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EMC . Better by adobe. Adobe .Simplicity at work. LOGOS & TAG LINES OF FAMOUS COMPANIES .Where Information Lives.

TAG LINES OF FAMOUS BRANDS Taking on the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges (Exxon Mobil) Human Energy (Chevron Corporation) Growth is Life (Reliance Industries Limited) Beyond Petroleum (British Petroleum) Making Tomorrow Brighter (ONGC) .

SONY Everyone's Invited or Its hard to Imagine .SAMSUNG Life's Good .VIDEOCON . (Petronas) Pure bhi. The World is watching us. Poora bhi (IBP) Gas and Beyond (GAIL) Always Moving Forward (LUKOIL) Trademark of Energy (Total) High Performance Petrol (Hint: Brand of BPCL) (SPEED) 100 % Performance. (Brand of IOCL) (SERVO) Like.Bringing Energy to Life (IOCL) Pure for Sure (BPCL) 10 Years in Formula One. No.LG The Indian Multinational . . Everytime. Other.

PHILLIPS The Perfect Experience . We can Help.HOME DEPOT Every Little Helps . . .KROGER Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga .BIG BAZAAR The stuff of life.METRO Costs less to get more .TOSHIBA Always low prices.HAIER Sense and Simplicity .KMART .JVC Choose Freedom .Born in Japan Entertaining The World .BLOOMINGDALES You can do it.SANSUI Inspired Living . . Always.WALMART Like no other store in the world .TESCO The spirit of Commerce .

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife.AIG or American International Group Insurance Company Trust thy name is ------. Celebrate .Allstate Insurance Company Your Partner for life .Allianz Group Growing and Protecting your wealth .Bank of America .AXA UK You are in good hands .(The fill in the blank itself is the name of the organization) . .Prudential Insurance Company We know Money .Bank of Baroda Good People to Bank with -.Shop.LIC Be Life Confident . India's International Bank -.Union Bank of India Higher Standards -. The Power on your side .CENTRAL Have You Met Life Today . Eat.Max NewYork Life Insurance Positively Different.Standard Insurance Company Limited.

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Grand Experience (UP) Complete Destination (West Bengal) List of Punch Lines of Famous Companies • • Digit: Your Technology Navigator Fiat: Driven By Passion . ETFs. (AMEX) Go for Growth (EURONEXT) God's Own Country (Kerala) 365 days on a holiday (Goa) The Kohinoor of India (AP) The Very Heart of India (MP) Full of Surprises (Chattisgarh) Simply Colorful (Rajasthan) The Perfect Host (Himachal Pradesh) Amazing Heritage. Options.Equities.

With YOU In Focus Andhra Pradesh : The Kohinoor Of India Apple Macintosh: Think Different Arcelor: Steel Solutions For A Better World Astrazeneca : Life Inspiring Ideas At & T: The World's Networking Company Audi: Vorsprung Durch Technik Austrian Airlines: Fly With Friends Axa UK: Be Life Confident Bank Of America: Higher Standards Bank Of Baroda: India's International Bank Bank Of Rajasthan: Dare To Dream Barclays: Fluent In Finance.com: Push Button Publishing Bloomingdales: Like No Other Store In The World BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine . Its Our Business To Know Your Business Big Bazaar: Is Se Sasta Aur Achcha Kahee Nahee Biocon : The Difference Lies In Our Dna Blogger.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Abn Amro Bank: Making More Possible Accenture : High Performance Delivered Adobe: Simplicity At Work Better By Adobe AIG Or American International Group Insurance Company: We Know Money Air Canada: A Breath Of Fresh Air Air Deccan: Simply Fly Allianz Group: The Power On Your Side American Red Cross: Together We Prepare Andhra Bank: Much More To Do.

