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Daily habits one should follow. Stop yawning and
read the health section!
New halaqas and programs at Dar Al-Hijrah to be
benefited are added to its previous activities. Prophet School:
Muhammad (pbuh) urged all of us to be four and
not five; either teach, learn, listen, or help the form-
ers. Students, both through elementary to college, are
the story
highly anticipated to partake in these activities to better
understand our religion in a time when Islam is being
attacked from every angle.
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Dar Al-Hijrah:
10 Years of Accomplishments
BY ABDIKADIR M. IBRAHIM & The younger generation that started volunteering at have had the pleasure to hold informational meetings
KAAMIL HAIDER the center are now adults running the center, the chil- with people of different faiths to come to the center to dren at that time are now the youths eager to change learn about Islam. This will continue for it is our ob-
more, and the adults at that time are now sitting back ligation to propagate Islam to others. The once famous
It is the 10th year anniversary of Dar Al-Hijrah and enjoying the fruits that they have sowed. With philosopher said that Muslims are chivalries people. As
Islamic Civic Center. It was only ten years ago, oc- growing numbers in volunteering and the additional Muslims in America, we have great opportunity to
cupying one level of the current building, that Dar programs at the center, Dar Al-Hijrah holds true in its spread true Islam and bring awareness in Churches,
Al-Hijrah center started its mission; in response to essence of existence; it is a center for the people and Synagogues and schools to teach what Muslims really
the needs of the growing Muslim communities in by the people. The center is a daily haven for anyone believe in while tackling stereotype issues that over-
the Twin Cities and to nurture and develop the youth to pray at its designated mosque section, celebrate, hold whelmingly has taken the mainstream.
with educational programs. Many elements of this events, attend Islamic sermons and gatherings, come
center have changed over the course of these years; learn about Islam, and many more. For the past few
from the basement to the second floor, Dar Al-Hijrah months, as part of its mission, Dar Al-Hijrah  Read more at PAGE 4A
is manifesting through the calls of the community.


Losing Faith: A Voice of Salahudin Student Union

A Sad Story of Muslim Youth
Does it sadden you to hear a Muslim give
up so easily to shaydaan(devil)? I have walked
the street and noticed this. That we are not
even trying to help in the least bit? We ask
ourselves is it really their fault? With numer-
ous deaths, the revenge that racks their ribs,
and their strangled attempts to repent?
The deaths of our brothers, may Allah be
merciful to them, had a bigger affect then
many of us would have expected. It had, sur-
BY MARYAN YUSUF prisingly, the opposite reaction then it should. Instead of feeling remorse and repenting from
wrong ways instead we choose to give up on Salahudin Student Union, the bedrock of Dar Al-Hijrah's progression, has done many great activities, established programs
“What’s the point? Isn’t easier to our lives, our faith. We should have taken their and newspapers, and hosted events in order to help succeed our young Muslim teens in Northern America.
just give it up? I’ve already done all deaths as an example not as a path to even
the sins. There is no going back, I more destruction.
belong nowhere but the streets;
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even if it means I have to die here.”-
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Waajibka Ka Saraan Qofka Muslimka Ah Fidinta Diinta Alle

Alle (S.W) wuxuu yiri isagoo ilmaamaya yiri “Iga gaarsiiya ummada xageeyga aayadba Taasi waxay natusinaysaa qarin la qariyaa
BY ABDIFATAH MAHAMUD fadliga iyo qiimaha ay dheertahay u madaan allaha kadhigee.” Walaalayaal waxaa kamid xaqqa in ay ka tahay danbi weyn Alle aktiis. ummadihii hore. “Waxaad tihiin ummad mida ahaa waxyaabihii lagu halaagay Yahuuda in ay Waxaa kaloo qiimo mudan in la faafaahiyo
ugu khayr badan taasoo loo soo saaray dadka, qarin jireen xaqqa. Alle (C.W) wuxuu yiri asaga ama wax yar laga taabto in ay dadbadani u
Walaalayaal waan wada ogsoonahay ama la waxaad faraysaan wanaaga aadna reebaysaan oo la hadlaya Yahuuda; “ha ku qaldina xaqqa fahmaan ama u qaataan si kale oo ay yiraah
wada soconaa in ay wajib kutahay qof walba oo xumaanta.” Sidoo kale rasuulka S.A.W. wuxuu baadilka oo aad qarisaan haqqa idinka oo og.” daan. Ayyadu waxay qusaysaa ama ka
wax ka garanaya Diinta Alle in uu sii gudbiyo.  Ka si akhriso Booga 7A


2A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429

Upcoming Events & Programs

Thanksgiving Event - Nov. 27, '08

Winter-Break Educational Work-
shops - Dec. 22, '08 - Jan. 2, '09
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3A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429

