The Arabic word ‘Haraam means unlawful. The following items have been categorically spelled out as being ‘Haraam by jurists in light of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah: Almost all reptiles and insects, Animal diglyceride, Animal glyceride, Animal glycerol/glycerine, Animal harmones, Animal lipase, Animal monoglycerides, Animal phospholipid, Animal shortening, Bacon, Blood, Carnivorous animals, Collegen, Dead animals, Dough Conditioners, Enzymes (Microbial enzymes are permitted), Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Wine and Spirits (Non-Alcoholic wines are also ‘Haraam), Emulsifier, Fatty Acid, Gelatin (Synthetic or made from proper Zabiha are permitted), Gin, Halaal animals that are not slaughtered according to the Islamic law, Ham, Hog, Hydrolyzed Animal protein, Lecithin (Soya Lecithin is permitted), Lard, Pepsin, Pig and Pig products such as Pork, Bacon, Ham, Porker, Rennet (Plant, Microbial and Synthetic Rennet is permitted), Rum, Sausage, Sorbicon, Stearic acid, Tallow, Whey (Whey produced from Plant, Microbial and Synthetic Rennet is permitted). Processed foods contain food additives, regulated by the alphabet ‘E’, such as emulsifiers, raising agents, preservatives, coloring and gelling agents. Some of these are of animal origin and are not manufactured in any Islamic countries, which means that these are either made from Non-Zabiha or ‘Haraam animals such as Khanzeer. These ‘Haraam additives MUST BE AVOIDED all costs. These ‘Haraam additives are E120, E160a, E471, E472[a-e], E473, E474, E475, E476, E477, E478, E542, E570, E572, E631, E635, E640, E920. (If the source of any of the above is other than Animals, it is Halal. For example, some products have E471 of palm origin. This would make that product Halaal). The additives (without E prefix) 476, 542, 570, 572, 631, 635 are also considered to be as ‘Haraam. There are some additives that are of chemical origin and are dangerous for health. Frequent consumption of these MUST BE AVOIDED. Best would be to avoid these because the additives are not prepared in any Islamic country and the procedure of production is not known. These additives are E100, E101, E102, E103, E104, E105, E107, E110, E111, E121, E122, E123, E124, E125, E126, E127, E128, E129, E130, E131, E132, E133, E140, E141, E142, E150, E151, E152, E153, E154, E155, E161g, E171, E173, E180, E181, E210, E211, E212, E213, E214, E215, E216, E217, E220, E221, E222, E223, E224, E226, E230, E232, E233, E234, E239, E240, E241, E250, E251, E252, E270, E280, E304, E311, E312, E319, E320, E321, E322, E325, E326, E327, E330, E334, E335, E336, E337, E338, E339, E340, E341, E407, E420, E422, E430, E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E441, E450, E461, E462, E463, E465, E466, E470, E470(a-b), E479b, E480, E481, E482, E483, E488, E489, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E530, E550, E585, E591, E631, E632, E633, E635, E640, E904, E921, E966. The additives (without E prefix) 107, 128, 133, 154, 155, 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 436, 478, 491, 492, 493, 494, 495, 544, 556, 620, 621, 622, 623, 627, 904, 907, 920 are also considered to be doubtful. Best is to avoid all products that have any E or Non-E number in the ingredients. There are many products that are being manufactured in Pakistan on behalf of the multinational companies. There original product line has been identified as ‘Haraam. This makes their local products doubtful. Let us share a few personal experiences here. 1. We know that the cola drinks must be avoided because there are news that pepsin is used in these drinks. A local representative told us that he has seen no doubtful ingredient used in the production of their cola drink. When asked that does he know about the ingredients of the concentrate that is used in it, he kept quiet. This makes all local cola drinks doubtful too. So, we MUST AVOID all cola drinks. So far, we have only found pakola to be doubt free, Wallah A’alam !!! We have seen an official letter from Wrigley’s Chewing Gums that they use animal flavoring in their products. This has already created an uproar among the vegetarians and they have boycotted these products. Because the animal source is not confirmed to be a Halaal animal and a proper Zabiha, these products MUST BE CONSIDERED ‘HARAAM. We have come across another news that has created an uproar among the vegetarians. BBC reported it. According to this news Masterfood Company Chocolate have started using Animal product rennet in their products that have expiry date after 1st of October 2007. These products are Bounty, Celebrations, Dove Chocolate, Flyte, Galaxy, Kudos (North

2. 3.

