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I, Muinul Hasan Banna, have been working in ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (IUT) as a lecturer in the department of Mechanical & Chemical Engineering(MCE). I have obtained my B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (IUT) in 2005. In my undergraduate studies, I have learned the basics of different subjects in Mechanical Engineering. After that, I have been working as a lecturer in the department of Mechanical Engineering in IUT and at the same time I am also continuing research works in the field of Heat Transfer & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). I have two international conference papers in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and I hope to have about five more papers in next three months in the field of Heat Transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). But I wish to acquire a profound and more advanced knowledge of specific areas in Mechanical Engineering and want to apply that knowledge in innovative research works. As my intended field of study, I like to choose Thermo-Fluid and Propulsion Engineering or Industrial Control System & Robotics Engineering or Industrial Engineering. In Thermo-Fluid and Propulsion Engineering, I am particularly interested to work in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Advanced Heat Transfer, MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) application to micro fluidic devices. In Industrial Control System & Robotics Engineering I am interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Automated path tracking system, as my B.Sc Engineering thesis was on Manufacture of an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). To prepare myself for the advanced level of study, I already have finished one M.Sc engineering program from IUT in the field of CFD. My country is lagging far behind both in expertise and skilled teachers in these fields. In this context, my advanced higher study

will be immensely helpful both for me and my country. So my immediate goal is to obtain Masters Degree in my area of specialization from Concordia University. After completion of my study, I would like to return to my country and want to join in ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (IUT), where I am working as a lecturer now. In that way I will be most successful to serve my country through dissemination of my knowledge among the future engineers of this country and prepare them for the forthcoming technological challenges. Concordia University would be my first choice as a graduate school because of its world-wide reputation for excellence in Mechanical Engineering. It would be an exciting challenge to be able to work with the distinguished faculty who are continually involved in pioneering research. I believe the balanced graduate program would provide me an adequate base and with that base I can go on doing my job successfully. As a social being, I always dream to knit the mind of all the people together. In my student life, I was, too, involved with a lot of voluntary works in different part of the country. So, my education at Concordia University will give me ample opportunity to build up a global understanding with diversified people. I will take this opportunity to learn more about people and society and then, my endeavor will be to promote the brotherhood among people of the world. Proposed by

Muinul Hasan Banna