All praises and thanks are due to Allah, the Exalted, for guiding us to the path of Islam. Many thanks go to
the writers, editors, founders, designers, organizers, and sponsors of Dar Al-Hijrah Times.
The clock evolves, years came and others went by along the way. It has now been ten years down the
road since the establishment of the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center. It is a great opportunity to take a
look and commemorate the tenth anniversary of its birth. When the center was established in 1998, it contained OFFICIALS ABDIKADIR M. IBRAHIM
the first mosque founded in south Minneapolis, Cedar and Riverside neighborhoods, with a limited resources and
facilities. The rented area as mosque was not enough to accommodate for the hundreds of Muslims living CHAIR:
in the neighborhood to come and perform prayers. Today, it reflects on different picture indicating how it MOHAMED SAMATAR KAAMIL HAIDER
was developed and changed as result of a great contribution from the Muslim community. Along the days,
the center grew up and began to offer various services to Muslim community in the Twin Cities. As we celebrate
the tenth anniversary of the center, we can realize the dramatic change that the center has witnessed since
its establishment.
The beautiful renovation in its designated prayer sections is a typical example that indicates how the struc- MARYAN YUSUF DAR AL-HIJRAH ISLAMIC
ture has completely changed. We enjoy under its roof, making an opportunity for the Muslim community CIVIC CENTER
to perform different activities like prayers and lectures. In addition, the center provides health service to the
community where people get free health service from Tuesday to Saturday on regular basis. There are also SECRETARY: SUPERVISED BY
a number of weekend Islamic schools that run under the center where most of our young generation find
guidance and helpful teaching opportunities to increase their Islamic knowledge and stay connected to their
Islamic identity. (DYC)
More offer, the center is a place for the Muslim youth where they can participate actively in serving their
community. So far, there are two main youth groups that exist in the center. Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council TREASURER: DYC@DARALHIJRAH.COM
(DYC) – it consist of mainly college students who are the back bone of the centers’ programs. Salahudin KHADIJA HASSAN
Student Union (SSU), a branch of DYC, consists of young students who are the driven power of the youth
activities at the center. As we mark off ten years of serving and growth, the center is taking a new direc-
tion to extend its activities and provide more services to Muslim community in the long term plan. For
instance, the upcoming of a new full-time private Islamic school with its facilities and equipments is the
current project. This project is a portion of many tasks that the Dar Al-Hirah is striving to initiate for the
purpose of serving the Muslim community in the long run. However, as its motto indicates, Dar Al-Hijrah is a 504 CEDAR AVE SUITE #2
center for the people by the people; the benefits of this kind project and similar pioneer projects that Dar Al-Hijrah MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55454
initiates are for the community. 612.227.8374 / 612.481.4423
Finally, we extent our gratitude to Muslim community who participated in making the centers’ projects and SJ@DARALHIJRAH.COM
activities more successful and ask Allah to reward them for the good deeds they have done for the sake
of Allah. May Allah reward them on the Day of Judgment—Allahuma Amiin.

