Corporate Profile Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management.

The entire organization of over 53,000+ employees is focused on process and engaged in improving client processes and driving business impact. We look at process as a science and our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) employs a scientific, highly granular approach to managing business processes.

Genpact couples its deep process knowledge, insights and best practices with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineering to deliver a comprehensive solution. Our broad portfolio consists of both enterprise G&A and industry-specific services. In every area, we go from meeting simple transactional needs to providing process management capabilities, where complex decision making and keen judgment are required. Services are seamlessly delivered from a global network of centers in 13 countries to meet a client¶s business objectives, cultural and language needs, and cost reduction strategy.

Genpact¶s culture is uniquely ingrained in Lean Six Sigma, the capability having been driven through the organization and leveraged in all we do in a highly visible manner. Our mindset is 100 percent customer-centric, demonstrated daily through our comfort with destroying our own revenue to deliver greater efficiency, the 100 percent empowerment of our employees to do what is needed for the client, and the fact we don¶t let a contract get in the way of client success.

The Company enjoys a rich heritage, tracing its beginnings to 1997, when it was an independent business unit of the General Electric Company (GE). Built from the ground up, the organization was charted to provide business process management capabilities that would deliver outstanding efficiencies to all of GE¶s businesses. The company became independent in January 2005, bringing process strength to companies outside of GE, and was successfully listed on the NYSE in August 2007 under the trading symbol µG¶. Today, the Company manages over 3,000 processes for more than 400 clients world wide.

History Genpact has a unique heritage, which has contributed to their deep understanding of process. It began in 1997 as a business unit within GE, building the company from the ground up. Its charter was to provide business process services to GE¶s businesses, with the goal of enabling outstanding efficiencies. During the eight years that followed, it earned the opportunity to manage a wide-range of processes from the simple to complex, operating across GE¶s financialservices and manufacturing businesses. In January 2005, it became an independent company with new name, Genpact. In August 2007, It was listed on the NYSE under the symbol µG¶. Since then it has grown rapidly, expanding its range of services and diversifying its client base.

Management Team Genpact is managed by an experienced and cohesive leadership team. Many members of the leadership team developed their management skills working within GE and were involved in building Genpact. Senior leaders have, on average, over 20 years of relevant experience. Please refer to Exhibit-1 for executives profiles. Services Genpact has a broad portfolio of enterprise G&A, industry-specific and technology services. It has deep knowledge of process, insights, and best practices with strong IT/technology, reengineering, analytics and global delivery capabilities to deliver a comprehensive client solution. Its broad industry domain expertise ensures solutions relevant to the particular process challenges our clients face. 1. Finance and Accounting It includes Accounts Payable, Order to Cash (OTC),General Accounting, Closing & Reporting, Treasury & Tax Services, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Governance. 2. Procurement and Supply chain

Genpact¶s end-to-end supply chain offerings include Forecasting & Planning, Sourcing & Procurement, Logistics & Fulfillment and Service Operations. 3. Collections By selectively hiring a highly skilled workforce Genpact adopts a comprehensive approach with proven expertise in Early Stage Collections, Late Stage Collections, Specialized Services, Call Quality Optimizer and Support Functions 4. Enterprise Application Services Genpact leverages its excellence and expertise in the software services portfolio below, to deliver profitability to the organizations across industry verticals such as manufacturing, automotive, chemicals, oil and gas, utilities, BFSI and media. The combination of our industry experience and domain expertise makes a significant business impact on customers.
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Enterprise Application Solutions (Oracle, SAP, Siebel) Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Technology Integration (ADM, BPM, Testing) 5. Human Resource Services Genpact¶s comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the Human Resource function include Core HR Services, Talent Management and Workforce Analytics. 6. Analytics and research As one of the largest Analytics & Research organizations, Genpact provides a comprehensive set of offerings that include Predictive Scoring, Business Research, Market Research, MIS & Reporting, Forecasting, Credit Decisioning, Financial Modeling, Simulation, Clinical Data Intelligence, Customer Loyalty, Direct Marketing, Sales Force Effectiveness, Supply Chain Decision Services ± Supply Chain Analytics, Inventory Optimization, Logistics Analytics, Pricing Analytics, and Strategic Sourcing.

