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Pan-Afrikanism vs. Global White Supremacy by: Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu, The War Correspondent
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Table of Contents
I Gotta Rise Showdown Important Definitions Pan-Afrikanism...Is The Journey: Our Story War Inna Babylon Peace-less Reality Black Power Back In The Day Best Defense Is... The Bridge 9-1-1: For Blacks Only

Introduction: Countdown to Showdown

Amerikkka: Democracy or Empire?

Pan-Afrikanism and Our Land! Internal Enemy: Black Classism

‘Round The World ‘n Back What If? Black Epilogue

I gotta rise above my enemy-my enemy They’ve had me down for centuries-centuries I gotta rise above my enemy-my enemy They’ve had me down for centuries...

Can’t no one stop my pain, It travels deep inside my brain Let the children’s tears dry, nuh woman now don’t cha cry... The pain in my heart is deep, oh baby now don’t cha weep I gotta to be free ya see, barbarians nuh can hold we...

My heart is warrior strong, dey won’t leave us alone... We gotta seize our lands ya see, viva-viva, viva Zimbabwe........ I gotta rise above my enemy, they’ve had me down for centuries I gotta rise above my enemy, they’ve had me down for centuries...

I Gotta Rise

Can’t fight these people alone, Race First Unity return the throne Movin’ to higher ground, load ‘em up to take ‘em down... My Mother never saw a free day, My Father had to die that way I’m ancestor driven, The guilty can not be forgiven

Ancestors travel within me, Free the land ‘n people ya see Can’t fight these people alone, Afrikan Unity return the throne Move to higher ground, Load ‘em up to take ‘em down I gotta rise above my enemy, they’ve had me down for centuries

by: Del Jones (aka Nana Kuntu) Cape Coast, Ghana


There are many of us who did not take Del Jones seriously when we read the following words in “Black Holocaust 2000”: “How many times must the bell toll, the village bleed, the deaths increase and our culture and value system decompose before our very eyes. How many maggots must be born on the decay that once was a people who brought rhythm to this planet. How many children must be snuffed and how many man made plagues must strike before we realize that we are the true architects of our own demise. Apathy breeds inactivity as we assimilate the dead into living tissue and then wonder how and why Amerikka rearranges us.” However, a quick review of 20th century his-story will show us that Del Jones has, as usual, been right on point. Our quick review will also show that we are very close to the end of this countdown to showdown! 10, 9, 8... In 1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, working under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infected human subjects with cancer cells. He later went on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama. After being named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients. In 1932 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study began. Until 1972 the United States Public Health Service along with the Alabama State Department of Health, the Tuskegee Institute, the Tuskegee Medical Society, and the Macon County Health Department conducted the Tuskegee Study. Over 400 Black men were part of the study.

Introduction: Countdown to Showdown
by: Qaraandin

They were not given any treatment as part of the study and they were prevented from trying to get treatment on their own. Instead they were studied to see what effect untreated syphilis has on the body. Their wives, who got syphilis from them, and their children who were born with syphilis, were denied treatment as well. Many of the children were stillborn or born with birth defects. The study continued long after an effective cure for syphilis became available. In 1935, the United States Public Health Service took steps to treat Pellagra. The director of the agency admitted that it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but had not acted before because most of the millions of folk who had died from Pellagra during that time were poor Blacks. In 1939, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, organized her “Negro Project” because she believed “The masses if Negroes...particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase amoung Negroes, even more than among whites, is from the portion of the population least intelligent and fit...” In 1940, four hundred prisoners in Chicago were infected with Malaria in order to study the effects of new and experimental created drugs to combat the disease. Nazi doctors later on trial at Nuremberg cited this American study to defend their own actions during the Holocaust. Beginning in 1946,patients in VA hospitals were used as guinea pigs for medical experiments. In order to avoid suspicions, the order was given to change the word "experiments" to "investigations" or "observations" whenever reporting a medical study performed in one of the nation's veteran's hospitals. In 1950, the U.S. Navy sprayed a cloud of bacteria from ships over San Francisco in an experiment to determine how susceptible an American city would be to a biological attack. Monitoring devices were placed throughout the city to test the extent of infection. Many residents became ill with pneumonia-like symptoms.