His Journey Begins (Movie) CEAT Tyre: Born Tough Central Mall: Shop Eat Celebrate Chattisgarh Tourism: Full Of Surprises Chevrolet Aveo: When Good Is Not Good Enough Chevron Corporation: Human Energy Cry : Child Relief & YOU Chip: Intelligent Computing Cipla: Caring For Life Citigroup Or Citibank: The Citi Never Sleeps . Servo: 100 % Performance Everytime Bridgestone: Passion For Excellence Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation : Bringing Innovations In Health And Learning To The Global Community Bristol Myers Squibb : Extending And Enhancing Human Life British Airways: The Way To Fly British Petroleum: Beyond Petroleum Business India: The Magazine Of The Corporate World Business Today: For Managing Tomorrow Business World: Play The Game Cast Away: At The Edge Of The World. Speed: High Performance Petrol Brand Of IOCL.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Boeing: Forever New Frontiers Bombay Stock Exchange: The Edge Is Efficiency BPCL: Pure For Sure Brand Of BPCL.

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gail: Gas And Beyond Glaxo Smithkline : Today's Medicines Finance Tomorrow's Miracles GM: Only GM Goa Tourism : 365 Days On A Holiday Guiness Beer: My Goodness My Guiness Haier: Inspired Living Himachal Pradesh Tourism: The Perfect Host Hindustan Times: The Name India Trusts For News Hollywood Stock Exchange : It's Your Hollywood Home Depot: You Can Do It We Can Help Honda : The Power Of Dreams Hp Invent: Everything Is Possible HSBC: The World's Local Bank Hyundai: Drive Your Way IBM: On Demand IBM: I Think.Improve Your Odds With Infosys Predictability Intel: Intel Inside IOCL: Bringing Energy To Life Jaguar: Born To Perform Jet Airways: The Joy Of Flying Jurassic Park: An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making JVC: The Perfect Experience . Driven By Values. Therefore IBM IBP: Pure Bhi Poora Bhi ICICI Bank: Hum Hain Na !!! Infosys: Powered By Intellect.

Jindagi ke Baad Bhi London Metal Exchange : The World's Center For Non Ferrous Metal Trading Louis Phillips: The Upper Crest Lufthansa Airlines: There's No Better To Fly Lukoil: Always Moving Forward Macromedia: What The Web Can Be Malaysian Airlines: Going Beyond Expectations Mastercard: There Are Some Things Money Can't Buy For Everything Else There's Mastercard Max Newyork Life Insurance: Your Partner For Life Mcdowells Signature: The New Sign Of Success . Then There's Kfc Kingfisher Airlines: Fly The Good Times Kit Kat : Have A Break Have A Kit Kat KLM Airlines: The Reliable Airline KMART: The Stuff Of Life Kotak: Think Investments Think Kotak Kroger: Costs Less To Get More Larsen And Toubro: We Make Things Which Make India Proud Lee: The Jeans That Built America Lehman Brothers: Where Vision Gets Built Lenovo: We Are Building A New Technology Company Lexus: The Pursuit Of Perfection LG: Life's Good LIC: Trust Thy Name Is LIC.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kerala Tourism: God's Own Country KFC: There's Fast Food. Jindagi ke Saath Bhi.

Com : Never Settle Madhya Pradesh : The Very Heart Of India MRF: Tyres With Muscle Nasdaq : Stock Market For The Digital World NDTV Profit: New You Can Use Dell: Easy As Dell NYSE New York Stock Exchange : The World Puts Its Stock In Us ONGC: Making Tomorrow Brighter Orange: The Future Is Bright The Future Is Orange Peter England: Honestly Impressive Petronas: 10 Years In Formula One The World Is Watching Us Pfizer: Life Is Our Life's Work Phillips: Sense And Simplicity Prudential Insurance Company: Growing And Protecting Your Wealth .• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • MCX: Trade With Trust Merck : Where Patients Come First Metro: The Spirit Of Commerce Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Or Metlife : Have You Met Life Today Michelin: A Better Way Forward Microsoft: Where Do You Want To Go Today . Faster. And Newer Mittal Steel: Shaping The Future Of Steel Monstor. Your Potential Our Passion Microsoft Office 2003: Microsoft Office Has Evolved Have You? Better.