and Voice & Security Services. managing and securing critical servers. IT Infrastructure Management Services: Enterprise Computing Services. and Record to Report. Software Imaging & Distribution. and IT Asset Management. Their services include component packaging for Market Risk. Our process expertise extends from Acquisition & Sales to Technical & Product Support to managing Customer Care interactions and Call Quality Optimizer . applications and . Risk Management Services Genpact can provide an integrated end-to-end approach for all Enterprise Risk Management Requirements. IT Infrastructure Services Genpact¶s end-to-end IT Infrastructure offerings include: End User Computing Services: IT Help Desk Services. Order Fulfillment. Contact Center We have been servicing client¶s customer contact center needs since 1998. RIMnexgenSM and ROCSM: Genpact has established next generation Remote Infrastructure Management²RIMnexgenSM²as a service delivery mechanism that provides integrated business solutions for monitoring. 8. 10. This expertise has also been applied successfully to specialized services like Sales Force effectiveness and Healthcare services. 9. Reengineering The Reengineering expertise is routinely applied to process areas such as Procure to Pay. Contract Management.5 Help Desk. Desk Side Services. Database & Middleware. Order to Cash. Credit Risk and Operational Risk solutions.7. Collections. Network. Level 1.

Sound. modifying and negotiating various contracts ranging from highly complex Loan and Security Documentation. Genpact¶s diverse offerings for legal services include: Contract Drafting & Review: Contract drafting and review is the core activity undertaken by the legal services team. Metadata Enrichment. Marketing & Communications. 13.networks across a wide range of technology platforms. Schedule Preparation. and Training & Communications Support. we . This is non-advisory work based on preparing standardized contract templates. Legal Services Genpact is a pioneer in starting the legal process management initiative in the industry and has been providing legal process outsourcing service for the last 9 years to international clients. as well as Post Production for Video. reviewing. the Genpact team collaborates with the customer to prepare these customized templates to suit dynamic business requirements. Repurposing. Typically. poor management and greater risks for the company. Visual Effects and Graphic Design. These services are delivered from our state-of-the-art ROCSM or Remote Operations Center. The gamut of services include Media Management in terms of Digitization. Subtitling & Captioning. Manufacturer¶s Warranty Assignments to fairly simple documents such as addendums and non-disclosure agreements. Audio/Video Transcription. Media Services NGEN services include Media Management and Post Production services. OnDemand Content Creation. 12. This leads to revenue leakage. Contract Management: In our experience we have found that customers are good at entering into contracts but contract management often ends up slipping between two stools. 11. It includes drafting. Learning & Marcomm Services Genpact¶s comprehensive Content Solutions offerings include Learning Solutions. At Genpact.

and fact based internet research. Given Genpact¶s extensive expertise in IT. tracking renewals. Such assignments can. at the convenience of the customer. Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance. we are also able to assist customers by identifying appropriate IT solutions for their specific contract management requirements. our specialized team of legal professionals analyzes. creation of contract summaries/abstracts and databases as per client specifications. we manage customers¶ global trade . We have access to numerous extensive libraries of databases covering most jurisdictions. identifying incorrect/inconsistent and incomplete data entries. Legislative Monitoring: Under the Legislative Monitoring process. Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory Compliance is handled by a competent and experienced team of compliance personnel who have a keen eye for detail. statutory research. In addition. we also conduct US regulatory compliance in the following areas: Anti Money Laundering Compliance. be either a project-based activity or an on-going activity. research on federal rules and regulation. legal analysis and summary drafting. tracks and summarizes legislations and regulations that can have significant impact on customers¶ business. The core activity handled by this team includes tracking regulatory watch lists issued by the US and the UK governmental authorities and screening of potential matches through manual and automated procedures. Our research and analysis team provides comprehensive legal research services in the following areas: case law research. and Suspicious Activity Reporting. Trademark Database Management: Under this process.offer niche contract management services such as maintenance of contract database. we are equipped to handle market analysis of business issues. We track legislations globally as well as specifically for the US (50 States plus Federal). and monitor the progress of legislations on regular basis. Legal Research & Analysis: Genpact offers high-end and cost effective legal research and analysis services with timely deliveries utilizing state-of-the-art methodologies and research tools. cataloguing and indexing contracts and generating reports required on a periodic basis. Additionally.

