DECEMBER 31-JANUARY 1, 2012 Mass Intentions: Dec 31 – JAN 8

Sat 31 BVM, Mother of God 5:00pm +Emmanuel Journot (Wayne/Judy Cupp) Sun 1 8:00am +Deceased of Henry Fager Family (Agnes VanMiddlesworth) 10:30am People of the Parish Mon 2 Sts. Basil the Great & Naziansen, bishops/doctors 7:00am +Helen Anderson (Sonny/Sophia Zetmeir) Tue 3 Most Holy Name of Jesus 12:05pm Bruce Herman (Sonja Herman) Wed 4 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, religious 8:00am +Ed McKinney (Family) Thu 5 St. John Neumann, bishop 8:00am People of the Parish (Sister Bertina) Fri 6 St. Andre Bessette, religious/FIRST FRIDAY 7:00am Fallen-Away Catholics 8:00am +Lawrence Dick (Mildred Dick) Day of Penance: abstinence from meat, prayer & works of mercy, reading of Sacred Scripture for an outpouring of God’s mercy and the Holy Spirit’s gifts of holiness and strength upon the Church Sat 7 FIRST SATURDAY 8:00am Intention of Fr. Borkenhagen Epiphany of the Lord 5:00pm +Merle/Mildred Westhoff (Don/Vicki Morris) Sun 8 8:00am +Elmer McKinney (Regina Vitt) 10:30am People of the Parish Altar Servers Jan 7 5:00pm Z Wolgamott/Tristian Smith/R Krall Jan 8 8:00am T Johnston/J O’Hara/M Reitemeier 10:30am L Schibi/L Morgan/E Dechant/I Bussinger Extraordinary Ministers Jan 7 5:00pm Steve & Sheila Ramsey Jan 8 8:00am Sue O’Brien & Phyllis Pracht 10:30am Doug & Tracy Holzem Reader Jan 7 5:00pm Jim Maher Jan 8 8:00am John Schibi 10:30am Joanna Wilson Offertory Gifts Jan 7 5:00pm Steve & Sheila Ramsey Jan 8 8:00am Dan & Doris Sweeney 10:30am Bill & Denise Sears Music Ministers Jan 7 5:00pm Barbara Bartelli & Jan 8 8:00am Pam Burzinski 10:30am Grand Choir

language and culture. The Son of the Virgin Mary is born for everyone; he is the Saviour of all. This is how Christ is invoked in an ancient liturgical antiphon: “O Emmanuel, our king and lawgiver, hope and salvation of the peoples: come to save us, O Lord our God”. Veni ad salvandum nos! Come to save us! This is the cry raised by men and women in every age, who sense that by themselves they cannot prevail over difficulties and dangers. They need to put their hands in a greater and stronger hand, a hand which reaches out to them from on high. Dear brothers and sisters, this hand is Christ, born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary. He is the hand that God extends to humanity, to draw us out of the mire of sin and to set us firmly on rock, the secure rock of his Truth and his Love (cf. Ps 40:2). This is the meaning of the Child’s name, the name which, by God’s will, Mary and Joseph gave him: he is named Jesus, which means “Saviour” (cf. Mt 1:21; Lk 1:31). He was sent by God the Father to save us above all from the evil deeply rooted in man and in history: the evil of separation from God, the prideful presumption of being self-sufficient, of trying to compete with God and to take his place, to decide what is good and evil, to be the master of life and death (cf. Gen 3:1-7). This is the great evil, the great sin, from which we human beings cannot save ourselves unless we rely on God’s help, unless we cry out to him: “Veni ad salvandum nos! – Come to save us!” The very fact that we cry to heaven in this way already sets us aright; it makes us true to ourselves: we are in fact those who cried out to God and were saved (cf. Esth [LXX] 10:3ff.). God is the Saviour; we are those who are in peril. He is the physician; we are the infirm. To realize this is the first step towards salvation, towards emerging from the maze in which we have been locked by our pride. To lift our eyes to heaven, to stretch out our hands and call for help is our means of escape, provided that there is Someone who hears us and can come to our assistance. Jesus Christ is the proof that God has heard our cry. And not only this! God’s love for us is so strong that he cannot remain aloof; he comes out of himself to enter into our midst and to share fully in our human condition (cf. Ex 3:7-12). The answer to our cry which God gave in Jesus infinitely transcends our expectations, achieving a solidarity which cannot be human alone, but divine. Only the God who is love, and the love which is God, could choose to save us in this way, which is certainly the lengthiest way, yet the way which respects the truth about him and about us: the way of reconciliation, dialogue and cooperation. Dear brothers and sisters in Rome and throughout the world, on this Christmas 2011, let us then turn to the Child of Bethlehem, to the Son of the Virgin Mary, and say: “Come to save us!” Let us repeat these words in spiritual union with the many people who experience particularly difficult situations; let us speak out for those who have no voice. Together let us ask God’s help for the peoples of the Horn of Africa, who suffer from hunger and food shortages, aggravated at times by a persistent state of insecurity. May the international community not fail to offer assistance to the many displaced persons coming from that region and whose dignity has been sorely tried. May the Lord grant comfort to the peoples of South-East Asia, particularly Thailand and the Philippines, who are still enduring grave hardships as a result of the recent floods.