In 1955, the CIA released a bacteria withdrawn from the Army's biological warfare arsenal over Tampa Bay, Florida it was an experiment to test its ability to infect human populations with biological agents. In 1965,prisoners at Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were subjected to dioxin, the highly toxic chemical component of Agent Orange used in Viet Nam. The men were later studied for development of cancer, which indicates that Agent Orange had been a suspected carcinogen all along. In 1966,U.S. Army dispensed Bacillus Subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians were exposed when Army scientists dropped light bulbs filled with the bacteria into ventilation grates. At a House Appropriations hearing in 1969, Dr. Robert MacMahan of the Defense Department’s Biological Warfare division requested $10 million to develop a new disease that would both resist and break down the human immune system. Gene-splicing would be used to develop the new disease. According to the funding request: “Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases.” The fund were approved and AIDS, which has the exact characteristics specified appeared within the requested time frame. According to the November 1970 issue of “Military Review,” the United States stepped up the development of “ethnic weapons” which are designed to selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA. In 1972 it was discovered that the University of Mississippi at Jack son was implanting electrodes into the brains of Black children as young as five years old. The electrodes were heated to melt areas of

the brain that regulate emotion and intellect. The reason given for the treatments was to control “hyperactivity” and “aggressive” behavior. And the countdown continues...7, 6, 5,... In 1990 more than 1500 six-month old Black and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles were given an "experimental" measles vaccine that had never been licensed for use in the United States. The Center for Disease Control later admitted that parents were never informed that the vaccine being injected to their children was experimental. In 1992 it was revealed that the federal violence initiative planned to go into the inner cities to experiment on Black children in the hope of finding genetic and biological causes for violence. For several weeks in the fall of 2002, the US media was full of accounts of snipings in Maryland and Virginia. After warning everyone to be on the lookout for a “lone sniper in a white van” - a composite of which was kindly supplied - the sniper task force arrested 2 Black men who were found sleeping in their car, a blue Caprice. Since one of the men is named “Muhammad,” Black Muslims and Five Percenters became targets of the “War on Terrorism.” The other man is from an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. That opened the door for islanders to be included in the “War on Terrorism” as well. In late December of 2002 George W. Bush announced that after the war to gain control of the oil in Iraq is over the next target of US aggression will be the Afrikan nation of Zimbabwe. According to a press release dated January 4, 2003 issued by the Office of the Press Secretary in Crawford, Texas and given by the Deputy Press Secretary: “On December 31, 2002, President Bush approved the designation of the following 38 Sub-Saharan African countries

as eligible for tariff preferences under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA): Benin; Botswana; Cameroon; Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad; Republic of the Congo; Cote d'Ivoire; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Djibouti; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Gabon; The Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Kenya; Lesotho; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; São Tome and Principe; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; South Africa; Swaziland; Tanzania; Uganda; and Zambia. “As required by the legislation, this annual determination signifies which countries are making continued progress toward a market-based economy, the rule of law, free trade, economic policies that will reduce poverty, and protection of workers' rights. By providing these countries greater access to American markets, AGOA can spur development of an economic relationship between the United States and Africa that is based on shared values and shared responsibilities in a world of free trade, free peoples, and free ideas. This year, the President has added The Gambia and The Democratic Republic of the Congo to the list of eligible countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo's AGOA benefits will be activated when it forms its transitional government, expected in February”.

In 1977, Global 2000: Report to the President was presented to thenpresident Jimmy Carter. It called for the elimination of over 2 billion of the world’s people by the year 2000. It is now 2005 and the plan seems to be running a little behind schedule. There is no reason, however, to think the plan has been changed or cancelled. 4, 3, 2..Countdown to Showdown!


