“In Guns We Trust” By: Ptr. Jesse Amiel A.

Ramoso America's official Motto “In God We Trust” was inaugurated in 1864 and It is codified as federal law in the United States, “title 36 of the United States code”. Use of the motto on circulating coinage is required by law. It is clear that American government “laws, values system and principles” was stablished by Christians. Today, their national antheme “LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE” and their motto “In God We Trust” lost its original meaning and intention. America is not anymore the land of free home of the brave, because niether it's not free nor they're not brave anymore. They're not free to public worship of the God of their forefathers or Christians of todays generation are not brave to fight for their rights. Their forefathers fight their rights and they paid it with blood, in contrast Christians today does not want get involve in fighting because it's ungodly, really! The result, ungodly people are dominating their country and the freedom is widely benifited most for evil intention and self expression of the individualistics philosophy. The result, they killed almost million of babies a year and broke many homes and families. The people that enjoyed the so called freedom are not the original American by birth, these are people from East who dominate America atleast in my personal view. Why these things happen? My openion to this, is because Christians failed to unify and fight for their right. Individualistic philosophies are killing their cultures like “being UNITED culture” which United States philosophies came from. I think, it is difficult for them to unite because of strong influence of individualistic philosophy they end up in different views. They are politically united but mentally or philosophically divided. Only Martin Luther king was the last person who reverse the culture of racial discrimination. The time come that they will change the lyrics of “In God We trust” to any motto that they think fit to their condition today. Recently, they championed on war in Middle East, now they help South Korea against North Korea. I thank American people for their heroic act for other country. “Long live to you and we still love even you reject your God”. We embrace your system, theology and even culture, then latter on we will not trust God anymore. We are allied therefore “IN ur GUNS WE TRUST” instead of your God. We will denie that we also embrace the same theology that paralized your theologians in fighting their rights againts unconstitutional bills that kills babies and destroy homes. We, Filipinoes were proud, as we're known to be the only Christian nation in Asia. Today, South Korea and China would say “REALLY!” Philippines is following the same steps of America, gay rights and reproductive health bill, abortion and devorce is creeping into our houses. In our family we are divided in views and principles because of the influence of individualistic doctrine. There are western doctrine which is not applicable in our country and that we should be vigilant and carefully study before application, however it's already in our churches today. We are now into delima of which one should be prioritize in our preaching and in our bible studies, THEOLOGY or PRACTICALITY? If we preach more on the THEOLOGY “like this article” people got bored and angry at the speaker/writer, if we preach PRACTICALITY then we are no difference to the talk show of Ellen and Oprah why don't we bring our church to their shows? However, only a good theology that is practically applied in people will transformed us into maturity. Religoius culture in Asia are strongly SACRED and SOLEMN why we presure ourselves to put coffee bars, amusement and intertainments in sanctuary? We diliberately junk the SANCTITY of our sactuaries and altars to chose to the so called contemporary approach. Therefore we unintentionally pre-conditioned the mind of the congregation for intertainment and amusement on sundays. Congregations demand the best, humorous and most intertaining speakers in our sanctuaries even they are theologically bunkraft. Then latter on then they will complain why our members do not want to get involve in sacrifice in giving or to do evangelisms and do missions? The early Christians clearly understood that when they follow Jesus they will literally die. The church in New Testament was founded with the blood of Jesus and the blood of the MARTYRS. Today no owants to be a martyr, because of this stigma that if you suffer you are not trully Christian, it's a LIE! Therefore, no body today want to go to mission and suffer, or even die. Nobody

wants to be a pastor because pastors are living in poverty and in a loser situation against luxury and comfort. However, Filipinoes has a strong patriontism and nationalism because even in our national anthem “Ang Mamatay Ng Dahil S'yo” Filipino is worth dying for is the result of our natural reaction to invaders like Lapu-lapu to Magelllan. We are born to die, like Ninoy Aquino was the last Born Again Christian who died because of fighting for our rights and freedom. Yet, we forget his effort and his sacrificed and his EXAMPLE instead exulting and building a wrong monument idolized them. You and I will agree that without the blood of Ninoy it is impossible for us to have freedom. Ninoy was the lone servant of God for building new constitution that frees us from bondage. Then who will be our next blood donor, who is willing to fight for our rights and die? We don't expect a none Christian to fight for the HB 634 and RH bill and other bills to come which is unconstitutional and coorupt our value system. We Christians are commanded in the Bible to die with our self, this include physical death. It's time for us Christians to get involve, to do a sacrificial thing even to death. Death for our personal comfort and luxuries, death for our selfishness, greediness and corruptions. Let's start do something concrete. Let's extend our hand to help our neighbors, our society and even our communities. Let's have a long term commitment of helping the poor by giving them small amount of capital for their livehood, funding a student/s for school, helping educating them in Christian values or reaching them for Jesus. Let us cut off the short term period involvement to our society like one day medical mission, mission outreach, one day evangelisms and one time donation. This is not Chrisitan way of doing ministry this is what the politicians are doing before election day. Shame on us if we are doing the same thing. This is a test to know where is our confidence came from? Is it from GOLD, GOODS OR GOONS or God? Let us unite one another in restoring a Filipino values, a values that is a true Godly Christians. We need to protect the Filipino values which is founded in the Bible through Spaniards and Christians long time ago. If there is one major thing that we need to get and embrace from American culture is this alone “In God We Trust”. Let's trust God that this article will be pass to all Christians until we realized that we are theologically bunkrupt because we trust on “GOODS, GOLD or GUNS” more instead to GOD. This will not happen if we do not do something concrete, to start responding this challenge please pass this article to all friends people you know. God bless us all. Sorces: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_God_We_Trust : “America's official Motto “In God We Trust” was inaugurated in 1864 and It is codified as federal law in the United States Code at title 36 of the United States code.” http://www.kyrene.org/schools/brisas/sunda/flag/main.htm : “LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE” and their motto “In God We Trust” http://lyricsondemand.com/miscellaneouslyrics/nationalanthemslyrics/americanationalanthemlyrics.ht ml : American National Antheme http://www.cirtl.org/abfacts.htm : American Statistics for Abortion Site

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