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Every after gathering, the visitors are encouraged to stay for a while (15 minutes) as the City Smiles

will get to know them at the City Lounge.

City Lounge Defined

The City Lounge is the avenue where the visitors are connected to the body of believers. It is the vehicle in achieving the vision of City Smiles.

The 15-minute Program

Everybodys dance number (action song of sort) 5 minutes Break into groups of 3 & GTKEO & closing prayer 10 minutes

City Smiles
1st edition manual

Guide questions for GTKEO:

Whats your name? How do you want us to call you? Where do you go to school? What do you think of the gathering? Encourage to visit, study & tambay at INSIDEOUT City and join the regular gatherings. Present what INSIDEOUT City has to offer. Usher them to a city group. (Ask them if they belong to one. If not, introduce them to the lingering city group leaders. NOTE: City group leaders will set a date to meet with the visitor/s. This will launch new city group! ^^,) The city lounge facilitators/hosts will text Thank you! & See you next gathering note right after the city lounge session. If the visitor has a special concern and in need of counseling, you can connect them to: Mizpah Alpha G Becaro, Ray J Estrella, Jason C Gamalo, and David J Chiong.

INSIDEOUT City Vision & Mission

VISION: To see God-glorifying generations transformed by Christ from the inside-out. MISSION: To glorify God by sharing the gospel, connecting the youth to the church, nurturing them towards Christ-likeness, and mobilizing them to do the same.

City Group Defined

A city group is a support group where you will: grow in the knowledge of Jesus. be encouraged to live a life that pleases God. get encouragement and godly advices. Grow in the discipline of prayer and studying Gods word.

Monday: Admon Ray Sabanal (0922-888-6256 or 0916-747-7815)

Christy Annah Hipona (0917-794-6988)

City Smiles Supervisors

City Smiles Vision & Mission

Mission: Warmly welcome INSIDEOUT City attendees, personally connect them to INSIDEOUT city members and intentionally usher them to a city group. Vision: To see INSIDEOUT City gatherings grow in quality and quantity, as visitors become regular attendees for the glory of God.

Friday: Faith Ann Raises (0922-865-7362)

Ferliz Pearl Pabrua (0932-769-2968)

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Different roles that a City Smile Volunteer may play:

City Smiles is the welcoming or ushering ministry of INSIDEOUT City.

Who is a City Smile Volunteer?

A person committed to serve God by warmly welcoming people coming to INSIDEOUT City gatherings, connecting them with other members and most especially to a city group.

Why is there a need for City Smile Volunteers?

The City Smilers are the front lines of INSIDEOUT City. They are one of the causes why a visitor would or would not return to IO City. They play a vital role in defining what kind of environment IO City has. They help in connecting visitors to other members and in creating comfortable environment for them.

Counter holds the counter and keeps track of the numerical attendance of every gathering/event Main Door greeter opens the door and warmly greets attendees upon entering IO City. Receiver During Monday and Friday gatherings, he/she will ask the visitors to fill up a green form. Facilitator - Asks the visitor to fill out the green form properly. Guide - asks if they want to drink or go to the restroom and lead people to the hall. Sliding door greeter opens the sliding door and greets attendees, leading them to follow the ushers. Usher/usherette assists attendees where to sit, preferably suggest that they fill the front seats first. City Lounge Hosts/Facilitatorsfacilitate the GTKY activities of the city group leaders and visitors Collectorsthey facilitate the collection of the tithes & offering

Facilitating Factors

How to become and effective City Smile Volunteer?

Cooperate with the City Smiles supervisor/s. If possible, be punctual. Those who will be late will have a fine of 5 pesos per 5 minute late. Dress modestly. Those will be wearing improper attire will not be allowed to do his/her part on that day. Never leave your post. Be responsible and do your assigned task diligently. Communicate. Please inform a day before if you cannot do your part on the day for a certain reason. Be on your post 30-40 minutes before the gathering officially starts. You may leave your post 30 minutes after the gathering starts.

He/she must be a member of a City Group. If probable, participate every INSIDEOUT City special events. Be disciplined in observing call time. (An hour before the gathering or an event) Committed in his/her assigned task. (See page 3.) Dress modestly. One should dress appropriately. Men and ladies should wear clothes that please God and that would not cause others to sin. pursue a Christ-like attitude Should always smile! :D