Two issues kept me musing throughout the weekend and made me to realise the intricacies of the life paradoxes. The first issue has to do with the capture and extra judicial killing of Colonel Mu’ammar Ghaddafi of Libya. The video shown by MBC depicted how the late colonel was mishandled and humiliated by his people. Even though, I do not intend to argue on whether the treatment meted to him was right or wrong, I believe posterity will judge. In my short sojourn on earth, late Ghaddafi appears to be one of the difficult characters to comment on. Here them “He called himself a revolutionary leader; Imperialists called him a dictator; Socialists call him a martyr; NTC called him a traitor; Arab leaders called him arrogant; Ordinary Africans called him pan-Africanist; Psychiatrists called him histrionic, Human right groups call him a victim of extra-judicial killing; Ordinary Libyans are just saying "Gaddafi kalas". What really made me to ponder on the life paradox is when I cast my mind back and recall the flamboyant Ghaddafi with his coterie of aids and situate that Ghaddafi in that situation when NTC were mishandling him. It is just like a dream. The powerful Ghaddafi of the yester years became powerless in the hand of his people. That episode is an apt reminder for the people of understanding. This is a lesson worth ruminating. How I wish our leaders, political office holders and whosoever is leading the affairs of people should understand the transient nature of life. The second aspect of my rumination dealt with the “level has changed” sms which was circulated towards the end of the week. The sms read “23yrs ago, precisely in 1988, the then SUG President of University of Jos led a team of students who rioted against the then military dictator (IBB) for removal of oil subsidy. He (the SUG President) termed it "a crime against the Nigerian masses and a war against the poor"! That SUG President is Mr. Labaran Maku, the current Minister for Information who has now said the removal of oil subsidy is long overdue! At the first instance, I was sceptical on the veracity of that Maku’s aluta, but someone confirmed that he was witnessed to that incidence when he was in level 300. Yesterday Maku was playing the script of SUG, today that script and its contents has changed and the aluta ideology for injury for one is injury for all has waned. Since ‘Comrade’ Labaran, his wife and siblings are beyond the poverty bracket, then to him let everyone go to hell. It is this kind of thought that kept clicking on my mind. The lesson for all of us is for us to take heed and live a legacy for generation yet unborn to benefit.

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