Closer Look at Dar Al-Hijrah's Programs

Dar Al-Hijrah Times is a newspaper that is pub-
[Programs] To seek knowledge is a sacred responsibil- Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council (DYC) shall wel- lished monthly by SSU officials and members of Dar Qisasul Ambiya: Muslims regard those individu-
ity and binding action upon every Muslim, female or male. come any Muslim youth in the state of Minnesota to Al-Hijrah. The newspaper discusses current news als chosen by Allah as the divine Prophets of Islam.
Being part of a Muslim community that resides within a enhance their religion and culture, expand their edu- both in the world and community at large. All Prophets brought the same basic message of wor-
non-Muslim nation, a great responsibility rests upon every cational level, strengthen between families and youth shipping one God and abstaining from any form of
Muslim's shoulders to understand and convey the religion of ties, and establish non-violent methods for peace, insti- Karmel-AlHikmah Islamic School (KAHIS) is idolatry. Allah has also mentioned in the Quran several
Islam in the noblest way that has been taught and preached tute integrity, and work for better future. To work with a private Islamic school based in South Minneapolis, times “And whoever obeys God and the messenger,
by our great teacher prophet Muhammad (pbuh). or become a member, please contact us 612-644-3864 offering high quality academic and Islamic instruc- these will be [in paradise] with the prophets and the
Therefore, Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah has estab- (612) 481-4423 or tion. It is an elementary school for children 3 to 5 truthful and the martyrs and the righteous, upon whom
lished programs on Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays. These years of age. The school intends to grow by adding a God has bestowed favors", thus Qisiul Ambiya will
weekly programs focus on people from any educational Salahudin Student Union (SSU) is a student grade each year insha’Allah. To enroll please contact not only teach you about the stories of the Prophet’s
level including students, the principle that guide fellow organization that helps youth get more involved in us (612) 227-8374 but also the untold stories of History. Starting from
Muslims in their daily lives and the essence of Islam. The Islamic activities and to get Muslim youths involved Prophet Adam this book will take you all the way to
programs include: in the community and keep their Islamic values. SSU Tajreed Sareeh (Sahih Bukhari): Being one of the the common era of the 21st century. Many unrevealed
Salahudin Islamic School is one of the Dar Al- is a branch of Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council that deals six major Hadith collections, Sahih Bukahri is the questions of today’s society such as division, land, and
Hijrah‘s Islamic schools that currently service students with younger students. It works closely with students most authentic book after the Quran. Written by the even war will become as clear as crystal because the
of all ages. Its curriculum includes memorization of the in elementary and middle school, operates a bi-yearly Muslim scholar Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari, Prophets of Allah not only held lessons they held his-
holy Qur’an, Islamic Beliefs (Aqeedah), reading and journal, holds Islamic events, workshops, and produc- this book covers almost all aspects of life in providing tory.
writing Arabic, Islamic manners (Tarbiyah), Islamic ing documentaries regarding issues in our society. To proper guidance of Islam such as the method of per- Instructor: Imam Sharif Mohamed
history (Seerah), prophet’s way of life (Hadith), juris- work with or become a member, please contact us forming prayers and other actions of worship directly Email address:
prudence (Fiq), and remembrance of Allah (Thikr). It (612) 226-0134 from Muhammad. Phone Number: 612-481-4423/612-226-0134
is has been serving the Muslim community in Min- General Information: Day(s): Saturdays
nesota for a number of years. It has passed through Salahudin Journal is published by Salahudin Stu- Instructor: Imam Sharif Mohamed Time: 7-8:30pm
different level of situations that has encouraged its dent Union; a group of youths from Salahudin Week- Email address: Location: Sisters’ section @ Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah
staffs, students, parents, teachers to double their efforts end Islamic School. It is produced bi-yearly, and this Phone Number: 612-481-4423/612-226-0134 Type of the Program: Teachings of History of
to promote for the wellbeing of the societies. Now, is part of the community that promotes education and Day(s): Fridays Prophets
Salahudin School reached a level which its students knowledge. Every issue discusses current affairs in the Time: 7-8:30pm
established to form a Salahudin Student Union. To en- community, Islamic, health, science, education, litera- Location: Sisters’ section @ Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah
roll please contact us (612) 227-8374/(612) 298-3021 ture, entertainment, and many more. To become a col- Type of the Program: Teachings of Bukhari book
or umnist (Somali/English) or subscribe, please e-mail us (Hadith) >>more on the next page
4A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429