Osageyfo Kwame Nkrumah in his 1961 book, “I Speak of Freedom” explained to us: Divided we are weak; united, Africa could become one of the greatest forces for good in the world. I believe strongly and sincerely that with the deeprooted wisdom and dignity, the innate respect for human lives, the intense humanity that is our heritage, the African race, united under one federal government, will emerge not as just another world bloc to flaunt its wealth and strength, but as a Great Power whose greatness is indestructible because it is built not on fear, envy and suspicion, nor won at the expense of others, but founded on hope, trust, friendship and directed to the good of all mankind. ...VISION


The stage has been set for the global Showdown that will decide who will rule. All the "isms-skisms" have been played out and now the chess board is ready for the Showdown and winner takes all. Two battered and bruised races are in the center of the ring and truth and justice has very little to do with it. Those who claim it’s a spiritual war are just tryin' to gain the upper hand. Each participant has Gods, holy men, temples and a host of spirits. Both have members praying to foreign Gods, it’s all can be so confusing if you miss the goals and objectives of the war. This time there will only be one survivor . It's White Supremacy, which has re-invented itself again as a New World Order by the same old folks, versus Pan-Afrikanism. For now everyone else is on the side lines cheering for one or both because the quality of their tomorrows is locked into the winner take all battle in this duel to the death. Hold the "we gotta live together chant," the "can't we all get along" cop out and, of course, the "we are all God's children" prayer. It’s gone too far, the die is cast and centuries of white inspired warfare

has canceled any hope for the unprincipled peace many of you are calling for. Their missionaries were the first wave of conquerors and they not only softened us up they stabilized their imperialistic character in the middle of we culture. They think they have re-arranged us forever, by casting doubt and shame on our traditions as too many minds have been captured and immobilized in Arab and European fantasies. It was never about Gods, it was never about culture, it was never about truth and justice, it has always been about conquest, theft and annihilation. Now Afrika's enemies have both the desire and the capability to wipe us out and run away with all we have. None of this can be intellectualized, it’s all too raw. We have always been jacked, mugged, raped and discarded. No sense pretending now that we gotta hunt for words and isms to articulate how our people suffer everyday in every corner of this earth. The Barbarians are in the gate, in our homes, in our minds, in our culture, in what we call our spirituality. If we allow them deeper into our existence, suicide will be the only way to drive 'em out. In fact, the internal cleansing is the only thing that can salvage what is left of what Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah called "the Afrikan personality." An important aspect of Pan-Afrikanism is the revival and the development of the ' Afrikan Personality,' which has been temporarily submerged during the colonial and slavery periods. It finds expression in a re-awakening consciousness among Afrikans, meaning all peoples of Afrikan descent. These are the bonds which unite us - our historical past, our culture, our common experiences and our aspirations. Many of you are now disgusted with me and think "Ain't a damn thing wrong with me." That is a sign that you are damaged, because we all are not our original selves, which is a symptom of our conquest, brutalization and imperialism’s main weapon; brainwashing, ethnic

cleansing, mentacide etc. More importantly, how others see us effects our reality. Amos Wilson taught us in his master work "Black-OnBlack violence" that: In the context of White American domination there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not been detected, apprehended or convicted. Their mere presence inspire in White Americans, fears of of being assaulted, raped, robbed, or some other indefinable dread of being criminally victimized. In truth, we are the victims of the world's greatest thieves, however we feel we are the guilty party and that there is something wrong with us. We had to be re-arranged to put up with subjugation for centuries, that delivered a different, not better, Afrikan to our enemies. None of this is designed to neglect or to discount the royal rumble we have been engaged in for centuries. Nor is it designed to undermine the extraordinary fact that we still claim Afrika and we still are jockeying into position to throw down with the barbarians to return to the source. With blood flowing from open wounds of all kinds (physical and mental), we answer the bell with blood in our eyes and the talent to turn defeat into a glorious victory. No lucky punch needed, all we need is a plan, a plot and the guts to carry it out. We have nothing to lose. Dr. Clarke said its “Pan-Afrikanism or Perish,” I must add its PanAfrikanism vs the New World Order. Showdown!