Moth/Balls). 2. All Chinese Salts. All Cola Drinks (PEPSI. Colgate Powder). Galaxy. Walls and Polka Products.S Soap Pads. saying that ethanol is used in the production of their products. Celebrations. Lockets. Bounty. Pizzas because cheese is made using rennet (Consume pizzas or Steaks only if the cheese type is confirmed). Imported Honey (Because of the Preservatives). (Swiss Yogurt). Skittles. Ellio's (Cheddar Cheese). Yeast made by breweries MUST also be avoided. 3. Microbial or Synthetic Rennet. Kraft (All products). Lever Brothers Co. UK Office. Nabisco (All Products). Inc. Topic.). Chesbrough Ponds Inc. Following chocolates are confirmed to be ‘Haraam. Milky Way. M&M's. use preservatives. Twix. All Cheese Products that contain RENNET unless it is made from Plant. Zest). Last update: 2007 Sources: 1. GUARDZICT. Dove. Procter and Gamble (Gleen. 6. Prince Biscuits (Chocolate Flavor). Purex Corporation Brillo (Soap pads. We have also seen an official letter from Wall’s Ice Cream.4.O. (Frosted Pop Tarts). Camay. The Chinese salts are either chemically produces or are flavored with khanzeer’s bones and hoofs. Quaker Celeste (Mozzarella Cheese). Snicker's Marathon Energy Bar and AquaDrops Following is the list of companies with their ‘Haraam products. Remark Butter and Cheese. White Bread). Snickers (The top-selling candy bar in the United States. Twix. 4. Mars Delight. Mars Delight. Flyte. (Lux. Frosting). Tone. 3 September 1998) Research Report by Sarq Beirut Websites on E-Numbers International Islamic Organizations Online Madrassas We are also thankful to Syed Aways Ahmed Naqshbandi Sahib for sharing his list with us. kindly send email to qa@haqqaniya. 9. (Jergens. Turkish Newspaper: Zaman (27 April 1997) Pakistani Newspaper: Zarb-E-Momin (23 August 2002 to 27 August 2002) Indian Weekly: Uneavudt (28 August 1998. M&M's. The point is that do we know for a fact that they are not using their original concentrate in Pakistan? Keeping this into consideration these four points. the following list is produced here as ‘Haraam. Keebler (All products). Penn Maid Food Inc. Skittles.). Consumption of the former is dangerous for health and consumption of the later is ‘Haraam. Makkah etc). Miles laboratory (S. Minstrels (UKonly). (New York State). Ultra Brite. A lot of Chinese leather jackets have pig leather lining. Topic. Snickers (The top-selling candy bar in the United States. Mars Bar. All Nivia Creams. 7. 5. 7. Minstrels (UKonly). All Lipsticks (pig fat is used to ensure its long application) except manufactured by Body Shop. Mars Bar. Andrew Jergen Co. BRYL. McCadm Co. (Palmolive. This makes the Wall’s ice cream ‘Haraam for the Muslims. Coast. Seldane Capsules. Maltesers. 5. Double Pads). M & M Co. Amrat Zam zam. General Mills Inc. Framageries Bal. Colgate Paste. (Dial. Pepperidge farm (Layer Cakes). Colgate Palmolive Co.org . Pensupreme (Ice Cream). 3 Musketeers (North America). For further queries or suggestions. Starburst (Originally Opal Fruits in the UK). Tuffy Plastic Mesh. Phase II. 6. known in the UK as Marathon until 1990. Woodbury). 8. Stroehmann Brothers Co (Hillbilly Bread. 3 Musketeers (North America). Mars Planets (newly introduced in UK). Caress). America). (Starburst fruit Chews). Kellog Co. Some of the manufacturers in Pakistan. Beach Nut (Chewing Gum). Safe Guard. Lockets. Dove Chocolate. Irish spring). Lata Soap. Snicker's Marathon Energy Bar and AquaDrops. Maltesers. Baskin Robbins (Ice cream and those flavors containing might marshmallow). Cashmere. Kudos (North America). Wrigley's Chewing Gum. Lifebuoy. M-Azing (North America). We must avoid these products too as the preservatives are imported and their origin is unknown. Milky Way. (Cheese). Armour Dial inc. LISCAP and SAIL Hair Creams. Clearfield (Natural Cheese Kosher Brand). Aqua and Rain Forest (Lip pencils can also be used). known in the UK as Marathon until 1990. (Vaseline Intensive Lotion). Starburst (Originally Opal Fruits in the UK). M-Azing (North America). such as Shaan Maslajaat. Karaja (Italian only). Kosher Soap. Drake Bakeries (Honey bun). Coke. Mars Planets (newly introduced in UK). Ivory. (Ready-to-Spread. It has been confirmed by many International Islamic Organizations that many soaps use lard as an ingredient which is produced from khanzeer. Amway Corporation (All Bar Soaps).

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