Learning Standard



2.1.2 Able to blend phonemes into recognizable words and read them aloud. TEACHER’S NOTES Materials onset cards rime card picture cards Onset Cards
b c s g t d p

ACTIVITY Forming Words 1. Place pictures with the grapheme „oa’ in a big box. 2. Pick a picture and name it aloud stressing the phoneme /әʊ/. 3. Pupils repeat the word individually / in groups. 4. Prepare onset and rime cards based on the word list. 5. Place the cards on the table. 6. Pick pupils at random to select the correct onset and rime cards based on the picture. 7. Pupils blend and read the word aloud.

CONTENT Word List boat coat soap goat toad

Rime Card






Roll a word 1. Show pictures with the grapheme “ee” . 2. Say aloud the word , stressing the phoneme /i:/. 3. Pupils repeat. 4. Divide pupils into groups. Provide three cube sets for each group. 5. Taking turns, pupils roll cubes 1 - 3 to form words based on the picture. 6. Pupils say the words aloud and write the words that they have formed.

Word List sheep teeth tree weep feet sleep

Materials picture cards cubes template - Appendix 1 contents of onset cube (1) sh, t, tr, w, f, sl

contents of rime cube (2) ee

contents of onset cube (3) - p, th, t *can use erasers as cubes. *this activity can be turned into a competition.






ACTIVITY Word Chain 1. Demonstrate the action for the phoneme /ɔ: /. 2. Pupils repeat a few times. 3. Show pictures and name them. 4. Pick pupils at random and hang the cards around the pupils‟ necks. 5. Teacher says a word. e.g. saw. 6. Pupils with the respective letter cards will stand side by side to blend the word. 7. Pupils repeat the word.

CONTENT Word List saw paw draw prawn crawl e.g

TEACHER’S NOTES Materials letter cards picture cards

pr cr p dr

aw n l s




Match Me Right 1. Demonstrate the grapheme „i – e’ through a song. 2. Pupils repeat. 3. Show picture cards and blend the phonemes. 4. Pupils repeat individually or in groups. 5. Put up picture cards on the wall with the onset cards. 6. Pupils match the rime cards to the correct picture cards. 7. Pupils read the words.

Word List kite five prize mice rice hide Song chart (Tune of Clementine) I like to fly kites (3x) In the sky I have five kites (3x) As my prize I see five mice (3x) Eating rice When they see me(3x) They run and hide

Materials picture cards Onset Rime Cards cards A B

m h k f r pr

ice ide ite ive ice ize



ACTIVITY Word Spinner 1. Demonstrate the action and sound for the phoneme /eI/. 2. Pupils repeat. 3. Show pictures and say the word. 4. Blend the onset and rime cards. 4. Pupils repeat. 5. Put up a word spinner. 6. Pupils take turns to spin. 7. Pupils blend the onset and rime letters to form correct words. 8. Pupils read the words.

CONTENT Word List thigh light fight night right bright

TEACHER’S NOTES Materials Picture cards Word spinner template – Appendix 2 Onset cards A Rime cards B

th l f n r br t




Appendix 1



Appendix 2



Learning Standard: 2.1.3 Able to segment words into phonemes to spell.

ACTIVITY Separate Me

CONTENT Suggested Words :


1. Demonstrate segmentation of a snake, bake, tape, word. cake, lake, make, race, a. Read the word. date, spade b. Pupils repeat. c. Say the phonemes.

e.g. a-e : snake - /s/, /n/, /e /, /k/
2. Distribute grapheme cards randomly to the pupils. 3. Teacher says a word. 4. People with the related graphemes come to the front to form the word. 5. Teacher says the phoneme and the pupil with the related grapheme card raises it. 6. Teacher repeats the activity with other words.

Jumping On The Puddles
1. Show a word. 2. Say the word aloud and separate them into segments. 3. 4. e.g. girl - /g/ /ɜ:// /l/ Pupils repeat after the teacher. Create „puddles‟ across the classroom floor, each puddle featuring a grapheme. Teacher says a word and picks a pupil at random to demonstrate. Pupil says the phoneme as he/she jumps on it. Repeat the steps for all the words suggested.

Suggested Words : girl, bird, thirsty, skirt, shirt, first

Appendix 3

5. 6. 7.



ACTIVITY Break the Code
1. Divide class into 2 sections. 2. In one section create a „reward zone‟. e.g. – sweets in a box 3. Another section; pupils stand in groups of 5-6. 4. Teacher shows a word card. 5. Each group reads the word aloud. 6. Pupils break the code by saying the phonemes aloud in order to take the reward. e.g. Teacher : bow Pupils : /b/ /әʊ/

CONTENT Suggested Words:
cow, town, how, bow, owl, flower, power


Word Boxes

Suggested Words:

Materials letter cards

1. Divide pupils into groups. sea, pea, meat, read, 2. Distribute boxes of letter cards to eat each group. 3. Show the picture and say the word. 4. Pupils segment the sounds and say the word. e.g. /m/ /i:/, /t/ 5. Each group take turns to segment the word. 6. Repeat the steps with each word on the list.



1. Show the picture and the word. e.g.

CONTENT Suggested Words:
alphabet, dolphin, elephant, telephone, photo

Appendix 4

dolphin d o l ph i n

2. Teacher says the word aloud and segments the word. 3. Pupils repeat after the teacher. 4. Put up the word cards on the wall. 5. Pupils segment the words. 6. Repeat the steps with each word on the list.



Appendix 3

Jumping Over Puddles Create puddles across the classroom floor. Each puddle features a grapheme. Pupils say the phonemes as they jump on it.




Appendix 4

Wall Words Put up the grapheme cards on the wall. Teacher says a word. Pupils say the phonemes, take out the grapheme cards one at the time while saying it aloud.





d n


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