free-market system:an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit. If you dissect the definition you will find that, the real meaning of capitalism and its functions are hidden from all but the exploiters and the tiny minority of real capitalists. Meanwhile, in the educational system, plus the dominate and subcultures the true meaning [in practice] is that there must be the exploiters and the exploited classes. And guess which class Black folk find themselves in. It means that the means of production is in the hands of the few ruling class elites. NO! Michael Jordan, Oprah and Bill Cosby are not capitalists, they work for the true capitalist. They sell products and services to the ruling elites apparatus and receive compensation. It always amazed me that their propaganda machinery could produce hate for communism (socialism), a system their citizenry knew nothing about. Further, the victims of capitalistic exploitation were violently opposed to socialism and even fought/fight and died to protect their exploiters right to exploit them. Pretty good hustle, huh? The purge of the Amerikkkan socialists by J. Edgar Hoover’s henchman and later Senator Joseph MaCarthy’s witch hunts brought governmental terror at the door steps of any person who was a member of any communist or socialist organizations. Hatred, fear and confusion.Therefore,to this day if the word communism pops up the programmed reactions takes place: hatred, fear and confusion.

What is Capitalism... Really? cap·i·tal·ism (noun)


Hot and Cold wars have been fought, people’s careers and businesses have been destroyed as the white left and right rumbled until the rightwing shed the left using State sponsored repression with a heavy dose of social and economic terrorism. If we truly knew and felt the slave experience we would divorce ourselves from everything that delivered those experiences to us, whether they were social, economic or religious. How could these creations be good for us if they came with and helped cause and maintained slavery? The answer is clear, we still have a slave mentality, world view and relationship with this white supremacist system. Being super consumers is not freedom. Remember, to be a capitalist you must control the means of production. This does not mean you are a rich athlete, entertainer or businessperson, you must control the means of productions. Then obviously, there is no such thing as a Black capitalist, they are mere flunkies of white supremacy’s system of capitalism. This is definitely not to sell you on the bastard ideology of MarxistLeninism. Like everything else this was stolen from Afrika after the study of Afrikan communalism. One of their key components, dialectical materialism, comes from the Afrikan Laws of Opposites articulated and practiced before Europe was spawned. Dr. John Henrik Clarke from his classic book “African World Revolution: Africans at the Crossroads,” taught us that: I do not believe that there is any solution for Afrikan peoples/problems outside of the world arena of socialism. But when I say socialism I mean something much different from those who are arguing over Marxism and Leninism. So hear me out on this. I approach socialism through my Afrikan nationalism. Socialism interests me to the extent that my people are served; to the extent my people are not served - to hell with it!

Word! But Dr. Clarke further clarified when he wrote: Today some of our new and much needed organizations are being torn apart in an argument over Marxism and Leninism. The brothers are repeating a mistake that we have been making down through the years. They are looking outside of the family for a solution to the family’s problems. The ideals that went into the making of the concept of the term called socialism were already old before Karl Marx was born but also before Europe itself was born. So when we say that our problems would have to be solved as the world’s problems must be solved, within the arena of socialism, we do not necessarily mean that we have to go to Europe to find the solution. Once your goals ‘n objectives are clear and true liberation is the prize, you must “return to the source” and begin building everything all over. Realizing everything from the past is not good or useful today you then begin to chip away until only part of the old foundations are in place. Firmly rooted in our-story, we then can creatively began to fill out a new and powerful foundation as we prepare to build tomorrow’s methods, strategy ‘n tactics to achieve our goal of global liberation. Think of it, then make it happen.


1.belief in empire-building:the policy of extending the rule or influence of a country over other countries or colonies 2.domination by an empire:the political, military, or economic domination of one country over another 3.takeover and domination:the extension of power or authority over others in the interests of domination.

(im·pe·ri·al·ism) noun



economic domination:the domination by a powerful, usually Western nation of another nation that is politically independent but has a weak economy greatly dependent on trade with the powerful nation ne·o·co·lo·ni·al·istnoun




Amerikkka: Democracy or Empire?

Capitalism in Action: Be careful of what and who you support The United States at just over 200 years old and they have rivaled the British Empire in theft and misery caused. The difference that the British always told the world they were a mighty empire, on the other hand Amerikkka has always lied about its existence, its activities and its hunger for blood. I do not use the word empire loosely, a short review of their aggressive military activity for profit clarifies everything. Millions were killed and trillions of wealth stolen as cultures were destroyed by the Amerikkkan empire. Conquest, theft and rape are activities that Amerikkka has always enjoyed as the peoples of this earth were victimized.