Your Gifts to God and Parish: DEC 24-25
Regular Collection (Christmas) Christmas Call to Sharing Special (Green) Envelopes $ 30,052.00 $ 6,328.64 $ 45.00

From the pastor’s pen: Praised Be Jesus Christ! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and I hope the New Year will offer you many graces. Every year on Christmas Day the Holy Father gives a special blessing to the city (Rome) and the world, called the Urbi et Orbi blessing. What follows is what he said this year.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rome and throughout the world! Christ is born for us! Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to the men and women whom he loves. May all people hear an echo of the message of Bethlehem which the Catholic Church repeats in every continent, beyond the confines of every nation,

May the Lord come to the aid of our world torn by so many conflicts which even today stain the earth with blood. May the Prince of Peace grant peace and stability to that Land where he chose to come into the world, and encourage the resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. May he bring an end to the violence in Syria, where so much blood has already been shed. May he foster full reconciliation and stability in Iraq and Afghanistan. May he grant renewed vigour to all elements of society in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East as they strive to advance the common good. May the birth of the Saviour support the prospects of dialogue and cooperation in Myanmar, in the pursuit of shared solutions. May the Nativity of the Redeemer ensure political stability to the countries of the Great Lakes Region of Africa, and assist the people of South Sudan in their commitment to safeguarding the rights of all citizens. Dear Brothers and Sisters, let us turn our gaze anew to the grotto of Bethlehem. The Child whom we contemplate is our salvation! He has brought to the world a universal message of reconciliation and peace. Let us open our hearts to him; let us receive him into our lives. Once more let us say to him, with joy and confidence: “Veni ad salvandum nos!”

Sixth, develop a cash flow plan (budget) for 2012 that moves you toward your long term goals. Seventh, recognize that unproductive debt is a major obstacle to reaching your financial goals. If past habits have generated unproductive debt, now is the time to correct those habits, and to create a plan that will eliminate those debts as rapidly as possible. I wish you a blessed and financially free 2012. God love you!

Remember in prayer– Dennis Wilson, Dwain Watson, Nick
Briggs, Ray Madl, Anna Ramsey, James Moses, Chris Hurley, Ron Bevore, Terri Brungardt, Robert Campbell, Robert Lynch, Ethan Merchant, Ethel Ward, Jim Treiber, Bob Greenough, Joe Helms Jr, Perk Reitemeier, Cruz Perez, Bailey Shaw, Mary Perrier, Connie Taylor, Ida Kepley, Bob Guilfoyle, Bill Schneickert, Peggy Winters, Basil Swally, Chandler Bastian, Michael Wisecarver, Pat Treiber, Lori Frost, Rosa Smith, Tom Mansfield, Cathy Connelly, Dick Crager, Joe Alvarez, Mary Martin, Daisy Carress, Dr. Steve Miller, Jan Ray, Fred LaRue, Brita Pedrino, Pam Clifton, Joe Ryan, Bybee Fam., Quentin Castellanos, Jordan Alvarez, John Wells, Mike Patterson, Patrick Lynch, Byron Carter, Lilian Daiz, Ethel Finnerty, Gene Yohon, Mary Habiger, Barbara Westhoff, Judy Dwyer, Kerri Heiskell, Makenzie/Ally Forbes