Programs continued

Life Making 101 : In today’s world where ev-

10 Years of Accomplishments
continued from page 1
erything is being flipped from it is original aspect,
Islam and Muslims are going through several ma-
jor changes. Therefore, in this program we will put Dar Al-Hijrah is involved both inside the center and Therefore, as every summer, they are inviting in the com- ,Dar Al-Hijrah holds also true in emanating light upon
Islamic Education into practical skills and practices public squares to educate people of different faiths the ing summer ages 6 and above to enroll in one of its the children before they become leaders; the rightful Is-
of everyday life inshAllah. Our intention of this dynamics and complicity of Islam in the West. kind courses (Specialized Summer Courses) dedicated for lamic and other educational curriculums. Having seen the
program is for it to be a model to follow by plac- Furthermore, Dar Al-Hijrah has been developing lead- students in Dar Al-Hijrah schools and non- Dar Al-Hijrah failures of our children in public schools in keeping their
ing everything in its original place instead of flip ers who will organize Dar Al-Hijrah to be an effective students as well to take the vast opportunity of learning Islamic identity and academia, Dar Al-Hijrah administra-
flopping it from its innovative site. The program and sustainable institution with the capacity to carry out Islamic studies such as fiqhi, aqeeda, da’wah, and hadiths, tion took the initiatives to start a full -time Islamic pri-
will consists of lectures, discussions, specific study the Dar Al-Hijrah operating principles and goals. These Islamic history such as the prophets, caliphs, companions, vate school for our children. It is a moral Islamic duty to the
cases, research in particular topics and of course leaders are mainly youth who started to volunteer at the seerah of the prophet, Tabi’een, imams, Muslim community to take care and preserve our children.
learning from one of the profound Islamic author’s center at a younger age while some came to volunteer and school of thoughts, tarbiyah, Quran with memori- Insha’Allah, a new Islamic school (Al-Hikmah) will fulfill
book ( Mukhtasar Saheh Bukhari~ Abijamra). Just recently. The youth are the future of the Muslim communi- zation and tajweed, and Arabic literacy. These intensive the need and meet the expectations of our community.
as many other courses in life require significant pol- ties despite how cliché it may seem. But the young people courses start this summer on second week of June and con- The school will start serving children from 3-5 years of age
icies we intend to make our polices ones that will were forerunners for all the prophets, tinue till the third week of August every year. These courses with smaller class sizes with a full rigorous curriculum
evolve directly from the teachings of this program, specifically Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and definitely enrich with comprehensive knowledge about Is- such as Islamic studies, Qur’an, Tarbiyah, core subjects
in other words teachings will involve an itinerary the certainly are for this generation of ummah. lam from different areas. such as science, English, social sciences, and math, Arabic
of actions that will prolong through an individuals The Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council (DYC) and Salahudin The greater Dar Al-Hijrah programs are intended to and Somali literacy, and many more. The school is lo-
lifetime inshallah. Student Union (SSU) are the two youth groups at the fulfill all the needs and aspects of the community. A cated on the rim of Karmel Mall and 29th Pleasant Av-
General Information: center who are created to guide our youth to the light healthier society breeds healthier people, who keep their enue in South Minneapolis. It has great Islamic environment
Instructor: Abdikadir Ibrahim of Islam. DYC welcomes any Muslim youth in Min- spiritual, physical, and mental capacity healthy. Therefore, where children receive character education and Islamic role
Email address: nesota to enhance their religion and culture, expand their Dar Al-Hijrah provides free health screening services for the models with caring teachers. The school is currently seeking
Phone Number: 612-227-8374 educational level, strengthen family ties, institute integrity, community in partnership with the Minnesota Department students and staff.
Date: Saturdays & Sundays and work for a better future. DYC utilizes Islamic phi- of Health. In addition, the well being of any civilization rests All of these accomplishments would not have taken
Time: Instantly after Fajr- 8:00 AM losophy, education and training, to engage the community upon the realms of family. place if it was not for our founders and leaders; Sh.
Location: Sisters’ section @ Masjid Dar Al- and unify the youth. DYC has the following subcommit- Thus, the center established a counseling office where Abdirahman Sharif, Sh. Abdisamad Ibrahim, and Br. Ab-
Hijrah tees: education, finance, management, technology, sport, the imam provides counseling on social issues such as mar- disalam Adam and many others in Dar Al-Hijrah. It is their
Type of the Program: Lecture, discussion & teach- and public relations. riage, divorce, and conflict resolution. The growth of an dedication and perseverance throughout the years that has
ing of Bukhari book Furthermore, SSU is a student union from Salahudin individual rests upon two elements; physical and psycho- finally made the center a place that is enjoyed by every-
Weekend Islamic School that helps youth get more in- logical. Eating healthier and exercising regularly are what one in the community; a place of worship, a center, an
New  Yearlong Children School: volved in Islamic activities. The aims of SSU are to get makes a person fit, and this is where many people focus institution, and a place for all.
This new program will start 1st week of Janu- Muslim youths involved in the community and keep on. Having said that, the psychological aspect of people is
ary 2009 on Mondays through Thursdays from their Islamic values and identity. SSU is a branch of important as much as the physical aspect, if not more. In
3:30pm-6:30pm at the center. Contact for more Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council that deals with younger order to be fit and balanced mentally and physically, one has For furthermore information on Dar Al-Hijrah
information at 612.227.8374 | 612.423.5401 students. It works closely with students in elementary and to have both of these aspects. and its projects, please visit us online at
middle schools, operates hex-monthly journal, which covers Education is a human right, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Both Ibrahim and
Sh. Ali Sufi : Islamic weekend school on current community news, Islamic topics, health, science, said; “Seeking knowledge is mandatory upon every Muslim Haider are continous staff writers at Dar Al-
Saturdays and Sundays. education, and literature , holds Islamic events, work- male or female.” Therefore providing educational opportu- Hijrah Times and Salahudin Journal. Please
shops, and produce documentaries regarding issues in nities for our community is one of the top priorities contact them through dtimes@daralhijrah.
Iftin: Islamic weekend school on our society. of Dar Al-Hijrah. Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic schools currently com.
Saturdays and Sundays. As they operate daily activities at the center, they also serve students of all ages. Current existing schools are Sala- .............................................................
hold bio-monthly events, which include spiritual guidance, hudin, Iftin, and Sheikh Ali Sufi Weekend Islamic Schools.
Poem Section: Now is the Time educational workshops, and awareness, weekly study cir- The aims of these schools are to transmit authentic Islamic
cles (Halaqas) that focuses on the youth so that they can knowledge for students to uphold their Islamic identity, to
BY Aidrous Ali enhance their knowledge of Islam through spiritual and keep the rites and costumes of Islam and Muslims alive designed by intellectual enhancement so that youth become critical through learning early historical and cultural generations,
thinkers. As they already undertook the leadership as part of to produce conscious, successful, and productive citizens
Now is our time to spread Islam their obligations towards their communities and other faiths who possess the leadership skills to face future chal-
Now is our time to spread Humanity to educate our people, DYC and SSU hold many more ac- lenges. In conjunction with developing leaders
Now is our time to make peace tivities throughout the holidays and summer.
Now is our time to disregard Ignorance ................................................................................................................................. a new graphical solutions for
Now is our time to bring brotherhood back smaller business owners and
non-profit organizations:
Now is our time…
A Sad Story of Muslim Youth [+1 612.481.4423]
Yes, now is our time to remember that continued from page 1 So dear brothers and sisters in Islam truly ask yourself; [+]
We are all going to die and so before we die are we on the right path to righteousness? Revenge is not
Now is our chance to bring goodness to the world Sadly enough revenge has turned our already sad mo- the key and we must realize that. “Allah won’t forgive me
Until the Day of Judgment ment into an even more devastating time. His brother’s for what I’ve done.” That’s not your decision to make. Allah
So now is the time, let us save our souls from hell fire friend’s cousin killed my brother’s friend and so I will kill says in the Quran,
his brother’s cousin. Are you serious? Are we looking for “Except those who repent and believe (in Islamic Mono-
+1 612.481.4423