1890 -1900 ARGENTINA CHILE HAITI HAWAII NICARAGUA CHINA KOREA PANAMA NICARAGUA CHINA PHILIPPINES CUBA 1890 1891 1891 1893 1894 1894-95 1894-96 1895 1896 1898-00 1898-10 1898-02 Buenos Aires interests protected. Marines fought nationalist rebels. Black revolt put down and defeated. Kingdom overthrown, annexed. Occupation of Bluefields. Invade in Sino-Japanese War Invade Seoul during war. Invade Colombian province. Invasion in port of Corinto. Boxer Rebellion fought by foreigners. Seized from Spain, killed 600,000 Filipinos (many Blacks killed) Seized base from Spain,still hold Navy base. Seized from Spain, occupied. Seized from Spain, still used as base. Marines land at Port. Battle over succession to throne. Invade at Port of Bluefields. 1900 - 1910 PANAMA HONDURAS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1901-14 1903 1903-04 Broke from Colombia 1903, annexed Canal Zone 1914. Marines intervene in revolution. U.S. interests protected


KOREA 1904-05 CUBA 1906-09 NICARAGUA 1907 HONDURAS 1907

Marines land in Russo-Japanese War. Marines land in democratic election. “Dollar Diplomacy” protectorate set up. Marines land during war with Nicaragua


Marines intervene in election contest. Marines land in Bluefields and Corinto. 1910-20


1911 1911-41 1912 1912 1912


U.S. interests protected in civil war. Continuous occupation with flare-ups. U.S. interests protected in civil war. Marines land during heated election. Marines protect U.S. economic interests. 10-year occupation, fought guerillas Americans evacuated during revolution. Fight with rebels over Santo Domingo. Interventions against nationalists. 19-year occupation after revolts. 8-year Marine occupation. Military occupation/controlled economy.

WORLD WAR I 1917-18 fought Germany. RUSSIA PANAMA HONDURAS 1918-22 1918-20 1919 Five invasions to fight Bolsheviks. “Police duty” during unrest after elections. Marines land during election campaign. Intervene for Italy against Serbs. 1920 -1930 GUATEMALA 1920 Intervention against unionists.



1922 1922-27 1924-25 1925 1927-34

Fought nationalists in Smyrna. Deployment during nationalist revolt. Landed twice during election strife. Suppress general strike. Marines stationed throughout the country. 1930 - 1950


Naval Warships sent during Marti revolt.

WORLD WAR II 1941-45 Fought Japan, Italy and Germay; nuclear bombing of Japan! IRAN YUGOSLAVIA URUGUAY GREECE GERMANY CHINA PHILIPPINES 1946 1946 1947 1947-49 1948 1948-49 1948-54 Nuclear threat to Soviets Another nuclear threat Nuclear threat Bombers deployed. U.S. directs extreme-right in civil war. Nuclear Threat Atomic-capable bombers Evacuates Americans. CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion. 1950 - 1960 PUERTO RICO 1950 Independence rebellion crushed.

KOREA 1951-53, Troops, naval, bombing , nuclear threats U.S./So. Korea fights China/No. Korea. A-bomb threat in 1950, U.S. Still maintains bases. IRAN 1953 CIA overthrows democracy, installs Shah. Nuclear threat, the French flee. Nuclear threat, new gov’t nationalized.



1956 l958 1958 l958 1958

Nuclear threat, Soviets told to keep out. Marine occupation against rebels. Iraq warned against invading Kuwait. Nuclear threat against main land China. Flag protests erupt into confrontation. 1960-1970

VIETNAM l960-75 Nuclear threats. Fought South Vietnam revolt & North Vietnam; atomic bomb threats in l968 and l969. One million killed in longest U.S. war; LAOS CUBA GERMANY CUBA PANAMA INDONESIA DOMINICAN 1962 l961 l961 l962 l964 l965 1965-66 Military buildup during guerrilla war. CIA-directed exile invasion fails (Bay of Pig). Nuclear threat, Alert during Berlin Wall crisis. Nuclear threat, blockade missile crisis People murdered for urging canal’s return. Million killed in CIA-assisted army coup. Marines land during election campaign. Green Berets intervene against rebels. 2 million killed with bombing and starvation. 1970-1980 OMAN LAOS MIDEAST CHILE l970 l971-73 1973 1973 U.S. directs Iranian marine invasion. Invasion and bombing, Vietnamese invasion. Nuclear threat World-wide alert. CIA-backed coup ousts elected president.

