Jusinta Sollins reading to her chiidren (from left to righi) Vietor, irlarmi and Janda dr:ring tfueir regular evening storytime.

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-,vry u'ediiior.riii l',br-rriginal s[olics

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trrc iiponsorccl by L}lickb-.n'ri ancl tht

Armidaie Dilmarescl r'\,/:tr lv{unloriai


Mqsier Plqn begins for Culturql qnd Sustqinqbility Precincf
lntcrcstecl comt-nunity merrhcrs are

invited to thc lirst public planning
meeti ng to*,arcls thc cstablishrncnt

of a Cultural anci Sustainability Precinct in und arolind Ncw England Regional Art Museum (NEli,{M) anrl tlie Aboriginal
Cultural Centrc and Keeping Flace

reinvigorarion of ouldoor spaces such as thc arnpliithcatre," said Adam Elakester', who is wolking with Annidai,: Duniarcsq Corincil

A comnrunity fot"unr is being nability Precinct.'' One exai.nptre of part of heid to gauge this support ancl rhc Precinct is thc proposccl provide an opportunity to start

this Srturday. Octotrer I5.

The community ibrum rvill

take placc lronr 2pnr-5pnl. l'lease

{AD( }ro lacilrtatc lltt prui,'.1.

"'fhe potcntial has heen to consolidatc antl
community, Arntidali.

comurunity fbod garden. Down io Earth hal'e appliecl lor a le ntpr:rary licence to conrmcrtce worl< using thc internal area oi' the dlsLrsed

shaping the inaster plan o1' thc

mect below the NE,tiAM cat'park
betr'r'een the Aboriginal Cultural Centlc & Kecping Placc and thc

Prccincl. Tlic lorLrn'r r'r,il1 coincide wilh a rnoinirrg ol rvorks on the cornlruniiy food garclcn.

gallery (ol in the Mazrja roorr

tlrir 5alrirtia;. Uctub*r I5. "Ovcr the last fcw ntonths there
li:rs been a lot ot' activity on the sitc. with rcgeneration of Elack Guliy, erpansion olthc bush tuckcr 1rail, gardcns for the grouncls aud

integrate thcsc e I'forts irrto a lal'gcr ilaster planning process. wolkirr;1


r.vith the

Dirmaresq Council and Crorvn Larrds. who o,.vtr thc sirc. !u move tor'vards thc cstablishtncnt

'"-['[re Euccess oi this kinrJ ol cnrL'ai'ouL will vcry much deperrcl on how slrongiy sr-Lpltort is garnercd lirm throughout tire Arrnielalc aird


to cJiscuss ihc estaliiisilttic:nt o1' a Cultural anrl Sustlinability

All oj

fhe r:onimunity ,,19 inr"'ifcd

,ll' a

signiircant []riltulal

New England conrilunity,"



Ml Illlikcstcr.

(Nlll{AI\,'l) and llrc Aboriginal l'ultural ['ctiuc r8r fi"-c;ting Piar:t:

in and at'ounel Ncw Englantl Rr:gional .Art l\4 us;cttt.li

if wcather is inclentent). For thosc who rvtittld likc to oxpress interr:st to attencl or tind out ilrore, plcase contact Adant Blakesttl txt 6li5 2501 or 0411)
808 900, or ;rclanl(rilparadi gmplay.


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