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h o w i t works

Get your dream car. Send the bill to Neways. Heres how to qualify.

drive your

1 qualify as a Senior Executive or higher for three consecutive months 2 earn at least $2,000 for each of those three months 3 submit the car bonus form (FOR-D-004) along with proof of purchase
Thats it. Youve just earned a car bonus. And to start receiving your car payments, simply


1 continue to qualify as a Senior Executive 2 continue to generate at least $2,000 in monthly commissions
Your hard work earns you a sweet set of wheels, and puts you in the fast lane toward your ultimate destination: the

good life.

fa c t s and figures
Your bonus payment will be 15 percent of your monthly Neways earnings, up to a ceiling of $1,000

per month, or the amount of the car payment, whichever is less, for a months. The bonus applies to cars no older than two years old at

period of up to 36

the time of purchase. Only one car per distributorship may be purchased at a time. Car bonus payments are included in each months Afnity earnings check. Payments begin after the original three-month qualication period. For more information, please contact:

2089 Neways Drive, Springville, UT 84663,

Item #0634 Rev.1

The N e w a y s C a r B o n u s Program

we can help you get there

I love the car bonus program. I had not bought a new car since 1982, and in the last eight years I have had four new SUVsand they have all been paid for by Neways. Carol S. Diamond Ambassador Athens, Georgia

Earning your Neways car is even easier when you join the new Diamond Club. Well help you set your goalslike earning your car bonus and track your progress. Call Distributor
Yo u c a n t i m a g i n e t h e t h r i l l , t h e p u r e e x h i l a r a t i o n , o f d r i v i n g t h e c a r o f y o u r d r e a m s . W h a t s e v e n m o r e t h r i l l i n g , t h e c a r g o e s home with you; the bill goes to Neways! Cathy L. Diamond Ambassador Norwalk, Connecticut Ive never been someone who is impressed by vehicles. But I confess, when I drive in this Jag that Neways bought for me, I love the smell of the leather and how it feels on the open road. And I get a huge rush when I crank the music and floor it. Margie A. Crown Diamond Ambassador S a l t L a k e C i t y, U t a h My husband and I are now driving around Southern California in a b r a n d n e w B M W, t h a n k s t o t h e g e n e r o s i t y o f N e w a y s a n d t h e awesome compensation plan. This goal has energized me to help my entire organization achieve this same goal. Vi c k i e Q . D i a m o n d A m b a s s a d o r H u n t i n g t o n B e a c h , C a l i f o r n i a

Relations at 800-998-7232 for more details.

Ive been with Neways nearly 10 years, and the car program allows me to drive cars I would never have been able to drive otherwise. Neways allows me to run my errands in style! Greg W. Diamond Ambassador Danville, California

acc elerate

your success
All around the world, Distributors are driving vehicles paid for by Neways. We want to pay for your car, too. Its time to shift your business into high gear. Set your goal and do it. Well be waiting to pay the bill.

Warren and I love our new Lexus GX 470. There is something very special about driving a car that you have earned through your business. This is a great incentive for my downline and a constant reminder of how blessed I feel to be part of the Neways team. Nancy Q. Diamond Ambassador La Crosse, Wisconsin