Their culture is expressed in the Values that embody their core ideology and define who they are. we provide seamless support by liaisoning with the customers¶ internal departments and various external law firms/agencies handling the actual filings. long term. A Client-centric Culture Genpact¶s operations are a seamless extension of their clients¶ operations. Culture Genpact has created a culture that emphasizes customer centricity. and enduring.mark renewals and name change activity. serving as the pillars that uphold them as an organization. Customers Speak . Genpact maintains the database of all the local licensing requirements and company secretarial work of various corporate houses of our customers in the US region. Their Values are based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and act as a compass to guide their thoughts and actions. Their strong operating culture defines their process effectiveness that aims at delivering real business results and strategic value to their clients. Corporate Housekeeping: Under this initiative. They see their relationships with clients as strategic. They integrate their capabilities with those of their client¶s to drive business process effectiveness with the objective to increase efficiencies and improve business outcomes. We also provide documentation support to local counsels/agents and handle office actions raised by jurisdictional Trademark Registries. Exhibit-3 gives some examples of what its customers are saying about . In addition. teamwork. We handle filings of annual reports and gross receipts through paper filing or online filing based on the customers¶ requirements. and continuous process improvement.

Genpact Tiger is credited as one of the pioneers who transformed Genpact (formerly GE Capital International Services) into a high-end business process and technology management company. He joined GE Capital in 1994 as Head of Risk in India and went on to become CEO for GE Capital's Global Consumer Finance and Auto Financial Services operations in India.000 employees. In 1999 he became CEO of GE Capital International Services. significantly expanding its service offerings and operations. Today. In 2002. manufacturing. The company manages over 4.Exhibit-1 NV "Tiger" Tyagarajan President & CEO. pharmaceuticals. capital markets. Genpact is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol µG¶. Genpact is an acknowledged leader and serves its global customers from 50+ operations centers in 17 countries with over 53. consumer products. healthcare.500 processes for more than 600 clients worldwide across the banking and finance. insurance. operations and credit. retail. he transferred within . Tiger began his career with the Unilever Group in India where he spent seven years in sales and marketing and then three years with Citibank¶s Consumer Financial Services businesses in business. sales. transportation and business services sectors.

Marketing and M&A.S. Genpact has also been the pioneer of this industry in China and Eastern Europe. it is acknowledged as a leader in the globalization of services and technology. Tiger has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. Mumbai. as Global Head of Six Sigma and Global Operations. Tiger rejoined Genpact in February 2005 as Executive Vice President. Genpact pioneered the Business Process Management industry in India. His career with GE and RCA spanned 25 years across the US. Under his leadership. Genpact Pramod founded Genpact (formerly GE Capital International Services) in 1997. Pramod was earlier an Officer of General Electric (GE). He was most . and an MBA. This industry now employs over a million people in India.GE to the Global Commercial Lending Businesses in the U. Genpact is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol µG¶. Today. Ahmedabad. majoring in Finance and Marketing. Sales. was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer in 2009 and was named President and CEO in June 2011. He was the President & CEO till June 2011 and is currently the Vice Chairman. Europe and Asia. directly and indirectly. from the Indian Institute of Management. ramod Bhasin Vice-Chairman (Non-Executive).

and is on the governing boards of several educational institutions including IIM Lucknow. Marketing and New Business Development. Bob Pryor Executive Vice President . He has worked with various clients across a range of industries including oil & gas. He is also Chairman of the Junior Achievement India Founders Board.. manufacturing and consumer products & retail.recently the head of GE Capital in India and in Asia. responsible for Strategic Relationships. Pramod is a Chartered Accountant from Thomson McLintock & Co. and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Delhi University. telecommunications. and brings extensive industry knowledge and business acumen. utilities. Bob has over 25 years of work experience in IT Services and the Outsourcing industry. Lady Shri Ram College. In his previous role. having earlier worked with GE Capital's Corporate and Finance Group in Stamford. Connecticut. USA. . London. Pramod is the current Chairman of the CII Services Council. Bob was leading Genpact's Sales.Strategic Relationships Bob Pryor is Genpact's Executive Vice President. and Shri Ram School. He has also served as the Chairman of India's National Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM). He serves on the boards of NDTV and SKS Microfinance.