GUATEMALA l966-67 CAMBODIA l969-75


l975 l976-92 1980

Troops and bombing CIA assists South African-backed rebels. Troops, nuclear threat, aborted bombing. 1980-1990


l981 l981-92 l981-90 l982-84 l983-84 l983-89 l984 l986 1986 l987-88 1989 1989 1989 1989

Two Libyan jets shot down in maneuvers. Anti-rebel war. CIA (Contra) invasions. Marines expel PLO. Bombing and invasion. Build bases near borders. Iranian jets shot down over Persian Gulf. Air strikes to topple nationalist gov’t. Army assists raids on cocaine region. US intervenes on side of Iraq in war. Two Libyan jets shot down. Troops St. Croix unrest after storm. Air cover provided for government. Leaders arrested, thousands killed. 1990-2000

LIBERIA 1990 SAUDI 1990-91 ARABIA IRAQ 1990KUWAIT 1991 SOMALIA 1992-94 YUGOSLAVIA 1992-94 BOSNIA 1993-? HAITI 1994

Foreigners evacuated during civil war. Iraq countered after invading Kuwait. 200,000+ killed in invasion of Iraq. Kuwait royal family returned to throne. U.S. led United Nations occupation. NATO blockade. No-fly zone patrolled in civil war. Restored President Aristide


Rwandan Hutu refugee camps/revolt begins. Miltary evacuation of foreigners. Miltary evacuation of foreigners. Attack on plant Attack on training camps. Four days of intensive air strikes Heavy NATO air strikes. Naval USS Cole bombed. NATO forces deployed. Mobilization to overthrow Taliban, Al Qaeda and Pakistan. Predator drone missile attack. Training mission. Troops to rebel protecting oil pipeline. Second Gulf War launched.

And the beat goes on!


My approach to the subject, an Afrikan World Revolution, might sometime sound like fantasy, but please bear in mind that sometimes the fantasy of today is tomorrow’s reality. In addition to a need for total reconsideration of PanAfrikanism, a cultural revolution is needed within the whole Afrikan World. The most important aspect of this revolution will occur within the geography of the continent of Afrika, which is almost 12 million square miles, endowed by nature with some of greatest mineral wealth in all the world. Dr. John Henrik Clarke


Global Afrikan Unity/United States of Afrika [It is the highest expression of Afrikan Nationalism.] Before we can talk about Pan-Afrikanism the ideology, the philosophy, the tool, we must clarify what Pan-Afrikanism is and what it isn’t, this is a critical journey. To not understand Pan-Afrikanism is to not understand the goals and the objectives of the Afrikan revolution, which can only deliver hopelessness, despair and destruction. In fact, it would create the abandonment of the only tool white supremacy truly fears. The only tool that would be able to galvanize our race and liberate mother earth from the hi-tech barbarians... Showdown! Let the Ancestors Define it Marcus Garvey In a world of wolves one should go armed, and one of the most powerful defensive weapons within reach of Negroes is the practice of race first in all parts of the world. Malcolm X Why does the press of the Western Powers constantly ridicule and play down the idea of the United States of Afrika? They know that a divided Afrika is a weak Afrika, and they want to keep her a dependent target of Western “philanthropy” or what is being increasingly described here as “benevolent” colonialism. The neocolonialist who would “woo and rule” Afrika today must skillfully disguise their selfish aims within their generous offers of unlimited “economic aid, Peace Corpsism or crossroadism,” all of which is nothing but the modern counterpart of the nineteeth-century “missionaryism.” A United Afrika is a strong and independent Afrika, an Afrika that can stand on its own feet, walk for itself, and avoid the snares and pitfalls devised by the “benevolent” imperialist to keep the mother