Dar Al -Hijrah teaches us about our faith a loophole to murder? Let us take example in the hadith of theism), and do righteous deeds, for those, Allah will
Dar Al-Hijrah teaches us about humanity prophet (SAW); change their sins into good deeds, and Allah is Oft-For-
Dar Al -Hijrah teaches us the Quran "While the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) was giving, Most Merciful.” (25:70)
Dar Al -Hijrah gives the Youth opportunities sitting with some of his companions, a man reviled Thus, keep your head up even if you are being push down.
>> id

To be leaders AbuBakr and insulted him. But AbuBakr remained Keep your faith strong even if you are being pushed in a


silent. He insulted him twice, but AbuBakr controlled corner. Learn from your mistakes. Forgive without reason.

Sh iver logy ofor
Un chno nt pr tion searc ew ltura ook Wo y

Te ista nica r re s of n d cu rst b d the hed b

ass mu . He on

In Dar Al-Hijrah life changes himself. He insulted him thrice and AbuBakr took Love without conditions. Give for the sake of Allah. And
Co icag rsec ritica m. H Gir as pu ch 2

la ity o from or in ePau teres an ects

Ch inte as c nalis cent g, w Mar
the well jour oles agin g in

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iel f Iow Geo the l Univts foc gen f


In Dar Al -Hijrah you will love humanity revenge on him. Then the Apostle of Allah (peace be remember never give up on Islam, for if you leave one will
Ste a a rge Coll

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: A ess shin


rec an

In Dar Al-Hijrah you will become a great scholar upon him) got up when AbuBakr took revenge. enter who is much better. Allah is most forgiving, most mer-


eiv M.A Un of


D business



h in med &

tow eg ersit s on er

a P . in C ersit

AbuBakr said: Were you angry with me, Apostle of Al- ciful. Asalaamu Calaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakaatu.

h.D om y. F
r fi an

ke shin ars

. in mu rom

ia not-for-profit


Insha’Allah, I hope you will take a step ahead in lah? The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) replied:
Ma nic
s M gton om , nt fo

sp Insta ld organizations



us Pos

Co tion, 4 to

Your whole life, which you have been looking for help An angel came down from Heaven and he was reject-

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.c de er



un ltur 007,


Dar Al -Hijrah is there for you! ing what he had said to you. When you took revenge,
tio , an he w

n fr d

a devil came . I was not going to sit when the devil is.


(Translation of Sunan Abu-Dawud, General Behavior


designed by

(Kitab Al-Adab), Book 41, Number 4878)"