he was CEO of Americas Outsourcing Services for Capgemini. Bob was with the Hewlett-Packard Company.Before joining Genpact. Mohit has over 21 years of experience in Finance. when he left to join Ernst & Young as a Partner in the US firm. he led their Strategic Enablement Services responsible for . a unit he helped create. Banking and Operations. Bob is a Certified Management Accountant and holds an MBA from the University of North Texas and a BBA in Finance & Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to that. He is a Chartered Accountant and has a Bachelor¶s degree of Commerce from Delhi University. India. He started off as an Auditor with a KPMG Affiliate and post that he spent 10 years with the American Express Bank in diverse assignments including leading their Retail Foreign Exchange Business in India. where he led World-Wide Sales & Marketing and business operations in EMEA for its Outsourcing Services business. Prior to this. Bob started his professional services career at EDS and was President of the Food & Consumer Products Division until 1997. Mohit was Global Business Leader for Genpact¶s Finance & Accounting business. Mohit Bhatia Chief Financial Officer Mohit Bhatia is the Chief Financial Officer for Genpact. In his last assignment.

and was responsible for building some of Genpact¶s largest relationships with GE Consumer Finance and GE Healthcare across all our verticals. Mohit joined Genpact in July 1999 as Vice President. supply chain and field services at GE Healthcare. Patrick served as CEO for Genpact Europe. Post that he became the Chief Financial Officer of Genpact for India and subsequently the CFO of Genpact Global where amongst other things he played a key role in enabling the Genpact divestiture in December 2004. holding leadership roles in sourcing. Europe & Senior Vice President ± Manufacturing and Services Patrick Cogny is senior vice president. Prior to assuming this position in July 2011. supporting the F&A Practice for our clients for the last five years. Mohit is the Global Business Leader for Finance & Accounting. leading Genpact¶s Manufacturing and Services vertical. A Certified Six Sigma professional.Finance Reengineering & Off-shoring. He has been responsible for growing that business by over 33 percent annually while driving best practices and standardization in his portfolio. Relationships. Prior to joining . Patrick Cogny CEO. Patrick has been with GE and Genpact through his career. quality. manufacturing. where he led the company¶s geographic expansion and established Genpact as a leader in IT services and business process management solutions with a large portfolio of marquee clients in the region.

Charles has 17 years of experience in the industry.Genpact in 2005. Patrick holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Ecole des Mines in Paris. Prior to joining Genpact. Charles worked at Accenture. He specializes in the Financial Services. driving Lean methodologies and back-office processes transformation in partnership with Genpact. . A native of Australia. Communications and Energy sectors. and is based out of New York. His main focus is on driving business growth in the region and working closely with clients to help solve their business challenges by leveraging Genpact¶s assets and expertise. he was leading the GE Europe SG&A initiative. where he was responsible for the outsourcing business in China and part of the firm¶s Asia-Pacific regional leadership team. Charles Hunting Chief Executive Officer. Charles has been living in China since 2007. Asia Charles Hunting is the Chief Executive Officer for Genpact Asia. having worked in every major economy in the region since 1999. He holds a bachelor¶s degree in information technology from Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

In 2004. Harpreet has over 18 years of experience in the area of Business Development and Marketing. He is a Computer Engineer and holds an MBA in Marketing from the Faculty of Management Studies.Harpreet Duggal Senior Vice President . and is leading the charge in building this business in a key growth market for the organization. Harpreet is the business leader for NGEN . he moved into the role of Business Leader for Genpact's Customer Fulfillment Center of Excellence. Additionally. process excellence and transaction productivity. He continues to head Genpact's Automotive vertical. India.a media process outsourcing joint venture between Genpact and NDTV.India to India Harpreet heads Genpact's "India for India" initiative. having held key roles in Telstra. where he drove significant improvements around end-customer satisfaction. Delhi. . a business he built from scratch and played a pivotal role in forging strong relationships with major clients. British Telecom and GE. Harpreet joined Genpact in 2001 as the Business Development leader for the Consumer Finance Businesses of GE in the US and Europe and was one of the core members of the team that launched Genpact's Hungary operations.

