a mental and physical toll on both of them. There wounds were now open and bleeding.
Both of them required some sort of medical treatment. The deep red sheen that the princes blood had could be
matched to that of a brand new red Ferrari. It was now cold and wet and the rain was making their open wounds
sting. They both cried out in pain. As the rain cleared up they could see two shiny medival looking gates. After
a deep consideration the prince finally realised from the distance that the two gates were that of the castle. The
two of them both said there goodbyes to each other and went there separate ways. With Romiro heading off to
his families home and the prince heading off to the castle.

Three days later

Finally after many kilometers of walking and many gruelling days and nights the prince reached the castle. The
smile that came to his face after the realization that he made it was priceless. It was that bright that it would
make even the most evil person in the world smile in joy.
Caged: The Quest For Freedom

“Tyson your back! Where did you go?”, asked Prince Geriant. “Let’s just say I had some unfinished business!”
“We’re here! We’re finally here!”, said Prince Geriant. “Finally where?”, said Tyson. “Where at: THE GATES
OF CARAMIER!”, said Prince Geriant. “Look around you! It’s all evil, disgusting, and dangerous.” They
walked through the gates of Caramier, only to find that there is fork in the road. There is a sign with arrows
pointing left and right. The sign reads – Left: THE SUPREME RULER – Right: THE PRINCESS – The choose
to take the right path and find that there is a castle at the end of the road. They hear a voice from the castle.

“HELP...HELP ME!!!”, yells the princess. “The princess! Hurry Tyson, we must save her before something aw-
ful happens!”, said Prince Geriant. The run towards the castle but the door is shut tight. Prince Geriant moves
back a bit, prepares himself, and then barges straight into the door knocking it down. “HELP...HELP ME!!!”,
yells the princess. “C’mon, we don’t have much time left.”, said Tyson. They run up the stairs and find there is
no princess. Instead of the princess there is a poorly dressed slave sitting in the corner of the room. When she
sees the Prince and Tyson run through the door, she stares at them and and laughs maniacally with a wicked
look on her face.

“You’re not the princess. You’re just some ugly slave working for the ‘Supreme Ruler’, aren’t you?”, said
Prince Geriant. “So what are you going to do now? Kill me? Go ahead, all I wanted was to be free from this
retched place!” Said the slave. “You’re free. Go, go now!”, ordered the Prince. The slave runs off crying in hap-
piness. The continue climbing up the stairs until they finally reach the top. They look forward and see a wrecked
bridge that doesn’t seen very safe. “D-d-d-d-do we have to cross that?”, asked Tyson. “Don’t be such a coward.
We must save the princess.”, said the Prince.

They take their first steps onto the bridge. It keeps swinging back and forth. As they walk across the bridge it
seems to hold steady. “Ok... now I’m sacred!”, said Tyson. They reach half way of the bridge and then they hear
the princess: “HELP...HELP ME!!! PRINCE GERIANT PLEASE HELP ME!!!” Forgetting to be careful, they
run straight across the bridge. While they run to the end, steps from the ladder begin to fall to the floor. The run
off the bridge and toward the other castle. The hear the princess yell again: “HELP...HELP ME!!!” They barge
into the castle as they did with the other, they run up the stairs, throw the door down and find the princess. She
yells again, “HELP...HELP ME!!!” “Where right here princess. Can’t you see us?” said Tyson.

