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Integrated Drillbit Design Platform

The IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform is a revolution in drillbit design. It delivers a true understanding of the dynamics of the rock-cutter interface for designing and building drill bits that set high performance standards around the world.

Dynamic bit stability Application-specific design Faster, longer runs with less equipment stress Longer bit life Increased reliability

Virtual Drilling Simulation

With 4D simulation, the IDEAS* process shows how a bit behaves as an integral part of the whole drilling systemdrillpipe, MWD and LWD tools, reamers, stabilizers, and rotary steerable systemsresulting in a detailed graphic representation of the elements that impact drilling. The IDEAS software designs and tests bit behavior in a virtual well with actual drilling conditions to analyze

rock-cutter interface BHA configuration drillstring behavior and directional response operational parameter changes

The IDEAS software simulates the full drillstring, including the BHA and drillpipe.

Because of this virtual simulation, drill bits certified by the IDEAS design process go from concept to field-proven performance much faster than those designed with traditional processes.

The IDEAS Process

Define Performance Objectives IDEAS Simulation Design Test Analyze Build Bit Test Bit Certify Bit Integrate new bit into product line
Where traditional bit design processes use multiple time-consuming field trials, the IDEAS platform uses virtual simulation to accurately predict bit behavior in the well for which it is designed.

Worldwide performance

IDEAS drill bits consistently outperform previous designs when measured against key design objectives, such as improved ROP, durability, or specific behavior for complex rotary steerables. As a result of total bit design understanding from the IDEAS process, operators around the world see both increased footage and faster ROP with improved dynamic stability.

Available for both roller cone and fixed cutter drill bits, the IDEAS simulation shows individual inserts and bottomhole patterns (for roller cone bits) and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter area and load (for fixed cutter bits). Bottomhole pattern simulation shows the bit stability created by the IDEAS design.


Superior performance the first time - every time
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