played a key role in setting up BFSI vertical for Genpact. His career with Genpact spans over 10 years including his serving in roles of Operations. Mohit is based out of Gurgaon. Genpact was the first company in India to provide outsourcing services for Insurance and Mohit. He has successfully established systematic operations out of India and Philippines. . Business Development. and Australia. Insurance and Healthcare at Genpact. UK. India. Insurance and Healthcare Mohit Thukral is Senior Vice President and head of Banking. Financial Services. Mohit has been instrumental in setting up the vertical that manages over 15 global partners in US.Mohit Thukral Senior Vice President . best-in-class attrition and high reference ability from our customers. Mohit has played a key role in executing the global outsourcing strategy of our partners and benchmarking processes to drive stable operations. With over a decade of experience in the Financial Services domain. Global Six Sigma.Banking. delivering high-quality business processing services. Financial Services. and Process Excellence & Delivery. in his capacity.

IT Solutions Sandeep Sahai is the Chief Executive Officer of Headstrong. Having started and grown companies in the US. He has over 19 years of IT consulting experience. he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on offshore outsourcing as a strategic tool for IT managers. Sahai has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management. Sahai. Varanasi.IT Services . K N K Venkataraman Senior Vice President . a Genpact company. Prior to Headstrong and TechSpan. He also architected a multiyear strategy that saw Headstrong evolve from a predominantly on-site consulting firm to a domain-led. Under his leadership. Mr. was a founder and partner of the consulting firm TechSpan that merged with Headstrong in 2003. Headstrong doubled its revenues and quadrupled its profits between 2004 and 2009. and an engineering degree from the Institute of Technology. Europe and India. he was the CEO of Virginiabased SkanSoft.Sandeep Sahai CEO ± Headstrong & Senior Vice President . Mr. globally distributed outsourcing company and eventually to a platform-based managed services multinational. Calcutta. and also served a ten-year tenure with the HCL group. 46.

KNK is an electronics and communications engineer (ECE) from Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT).K N K Venkataraman. practice incubation. prior to which he was with Wipro in various roles. KNK joined Genpact in April 2008. He is active on the board of studies of ECE in CIT. innovation. business development. KNK has authored white papers and has been a guest speaker at several international and industry forums. popularly known as 'KNK' is responsible for the Global IT Infrastructure Services Business at Genpact. relationship management. Client Relationship. He is also on the board of Genpact Mobility Service (India) Pvt Ltd. M&A and customer services. service delivery. He is a strategic thinker with a pragmatic approach to implementation and driving the vision to reality. KNK has over 20 years of experience in the IT Services industry in areas of business management. channel development. His strengths lie in visualizing and implementing innovative business goals with a breadth of diverse experience in IT services. Arvinder "Monty" Singh Senior Vice President ± Sales and Marketing. He has been featured in magazines for thought leadership on offshore IT Infrastructure management and Franchisee support models. Reengineering .

In this capacity. He joined Genpact in June 2005 as the senior vice president for Six Sigma solutions.Smart Decision Services . he also leads the company¶s growing reengineering business. transition and solution resources. responsible for further strengthening the sales and marketing functions including building enterprise-wide sales programs and applying best practices. transitions and reengineering. Monty was senior vice president. Jamshedpur. He holds a bachelor¶s degree of commerce from the University of Delhi and an MBA in finance and marketing from Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI).Analytics and Research . India. Monty was previously senior vice president. Prior to joining Genpact. Six Sigma. client relationships and continues to oversee the global account management team.Monty is the global leader for sales and marketing at Genpact. Pankaj Kulshreshtha Senior Vice President . where he drove Genpact¶s critical competitive edge by effectively utilizing Lean. Six Sigma and Chief Quality Officer for GE Vendor Financial Services and also held various leadership roles with GE Capital India businesses. Monty has more than 20 years of experience in the area of driving process improvement.

