General Knowledge Tests- Geography 2

51.Which planet of our solar sustem has the largest number of satellites? a)Neptune b)Uranus c) Jupiter d)Saturn 52.The differences between the top of Mount Everest and the bottom of the Marianas trench in the Pacific Ocean, is nearly a)9 km b)19.9 km c)11 km d)29 km 53. Indian Standard Time is based on Longitude _________. a)82deg.30min.E near Allahabad b)80deg.15min.E near Chennai c )73deg.30min.Enear Mumbai d)88deg.15min.E near Kolkata 54.The International Date Line is a zig-zag line going on and deviating on either sides of _____ a)180degree longitude b) the equator c)Tropic of Capricorn d)Greenwich meridian 55.The atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves to earth is called ________ a)the Ionosphere b)the Stratosphere c)the Mesosphere d)the Thermosphere 56.The ozone layer is in the _______ a)Stratosphere b)Troposphere c)Mesosphere d)Thermosphere 57. The lowest altitude area on the continental part of the earth is _________ a) the Caspian Sea shore b)the Dead Sea shore c)the Black shore d)the Azov Sea shore 58. The difference between Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) and Indian Standard Time (IST) is a)0500 hours b)0530 hours c)0430 hours d)0400 hours 59. Planet earth is the ________ of the planets of the solar system. a)second largest b)third largest c)fourth largest d)fifth largest 60.The only planet of the solar system which rotates from east to west(the brightest star) is ____ a)Saturn b)Jupiter c)Mars d)Venus 61.Lines connecting points of equal salinity are called a)Isoseismals b)Isogons c)Isohalines d)Isohyets 62. A small crescent shaped feature on the flood plain, which originally formed a part of a river meander,is called _______ a)a barchan b)a stalactite c)an ox-bow lake d)a moraine 63)Which of the following navigable lakes is located at the highest altitude in the world? a)Lake Victoria b)Lake Superior c)Lake Titicaca d)Lake Baikal 64. The longest National Highway in India is N.H.______ a)1 b)2 c)6 d)7 65. Spot the odd place amongst the following. a)Kochi b)Tuticorin c)Mangalore d)Kandla 66. The Ganges is navigable from its mouth, upto _____, a distance of about _______. a)Varanasi; 1000 km b)Hardwar; 2500 km c)Kanpur; 1300 km d)Patna; 800 km 67.From which port, the chief exports of India are copra, tea, rubber, coffee, timber, pepper, cashew kernels ans coir products? a)Kochi b)Kandla c)Paradip d)Calcutta


68. One of the railway zones has a route kilometerage length of nearly 11000 km. Which one of the following is it ? a)Northern zone b)Western zone c)South Central zone d)South Eastern Zone 69.The number of postal pincode zones, into which India is divided, is a)10 b)8 c)6 d)7 70. Which of the following is considered as the largest port in India? a)Calcutta b)Mumbai c)Chennai d)Vishakhapatnam 71. India’s first television centre was started in ______ at Delhi. a)1947 b)1951 c)1959 d)1987 72. Radio broadcast started in India in _______, at Bombay and Calcutta. a)1852 b)1959 c)1947 d)1927 73.The Farakka Barrage was constructed across the a)Bhagirathi river b)Padma river c)Ganga river d)Brahmaputra river 74. The Jog (Gersoppa) Waterfalls, is located on the _______ river. a)Sharawati b)Mahanadi c)Godavari d)Narmada 75. India’s largest freshwater lake is the a)Dal Lake,J&Kb)Kolleur Lake, Andhra Pradesh c)Sambhar Lake,Rajasthan d)Chilika Lake,Orissa 76. Which one of the following Himalayan Peaks, has the highest altitude? a)Annapurna b)Nanda Devi c)Kanchenjunga d)Dhaulagiri 77.Mawsynram, which has the highest average rainfall in the world, is located in the _____ State, a)Tripura b)Meghalaya c)Manipur d)Assam 78.The Sahyadri hills are a part of the a)Western ghats b)Eastern ghats c)Aravalli range d)Vindhya range 79. ‘Sundari’ trees are found in the _____ forests in India. a)thorny b)tidal c)tropical rain d)deciduous 80. The sanctuary in which wild ass is protected in India, is in the a)Himalayan foothills b)Nilgiri Hills c)Rajasthan deserts d)Rann of Kutch 81.The deepest mine in India is in the_______ a)Raniganj Coal field b)Lignite field,Neyveli c)The Kolar Gold field d)Lead-zinc mine,Zarwar 82. The world’s longest dam is the _______ dam; it is located on the _______ river. a)Mettur;Cauvery b)Nagarjunasager;Krishna c)Bhakra;Sutlej d)Hirakud;Mahanadi 83.The beach sands of Kerala have economically exploitable deposits of a)gold b)diamonds c)monazite d)tin ore 84.The youngest of the following mountain ranges of India is a)the Aravalli range b)the Vindhya range c)the western range d)the Himalayas 85. India’s latest nuclear power station has been established at a)Kaiga,Karnataka b)Hyderabad,A.P. c)Bhopal, M.P. c)Tiruvanthapuram, Kerala 86. India’s biggest petroleum refinery is at a)Mangalore, Karnataka b)Bhatinda,Punjab c)Kanpur,U.P. d)Jamnagar,Gujarat 87. Which of the following places receive maximum sunlight, during the winter season? a) Srinagar b)Mumbai c)Shimla d)Kanyakumari 88. The two states involved in the interstate controversy about the Alamatti dam are


a)Karnataka&Tamilnadu b)Karnataka & A.P.c)Karnataka & Tamilnadu d)Karnataka & Maharashtra 89.Which among the following is the longest glacier? a)Kedarnath glacier b)Kanchenjunga glacier c)Gangotri glacier d)Siachen glacier 90. India’s forest cover is approximately _________ of its geographical area. a)one fifth b) one third c)two third d)three fourth 91.On the basis of growth rate of Population, the doubling time of Indian population is estimated as a)50 yrs.approx.b)35 yrs. Approx. c)25 yrs.approx. d)10 yrs. Approx. 92.The seasonal migration of pastoral tribes moving with their herds of animals and making optimum use of pastures, is called a)Immigration b)Hibernation c)Transhumanace d)Aestivation 93. The offspring of white and Negro parents, are called _________ a)mestizos b)mulattos c)pueblos d)red Indians 94.Natural rubber production in India is mainly from _______ a)UP and Bihar b)Kerala and Karnataka c)West Bengal and Orissa d)Gujarat and Rajasthan 95.India’s Lignite production is mainly from _________ a)Kottagudem mines,A.P.b)Neyveli mines, Tamilnadu c)Juaria mines, Bihar d)Asansol mines,W.B. 96.The Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes populations of India , together constitute about ________ of the total population. a)10% b)15% c)24% d)30% 97.One of the inhabitants of the Tundra region of Russia are the _____ a)Eskimos b)Pygmies c)Yakuts d)Bindibus 98.Which of the fllowing racial groups is numerically the largest in the world? a)The Caucasoids b)The Mongoloids c)The Negroids d)The Australoids 99.The main determinant of population growth, amongst the following is _______ a)mortality factor b)fertility factor c)migration factor d)none of the above 100. Which one of the following is the unique African tribe found in Gujarat,Maharashtra,Karnataka and Daman and Diu in India? a)The Nagas b)The Chenchus c)The Gonds d)The Siddis


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