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Name of the Company Registered Office

: M/s. Sri Sai Enterprises : Door No :3-4-218/103, Arihanth Darshan Apts, Lingampally, Kachiguda, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500038. 16-11-16/P/89, Afzal Nagar, Malakpet, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500036 Manufacturing of Paper Napkins & Toilet Rolls


Line of Activity

Names of Partners

Mr. Raghavendra Karthik Mr. Sreenivas Reddy

Promoters Background

The Partners are into business since long and have experience in this line of activity. Partners are good at management and marketing resulting in a healthy combination of persons at the helm of affairs of the company. They are a team comprising of people from marketing and administration background among themselves.

Constitution Nature of Business

Partnership Firm incorporated on 2nd May 2011. The project pertains to the setting up of a

manufacturing unit of paper products comprising of Paper Napkins, Toilet Tissue Rolls etc. using Paper Napkin Machine (multi size type) and Toilet Tissue roll making machine.

Project Cost

Rs. 8,15,580/-

Means of Finance Capital Term Loan Debt Equity Ratio Rs. 2,15,580 Rs. 6, 00,000 75: 25

Promoters Contribution Working Capital

25% Rs 10 lacks.


The firms place of business situated at: 3-4-218/103, Arihant Durhan Apts, Lingampally.

Raw Material

Raw material is purchased mostly from Sri Santh Krupa Vaishnavi Paper Products at Malakpet and is easily available. The company is located 1Km from the firm.


Our product has an established market and is used by various category of people i.e. from individuals to Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Multiplexes etc.

There is hardly a place where paper napkins are not seen or asked for. Even small road side vendors use paper napkins. The growth of organized paper industry of the country has been impressive after ban on plastic usage. As the product is widely used there is inherent demand. People at the helm of affairs have already gained experience in supplying to distributors located in and around Hyderabad. The marketing strategies employed by management are conducive

for growth in sales thereby profit of the firm could be maximized.


The location is well connected to road transportation.

Details of Security Offered Primary Security will be the hypothecation of Plant & Machinery, Stock, Book Debts and movable assets of the company and the Collateral security will be the mortgage of properties in the name of the promoters/family members of the company in and around Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh worth Rs.8 Lacs (approx.).

Sales & Marketing:

The growth of organized paper industry of the country has been impressive after ban on plastic usage. The firm is going to supply to distributors located in the above areas. They have already established the market as they are into this business since one year. So the marketing Channel is setup and the firm only has to deliver. The demand is huge and will continue to be so. Since the partners have already established their marketing network they will not have any issue in selling their product. The existing contacts will be useful in selling their product, which would be cost effective to the persons buying it and also would be fetching a better margin to the firm.