and holds a Doctorate degree in Management Sciences from the Indian Institute of Management. He helped various GE businesses set up the analytics teams till 2005. Scott McConnell SVP & Operating Leader Americas . Cost and Risk Management using data and insights. Research and Risk Management. He rejoined Genpact in 2008. Bangalore. He joined Genpact in 1998 and was one of the first few people who started offshore Analytics teams in India. Pankaj has over 17 years of experience in Analytics. This practice is part of our Smart Decision Services that enable our clients to make smarter decisions in Sales and Marketing.Pankaj is a Mechanical Engineer from VNIT. Pankaj leads Analytics & Research practice globally at Genpact. Pankaj then moved to GE Money UK where he was the Chief Risk Officer for the Loans business and led risk management for various portfolios. Nagpur.

He holds a J. Victor Guaglianone General Counsel Victor Guaglianone has over 26 years of experience as a commercial lawyer and corporate counselor. This responsibility includes building a delivery model that optimizes our onshore and near-shore delivery capability across sites. in Economics from the University of California. Scott has extensive experience in the financial services industry and the deployment of business solutions. . from the University of Chicago Law School and an A. Prior to 2006 he was a partner with Ernst & Young and held various leadership roles within EDS and IBM. He is responsible for leveraging Business Leaders to grow existing relationships and assess expansion prospects as we increase our Americas presence.D. Scott returned to Genpact in 2010 to take on his current role. With a career spanning over 25 years. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and received his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. Berkeley.Scott is SVP and Genpact Operating Leader in the Americas. Scott is responsible for formulating the right onshore and nearshore strategy capitalizes on the business needs of our customers in this market.B. His prior role with Genpact was leading the insurance business development efforts from 2006-2009.

Organization Capability Building. During his tenure. Piyush has contributed to various aspects of people management in both business and corporate roles.With over 19 years of experience in the Human Resources function.Human Resources Piyush heads the Global Human Resources Function and is a member of the Genpact Leadership Team. including Employee Relations. During his career. Prior to that. Victor worked for the international law firms of Weil Gotshal & Manges in New York and Jones Day in Los Angeles. Piyush joined Genpact in 2001. Victor has dealt with numerous and wide-ranging business.Victor joined Genpact in 2007 as Senior Vice President and General Counsel. transactional and litigation matters in many jurisdictions around the world. Piyush Mehta Senior Vice President . Victor is admitted to practice law in the United States in the states of New York and California. he spent 16 years in positions of increasing responsibility at GE Capital after starting there as general counsel of the LBO business. from the law firm of Holland & Knight. he rose to the level of Vice President and Associate General Counsel. Mergers & Acquisitions Integration and managing the function for P&Ls and geographies. Prior to joining GE Capital. having played an active role in the organization's journey to becoming an Employer of Choice. leading HR engagements across Businesses .

and assumed his current position of Senior Vice President. was the Head of GE¶s Corporate Audit team in India and was the owner of GE¶s FMP (Finance Management training Program) for India.Practices. Shantanu was CFO for GE. Jamshedpur. Apart from the routine activities. Shantanu Ghosh Senior Vice President . in 2005. India. and was the Organization Capability Director for Frito-Lay. he was the CFO and Pricing Leader for GE¶s Consumer Finance business in India. Asia Pacific. He frequently represents Genpact at industry platforms and contributes to the industry media through white papers. where he studied Personnel Management and is an Economics Honors graduate from Delhi University. Prior to this. India. Solutions and Transitions globally. Prior to joining Genpact. He began his career with Hindustan Lever and has held the position of HR Director for AT&T. Solutions and Transitions Shantanu Ghosh is responsible for all Genpact Service Line Practice Development. he led the implementation of GE¶s risk and compliance frameworks in the different operating companies. He joined Genpact in early 2005 and built its Finance & Accounting Business for Global Customers outside GE and making Genpact an industry leader in the F&A space. discussions and webinars. He is an alumnus of XLRI. He was part of the country leadership team with oversight responsibility for all GE Businesses in India. HR. .

