Police ID teen killed in Pasquotank County crash

Morgans Corner, NC A 17 year old driver, Jamal Antonio Williams, crashed with an 18 wheel truck on US 158. The details are still under investigation but it seems that the teen was trying to make a left turn but came in contact with the truck. Jamal Williams, was killed. Two passengers were injured. The truck driver was not injured. One passenger was flown to Sentara Hospital in Norfolk. The other was taken to Albermarle Hospital.

He was carrying a pistol. She was not seriously injured. The woman was at the intersection of Indian River and Kempsville at midday when the man openned an unlocked door and jumped in her car. Officer Jimmy Barnes recommends that drivers keep their doors locked at all times. robs driver in Va. ³It is a safe procedure´. He took $25 and left. He hit her on the head and hand and demanded money. open the window only enough to be able to hear what the person is saying. comply with their demands. robbed. Beach Virginia Beach Police are reminding drivers to lock their car doors after a man jumped into a woman¶s car.Gunman jumps into car. He also stated that if someone approaches your vehicle. If they have a gun. . and assaulted her.

Fast lanes VDOT announced that the interstate speed limits will be increased to 70 miles per hour. Although this will not be locally in Virginia Beach. The goal is that by the end of the year for 61% of the interstates to be 70 miles per hour. . the closest start of this new speed limit is in Williamsburg.

but now. In Virginia Beach. signs. . Crash statistics and State Police¶s opinions also weighed in on making this decision.How fast can you go? Hampton Roads Over half of the state¶s interstate speed limits will be increased to 70 miles per hour. McDonnell urged the General Assembly to allow VDOT the authority to make the change. etc over the next year in the affected areas. VDOT plans to make some upgrades to guardrails. Previously. Major urban areas were excluded from this change.119 miles of interstate in Virginia. the only place where there was a speed limit about 65 miles per hour in Virginia was between Petersburg and the North Carolina border. Earlier this year. Gov. they planned to stay the same. it is planned to pertain to 686 of the 1.

The city recently reduced the speed limit in that area from 45 miles per hour to 35. signs. That committee endorses a plan that would involve constructing more pedestrian walkways and bike paths. The Bayfront Advisory Committee is eager for more action from city leaders and is asking for long term safety solutions. showing that action must be taken. .000. This ok in spending comes after other attempts at helping the safety of Shore Drive. The City Council has given its ok to these improvements. upgrading intersections. Improvements aren¶t scheduled until 2018. and would cost the city $11. In the past 8 years. The current budget is 450. The money to pay for this will be taken from that which was set aside for long term improvements to Shore Drive. 10 pedestrians have been killed. Virginia Beach The cost of all these improvements in crosswalks.000. etc is estimated to cost $63.Virginia Beach OKs Shore Drive safety improvements. streetlight additions.2 million.

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