Duration: 17th May 2011 to 21st May 2011

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MPBM (FULL TIME) IInd semester (2010-2012)

and had lunch. Electronic city Road. And we reached Bangalore on 18th morning. TUESDAY Journey to Bangalore: We all students were asked to assemble at Secunderabad railway station.40 AM train reached Bangalore and all of us checked in LORDS PLAZA international Hotel.We all accompanied by three faculty members. 2011. WEDNESDAY At 07.BADRUKA INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN TRADE HYDERABAD INDUSTRIAL TOUR REPORT (BANGALORE)-2011 VISIT TO BIOCON ND ANTHEM BIOSCIENCES 17th MAY 2011. #6. 18th MAY. Bangalore at 11:00 AM. Time: 4:00 PM-8:00PM .00 PM . From there we boarded (GARIB RATH Express) at 7.

Anthem Biosciences is well positioned to benefit from the opportunities available in the contract research space. 19th MAY 2011. All of us went for sight seeing that included shopping too.LTD Time-12:30 PM to 5:00 PM Objective of the visit: To get industrial exposure and obtain the knowledge of academiaindustrial interface and the various fields with which. biotechnology. Anthem Biosciences toppers are Ganesh Sambasivam. Rupesh Kinekar and Ajay Bharadwaj. agriculture chemicals and material sciences . nutraceuticals and food additives. specialty chemicals. was founded by Malay Barua. 3.On 18th of MAY it was being a free day for all us. 2. In fact it was my third visit to Bangalore even then I enjoyed going around the city as Bangalore is happening city. we students Can be related our Pharmacy Management concepts. dedicated to supporting research efforts in the discovery of new compounds by pharmaceutical. K C Ravindra and Ajay Bharadwaj. 4. Having a great shopping we reached the hotel at 8:00 PM and had dinner at outside. Its other business Anthem Cellutions. THURSDAY Industry Visit to ANTHEM BIOSCIENCES PVT. which mainly deals in enzymes. HISTORY: 1.

Karnataka. of Employees Website Company Name Laboratories Service Areas Headquarters SERVICES 2006 Ajay Bharadwaj 170 http://www.anthembio . Session: Resource Person: Mr. Custom Synthesis.E. Process Chemistry. process chemistry. Chemistry Bangalore. Karnataka. Ganesh Sambasivam. India Biology. CSO and Co Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd Bangalore. discovery research. We provide services in the area of Medicinal chemistry.O No. .5. Anthem Biosciences. India PROVIDED BY ANTHEM BIOSCIENCES: Anthem Biosciences provides services in medicinal chemistry. Discovery Research and Analytical Research & Development COMPANY PROFILE: Year of Established C. custom synthesis. and analytical R&D.

and Anthem Biosciences is well positioned to benefit from the opportunities are Available in the contract research space. building blocks. He also explained about business model and a planned strategy. And Mr. in vitro and in vivo biology. and audit. regulatory affairs. nutraceuticals and food additives. clinical research. Ganesh Sambasivam addressed the students about a half an hour with his presentation about the company values. What are the anthems different projects in therapeutic areas? . Ganesh sambasivam.Mr. GMP and non GMP kilo and pilot plant and support the analytical report. 3. Ganesh Sambasivam took us to training room and accompanied With our Head institutional development Ms. Later session is been left for students to clarify their doubts about the company and the services that it provide. there are courses like business development. “Ganesh was the Chief Scientific Officer of Syngene. Its other business Anthem Cellutions. 2. What courses can we go for training to be job-fit? Ans: Yeah. which mainly deals in enzymes. How many sectors the services are been divided? Ans: The services include early stage chemistry.Poonam saraf. vision and mission. and drug discovery development. B. a Biocon group company and Ravindra was heading manufacturing at Biocon. route scouting And process optimization. Srinivas (Placement Manager) Mr. Students posed many questions and had a great experience by getting clarified and qualified answers from Mr. This enabled us to have a view of the services provided by the company through out the world. medicinal chemistry (hit to lead to lead optimization). QUESTION & ANSWERS SESSION: 1.

Ans: Entire discovery projects in different therapeutic areas such as oncology. Its other business Anthem Cellutions. The more we add in terms of infrastructure the more our clients will give us integrated projects. Do we need any domestic experience to select the specialization in international marketing? Ans: Not exactly necessary.” The company offers value added services at any stage of the drug discovery process 9. How it can be useful for us if we go for logistics and supply chain management as a specialization? Ans: The logistics is related to shipping import and export. 8. if you do have the experience it’s good. cardiovascular.S based clients. The clients based from anthem are? Ans: Most of the clients are mainly from U.”? Ans: The founders hate to call Anthem an “outsourcing company” and instead refer to it as “research support and services. Any other business that part of the anthem family? Ans: Yeah. if you go for that it could become different from your pharmacy background 7. One of our big focuses is also doing integrated development projects—starting with target given by the clients to convert them into optimized leads and do the in vivo and in vitro testing. inflammation. Anthem an “outsourcing company” and or refer to it as “research support and services. nutraceuticals and food additives. . anti-infectives. and metabolic disorder 5. which mainly deals in enzymes. Otherwise they will train up you in the training period. 6. They are two distinct businesses.