profit centers. He joined as a commercial management trainee and did stints across factories. In her last role. Sasha has over 15 years of work experience and has been with Genpact for over 8 years in various Business Development roles and the IT function. was the Commercial Head for its largest region ± Western India. Sasha led the revamping of the processes. delivery and support of Genpact¶s digitization initiatives.Before GE. as the Digitization leader. Smart Enterprise Processes constitutes Genpact¶s proprietary methodology that employs a scientific deconstruction of the end-to-end processes involved in business process management. analysis. Shantanu worked with Unilever India for close to a decade. Shantanu is a Chartered Accountant from PriceWaterhouse and earned a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Calcutta University. Prior to that he was also one of the 12 core members of the Chairman¶s Millennium project team in 1999 to craft the Unilever strategy in India for the new millennium. Swarupa (Sasha) Sanyal Senior Vice President . She partnered with businesses to deliver on key projects such as the improved digitized billing system and Cognos implementation for the Finance function. .Smart Enterprise Processes & Lean Six Sigma Swarupa (Sasha) Sanyal is Genpact¶s Global Leader for Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) and Lean Six Sigma. corporate accounting and in his last role.

Prasad is specifically focused on utilizing technology such as Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). highly-scalable and quickto-market solutions. Sasha spent 5 years as an IT Consultant at Ernst & Young. Following E&Y. and driving IT innovation for the company. products. She was part of a team that was responsible for the start-up of the E&Y organization in India. he was . Sanjeev Prasad Chief Information Officer Sanjeev Prasad is the Chief Information Officer for Genpact. Prasad is responsible for delivering enterprise applications and services.Prior to Genpact. Sasha joined EXL as Transition Leader and a Relationship Manager for the Insurance vertical. and platforms for clients. He joined Genpact in 2006 as an IT leader supporting a key North American financial services company where he successfully transitioned over 40 processes and set up IT operations for their Mexico facility. Sasha is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Southern Methodist University. Prasad brings more than 25 years of functional expertise in delivering complex projects across multiple verticals and possesses deep knowledge of diverse IT products and tools. virtualization and cloud computing in order to provide cost-effective. In his most recent role as the CIO of Genpact¶s India and Philippines operations. A respected industry veteran.

Private Equity. STG International. Business Development and has worked with GE Commercial Finance and Bank of America prior to joining Genpact.Mergers & Acquisitions Gaurav leads strategy and M&A and is responsible for identifying and executing acquisitions and strategic partnerships to drive growth and fill gaps across various verticals. which went public in 2000. Gaurav has over over 17 years of experience across Project Finance. Prior to taking over the role of M&A Leader. Gaurav led Business Development efforts in India and was instrumental in winning several strategic deals. transitions and technology landscape for Genpact.responsible for IT solutions. He has also worked for US Fortune 500 companies such as Nortel and Amdahl and holds a postgraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Texas. Gaurav Sethi Senior Vice President . Operations. Prasad was also instrumental in setting up the µproducts¶ organization and ushering in transformational technologies for Genpact customers. Sanjeev ran a successful IT company. An entrepreneur for 10 years. Mumbai. Vidya Srinivasan . Gaurav is an Electrical Engineer and an MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management. M&A Advisory. Structured Products.

Logistics and Infrastructure Leader from 2003 to 2005. In her earlier role. Besides her Legal role.Investor Relations . Vidya has seen Genpact evolve and grow through the years. As one of its first employees. Vidya has a strong Six Sigma background and has taken a leading role in building strong processes based on the company's commitment to Integrity. Shishir Verma Vice President .Senior Vice President . Vidya worked with American Express and Ballarpur Industries prior to joining Genpact in 1999. A lawyer with experience in the Corporate Legal Departments across the Manufacturing and Services Industries. and has made key contributions in putting in place the company's Legal and Compliance Infrastructure.Infrastructure & Logistics Vidya is Senior Vice President and the Infrastructure & Logistics Leader for Genpact. Compliance. Vidya was a Senior Legal Counsel at Genpact. Delhi University and looked after Compliance for Genpact. Vidya has also been Genpact's Business Continuity Planning. Controllership and Data Security. She is an alumnus of the Campus Law Center.

