Mind is Atma Sakti – energy of the soul or being.

This is the potentiality that you are born with. Here I am not speaking of the mind as the thought content. Instead I am speaking of mind as energy. Indeed mind is an illusory power of God or Brahman. The seat of the mind is heart. It is formed out of the subtlest essence of food. A Vritti or nature or tendency is a wave that arises in the mind-lake. These are also known as Gunas according to Hindu

Scriptures. There are three Gunas in the mind, viz., Sattva – purity; Rajas – passion; and Tamas - inertia, darkness. Control the Vrittis. Increase your Sattva the purity and then the vritti or nature will change. And there will be transformation. If you entertain thoughts of hatred you are really a murderer of that man against whom you foster such thoughts. You are committing suicide, because those thoughts rebound upon only you. Hatred ceases only by love and not by hatred. Your thoughts, sentiments, moods and emotions produce their strong impressions on the face. The face is like an advertisement board or the mirror wherein is what is going in the mind is specified.

Heart the seat of the Mind

As the first thought is the thought ‘I’ and as this thought ‘I’ is at the base of all other thoughts. Ahamkara is the seed for the mind. Buddhi (Bheda Buddhi) is the cause for this differentiation (this little “I”, the self-arrogating false personality), and is again the cause of Ahamkara. Destroy this false egoism and the Bheda Buddhi by Brahma Bhava, Vichara and rest in your own natural Satchidananda Svarupa.

Samadhi is deep sleep with the full awareness and understanding of the Self. You get this sleepless sleep when you have burnt the five Jnana Indriyas in the fire of Wisdom, when you have extricated yourself from the clutches of Avidya, Maya or ignorance and when you have controlled all desires. ‘जब ब , ब और र र ज , र र?

Tadevartha matranirbhasam Svarupa Soonyameva Samadhi
—Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Samadhi Samathovastha Jeevatma Paramatmano
—Dattatreya Samhita

Samadhi is not a state of nothingness but a state of ‘everythingness.’ You enter into a state of Absolute Awareness, in which time and place disappear; every place is here; every period of time is ‘now’; and everything is ‘I’. In this state you have obtained Bliss and Eternal Life. During cosmic consciousness, you are in touch with universal knowledge and life. The Divine principle flows through you. Your little, individual personality is lost. Your individual will has merged in the cosmic will or Ishvara’s Total will. You are aware of the oneness of life. You have the one consciousness— CHINMAYA—that the universe is filled with one life, that the universe is full of life.

You have Tattva Jnana and you see the real universe, which is the essence or background of the universe of Matter, Energy and Mind. You are in a state of Bliss and Ecstasy beyond understanding and description. This is a cognitive trace or Turiya Avastha where Triputi (knowledge, knowable and knower) exists.