In my opinion entrepreneurs are born and not made.

I agree that there are many skills that entrepreneurs need to develop trough time, but there are such skills which were born with them. By such skills I mean Self-Confidence, Self-Motivation and Ethics & Morals. Family is also an important factor, because most of the skills a person has, are from his/her parents. Childhood experiences can be very influential, as it drives and motivates the individual, helping in achieving one¶s dream. Time management is another very important skill, which in my opinion can be hardly made. I can give a person that I know from 7 years as an example; He¶s very ambitions, and he can always have creative ideas, and then he tried starting his own business. But managing time has always been a problem for him. Even though he became more organised, the problem was that delaying things and leaving them for the last minute is in his blood. So he¶s company didn¶t survive for a long time. Entrepreneurs should know that every minute is valuable. Lastly, I think that the desire to become an entrepreneur cannot be made. It¶s something that you¶re born with. For example the reason that many people have inspirations of what they want to be, is because of their inner determination, not because of their education or work experience. And their motivation and belief will help them in achieving their dream come true.

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