Buy. In addition. Balkrishan "BK" Kalra Senior Vice President . Shishir has a strong operating background of 7 years with General Motors. Retail.Consumer Products. He also has diverse finance experience across research. investors and other constituencies. advisory and management consulting firms. He has over 17 years of . CPG/Retail and Hi-Tech accounts globally across all service lines for Genpact.and Sell-side experience in both public and private markets.Shishir joined Genpact as head of Investor Relations in 2009. Shishir has 17 years of international work experience with various investment funds. and handling inquiries from our various stakeholders. Shishir is an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a Mechanical Engineer from Stanford University. Pharmaceutical and Hitech BK is responsible for running the Pharma. due diligence. He is responsible for effectively communicating and disseminating the company's investment story and financial information to security analysts.

predominantly in Process Outsourcing. He has worked with one of our largest insurance customers where he enabled Six Sigma delivery and later became their Transition Leader. at Genpact. In 2001 he .experience. he was in Investment Banking and Private Equity space for 5 years. He subsequently managed a number of large F&A accounts for Genpact. Vishal was part of the team that grew the consumer finance arm (GE money) from a start up fledgling business to a well recognized brand in the Indian market. He is responsible for extending Genpact¶s services to existing and new clients needing onshore support while simultaneously building a healthy pipeline of local clients to be serviced out of our offshore centers. and led a number of F&A wins. During his long stint with GE Capital of over 12 years. BK has been with Genpact for 12 years and has been instrumental in winning several key wins in the Pharma & CPG space. Vishal Pandit Senior Vice President ± Middle East Vishal is the SVP and Business Leader for the Middle East. He then moved as an Operating Leader and Global Booking Leader for the same client. BK is a Chemical Engineering graduate with an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Black Belt. Prior to joining Genpact.

responsible for building and executing a Global Product Development framework and a product roadmap which take an integrated view of Genpact¶s process excellence capabilities. Gianni has a post graduate degree in Organizational and Social Behavior from the London School of Economics and a Business Administration degree from EME Strasbourg Business School / University of Florence. Dan Smith . Previous experience includes management consulting with Everest Group and Boston Consulting Group. strategy and marketing. His career spans over 20 years across business development. IT solutions and analytical tools. Gianni Giacomelli Senior Vice President ± Product Innovation Gianni is the Product Innovation Leader at Genpact. Delhi University and an MBA in Marketing & Finance from the Faculty of Management. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. In the past. and as head of strategy within the Outsourcing Channel group.A. (Honors) Economics from St. Gianni held global roles from SAP where he drove Strategy and organizational development for an innovative portfolio of ³Sustainability Solutions´. India and was leading it till early 2008. Stephen¶s College. consultative sales. Vishal has a degree in B.took over as the President & CEO of GE Money. Delhi University.

Dan was President and COO at Virtusa. and Media practices. IT services firm. Under Dan¶s leadership Virtusa grew from $40M to $170M and launched a successful IPO. As General Manager. a mid-sized global.Senior Vice President ± Sales Leader IT Solutions & Business Leader Software Solutions Dan Smith leads strategy and business development for Genpact¶s IT Solutions team and manages the P&L and delivery for the Software Center of Excellence. Dan spent seven years with Cognizant. He joined Genpact in September 2010. Prior to that. after pioneering the vertical go-to-market model for Cognizant. and led the Insurance. Telecom. Healthcare. . He also studied at the London School of Economics. and a MBA in Finance from Rutgers University. Prior to Genpact. Dan has a Bachelor¶s degree in Political Science from Williams College. he was responsible for 40% of the firm¶s P&L.

" . measured against benchmarks and provided us a clear transformation roadmap on actions required to move towards best-in-class. Penske "The SEP diagnostic cuts across business silos and concentrated on the effectiveness of an endto-end process and mapped Symantec's performance at every step of a process..Frank Cocuzza.Exhibit-3 Customers Speak "Our partnership with Genpact has provided us cost-efficient business processes and the process rigor and metrics that enable us to achieve ever-higher levels of performance. Vice President.John B. Symantec Corporation ." . We look forward to continuing our progress by leveraging Genpact Smart Enterprise Process methodology. CFO. Sorci Jr. Global Operations.

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