P  Quality assurance  Production 1) Small scale 2) Bulk  GMP department  Microbiology  R-DNA technology room  Ware house department Outcome of Visit to Anthem biosciences: . production and work flow process etc….Mainly we focus on two projects .anticancer and anti bacterial Time 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM We visited the various departments in the anthem biosciences and got good knowledge about quality management. The departments what we visited are:  Quality control  S.O.

Recommendations from students: If we were given more corporate exposure then. Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM: After the session of anthem bio At 8. standard operating procedures they follow in all departments. As a B Pharmacy management student. it would contribute to our future experiences and the understanding towards the various companies. and work flow process in production department. we got good knowledge about the Quality management.Students understood the punctuality and the discipline and ethics in the corporate.30 pm we reached hotel and finished dinner at 09:00 PM. .

HISTORY:  Biocon was found in November 29th 1978  Focused from enzymes manufacturing to development of biopharmaceuticals.00AM-Break fast Industry Visit to BIOCON Time-10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Objective of the visit: To obtain the knowledge about the inner atmosphere.20th MAY 2011 FRIDAY 8. industrial acquaintances and to get awareness about the functions of the finest company in the country.S FDA facilities approved biotech company  First in India and 20th in world in terms of revenue and market capitalization .  India’s first billion dollar biotech company and U.

com.578 (2011) www.biocon.91 million) (2011) 5. Bangalore.814 crore (US$533. India Key people Products Revenue Employees Website Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (Chairman & MD) Cardiology & Oncology & Nephrology & Diabetology 2. Enzyme 1978 NOVEMBER 29 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Headquarters Electronics City. . Joint Venture between Leslie Auchincloss and Kiran Mazumdar MILESTONES: Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Public (BSE: 532523) Biopharmaceutical.

How many sectors the BIOCON services are been divided? Ans: The services are in Health care.P. Sanitation and education programs. selection involves Various specializations he suggested students to get more diversified knowledge. BIOCON Patent portfolio and USFDA facilities H.R. About the company values. Highlights of the Session: – – – – BIOCON initiations towards Corporate Social Responsibility in ARYMICRO health insurance. Enzymes. And R&D. Biological. Biopharmaceuticals. and Clinical Research. Custom Research. And some of the questions that students posed: 1.ARVIND. . Arvind. 2. who gave a presentation which is prolonged with a corporate video of BIOCON. He gave a short brief on the specializations that we have to go through to increase technical skills and gave a lecture on BIOCON ideas and plans/said the below given topics. vision and mission on initiatives across the CSR. HR Executive received us and took us up to Training Room of BIOCON.Session: Resource Person: Mr. What are the different products and services offered by . P. Then the session has been carried by Mr.

and Monoclonal Antibodies 3. Streptokinase. biocon biopharmaceuticals. how well we can penetrate into consumer. who start filing for patents. and business development? Ans: The things important here is how well brand has been promoted. Biocon is currently working on products that include: Insulin.R 5. What are the different positions and categories in their corporation? Ans: In marketing department four positions we have 1)sales 2)brand building 3)program (or )event manager 4)IPR and the other related to management is H. where the brand is positioned. 8. What is the scope for logistics and supply chain mgmt. where the target should be. we have also planning a strategy to tie up with Pfizer. axicorp Gmbh 6. What is the scope for brand building. clingene Int ltd. Does biocon market the Pfizer product LIPITOR after it goes off the patent? Ans: It might be. 4. neobiocon.? .BIOCON? Ans: Biocon provides products in the therapeutic segments of cardiology and diabetes. What is the work content in program management or IPR? Ans: Person with a science background. 7. What are the other biocon subsidiaries? Ans: Syngene international ltd.

C background. the dress codes and moreover The realm of the company was known. Recommendations from students: . Time: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM: After the session we went to biocon park. 12. 11. Entirely related to statistical data in sales mode 9. When is employee preferred high like whether he is from a B.S. 10. And if from B. Outcome of Visit to BIOCON: Students understood the ethics and corporate social responsibilities in the corporate. How many of the patents does biocon have? Ans: Out of 1000 we have applied we got patents for 211. you can go for any department as a fresher. the production management.Ans: What it involve about is data mining . Is technical knowledge plays a major role in interview or communication skills? Ans: Communication and how confidence is the two things which plays a major role in selection for any MNC.PHARM background? Ans: Employee preferred both for same. the position for them is sales. We Visit the various departments in the biocon and obtained the knowledge about production and work flow process.C or B. As a fresher’s can we go for marketing jobs? Ans: Sure.S.projections. Furthermore. Collecting information. Thing important is how well you performed in the interview. Every corporate would train up you in their training period. If management students the position would be different.

workshops or visits with such multi-faceted companies will surely empower us to create flexibilities in our career opportunities Time: 3.7:00PM: At 3.O. finished lunch at 3. Importance of patent and documentation.P standards) Ensuring compliance with all applicable legislative requirements.30 pm we reached hotel. trainings. ( should follow their S.Further chances of interaction. Empowering employees to ensure safety in their work places.30PM.30pm and left the hotel At 7. ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Promoting corporate social responsibility and learnt About corporate governance & ethics . SUMMARY &CONCLUSION: ➢ Integrating safety and quality matters in all our activities.45AM is we reached Hyderabad and then we all went to our respect places.00pm we reached the travellers stop and we boarded the travel bus to Hyderabad 21st MAY 2011 SATURDAY: At 7:.

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