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God is very hard-working

[1] (The Lord:) Behold, just like people are now becoming to such an extent full of matter by self-love, by haughtiness and by the thereby resulting imperiousness, that they for many thousand times thousands of years cannot be completely freed thereof in the same manner primordial created spirits existed, who also became too self-loving, selfish, arrogant and finally imperious by the impulse given to them, and the result was, that they changed into the purest matter. [2] They have secluded themselves in large associations and set themselves up in for you unimaginable large distances. Each association didnt want to hear, see and learn anything from another in order to world-thickly indulge in self-love. By this continuously growing acceptance of self-love and selfishness and by this more and more awakened haughtiness and absolute imperiousness, the countless many life-forms finally shriveled into an exceedingly large lump according to the law of gravity, which developed by itself out of self-love and selfishness and the physical primordial sun of a shell-globe was completed. (Shell-globe = the total of an immense number of sun-areas, which, like individual planets around the sun, circle around the primordial central sun in immeasurable wide orbits - J.L.) [3] But now there exists in infinite space likewise an immense number of such systems or shell-globes, where everywhere such a described primordial central sun serves countless worlddominions as a common centre, and those primordial central suns are those shriveled primordial spirit associations, from which in time of times all other solar-universes, solardominions, adjacent-central-suns, planetary suns, planets, moons and comets originated. [4] But how did this take place? See, inside the primordial central sun the pressure became too powerful for many of the large spirits! Rage-glowing they ignited and freed themselves from the primordial pressure. They literally fled endlessly far away from their first lump of association. For some time they swarmed totally free and harmless completely independent in endless space and had the good intention, to return by themselves to the pure spiritual order; but since they could not rid themselves of the element of self-love, they finally started again to shrivel to a firm lump, and formed central suns of the second order, which originated inside one and all the other countless shell-globes. [5] In those central suns of the second order the main spirits

incensed in time of times because of the increasing pressure, ignited and freed themselves in countless masses from the unified lump of the second order. They again had the best intentions for a pure spiritual transformation; but since they in time again found a great liking in themselves and could not completely give up self-love, they again grew in material weight and shriveled also to a large lump, and central suns of the third order were formed. [6] But soon the same circumstances developed there as with the earlier central suns. The higher spirits, less in numbers, were in time too much pressurized by the subordinated spirits, became again infuriated and with great power thousand times thousands broke loose from the common lump, with the firm intention to now finally return to the pure spiritual. For unthinkable long periods of time they floated like far from each other separated ethereal fog masses in wide space. [7] In recollection of the mighty pressure they had to endure, they liked this freedom. But in this inactive freedom with time they starved and they started to search for food in space thus a saturation from somewhere outside. They found it and had to find it; since desire resembles those Nordic magnetic rocks which attract with irresistible power all iron as well as all ferrous minerals. [8] But what was the inevitable result thereof? Their being thereby started in time to become more dense; with that soon self-love and its consequence awoke, and the inevitable result was the shriveling into a common lump, which of course required an uncountable number of earth years. [9] Only, what is a still so long duration of time for the eternal God?! A seer from the prehistoric time once said: Thousand years are before God like one day! I say to you: Thousand times thousand years are before God in all seriousness not nearly a moment! Who is an idler, for him hours become days and days years because of boredom. For the diligent and manifold active, however, hours become moments and weeks days. Since eternity God is filled with infinite active diligence and is continuously infinitely active, and the most blessed result of it is, that for Him for you unthinkable long periods of time must appear like a moment and the full development of a sun lasts before His eyes only for a very short time.
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