CB Meeting 22 July 2011 LDP Room MVP 217-218 Attendance/People in the Meeting: Drew Copuyoc Gio

Alejo Ian Agatep—proxied by Gio Alejo Steph Gumaru Alwyn Chua Alvin Yllana Joben Odulio Cheth Mundin Charm Chan Cate Sison – proxied by Cam Mamaril Moses Albiento Dan Remo Nicole Reyes AJ Elicaño 2nd Yr SOH CB is now vacant Ken Abante Justin Tan Claudia Vega - late Ana Raymundo Alyssa Gaisano Lance Viado Nick Lucero Felix Mintu Kyla Javellana Jiggy Villamin Fara Supetran Guidon

Video Recording? No *Audio Recording? Yes Time Start: 6:28pm Time End: 8:40pm Agenda: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Approval of minutes CB_071511 (5 mins) World Vision Project Approval c/o SOSS 2nd Yr Exec (15 mins) GC Wave 2 discussion c/o CAA (30 mins) Trike Matrix update c/o CAA (15mins) Security Guard Contract Issue c/o COA President (15mins) COA Updates c/o COA President (20 mins) Reporting on external engagements c/o DEA (30 mins) Important Reminders c/o OSG (5 mins) Budget Committee Reminders c/o FO (5 mins)

Minutes: Opening prayer was led by Gio Alejo National anthem was led by Ken Abante Motion to postpone Trike Matrix update to next week as made by Alwyn Chua and seconded by AJ Elicano. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed. Motion to add the Security Guard Contract Issue to the agenda was made by Ken Abante, and seconded by Gio Alejo. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed. Motion to add the Budget Committee Reminders was made by Steph Gumaru, and seconded by . There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed. Motion to approve agenda was made by Dan Remo and seconded by AJ Elicano. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed. 1) Approval of minutes CB_071511 (5 mins)  Eleazar: Still to be edited by Ian Motion to approve the minutes of the CB 071511 meeting was made by AJ Elicano, and seconded by Dan Remo. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed. 2) World Vision Project Approval c/o Kyla (15mins)  Important points of the presentation (Javellana) o About World Vision: Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice o Work with the poor through sustainable development, emergency response and disaster relief, raising public awareness and advocating for justice o Core values: Christian, committed to the poor, value for people, stewardship, partnership and responsiveness o SOSS Sophomores are sponsoring 30 kids; first collection was yesterday o 12 hour famine: 12-hour fasting event as a sign of protest, and as a symbol of sacrifice  To gain a deeper understanding of going hungry  Register for P300 (15-21 y.o.), raise funds, send donation pledges collected or go w/o solid food for 12 hours o Reg fee includes famine kit (famine manual, info sheets, official pass to event)

                

Sometime in November, 9am-9pm Flying V Arena (San Juan) or Ateneo Blue Eagle Gym/College Covered Courts o BEG: for size o CovCourts: more accessible to us o Flying V: they can get for free; sponsored by mayor; but they need to spend for electricity (70k++) o Funds go to areas in dire need where WV programs are working o When Drew and I talked to Sir Chris, he’s okay with it but he wants to integrate Ateneo values in the event. Talked to WV if it’s possible for us to have a hand in the event so it won’t look like they’re just using us for the venue N.Reyes: If they get Ateneo, we give it to them free? Javellana: Depending on the negotiations, we’re willing to subsidize a part of it Copuyoc: It’s not for free. Alejo: It’s a concert with other schools? Javellana: Other people who are interested. Also promote to our community for support. Albiento: What’s in it for the Sanggunian? What else can we give them? Javellana: Do we really have to get something out of it as Sanggu because it’s a good cause. Gumaru: Not convinced. I think they’re just using us for the venue. I don’t think we need this one. Odulio: It’s a big event and we already have college fair. They’re not the same, but they’re both really big events Javellana: It’s not limited to our community; encourage our community to participate. World Vision has thezir own target audience. A.Chua: Integrate what Atenean values? Copuyoc: As of now, none yet. Plan is to talk to Sir Chris and WV to find a way to make it more Atenean. A.Chua: Rough ideas? Javellana: None yet. Yllana: Have they shown specific feedback? Like kids they’ve brought to school or fed? How can we assure that it goes somewhere? Javellana: They document it in their website. Gumaru: Ateneans can still get something from this even if you don’t hold it in Ateneo. Having it here, we’ll have a lot of liabilities like security.  