SGX : Tomorrow Market's Today Skoda: Obsessed With Quality Since 1897 Sony: Like No Other Standard Chartered Bank: Your Right Partner Standard Insurance Company Limited: Positively Different Star Sports: We Know Your Game Star Wars The Revenge Of Sith: The Saga Is Complete Sun Microsystems: The Network Is The Computer Suzlon Energy: Powering A Greener Tomorrow Swiss Air: The World's Most Refreshing Airline Symantec: Be Fearless .• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Qantas: The Spirit Of Australia Rajasthan Tourism : Simply Colorful Raymonds: The Complete Man Reid & Taylor: Bond With The Best Reliance Industries Limited: Growth Is Life Sahara: Emotionally Yours SAIL: There Is A Little Bit Of Sail In Everyone's Life Samsung: Everyone's Invited Or Its Hard To Imagine Sanofi Aventis : Because Health Matters Sansui: Born In Japan Entertaining The World SAP: The Best – Run Businesses Run SAP SBI Debit Card: Welcome To A Cashless World Rotary International: Service Above Self Sholay: The Greatest Story Ever Told Singapore Stock Exchange.

com: If You Have A Reason.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tata Motors: Even More Car Per Car TCS: Beyond The Obvious TESCO: Every Little Helps The Daily Telegraph: Read A Bestseller Everyday The Day After Tomorrow (Movie) : Where Will You Be The Economic Times: The Power Of Knowledge The Indian Express: Journalism Of Courage Thomas Cook : Don’t Just Book It Thomas Cook It Timesjobs. Grand Experience Videocon: The Indian Multinational Virgin Atlantic: Your Never Forget Your First Time Vizag Steel: Pride Of Steel Voice : Helping Children Write Their Future Volkswagen: Drivers Wanted Wallet365com: Pay Anyone Online Walmart: Always Low Prices Always West Bengal: Complete Destination . We Have The Job Titanic (Movie) : Collide With Destiny To Learn To Heal To Raise: Csim Toshiba: Choose Freedom Total: Trademark Of Energy Toyota: Touch The Perfection Toyota Innova: All You Desire Union Bank Of India: Good People To Bank With United Airlines: It's Time To Fly Uttarpradesh Tourism : Amazing Heritage.

Indonesia & Phillipines Shatt al-Arab : Iran & Irak .• • • • • • • • • • • • Wills Lifestyle: Enjoy The Change Windows XP: Do More With Less Wipro: Applying Thought Blue Cross India : Working For Animals Since 1954 Amnesty International : Working To Protect Human Rights Worldwide: Larsen and Toubro : Its all about imagineering. Philippines and Vietnam Bassas da India : France & Madagaskar Bakassi : Nigeria & Cameroon Chagos Archipelago Hala'ib Triangle : Sudan & Egypt Kuril Islands : Russia & Japan Paracel Islands: China. Essar : A possitive attitude Maruti Suzuki : Count on us Dell : Here is yours. Taiwan & Vietnam Preah Vihear Temple : Thailand & Cambodia Sabah : Malaysia. Disputed Areas of the World Abu Musa : Iran & UAE Aksai Chin : India & China Vozrozhdeniya Island : Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Senkakku : Japan & China Spratly Islands : China . Malaysia .

Vozrozhdeniya Island : Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan . Geographically part of the Tibetan Plateau.685 square kilometres of the disputed territory. claimed by India as a part of its state of Jammu and Kashmir. the other being the dispute over Arunachal Pradesh. Aksai Chin is one of the two main border disputes between China and India. and receives little precipitation as the Himalayan and other mountains block the rains from the Indian monsoon. Aksai Chin is referred to as the Soda Plain. The island is administered by Iran as part of the Iranian province of Hormozgan. is a disputed region located in the northwestern region of the Tibetan Plateau just below the western Kunlun Mountains. India claims Aksai Chin as the eastern-most part of the Jammu and Kashmir state. It is administered by China . has no permanent settlements.000 metres. part of a six-island archipelago near the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz. The line that separates Indian-administered areas of Kashmir from the Aksayqin is known as the Line of Actual Control . but is also claimed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Aksai Chin : India & China Aksai Chin. It covers an area of 42. The region contains the lake Aksayqin Hu and the river Aksayqin He.• Abu Musa : Iran & UAE Abu Musa is a 12-km² island in the eastern Persian Gulf. however. Aksai Chin is a vast high-altitude desert of salt that reaches heights up to 5. The region is almost uninhabited. which is administered by India and claimed by China as South Tibet.

