Sky burial suggests that love transcends historical, political and cultural distinction. Discuss.

In the book sky burial while there are many historical, political and cultural boundaries and obstacles, love seems to rises above all of it. We can see in the book even though, 3o years have pass shu wen love for kejun was still unchanged because of her loyalty towards him, so was Tiananmen love for Zhuoma and vice versa. Also, if we consider wen and zhuoma relationship though in the beginning zhuoma hated Chinese as the time passed, wen kindness transform her feeling, they become very close friend protecting each other from the entire problem they encounter. Additionally, zhuoma s bravery love for Tiananmen overcomes all the cultural boundaries. Thus, sky burial shows that loyalty, kindness as well as bravery can leads love to overcome all the historical, political and cultural differences. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wins out all sense of time...... There is no doubt that love is not at all touched by the period gone by. Shu wen pledged her life to her husband. While 30 years was passed wen love for her husband kejun remains unaffected. Wen feeling towards kejun was so intense, time didn t alter her compassion. After 30 years of fruitless search also she was not ready to leave Tibet in a hope of finding some news of her husband . Also, Tiananmen irrevocable love for zhuoma was still the same. All the while he never ceased to ask all visitors for news of zhuoma. Even, zhuoma she never stop her search for Tiananmen and wen. She continuously visits to Holy Mountain and leave her message until she find them. Thus, it is an undeniable fact that love is not at all influence by the historical differeces. While there was so much political conflict between china and Tibet, yet human love doesn t seem to be shape by it. When we look at shu wen, she has no hatred or any kind of grudges against Tibet or Tibetan where she lost her husband. She loves them as any other people. She even put her own life in danger to protect one of the Tibetan by throwing herself between the soldier and zhuoma which result into the alteration of zhuoma s feeling towards Chinese, whom she thought come to kill Tibetans. As a result, zhuoma also save wen s life and promised to

help in her search. Also they became very close friend and face the entire problem together. Surprisingly even Gela s family seems to have no hurdle with wen being Chinese; they warmly welcome her and provide her aid. They generously open their home to her as they would to any travellers . Gela also prayed for the spirit to protect wen . Later he also help wen in her search . Thus, from the book we can clearly see that though there is conflict between Tibetan and Chinese, human kindness and their love win over all the political conflict. Nevertheless, people gallantry supports Love to overcome all cultural obstacle and boundaries. In spite of the fact that love between a noble and a servant is forbidden zhuoma was unconditionally in love with Tiananmen and so was Tiananmen. Even her father had strong objection, She didn t care about anybody and wished to be with him. Also Tiananmen put his heart and soul for zhuoma disregarding the culture. Even for wen it was traditional to suppress emotions and hide to one s thought she expresses her love to kejun and married him against the tradition. Though Chinese and Tibetan culture are very different as heaven and earth and they aren t suppose to include outsiders Gela s family ignored all the differences and broke the rules and included wen in their pray and their life. Thus, people courageousness can help their love to dissolve all the cultural dissimilarity which tends to keep them apart. Thus in the book sky burial it can be seen that although there is many historical, cultural and political distinction love can transcends all of them as time passed, loyalty towards the person they love and also their bravery. As time go by Wen kindness changed zhuoma s attitude towards Chinese and befriend with wen, wen deep loyalty towards kejun give her strength to look for 30 years, zhuoma s guts help her to love Tiananmen overlooking all the cultural belief and also Gela s family courageousness support them to include Wen in their family transcending all the distinction.