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1. Mrs. White, a pregnant woman, is 5’4” tall and weighs 130 lbs. Calculate her body mass index.

b. c. d. e.

22 30 24 28

1. What is the best interpretation of Mrs. White’s calculated BMI?

b. c. d. e.

Under weight Normal Overweight Obese

1. Change in the consistency of the lower uterine segment causing extreme softening is referred as:

b. c. d. e.

Hegar’s sign Chadwick’s sign Goodell’s sign Vaginal sign

1. A pregnant woman came in to the clinic expressing concern about her genitalia that has been observed for a

change in color. The nurse explained the physiology adaptations to pregnancy and stated that this discoloration of the vagina is called: a. b. Hegar’s sign c. Chadwick’s sign d. Goodell’s sign e. Vaginal sign

1. The easiest method for determining if a woman’s caloric intake is adequate is assessing: a. Food intake b. Bowel pattern c. Weight she is gaining d. A “typical day “ history or a 24-hour nutrition recall 1. Physical assessment is very important during prenatal visits to evaluate the overall health status of a pregnant
woman. Weight is one indicator of the health status. A pregnant woman on her second trimester of pregnancy should gain how many kilograms per month? a. b. 0.45 c. 1.82 d. 1.36 e. 2

b. 140 beats per minute 1. During the first hours following delivery. The nurses decide to observe her closely. proteinuria 4+ . To reduce a woman’s anxiety b. practice holding breaths between contractions d. Abuel’s cervix is dilated to 6 cm. not drink fluids c. d. Nurse Luis is assessing the newborn’s heart rate. To promote analgesia d. constipation 1. A patient on labor is offered ice chips. 100 beats per minute c. 80 beats per minute b. To facilitate elimination b. Mrs. Which of the following represents an unusual finding for this condition? a. thus alleviating pain 1. Edema of the lower extremities b. Which is true regarding the fontanels of the newborn? a. assume Sim’s position 1. c. Her last 3 pregnancies in short stage one of labor. Mrs.1. Sudden Weight gain c. Administer Milk of Magnesia 1. Blurry vision d. The anterior is bulging. Complete bed rest (CBR) c. the posterior is diamond shaped. Abuel states that she is extremely uncomfortable. lie face down b. Abuel’s discomfort. To prevent infection 1. A pregnant woman is diagnosed with toxemia or pregnancy induced hypertension. breast tenderness d. Protein in urine 1. To allow more blood to pool in the uterus. Which of the following would be considered normal if the newborn is sleeping? a. blurred vision b. To promote cutaneous stimulation d. The priority management for Hyperemesis Gravidarum is: a. Which of the following danger sings should be reported immediately during the antepartum period? a. What is the purpose of giving ice chips to a woman on labor? a. the post partum client is given IVF with oxytocin added to them. To prevent impulses reach the distracted brain c. Precilla Abuel. nasal stuffiness c. The anterior is triangular shaped. the posterior appears sunken. To promote uterine contraction c. D5NSS 3L in 24 hours d. a 32 year old mulripara is admitted to labor and delivery. The following are signs of toxemia apart from: a. generalized edema b. 1. the nurse can advise her to: a. Bettine Gonzales is hospitalized for the treatment of severe preecplampsia. Eating dry toast or crackers 30 mins before arising in the morning b. the anterior closes at 8 to 12 months. The physician determines that Mrs. The nurse understands the primary reason for this is: a. To lessen Mrs. 120 beats per minute d. The anterior is large in shape when compared to the posterior fontanel. The posterior closes at 18 months.

b. The nurse explains that this is: a. “You sound quite concerned. The mother tells the nurse the mother? a. A. Saying “mama” or “dada” for the first time at 18 months of age. Cooing at 3 months.5 to 25 from 25 to 30 from 30 to 35 from 35 to 40 over 40 . Which of the following situations would alert you to a potentially developmental problem with a child? a. c.0 from 16. b. Frequency c.0 to 18. The mother brought her child to the clinic for that 14 days after starting an oral iron supplement. The uterus has already risen out of the pelvis and is experiencing farther into the abdominal area at about the: a. 1. Burning 1. A client asks the nurse what a third degree laceration is. 8th week of pregnancy 10th week of pregnancy 12th week of pregnancy 18th week of pregnancy 2. “I will need a specimen to check the stool for possible bleeding” Rationale: PRE-TEST 1. “I will notify the physician. e. who will probably decrease the dosage slightly” b. Category Severely underweight Underweight Normal Overweight Obese Class I Obese Class II Obese Class III 3. b. Would you like to talk about this further?” d. 1. B. 2.c. blood pressure of 160/110 d. that extends through the perineal muscle. Incontinence e. through the skin and into the muscles c. d. OR BMI range – kg/m2 less than 16. Which of the following is the best nursing response to follow-up check up.5 from 18. She was informed that she had one. that involves anterior rectal wall d. Which of the following urinary symptoms does the pregnant woman most frequently experience during the first 1. Using gesture to communicate at 18 months. Dysuria d. trimester: a. that extended their anal sphincter b. “This is a normal side effect and means the medication is working” c. c. d. Pointing to body parts at 15 months of age. her child’s stools are black. convulsions 1.