Motion to extend the time allotted to three minutes was made by Dan Remo, and seconded by AJ Elicano. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed.  Villamin: Did they offer alternatives? People will be willing to join, but not willing enough to go hungry for 12 hours. PhP300 is a big amount.

     

Javellana: There are other things you can do, raise funds, etc. Abante: The advocacy is okay. Be wary of what they have in the program. There has to be Atenean parts of it. Tan: Tendency at the start, it sounds nice; straighten out boundaries. Copuyoc: Ideally, we’re not using Sanggu budget. They just want to have it in Ateneo with our support. Remo: It’s very unstrategic for us, if we were to negotiate further. It’s a response to an offer given to us. I suggest we kill it. Copuyoc: Let’s have the voting next week but discuss it first.

Motion to postpone voting for the World Vision project approval to next week was made by Dan Remo, and seconded by AJ Elicano. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed. 3) GC Wave 2 discussion c/o CAA (30 mins)  Important points of presentation (N. Reyes) o Clarify roles with DRS o How responsible is CAA with Wave 2?  Finalize surveys and coordinate with program leaders and others like DPR, DRS, OSG  Finalizing encoding systems  In charge of updating CB and SBs o Program leaders: bulk of execution of wave 2; coordinate with reps; ensure that surveys are answered; updating CAA o Reps: Distributing and collecting hard copies o DRS: Ensuring the quality of survey questions before the launch, analyzing wave 1 data o DPR: Promo materials o OSG w/ OVP: Produce online and hard copy surveys o CB and SB: To support o LAUNCHING ON MONDAY o Surveys are per course o Updates to come from CAA and DRS o Target is 55% per course, per batch o No incentive system for reps  Lucero: Are all the CAA reps aware?  N.Reyes: Yes, emailed them already. Talked to them about this as curriculum review not GC.  Abante: We’ll help push this. Earlier text blasts please.  Alejo: Complaints - blocks or courses who haven’t received anything. Remind execs that the bulk of the work relies on them. No incentives, but I know you can formulate something to encourage them.  N.Reyes: No incentives meaning no budget; not official

       

Copuyoc: At the start of the year, Moses and I presented survey data to OSCI during their planning session. It was good that we were a part of it. But we still lack data. Last year was not as substantial as now. It’s a good start, big improvement. Also improve quality of data. We need that 55%. Lucero: Do we have a plan B? What happens if there’s a lull in getting data? Raymundo: Keep pushing our reps. Copuyoc: Lead by example. Hindi lang tayo taga-utos. Odulio: What I did is to appoint a co-program leader. N.Reyes: Our biggest hindrance now is standardizing the questions. Content wise, we’re okay; form wise, it really has to be fixed. Remo: Timeline? Target date? N.Reyes: August 7, that’s two weeks. Gumaru: I hope we don’t stop after getting all the surveys. Hopefully we can report to the students after. My concern is also that we want to do FGDs after. We end on August 7 and sem break is in October. I don’t know how feasible it is. Alejo: Last year, different schools had different techniques. This year, let’s consolidate on what we’ll do and how we’ll do it. I echo what Steph said: what’s more important is for them to what they said, hold ourselves accountable for that and try to do something about it.

4) Security Guard Contract update c/o 15mins  Important points of the report (Abante): o Contract of the security guards on campus expired last April o Verify info with admin o All SGs will be replaced by September 1 o Leopard, current agency, to be replaced by Megaforce, new agency o Drew, Alvin and I met with Sgt. Edgar, the higher officers of Leopard  They want to know the opinion of the students  Lost bidding  Asking for help with the welfare of their employees  What is the best for the community; transition might be a problem  Integrity of their replacement, Megaforce o Consult with the admin about this o Contract change is final  Copuyoc: Their concern is the welfare of the community. How can you ensure that they will do a better job? AGS head of security, Mrs. Borromeo, is against the new contract. We can’t have a statement to support this because we haven’t consulted the admin.  Alejo: Some employees are carried over to the new agency?