“PRINCE GERIANT! IT”S OVER!!!” says the Supreme Ruler. The Supreme Ruler throws an axe in the back
of Prince Geriant and then he chokes Tyson to death. “Now it’s time to get these bodies to my lair. Slaves, bring
bodies to the Castle of Horrific Fear! We have some people to dispose of!” Prince Geriant begins to wake up
and see Tyson next to him dead. “Tyson, Tyson can you hear me, Tyson. He’s dead! How could you do this to
him. How could you. Ill kill you! Where is the princess? Where is she?” yelled Prince Geriant. “Killing your
friend was quite easy actually!I just grabbed his throat, cut off his air and killed him.” said The Supreme Ruler.
“Tell me something, why did you kill him, but not me also? What were you waiting for? Are you...Scared?”
asked Prince Geriant. “Why would I be scared? I just wanted the chance to finish you off in one last battle to the
death. How about it? If you win, you get the princess and I let my slaves free. If I win, well I guess you being
dead is a prize of its own. So are you up for it?” asked the Supreme Ruler. “Of course I would, I never back out
of a challenge. Where do you wanna fight and when do you wanna do it?” asked Prince Geriant. “How about
here and now Geriant.” Asked the Supreme Ruler. Prince Geriant runs straight ahead and stabs The Supreme
Ruler in the eye. “Ahhh...I can’t see! It’s over for you!” cried the Supreme Ruler. The Supreme Ruler charges at
Prince Geriant with his axe. Prince Geriant jumps out of the way leaving the Supreme Ruler to run into the wall.
He was almost defeated. Prince Geriant just one final attack that would send the Supreme Ruler away forever.
The Prince grabbed the axe, helped it up high and said, “This for Tyson!...Ahhhh....” The Prince charges at the
Supreme Ruler, jumps into the air and then dives into the Supreme Ruler. He throws the axe into the Supreme
Ruler’s head and then pushes it through his body, cutting him in half. “He’s gone, he’s finally...gone!
But wheres the princess?”, said the Prince. “Princess? Princess where are you?” The princess is stuck behind the
wall struggling to move or speak. “”, moans the Princess. Prince
Geriant searches the room to find Princess.
As shock slowly overcame he’s shivering body, with the comfort of a sharp piercing knife in he’s right hand, as
life suddenly came before him, with lights Slowly flashing before hes eyes, while he started to observe objects
in which lays upon the old rustic walls. He saw a large portrait picture positioned tightly in the top right hand
corner, as it was covered with an old ripped sheet of cloth. The Prince made hes way to the portrait taking every
step with caution on the scarlet red carpet, he slowly raised his right arm and tugged the left bottom corner of
the white cloth. The white cloth fell to the ground and dust spread through the air. Infesting his lungs, the dust
however had no effect on him for what he was about to see would change his life forever. It was a lady wearing
a white gown in which he was sure he had recognized before, the lady had been comforting a baby within her
arms, it was completely recognizable to the Prince because he has the same portrait at he’s father’s castle, it was
his mother. The Prince mind started to fill up with questions, why is my mother on this picture, who is the baby
that she is carrying, how does she know the King. Although the Prince knew that he’s questions weren’t going
to be answered anytime soon. He leisurely moved to the right of the picture, comforting himself with the words
of nothing can get worse. Once he reached to the right of the portrait still being comforted with his phrase he
saw two man, his eyes immediately caught attention to one of the man in which where dressed with a large
red Overcoat jacket, the reason for why this had attracted the Prince eyes is because hes dad has the same one,
he’s dad calls it his favorite jacket. The impossible had just became the possible, for it had just come worse, the
Prince leg’s had started to shake vapidly as for Goose bumps ran all the way through the back of the neck to the
bottom of the Prince spine for he had just realized that the man in the portrait was hes dad, even more questions
went through his head as he was filled with even more clueless question marks. He could no longer stand, for
the Prince head was a giant question mark. Nothing was processing through the Prince’s head, for he couldn’t
think anymore The Prince took three shaky steps back and landed rapidly on one of the old deformed chairs. He
slowly closed his eyes and pretended that everything that has taken place what just a dream, he counted to 10 in
his mind, 1..,2....,3....,4....,5....,6.....,7....,8.....,9...,10.

He slowly lifted up one of his eyelashes and found himself still lying down on the old rugged chair, with the
dead king lying down before him, with the red blood surrounding him becoming dark and solid as every second
passes. The Prince rose up to his feet once again as for he was very anxious to find out who the other man was.
He mad hes way along the scarlet red carpet and he took a close glimpse of the man in the portrait standing next
to his father and hes mother. The Prince raised his left arm and scratched the back of his head viciously, as for
the man he was looking at had some of the same features as the Prince himself. The features were, their small
nose, their hazel blue eye’s, their broad shoulders and their height. The Prince pulled away from the portrait
as for he could look no more, he didn’t understand as for too many messages where shooting through his head
causing large aggressive headaches. The prince bent on his knees crawling to the dead king while grazing his
tender knees on the sand paper carpet opening new wounds on his body. The prince arrived with in the presence
of the dead king as he gently flipped him over onto his stomach, as the Prince started to glaze into the king eyes
he couldn’t believe the emotions that where running through him, it was emotions in which he has never felt be-
fore, emotions that don’t even have a name for it. He felt like there was a connection between him and the King.

Suddenly an object came to the Prince attention, it was a letter saturated in the Kings blood positioned in the
right hand of the dead king. The prince moved his hand towards the letter with care, and silently moved the
letter out of his hand. The letter had said, “ My dear brother” immediately the Prince jumped into the air with
goosebumps suffocating his body has he read those two words, “ If you are reading this letter that means you
have done your deed, My brother the reason for why they sent you after me is they knew if we where united
nothing could stop us, don’t worry though my dearest brother for you did not know, please take care of our par-
ents for our enemies will not stop till they are dead. I’m sorry for not finding you earlier. I believe in you Prince
Geriant. May God Rest your soul”. Suddenly the prince arose arose into the air as small drops of tears were
falling heavily from his eyes landing onto his dead brother. Although he knew he knew he still had something to
The Prince walked out of the castle, with a strong ambition, an ambition in which can not be defeated, it was
to find the princess and kill the king that made him thrush piercing medal into his brother’s chest. He saw a
hoarse and quickly jumped on to it heading towards home. Once he arrived at hes destination, he jumped of his
hoarse assertively, in eager and temptation to find the Princess, he made his way step by step to the house. Once
he arrived he noticed that the door was broken. The Prince quickly made his way into the house, and what he
found was beyond his imagination. It was as if the Prince was a vegetable and he didn’t know how to move. It
was the Princess, she was laying with her arms spread on the sharp floor. The Prince quickly made his way to
the princess. The prince dropped to his knees, as he was trying to find a pulse,he searched all over her neck and
arms, although he couldn’t find anything. The prince slanted his arms back and looked up, he gave a viscous
cry exclaiming “ Why” as for no response was given to him. The prince got back up of his knees and was even
more determined to kill the king. The Prince Jumped on the hoarse and got prepared for as he was heading for
his death.