whereas the posterior fontanel. the stools normally turn dark green or black. B. which is diamond shaped closes at 18 month. Goodell’s sign is the change in cervix consistency resembling to that of an earlobe. C and D are under the second degree laceration. the uterus is still within the pelvic area. A. thermal stimulation (offering ice chips) and positioning. B and C are findings of severe preeclampsia. ankle and feet. Dysuria. . Parents of children receiving this medication should be advised that this side effect indicates the medication is being absorbed and is working well. A. It is done by effleurage.4. Danger signs that require prompt reporting are leaking of amniotic fluid. D. 21. D. D. B. Eating dry crackers before arising in the morning is the management for morning sickness not Hyperemesis gravidarum. (Pillitteri. Edema of the Lower Extremities plus the upper extremities is a sign of toxemia. Normal weight gain pattern in pregnancy is 1 lb (0. 13. Convulsions is a finding of eclampsia— an obstetrical emergency. To easily remember the pattern of weight gain in pregnancy is 3-12-12. Reducing a woman’s anxiety is done by a continuous support system. not on the woman and allows good circulation in the lower extremities. 8. Edema of lower extremity alone is not a sign of toxemia as it is a normal adaptation to pregnancy that is the result of the poor circulation in the lower extremities due to the pressure from the gravid uterus. 19. Pressure and irritation of the bladder by the growing uterus during the first trimester is responsible for causing urinary frequency. 11. 16. 5. Toxemia or Pregnancy induced hypertension has the following manifestations: Edema of the face. helping to promote uterine involution. B. On the 8th week of pregnancy. which may indicate hydration. 7. Neither fontanel should appear bulging. 10. 3 lbs in the first trimester and 12 lbs each in the second and third trimester.82 kg) per month. Nasal stuffiness. If the newborn was awake. When oral iron preparations are given correctly. D. 12. Options A. In Lamaze method one technique of alleviating pain is by cutaneous stimulation. Preventing impulses to reach the brain is employing the distraction or imagery technique. The priority treatment for Hyperemesis gravidarum is giving 3 L of D5NSS for 24 hours. sudden weight gain. A. B and C are all normal assessments of language development of a child. 17. Chadwick’s sign is the increased vascularity of the vagina changing its color from light pink to deep purple or violet. fever. When the woman is in Sim’s position. C. Goodell’s sign is the change in cervix consistency resembling to that of an earlobe. 5th Ed).45 kg) per month in the first trimester and 1 lb per week in the second and third trimesters. B. expanding into the abdominal cavity. It is managed by raising the legs above the hip level. 6. sacral pressure. and constipation are common discomforts associated with pregnancy. breast tenderness. the anterior fontanel. CBR is also important but the main treatment is D5NSS to replace the lost fluids. blurred vision. the uterus is still within the pelvic area. C. The anterior fontanel is larger in size than the posterior fontanel. Options B. Oxytocin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that produces intermittent uterine contractions. On the 18th week. There is no known vaginal sign in pregnancy. in the second and third trimester the pregnant woman should be gaining 4 lbs (1. A. There is no known vaginal sign in pregnancy. C. visual disturbances. the normal heart rate would range from 120 to 160 beats per minute. A typical day history or a 24 hour nutrition recall is the best method for assessing overall nutritional intake. A. Options A. 14. The normal heart rate for a newborn that is sleeping is approximately 100 beats per minute. 20. Milk of magnesia is an antacid used to manage heartburn in pregnant woman. Hegar’s sign is the softening of the uterus. 9. B. On the 12th week. The easiest method for determining if a woman’s caloric intake is adequate is assessing the weight she is gaining. the uterus and placenta have grown. Meaning to say. incontinence and burning are symptoms associated with urinary tract infection. On the 10th week. 15. A child should say “mama” or “dada” during 10 to 12 months of age. Hegar’s sign is the softening of the uterus. A. rapid weight gain and elevated blood pressure. 18. the uterus has already risen out of the pelvis and is expanding into the abdominal area. hands. headache. Additionally. Chadwick’s sign is the increased vascularity of the vagina changing its color from light pink to deep purple or violet. a. which is triangular in shape closes at 8 to 12 weeks. this puts the weight of the fetus on bed. vaginal bleeding. which may indicate increases ICP or sunken. proteinuria. Allowing more blood to pool in the uterus to alleviate pain is a principle in Dick-Read method. Third degree laceration involves all in the second degree laceration and the external sphincter of the rectum.

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