5A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429

The Voice of SSU


Ten years already? Unbelievable, it is funny how time Q. As far as an union goes, what kinds of committees or process would take a few days but it took us a while to really imply to the companions or the early communities, but to to-
flies when you are having fun. Looking back into the past sub-groups do you guys have? come up with an agreeable constitution that we still use today. day. Have we noticed how much good is in our own hands?
ten years, it’s amazing how one can discover the many A. We have many committees that are suiting to each mem- How much hope is surrounding us for a better future? Have
things that have changed. The weaknesses that have ber’s level and leisure. Our committees start with the lead- Q. How can you apply what you learn or do in SSU we noticed the quantity of young preachers who really care
evolved into strengths, the acquaintances that have distorted ers which consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, to everyday life? for the religion and want us all to care? Or better yet, have
into life time brothers and sisters, the ignorance that has Treasure and Supreme Leader. With that follow our lower A. That’s a very good question, all of the lessons we we heard of Amr Khaled when he talks about the youth and
augmented into knowledge with every step taken, and the committees such as Education, Public Realtions, Mass Jour- learn in SSU are very imperative to the society. We the change they can and will do? On a daily basis, we talk
practice that has laid a stepping stone for vital experi- nalism, Media, and Nasheed. learn to work together and sometimes give up something about working together but that can never be done until
ence. As the frontiers of Dar Al-Hijrah celebrate their ac- we love in order to sacrifice for a brother or sister. We have one has the experience. The world needs us; we need to
complishments this year, we are one step behind them Q. What are your values and goals for SSU? What do you also learned that truly patience is the key to many doors stop tuning into the tunes of “Waiting on the World to
taking them as a sole example for what we can possibly wish to take from it? because there will be times that you really cannot take Change.” Why must we wait, it’s time we get out there and
achieve. We have not stood for ten years nor have we A. In SSU, we really value working together and putting it anymore. Also diligence is highly regarded; we have do our part. After all it is our world and we are part of
stood for even five but the limited number of years our differences aside. We solely take the Country of Soma- learned to be on time since that really applies to many it. I urge all youth to be useful. Muslims are one of a kind
enlighten us only to acknowledge that the road ahead of lia as an example in that we hope to not have to aspects of our daily life. I think it’s safe to say that some of community because they are useful and not sludge bags
us will not be concluding anytime soon. dispute over small differences. We subsist by loving each us arrive 10 minute early to our everyday appointments that have no purpose in life. We were created to worship
We are Salahudin Student Union, nonetheless but a other in order to work together; we clearly understand because of SSU. Everything we do and learn in SSU is Allah and being useful is worshiping Allah. Lets wake up
branch of the actual youth organization of Dar Al- that the noblest of us is only the one who has the most all but life skills we can not only implement into our from this sleep we are in and do our part.
Hijrah Youth Council. We believe that because of us Dar taqwaa or piousness in the face of Allah. As for our goals daily lives but we must. There you have a complete interview from the former
Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center stands out from the rest, goes, we have many the highest being pleasing Allah, president of Salahudin Student Union. One thing is for sure,
were else can you get a group of youth as vivacious constructing ourselves, and serving both our Mosque and Q. Since you have been president, what things have they have got all it takes. Not only are they one of many, but
as us? Salahudin Student Union was founded in December the Muslim community in all ways possible. What we changed? to many they are one of a kind.
of 2006 by a group of young talented high school want to take from SSU is patience, courage, and knowledge A. A lot has changed because experience and time really
students with help from Abdikadir Ibrahim, a teacher at components like these are vital to live and work with others make a difference. Our initial goal was to change the world
Salahudin Weekend Islamic School, and Kaamil Haider, in society. but we learned that we must start narrow; thus, we now
currently the chair of Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council bet- work to aid ourselves and the ones around us. We have
ter known as DYC. In order to truly understand Salahudin Q. What is one of the highest achievements SSU has also learned that small things that one continues to do
Student Union, one must hear it from the founders, leaders, made? are more vital and resourceful then a big job that is To learn more about SSU and their activities
and even members. A. That achievement by far has to be the Salahudin Jour- left to be undone. Our meetings are much more constructed and more, please visit us online at www.
With that said, here is an exclusive interview with the found- nal; we have such gifted writers, editors, and designers that with laws and our writing skills are becoming much more under "Youth" section.
er and first president of Salahudin Student Union—Khali have been able to publish this Bi-Monthly Journal. Salahu- improved. We have succeeded way beyond thought adding If you are an elementary or high school
Mohamed. din Journal was a bi-monthly Journal written by officals of to the fact that we have a full written constitution that was student and would like to get involved with
Khali Mohamed was the first president of Salahudin SSU and members of the Mosque until recently when the written by our own members, that’s impressive for a young SSU and their work, please contact them
Student Union, not only that, but she was also one of center adapted the Dar Al-Hijrah Times. The Dar Al-Hijrah group of youth. We have also held many events which in via and/or 612-226-
the prominent founders. She currently attends Salahudin Times is a newspaper that will be published monthly; it will each event we do we become better; this is not to say that 0134.
Weekend Islamic School and is a full time student at St. Paul also be written by the members of SSU and the mosque but there is no room for improvement.
Community College. is opened to anyone who wishes to contribute any writing.
Nonetheless the Salahudin Journal will still be published Starting the first week of November there will be a new
Q. Can you give us a brief history of Salahudin Student but instead of being bi-monthly it will be an exceptional bi- Q. What advice would you give to the youth? Quranic dugsi for younger children right here at the center
Union? yearly journal. One cannot imagine how much work and A. If I were to give the youth advice, I would tell them on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.
A. Salahudin Student Union has had a long history effort it truly takes to publish such tremendous journals to really get involved. I believe that I have changed a lot There will be a similar teachings for adults as well so they,
although it might not seem so. We started out with 7 mem- and newspapers. about myself because of my involvement. I mean, if you too, can benefit from these Quranic teachings. More infor-
bers with a majority of girls and a few boys. One of the look at it we keep on talking in despairing ways, mentioning mation on these newly established programs can be found at
first things on our agenda was to publish some kind of Q. Tell us about a memorable moment in SSU? how bad things are getting; “Why do not I change? Why the third page of this newspaper in depth.
magazine for Muslim youth to be able to enjoy, with A. Wow! That’s tough, we have so many. I would have to do not they change? Why do not we change?” It’s good to With those new programs in mind, we will leave you with
help from many older youths, we were able to achieve say writing our constitution. It was not easy and I don’t think wonder and complain but we need to reach the better….and one though and one thought only; time passess quickly, bet-
that goal. We have also held numerous Eid celebrations any of us will ever forget that moment. I remember that we see the better. We also need to stop, but have we? Honestly, ter take your chances now with life than later.
for our classmates at Salahudin Weekend Islamic School. sat down for over six hours after we wrote our constitution we need to stop and take a breath to see the other side of the
Currently we have published 7 Salahudin Journals (SJ) and to agree on simple rulings. You would think that the whole true believers and the true Muslims. This does not only More information on these new programs
have many members. and others can be found on the web as
Entertainment Section: Foolish Police , Little (Mohamed’s) kindergarten class continous effort to help progress Dar Al-Hijrah and our
Little Mohamed Wanted was on a field trip to their local police station. There they community in Minnesota at large. .............................................................
saw pictures tacked to a big bulletin board. The label clearly Before all of this, Ramadan came and then it disappeared
read, "The 10 Most Wanted." off in the air as a sign that time is really precious and needs
BY KHALI MOHAMED One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and clear analysis. Right after Ramadan, the center has put two
ING ON IN THE CENTER asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person. programs together to give the community more reasons to
"Yes," said the policeman, "the detectives want him very come to the center and learn more about their religion, and
As Muslims we tend to always be on the serious side badly." So Little (Mohamed) asked, while tugging on the yes, even how to organize your time. (Seriously). Life Mak-
for the majority of the time. Yet we rarely realize that we man’s belt,”Um, mister, why did not you keep them when ing 101 is a youth program initated by one of the teachers
don’t have to make things harder then they are. I once you took their pictures?" at Salahudin Dugsi School to help the youth under com-
learned that its good to cry, good to listen, and good to ............................................................. prehensively what is expected from them in this life and
laugh but if you are missing one of these components hereafer, while not forgeting as to how to tackle issues that
then this can led to a series of downfalls. Updates on Dar Al-Hijrah really matter to us in this life, i.e. organizing your time, set-
So for this edition of the Dar Al-Hijrah Times, I have
some rather funny jokes for you. With regards to that
New Programs ting up an agenda or plan weekly, learning ways to engage
in the community, etc.
please be careful and control your laughing because
you are hearing one of the best jokes you will ever hear
On top of this program, Qisas Al-Ambiya is a new halaqa
that focuses on the history line of prophets. In this day of
taken from the joke expert here on the Dar Al-Hijrah age, Muslims tend to think that the only prophet they can
Times team. Have a laugh why don’t you? Two new more halaqas additional to the previous ones; a get any prophetic solutions is from Prophet Muhammad
“And your smiling in the face of your brother is new wide door with patio in progress; Washburn High (pbuh). Though that might be true, but we cannot ignore the
charity, your removing of stones, thorns, and bones from School Somali Student Association won the final cup of tremendous foundations that has been put up for Prophet
people’s paths is charity, and your guiding a man gone Interactive Educational Competition; and the 'Most Excel- Muhammad (pbuh) by the previous prophets such as Adam,
astray in the world is charity for you.” lence Award' goes to teacher Abdikadir M. Ibrahim for his Noah, Ibrahim, Musa, & 'Issa (peace be upon them).
6A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429