K. of c. Free-throw championship Sun., Jan. 15, SPCS gym.
Doors open at 12:15pm with competition starting at 1:00pm. Boys &girls ages 10-14 as of Jan. 1, 2012. Must have copy of birth certificate to show proof of age. Contact Tom O’Hara, 421-0047, for more info. Thank you from the Knights Council #643.

May our holy patron, St. Patrick, intercede for us. Our Lady, Mother of God and Queen of Peace, pray for us. Peace in Jesus and Mary, Fr. Borkenhagen Adoration hour needed: Sun. 2pm-3pm Call to seize this opportunity to adore the Lord. Thank You – May God bless each of you for your kind
remembrance of me during the Christmas season. Your thoughtfulness with prayer, novenas, cards, greetings and gifts are all greatly appreciated and added to my Christmas joy and celebration. A Holy Mass will be offered for you and your intentions. May God grant you many blessings in the New Year. Sister Bertina Faith and Finances with Phil Lenahan © The beginning of the New Year offers a perfect opportunity to review progress in our spiritual and financial lives and to set goals for the future. Here are seven financial resolutions that will serve you well in 2012: First and foremost, remember that all you have ultimately comes from and belongs to the Lord (Dt. 10:14). Second, enthusiastically accept your role as a steward of Providence (Catechism 2404). God has entrusted you with talents and resources, and wants you to develop and use them in ways consistent with his will for your life. Third, grow in generosity. Living generously helps us keep our priorities straight, and enhances our relationship with the Lord and those around us. Fourth, commit to enhancing unity and communication regarding finances in your marriage. Fifth, make use of “Reserve funds,” which are savings built into your cash flow plan for such items as: a rainy day fund; a replacement car; Catholic formation and education for children; seed money for a business; and children’s weddings. Reserve funds will help you reach your goals and avoid surprises.

Business card-size ads are being sold by the SPCS
yearbook staff for $30. Please contact Bobbie Bogner, 423-9749, or to reserve your spot in the yearbook.

This Week at St. Patrick’s
Sun Jan 1 BLESSED NEW YEAR TO ALL!! Mon Jan 2 *RECTORY OFFICE CLOSED Wed Jan 4 *SPCS classes resume *Choir Practice 5:15pm *PSR 6:30pm *CYM 7:00pm Thur Jan 5 *Bible Study 9:00am *Altar Society dinner/mtg 6:00pm Theme is “Eve of the Epiphany”; please bring a $10 gift to exchange, meal will be soups and star-themed breads and desserts Fri Jan 6 *K. of C. Bingo, 1819 Main 6:30pm Day of Penance: abstinence from meat, prayer and works of mercy, reading of Sacred Scripture for an outpouring of God’s mercy and the Holy Spirit’s gifts of holiness and strength upon the Church Sat Jan 7 *Rosary 6:30am *First Saturday Confessions 7:15am *Confessions 3:30pm-4:30pm *Epiphany Blessings Sun Jan 8 *RCIA 8:00am *Epiphany Blessings *Women’s Volleyball 4:00pm *Men’s Basketball 6:00pm *Bible Study 7:00pm


For events and retreats at the beautiful Spiritual
Life Center in Wichita, visit Catholic College Scholarships are available to high school Seniors from Thomas More College in Merrimack, NH, by entering their Faith & Reason Essay Contest. Essays are due Jan. 27, 2012. For all details visit or call 800-880-8308.