but also claimed by the Republic of China (as part of Toucheng Township in Yilan County. uninhabited islands currently controlled by Japan. a top-secret Soviet bioweapons laboratory was established here. are a group of disputed. Word of the island's danger was further spread by Soviet defectors. now a peninsula. Vozrozhdeniya Island was one of the main laboratories and testing sites for the Soviet Union government’s Microbiological Warfare Group. which lies in ruins today. Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China. due to ongoing shrinkage of the Aral Sea.500 inhabitants.Vozrozhdeniya Island. that anthrax spores and bubonic plague bacilli were made into weapons and stored. due west of Okinawa. The main town on the island was Kantubek. While the complexity . It became a peninsula in 2002. It was here. and due north of the end of the Ryukyu Islands in the East China Sea.It is now shared by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The islands are located northeast of Taiwan. Their status has emerged as a major issue in foreign relations between the People's Republic of China and Japan and between Japan and the Republic of China. Senkakku : Japan & China The Senkaku Islands also known as Diaoyutai Islands or the Pinnacle Islands. the former head of the Soviet Union's bioweapons program. is a former island. Located in the central Aral Sea. In 1948. Japanese government regards these islands as a part of Okinawa prefecture. according to just released documents. but once had approximately 1. in the Aral Sea. including Ken Alibek.

There are no native islanders but there are rich fishing grounds and initial surveysindicate the islands may contain significant oil and gas. Spratly Islands : China .000 square kilometers of sea. atolls. They comprise less than five square kilometers of land area. Malaysia. the Philippines. both governments agree that the islands are part of Taiwan province. governance and economics in that region of Southeast Asia. and Vietnam. Brunei has established a fishing zone that overlaps a southern reef but has not made any formal claim. as they are called. but are important in establishing international boundaries. islets. comprising more than 30. Such small and remote islands have little economic value in themselves. spread over more than 400. Bassas da India : France & Madagaskar Bassas da India is an uninhabited. Republic of China.000 islands and reefs and which so complicates geography. Philippines and Vietnam The Spratly Islands are a group of more than 650 reefs. are part of the three archipelagos of the South China Sea. cays and islands in the South China Sea between the Philippines and Vietnam. About 45 islands are occupied by relatively small numbers of military forces from People's Republic of China. which corresponds to a total size (including lagoon) of 80 km². It is located in the .of the PRC-ROC relation has affected efforts to demonstrate Chinese sovereignty over the islands. roughly circular atoll about 10 km in diameter. The Spratlys. Malaysia .

about half-way between Madagascar (which is 385 km to the east) and Mozambique.700 km² is contiguous with that of Europa Island. Regardless. The reef rim averages around 100 m across and completely encloses a shallow lagoon that has a maximum depth of 15 m. The Chagos group is a combination of different coralline structures topping a submarine ridge running southwards across the centre of the Indian Ocean. The Chagos lies about 500 km (300 miles) due south of the Maldives. Bakassi : Nigeria & Cameroon Bakassi is the peninsular extension of the African territory of Calabar into the Atlantic Ocean. and 110 km northwest of Europa Island. 1600 km (1000 miles) southwest of India. . Chagos Archipelago : UK . It is currently ruled by Cameroon following the transfer of sovereignty from neighbouring Nigeria as a result of a judgment by the International Court of Justice. the Nigerian Senate rejected the transfer. It rises steeply from the seabed 3000 m below. Mauritius & Seychelles The Chagos Archipelago is a group of seven atolls comprising more than 60 individual tropical islands roughly in the centre of the Indian Ocean. the territory was formally transferred to Cameroon on August 14. since the Green Tree Agreement ceding the area to Cameroon was contrary to Section 12(1) of the 1999 Constitution. On 22 November 2007. half way between Tanzania and Java. formed by volcanoes above the Réunion hotspot. Its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 123. its nearest neighbour. 2008.southern Mozambique Channel.