7A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429

Health Section: Somali Section: Somali Section:

Daily Healthy Advice Daily Healthy Advice Waano ku Saabsan Cafimaadka

BY DAR AL-HIJRAH HEALTH DEPT. Qofka Muslimka Ah iyo Fidinta Diinta QORAY Waaxad Cafimaadka ee Daar Al- Hijrah

Make this advice for your daily healthy habit :

Alle Walalayaal waxaan ku soo gunaanudayaa in qof walba
oo Muslim ah in uu guto wajibka kasaaran gudbinta
ka bilooday booga 1-aad
diinta Alle si aan uga badbaadno tilmaantii reer banii Dhaq gacmahaada marwalba gaar ahaan
1. Clean your hands often and specially wash them Israa’iil; culamadoodii lagu ceebeyay. Nabigeena (nax- • Markaad musqusha isticmaasho
*After using bathroom hadlaysaa Yahuud kaliyah ee maxaa naga galay anaga. ariis iyo nabadgalyo kor kiisa ha ahaatee) wuxuu yiri. • Cunitaanka cuntada kohor iyo kadib
*Before and after eating food War miyaadan ogayn sababta Yahuuda noolaga waramay “hadii mid idinka idin ka mid ah xumaan arko haku • Markaad salaanto qof
*After shaking someone’s hand in ay tahay in lagu ogaysiiyo khaladka aay madax dooriyo gacantiisa; haduusan awoodin carabkiisa; Iska ilaali intaad awoodo taabashada
2. Avoid touching as much as possible your addaygooda iyo wuxuu dhaliyay ciqaab oga yimid Alle haduusan awoodin ha ka naco qalbigiisa, tasaana ugu • Sankaada
* Nose xagiisa. Qur’aanku wuxuu ka qisoonaya ummadahii hore daciifsan iimaanka.” • Afkaada
* Mouth qisoonyin koodii si Qof waliba uu uga foojignaado oo Waxyaabaha nahaysta waxaa ugu waaweyn • Indhahaada
* Eyes uu isga illaaliyo ciribta xun ka imaanaysa falkaas ka dib. in qofi danbi Warqad nadiif ah ku dabool afkaada iyo sankaada
3. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue when Dhinaca kale waxaa mudan in la qeexo lanana cadeeyo u sameeyo ama uu qariyo xaqqa si uu u raali galiyo markaad
* Coughing wax yaabaha looga baahanyahay ruuxa markuu rabo in saaxiibkii ama walaalkii uu markaana kacareyo Allahii • Qufacayso
* Sneezing uu gudbiyo diinta Alle. Waxaa ka mid ah waxyaabahas abuuray. • Hindhisoonayso
* Yawning kuwaan soo socda. Ruux baa walaalkii dambi ka gali, markaasuu la safan • Haamhaamsanyso ama halaaqoonayso
4. Get regular and enough isagoo og in uu walaalkii gar daranyahay. Walaallayaal Waxaad heshaa jookteena
* Exercise • cilmi u lahaansho Alle halaga baqo oo qofina yuunan ku raali galin qof • Dhaqadhaqaaqa jirka
* Rest • dhaqan galin kale • Nasashada
* Sleep • sabir wuxuu Alle uusan ku raali ahayn. • Hurdada
* Health balanced meals • xikmad • Cunto isku dhan oo caafimaad leh
5. Stay away/distance yourself from sick people • iyo kuwa kaloo badan Asallamu caleykum waraxmatullahi wavarakaatuhu. Iska ilaali kana fogow dadka jiran


