Race #21: 2011-12 Southern California PRESTIGE SERIES of Cyclocross

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Sunday, January 15, 2012
Held under ABR permit

8:30AM 9:00A 9:01A 10:00A 10:01A 10:02A 11:00AM 11:00A 11:01A 12:00P 12:02P 1:00P 1:10P 1:12P 2:00P

COURSE OPEN FOR INSPECTION *Jr. Boys 10-14; 15-18; *Jr. Girls 10-14; 15-18;
*Race together scored separately.


Pre-Reg Entry Fee
Add $5 Race Day Entry Add $5 Additional Race $10.00

35 min One Lap 40 min 40 min 40 min 15 min 45 min 45 min 40 min 40 min Short lap 40 min 40 min 60 min

Top 3 – Prizes/Cat Awards to ALL Top 3 – Prizes Top 3 – Prizes Top 3 – Prizes/Cat

YOUTH UNDER 10 Masters Men B: 35+ CX 3/4 Masters Men B: 45+: CX 3/4 Masters Men 55+: CX1-4; Masters Women 35+; 45+ BEGINNER’S CX CLINIC Masters Men A: 35+: CX 1-4; Men A 45+: CX 1-4
*Race together scored separately.

FREE $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 FREE $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $20.00 FREE $30.00

Top 3 – Prizes/Cat Top 3 – Prizes Top 5 – $300 Top 3 – Prizes Awards to all! Top 3 – Prizes/Cat Top 3 – Prizes Top 5 – $300

Men B: CX3; CX4
*Race together scored separately for Series Points.

Elite Women A: CX 1-4; U23 CX 1-4; Women B: CX 3/4;
*Race together for prizelist. Scored separate for Series Points.  

Women C: CX4 – Beginner *Not eligible for Series Points. LIL KIDS CROSS RACE Single Speed Men A: CX1-4; Single Speed Men B: CX3/4; Single Speed Women CX1-4
*Race together scored separately.  

Men C: CX4 - Beginner *Not eligible for Series points. Elite Men A: CX 1-4; U23 CX 1-4
*Race together for prizes. Scored separate for Series Points.

$20.00 $30.00

Thank you to our Series sponsors…

** Event Information **
HIGH DESERT CROSS Race Questions? E-MAIL: deeporbit@gmail.com PRESTIGE SERIES INFO: www.SoCalCross.org -- Series Questions? E-MAIL: dot@socalcross.org

39700 30th Street West, Palmdale, CA 93551

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From Interstate 5 merge onto northbound Highway 14 Drive approximately 36 miles on northbound Highway 14, then exit at Rancho Vista Blvd. Turn left to go west on Rancho Vista Blvd (also known as Ave P). After approximately 2.0 miles, turn right onto 30th Street West. Park will be on your right.

THE COURSE: Approx 2.5 kilometers in length, the CX course consists of mostly grass and dirt surrounding the northeast corner of Marie Kerr. There will be one run up, one double barrier section, and a sand section. Lots of off camber grass with fast dirt trails and technical turns. THE COURSE IS OPEN FOR RIDER INSPECTION 8:30am on race day. THE VENUE: Marie Kerr Park is the jewel of the City of Palmdale’s recreation system. Featuring a state of the art softball complex and a 10,000 seat amphitheatre this park is a genuine multi-use facility.

REGISTRATION: Online registration available at: www.socalcross.org/register and closes Thursday January 12th (PDT). Race Day registration opens 2 hours prior to race category start and closes 20 minutes prior to race category start. Add $5 race day entrees. ENTRY FEES: *$5.00 2nd race pricing applies after HIGHER entry fee is paid except Juniors race. Pre-reg Race Day C: Beginner $20 $25 Junior Race $10 $15 Youth Under 10 race Free Free All Others $30 $35 2nd Race $5 $5

RULES: Event held under American Bicycle Racing Permit. All 2012 ABR rules apply. Event will be held rain or shine, no refunds. Cyclocross and mountain bikes (no bar ends) are best for cyclocross. Bicycle and wheel changes are allowed in the designated pit areas only. No feeds are allowed on course except under discretion of the race officials. Riders must wear helmets when on the bike at all times. Riders shall stay on the course or existing trails. COURSE INSPECTION: Once the last rider has crossed the line in the current active wave, the officials will allow riders to “pre-ride” the course so they can become familiar with route. Please enter the course just past the finish line. As in the past, while pre-riding do not cross the finish line while the timing system is running and do not pass active racers on course. There will be enough time to complete one lap before the next race starts. Please respect the race in progress. Once the next race has started, no other riders are allowed on course.


CATEGORIES: Senior (over 18 years of age in 2012) and Masters categories may be listed by ability as well as age. Ability categories are as follows. The Prestige Series discourages sandbagging. USA Cycling does not recognize American Bicycle Racing events for cyclocross category upgrades or national ranking points. A B C USAC Road/CX Cat 1 and 2, MTB Cat 1/Expert and anyone else who chooses to race at this level. USAC Road/CX Cat 3 and 4, MTB Cat 2/Sport and anyone who chooses to race at this level. USAC Road 4 and 5, CX 4, MTB Cat 3/Beginner. New racers or those trying cyclocross for the first time.

CYCLOCROSS RACING AGE: A rider’s racing age for the 2011-12 Cyclocross Season is the 'racing age' they’ll be the year of the CX World Championships which take place in January 28-29, 2012. Your racing age for the entire cyclocross season running September 2011 through January 2012 is your age as of 12/31/2012. RESULTS: Race results will be posted near the awards area immediately following each race. Please make sure to check your results within the 15-minute posting/protest period or they will be final. Online results at: www.SoCalCross.org