If you or a loved one is sick or hospitalized, please call or ask a nurse to call the rectory or Sister Bertina (421-3155) each time you are admitted
The 12th Annual Romance Night will be held February 4, 2012 at St. Mary Church, 106 E 8th, Newton, KS. The celebration begins at 7 pm and features Fr. Paul Oborny and the musical group, Marian Grace. RSVP to the Office of Family Life and Natural Family Planning by January 27, 2012, (800) 813-2410 or email Lisa at

College students – save the date! Benedictine College will sponsor the 2012 Kansas Catholic College Student Convention (KCCSC) in Lawrence Feb. 10-12, 2012. It was a great success last year as 270 Catholic college students from 18 colleges and universities attended. It will be even bigger and better this year! Scholarships (partial and full) are available! For details, contact or 719-482-4793.

Pray the Rosary to end abortion – The Holy
Rosary is prayed thirty minutes before each weekend Mass for a greater respect for life.

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Looking for some good tips on nurturing your marriage?
Visit the U.S. Bishops’ website

In Honor of Our Lady of the rosary, Cheri Allen and Cathy Heppler offer lessons on making rope rosaries. Give one of them a call and they will arrange a time to teach you. Cheri, 421-5114, Cathy, 778-8421. Safe Haven: The Mission is in constant need of supplies, volunteers, & prayers. Their policy is to give people “a hand up, not a hand out”. To find out how you can help, please call the rectory, 421-6762, or stop by the Mission at 1112 S. 24th Street. Hospice Care of Kansas is looking for volunteers to visit patients, run errands, & provide compassion to the sick and their families. To find out more, call 421-6161 or go to their website: Aluminum can pickup – The K. of C. accepts
aluminum can deposits the first Sunday of each month. Please leave bagged cans on the west side of the church behind the parish hall entrance. Pink Ladies needed at Labette Health, please call Kerri Beardmore to volunteer, 820-5240.

Pro-life literature is available in the racks in the
entrance of the church and the entrance of the parish hall. Please help yourself to whatever interests you and share with others.

Thanks to all those who have donated salads,
desserts, etc. for funeral dinners. Please don’t forget to pick up your empty dish which has been washed and is waiting for you at the Adoration Chapel entrance.

Novena – From Jan. 14 through Jan. 22 (Anniversary of Roe
vs. Wade), join our efforts in a 9-day Novena to “End Abortion in Kansas Forever”. Pray, fast, offer sacrifices, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, rosary, holy hour and daily attend Holy Mass. Over 100 parishes in Kansas will offer a Mass during this 9-day Novena. Say this prayer each day: “We forever entrust and consecrate Kansas to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.” The Lord and His Holy Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, need you to do your part to help end abortion in Kansas forever. Fr. Edmond Kline

Big Brothers has a waiting list of children who need someone to spend a little extra time with them. Call 421-0472 to volunteer. All Volunteers in Catholic schools must attend VIRTUS
training. This includes any parent who will have any interaction with a child in a Catholic school, including those who volunteer to drive on a field trip & those who work in a concession stand. Watch the bulletin for the next opportunity to attend.

Rosary CDs by Susan Denny are available from SPCS PTO.
Call the rectory to get one or more for $15/each.

The Moral Way to plan your family – Natural Family
Planning (NFP) – Call Adam/Carla Riopel (620-449-2207), David/Marlene Bannwarth (620-331-1477) or F. J. & Annette Van Anne (620-431-9411).

Are you new to St. Patrick’s Parish?
Fr. Borkenhagen would like to personally welcome all new parishioners, so please call and make an appointment to meet him and request a registration form to complete. Thank you.

After the Gift – A weekend retreat for birthmothers who have placed a child for adoption. These women know in their hearts that they must do what is best for their baby, but it does not lessen the pain they feel by doing so. This retreat is for any birthmother regardless if the birth of their baby was very recent or many years in the past. Upcoming retreat is Feb. 3-5, 2012, at the Spiritual Life Center. Call Bonnie, 316-2693935, for more information and to register.

FRONTLINE FAITH PROJECT: For a $24 tax deductible donation, you can supply one soldier with an MP3 player loaded with lots of spiritual formation and encouragement. For information about what is on the players and to listen to a sample, go to It would be wonderful if our soldiers would rely on the Lord in all their suffering and sacrifice rather than plunge into despair. You can help.

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