Hala'ib Triangle : Sudan & Egypt The Hala'ib Triangle is an area of land measuring 20. The major town in this area is Hala'ib. which makes the whole archipelago look somewhat chaotic.Unlike in the Maldives there is not a clearly discernible pattern of arrayed atolls. Most of the coralline structures of the Chagos are submerged reefs.300 . the Chagos were home to the Chagossians for more than a century and a half until the United Kingdom and the United States expelled them in the 1960s in order to allow the US to build a military base on Diego Garcia. the political borders line claimed by Egypt. The deal was sanctioned by the then British Secretary of State for Defence.580 km² located on the Red Sea's African coast. between the political borders of Egypt (at the 22nd circle of latitude .as per the 1899 treaty) and the administrative boundary (as per the 1902 treaty) . the largest of the Chagos Islands. The closest Sudanese town south of the disputed area is Osief (Marsa Osief). Kuril Islands : Russia & Japan Matua Island as seen from Raikoke. is a volcanic archipelago that stretches approximately 1. Officially part of the British Indian Ocean Territory. 30 km northwest of Hala'ib town on the Red Sea coast. The only other populated place is Abu Ramad.The Kuril Islands or Kurile Islands in Russia's Sakhalin Oblast region. Denis Healey. Alshalateen is an Egyptian town just on the northern administrative boundary. located 26 km south of the 22nd circle of latitude.

and that the sovereignty over the islands has been inflaming the century-old dispute.720 ft) cliff • . Notably. Turtles live on the islands.km (700 miles) northeast from Hokkaido. Taiwan & Vietnam The Paracel Islands consist of over 30 islets. also known as East Vietnam Sea or East Sea. The Amphitrite group is in the northeast and the Crescent group is in the west. Subject to hot and humid climate. to Kamchatka. sandbanks or reefs. the present-day Spratly Islands were still delineated as part of the Paracel archipelago. There are 56 islands in total and many more minor rocks. the archipelago is surrounded by productive fishing grounds and potential oil and gas reserves. Paracel Islands: China. and about 70 km from one another. Russia. The islands comprise of two main groups. and located in the South China Sea.000 km2 of the ocean surface. and about one-third of the way from central Vietnam to the northern Philippines. Japan. and seabirds have left nests and guano deposits. with abundant rainfall and frequent typhoons. separating the Sea of Okhotsk from the North Pacific Ocean. although the southernmost four are claimed by Japan as part of their territory. All of the islands are under Russian jurisdiction. occupy about 15. Preah Vihear Temple : Thailand & Cambodia The Preah Vihear Temple or Prasat Preah Vihear is a Khmer temple situated atop a 525-metre (1. up until the early 18th century. but there are no permanent human residents except for a small number of troops. The archipelago is approximately equidistant from the coastlines of Vietnam and China.

Shatt al-Arab : Iran & Irak The Shatt al-Arab is a river in Southwest Asia of some 200 kilometres in length. It also shares a border with the province of East Kalimantan of Indonesia in the south. which means "Sabah. the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague awarded the ownership to Cambodia.in the Dângrêk Mountains. the land below the winds". The capital of Sabah is Kota Kinabalu. It is the second largest state in Malaysia after Sarawak. formerly known as Jesselton. formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and the Tigris in the town of al-Qurnah in the Basra Governorate of southern Iraq. the Philippines has a dormant claim over much of the eastern part of the territory. Sabah : Malaysia. Sabah remains a disputed territory. following a significant dispute between Thailand and Cambodia over ownership of the temple. Indonesia & Phillipines Sabah is a Malaysian state located on the northern portion of the island of Borneo . because of its location just south of the typhoon-prone region around the Philippines. Sabah is known as "Sabah. negeri di bawah bayu". The southern end of the river constitutes the border between Iraq and Iran down to the mouth of the river as it discharges into the Persian Gulf. It varies in width from about 232 . which it borders on its south-west. in the Preah Vihear province of northern Cambodia and near the border of the Kantharalak district (amphoe) in the Sisaket province of northeastern Thailand. In spite of its status as a Malaysian state. In 1962.

and pests had wiped out more than 14 million of the palms. . Many of the remaining 3 to 4 million trees are in poor condition.600 ft) at its mouth. The area is judged to hold the largest date palm forest in the world. But by 2002. war.metres at Basra to 800 metres (2. the region included 17 to 18 million date palms. including around 9 million in Iraq and 5 million in Iran. a tributary which joins the waterway from the Iranian side. salt. In the mid-1970s. The Karun river. with the Tigris and Euphrates originally emptying into the Persian Gulf via a channel further to the west. this necessitates continuous dredging to keep it navigable. It is thought that the waterway formed relatively recently in geologic time. an estimated one-fifth of the world's 90 million palm trees. deposits large amounts of silt into the river.