Greater then the Numbers of Lettters Back to School:

the story revealed
Value It
(Surah Al Rum 30:21)
“God says in chapter XVII:89, "And indeed We have School all over again. Can you say repetition? No one is
displayed for mankind in this Qur'an all kind of simili- using their full potential, not being themselves, and islami-
tudes, but most of mankind refuse everything except 5. The Most Pleasing Five Letter Word cally not in tune. I’ll walk you through a typical school year.
disbelief. " And again in chapter XXIX:43 God talks "SMILE" Join me as I teach the ropes of school time. Muslim students
of metaphors as a means of expression, "As for these Keep It are coming to school and leaving Islam at home. They are
similitudes, We coin them for mankind, but none will (Surah Al Najm 53:43) unprepared in the aspects of school, losing their identity, and
grasp their meanings except the wise." running away from their Islamic behavior.
-Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i TARDY! Coming late to class: AGAIN. And no I don’t
6. The Fastest Spreading Six-Letter Word have a pencil! In class no one listens to the teachers direc-
For many the significance of the Quran is never con- "RUMOUR" tions. And YES there was homework. They walk in late
sidered. Daily we are told that the Quran will guide us Ignore It AND they decide to be disrespectful as if they are funny.
through life helping us shape our decisions and acts. Thus (Surah Al Hujurat 49:12) And may I say they are NOT. They give Islam a bad name
it’s very important that we understand and comprehend the simply by trying to “fit in”. Quite ridiculous if you ask me,
Quran fully so that we may follow its command, after all but the odds of that are slim.
it is the words of Allah. With that said this edition of SJ 7. The Hardest Working Seven Letter Word You are not coby. You are not lil Wayne. You are most
journal will feature “ten words” put together by a scholar "SUCCESS" definitely NOT being yourself. Talk about identity theft.
of Islam so that you may ponder these ten words and study Achieve It Seriously? Isn’t your name Mohamed not Mo? Isn’t your
each of them precisely. These ten words have a mean- (Surah Al Nur 24:37-38) name Samia not Sam? If you don’t mind I would prefer if
ing greater then their length so take them wisely for they you kept your under garments UNDER your clothes. What
may help you to understand the true essence of wisdom. happened to holding up the Muslim image? To me it looks
8. The Most Enviable Eight-Letter Word like you cant hold your clothes up. What happen to YOU
1. The Most Selfish One-Letter Word "JEALOUSY" sticking to your deen? Not your clothes sticking to YOU.
"I" Distance It When we are in school we are different people with different
Avoid It (Surah Yusuf 12:8-9) morals and a personality. What a shame that not everyone
(Surah Al Kahf 18:34) can see your Islamic attitude. That you lock up your Muslim
beauty to uphold a face in society.
9. The Most Powerful Nine-Letter Word Subhanallah I think we can do better. We as Muslims are
2. The Most Satisfying Two-Letter Word "KNOWLEDGE" individuals we should take advantage of that. Islam is some- This newspaper is proudly sponsored and
"WE" Acquire It thing to be proud not looked down upon. We should have published by
Use It (of Allah & the Holy Qu'ran) Surah Ya Sin 36:2 Surah Yusuf our attitude reflect our deen because we represent Islam ev- Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center
Surah Al An'am 6:71-72 12:2 ery where we go. Always be yourself and never try to please
others. Remember that they are not the ones who will get
you to jannah so please your lord who created you and who !
3. The Most Poisonous Three-Letter Word 10. The Most Essential Ten-Letter Word can so easily take you. Here we go again. Back to school.
Kill It Trust It
Surah Al Qasas 28:78 (Trust in Allah's Guidance)
Surah Yunus 10: 9
Surah Al Tawbah 9:51
8A Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2008 - Thul-Qa'dah 1429

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