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Tips and Tricks Magnetic effect of current and magnetism


For all the formulas involving the length of the magnet, denoted by l ,the symbol "l" always stands for half the length of the magnet. Complete length would be 2 l. Facts of Fleming's left-hand rule


If the Fore finger represents the direction of the Field (Magnetic) B and the Centre finger represents the direction of the Current I then the direction of the force /thrust will indicated by Thumb. For better understanding the direction of the mechanical force is simply its literal direction. Whereas the direction of the magnetic field is always taken as from North Pole to South Pole. The direction of the electric current is that of conventional current . The force exerted by an electric field is always collinear to the field where as the force exerted by a Magnetic Field is always perpendicular to the direction of field. Whereas the source of electric field is an electric charge, the source


of magnetic field is a current element ( not a magnetic charge)


Normally some of the magnetic parameters are often confused with each other, in Numerical Problems involving Magnetic field /magnetic flux/ magnetic flux density etc. These quantities are summarized in form of table for ready reference Physical Quantity Magnetic Pole Strength Magnetic Dipole moment Magnetic Flux Magnetic Flux Density Magnetic Force or magnetic field intensity Intensity of Magnetization Magnetic Permeability of a medium Relative Magnetic Permeability Symb ol

S No


SI units

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


IXA BXA f/qv B/ M/V or m/a B/H or B/B


Wb T Am -1 Am -1 Hm -1 -

/ 0 0


The magnetic field due to a straight conductor is zero, when the observation point lies along the length of the conductor. The magnetic field due to a part of a circular conductor of radius r & carrying current I is B = 0 4 Ir Where is the angle which the circular part subtends at its centre. When a current I flows through two concentric conductor of radius a1 & a2



Then the net magnetic field at their centre is B=

8. 0 4 2I

( 1a1+1a 2)

For a point on the axis of a circular coil carrying current, magnetic field is Maximum at the centre of the coil.

For numerical problems involving two coaxial solenoids having different cross Sectional areas then the, cross section area of the inner solenoid is to be Considered for calculation of mutual inductance. the lengths of the two co-axial solenoids are different, then the length of the bigger solenoid is to be considered in the numerical calculation of mutual Inductance

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