The exact type of testing and how the testing is performed will depend on your particular project and

environment, but generally you need to make sure the following is done. 1. Data Quality Testing/Checking This is where the records on the target system are checked for accuracy against the legacy data. There are various methods of doing this. On a LA project we created table counts checklists for the testers/developers to validate. All mapping tables are listed in the form of spreadsheets. The testers simply ran through each record using the target system and updated the spreadsheets if and when differences were seen. Any differences were then forwarded to the migration consultants and once confirmed were entered onto an issue logging system so that these could be tracked until resolved. 2) Testing the Target systems functionality with migrated data. Each part of the system should be checked to ensure that it is performing as it should. For instance can you add a new offender, can you add a charge record to a migrated offender, what about a trust record, do the amend routines work correctly, do the month end accounts routines all work as expected, do any extracts to other systems take the records as expected. These are just some of the areas we'll need to cover.