continent divided, weak, and dependent upon the “philanthropic” West for “economic” aid, political “guidance” and military protection. Kwame Nkrumah We again re-dedicate ourselves in the struggle to emancipate other countries in Africa, for our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the Afrikan continent. Sekou Toure Pan-Afrikanism is hence forth the class struggle at the level of Afrika and of her external branches. Being not conscious about it would be exposing ourselves to a confusion that imperialism would not miss exploiting. Pan-Afrikanism when it is against imperialist oppression becomes a will of unity of Afrikan Peoples, of all Afrikan Peoples, to stop being objects of history and becomes authors. Then Pan-Afrikanism could engage in a cultural Revolution... that Cultural Revolution must be everywhere in Afrika and everywhere in Afro-American Peoples. We must do it together. Dr. John Henrik Clarke: My approach to the subject, an Afrikan World Revolution, might sometime sound like fantasy, but please bear in mind that sometimes the fantasy of today is tomorrow’s reality. In addition to a need for total reconsideration of Pan-Afrikanism, a cultural revolution is needed within the whole Afrikan World. The most important aspect of this revolution will occur within the geography of the continent of Afrika, which is almost 12 million square miles, endowed by nature with some of greatest mineral wealth in all the world. I believe the technical and scientific aspects of this revolution will begin with the Afrikans outside of Afrika who have been exposed, through education, to the kind of technological education that Afrika

needs in order to renew its old societies and make them workable within the modern world. It is important for us to learn who our friends are and who our enemies are and how to make use of both of them. The principle concepts of nation structure, nation formation, and nation building have been taken away from us as well. The ability to examine our adversaries, to move among them, and to still advance while learning something of their technique has also been taken away from us. We have been rather naive in our interactions with people and we have overlooked too many items in relationship to our freedom. We have not developed a technique for dealing with our own traitors. But if we cannot do anything else, we can at least isolate them. Why do we let so many known traitors to the Afrikan cause walk among us, unharmed?.... It is Pan-Afrikanism nationalism or nothing! Afrikan people must make alliances with themselves before they seriously think of making an alliance with other people.


If you ask most brothers and sisters from the States if they could have one wish to start a new reality, most would reply, a good job, a dynamite mate, fame or fortune, but few, very few would name land as a key to their future. Since we as a people (globally) are politically immature and sometimes down right infantile, we don’t know the essence of life, we are caught up in “made man” goods and abstract spirituality. Consequently, since we are not “grounded” in where shit all begins and ends we fight for the wrong causes, trip over the wrong issues and miss the point almost all the damn time. Without land you are nothing, without land you belong nowhere, without land you can’t control your space ‘n time, without land you can’t perpetuate your race, your way, your culture. As a matter of fact, if you are not on your land you are on somebody else’s. Yeah, I know, there is a backwardness to land ownership, something that is alien, but in a multi-racial world everyone is scrambling for their space and this is no time to be abstract. Check it, the takers make sport of go-rillering our space for its value, beauty and the destabilizing element created by displacing a people, a culture, a race. There can be no confusion here or you’ll blow a chance to over-stand the deadly interactions we have with other people. Ya gotta have land or your ass is done. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

Pan-Afrikanism and Our Land!
Dr. John Henrik Clarke

The land question, in general, is as old as people and nations... The striving for land and the attempt to recover it once it is lost is a recurring theme in the drama of human endurance and survival. Stability on a piece of land that a people can call their own is the basis for their nationhood, their culture and religion, in essence their humanity.