         

Abante: If they are absorbed again in Ateneo, they will lose their benefits from Leopard for loyalty. Alejo: Interested in the side of the school; why choose Megaforce instead of Leopard? There might be complaints in the service. Mundin: Clarify the reason with the admin. At bakit hindi nakarating sa atin. Gaisaino: I didn’t like the fact that we weren’t formally informed. Tan: ARSA initially wanted a petition against the replacement. Residence hall admin is willing to absorb them and the SGs are fine without the benefits. Villamin: What is our role? Mediators? And who will we be up against? Board members? Remo: We have to approach this carefully, given that there is a bidding process. Before we make a stand, we have to know the overall short term and long term implications. N.Reyes: Are we against it because we’re attached? Copuyoc: Sanggu is not against it yet. There are people with affiliations with the SGs and they want to do something. N.Reyes: I don’t think quality should be a concern. Other than losing their benefits which can be fixed, I don’t see anything wrong with changing.

Motion to extend the time allotted to five minutes was made by AJ Elicano, and seconded by Dan Remo. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed.     Gumaru: For me, the SGs are using our emotions to react this way. This is the best way to get them to stay. We need to get the side of the admin first. Albiento: This is a legal issue. Why is Sanggu stuck with legal issues? We can’t do anything. We have to think as legislators. Raymundo: This is a matter of security, with the transition and SGs who are unfamiliar of the area Remo: Since we’re fighting for transparency and accountability, the best thing we can do is demand for transparency in how the bidding process went. The stand we should take is that how is it that this major process happened without due consultation. We have to be able to detach ourselves and be objective. Guevara: Also a matter of security; if it’s always the same SGs, it’s more liable to outside strategies. It really changes every so often. Copuyoc: CS to investigate with the trike matrix; coordinate with CSPA

 

5) COA Updates c/o COA President 20 mins  Important points of the presentation (Abante): o Performance Management Forum, August 3, 4:30-6pm

        

COA Formation Program  To include LIONS and applying orgs o RecWeek by the numbers  Foot traffic o Height: 1pm o MWF is higher than TTh o Our next promos can be focused on TTh o High in day 1 and day 5  Final count of org members o High numbers across all years o 92.3% of Ateneans are org members o 5% increase  How do we make these org members active? Alejo: Was scolded by OAS because of noise level. How can we solve that problem? Noise is necessary. Abante: We have levelling off sessions. Minimize noise as much as possible. Raymundo: I have no problem with the noise. Abante: Admin side of it, Dela Costa and Kostka are nearby Yllana: Maybe you ask the speakers to talk in a certain level only. Gumaru: Concern – lack of ventilation; add more fans? Albiento: Promos were effective; it added to the people coming. Chan: Possible to add during TTh? Abante: Will look into for next year because of low attendance o

6) Reporting on external engagements c/o DEA 30 mins  Important points of the presentation (Guevara): o Overview of the DEA events o Last Monday, I attended the Development Round Table Series  Project by Focus NGO  Democratic process, where various sectors in the communityh are invited to discuss about pertinent issues  Attended with DevSoc members, the only youth reps  o  Public private partnership - 0  Spratly islands - 0  CARPer updates – 5 on hold  Pantawid Program (conditional cash transfers) - 0  STRAW - 13  Security of Employment - 2  Education K12- 3  RH Bill – 5 on hold

Motion to caucus for five minutes was made by Moses Albiento, and seconded by Dan Remo. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed.    Motion to approve STRAW as Second Tan FOI

Motion to extend the time allotted for five minutes was made by Gio Alejo, and seconded by Alvin Yllana. There were no objections from the CB. Status: Passed.   Motion to prioritize discussions in CB Remo second Yllana unanimous Motion to require CB reps to attend 2 external agendas

7) Important Reminders c/o OSG 5 mins  No classes during 930-1130 July 29, In lieu of St. Ignatius Mass—Church of the Gesú  No classes on August 1, 2011 in celebration of the Feast Day of St. Ignatius (July 31)  Confirm announcement of no classes on Monday, July 25, 2011 (SONA) 8) Budget Committee c/o FO 5 mins  Prepared By: Mikaela Viktoria Eleazar Office of the Secretary-General Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila Endorsed By: Francis Ian L. Agatep Secretary-General Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila

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