gave the world a brief history lesson recently at the United Nations: The primary objective of our agrarian (land) reforms is to redress the colonial injustice perpetrated by Britain whereby a minority of British settlers in 1890 seized our land and acquired our natural resources but never paid any compensation to our ancestors. He went on to set the record straight about how Zimbabwe reached the point of zipping up on the white savages who colonized the country, brutalized and exploited the people as they outwardly stole the land, labor and resources of these people who are darker than blue. Mugabe continued: The people of Zimbabwe waged an armed revolutionary struggle for their Independence and stand ready to defend it in the same way. We want to be left in peace to carry out our just reforms and development plans as we peacefully interact and cooperate with other countries within the region, the African continent and the international community. We refuse to be an extension of Europe. That’s so basic that not to understand it would identify you as a fool who loves the racial victimization inflicted by an enemy too many of us have come to love and worship. However, they are mere barbarians in suits with our blood up to their waist as their savagery has circled the globe in merciless madness and mayhem. They need to be cut down, it’s the only thing they understand and it’s the only way they are gonna let go of our global property. We have finally gotten to the heart of the matter, we want and need our shit back. The European academics job is to hide the real issues so we can run around chasing our tail or someone else’s. Their historians, social scientists, psychologists, archaeologists, trade unionists, religious leaders and the like have one main job, which is to keep your mind off of the real issues; land and the resurrection of Afrikan Civilization, the upgrading and redeployment of genuine Afrikan culture and, of course, its supporting institutions.

Osagyefo Kwame Nkumah taught us that: For us in Afrika, for people of Afrikan descent everywhere, there can be no turning back, no compromise, no fear of failure or death. Afrika must and will fulfill her destiny... If we die in the struggle of Black emancipation it will be as men (and women) bringing into this world the wholesome, rich benefits of Black Power. And so for us Black Power heralds the long-awaited day of liberation from the shadows of obscurity. It’s never been about equality, it’s never been about the family of man, it surely has never been about Gods. It’s always been about land. In a speech at an out door rally in Birmingham, England I reminded the crowd that “you just can’t rush Europeans who have robbed us of our land, labor and resources without stepping to those damn Arabs whose asses still rest on our turf as they conduct 21st century slavery punking us and exposing our ideological weakness. Pan-Afrikanism don’t allow us to forget any body, any where who have and are still victimizing us on our own land. Next time you’re yelling reparations don’t forget anyone, anywhere, anytime who helped take us down, ya’ll feel me?” We are not just talking about Zimbabwe here, we are not just talking about Afrika, globally we want all our land back. In the United States we are talking about the lands of the Washitaw, we are talking the Aborigines, our folk in the Pacific etc. We are talking about all of our shit! We can’t just select who we want to step to and leave other criminals to continue to exploit our property, our people, our culture. Our people need to study the classic works of Bro. Runoko Rashidi to help clarify what has been taken, by whom and when. His scholarship is of the highest order and is of critical importance at this point in our-story as we perfect our Pan Afrikan ideology and our creative strategies and tactics. Zimbabwe’s Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa recently said on a South Afrikan radio show that:

South African Blacks are in a worse situation than Zimbabweans. My advice to South Africa is to start now - don’t wait until the pressures are too overwhelming. If you think that in South Africa you will be freed from what is happening in Zimbabwe, I feel sorry for you because South African Blacks are in a worse situation than Zimbabweans. That sentiment applies to the whole Black World. If we are pushed off the chessboard of life it will be because we slept the land issues. The white globalist can not consolidate the planet if Pan-Afrikanism is put in place and moves in full effect. As a matter of fact, PanAfrikanism is the only system that can crush their designs. Consider this, if Pan-Afrikanism is developed we can take advantage of one fact none of us and certainly none of them considers, we got their asses surrounded, they don’t have us surrounded. Ya needed to know this! Outta chaos comes order. Western Afrika is in chaos, because of the instigation of divide ‘n rule policies of diamond cartels to control the precious mineral found mostly, and of the highest quality, in our Motherland. Thus, we have destabilizing civil wars in Western Afrika etc. We have the constant rumbling in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Southern Afrika, we have Mozambique and Angola trying to settle into development as destabilizing civil wars are grinding to an unsteady halt. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe and South Afrika must get land into the people’s hands, now! The dream of the United States of Afrika can not be realized as long as someone else controls our lands or neo-colonialism is rooted in the soil. The land issue roots out the neo-colonialist as his masters pushes ‘em to defend white folk and their interests. They must be identified and destroyed as cancer cells of a dead period of the past. Destroy them and traitorous linkages to the enemy will be destroyed.

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