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Press after each command to run the function
* Denotes a single-security function ** Denotes a multiple-security function

NSE NRR READ *MCN TOP NI STK NI COS NLRT NI RLS Perform news searches Display news rankings View Bloomberg's most read news Company-specific most-read news stories Display top BLOOMBERG NEWS® Find global stock market news Monitor the company news wire News Alerts Press releases

Economic Data
ECO WE/ECOW ECFC LEAD Economic releases by country Display economic data watch Display economic forecasts/indicators Display economic activity trends

Credit Markets

BANK Monitor bank prices and CDS rates GCDS CDS sector graph CXEV Display CDS versus equity market prices FWCS Analyze projected forward rates Equity Markets/Monitors *ECCG Display Equity and CDS relationship WEI Monitor world equity indices WDCI Credit-related losses and capital infusions WEIF Monitor world equity index futures *AGGD Aggregated bondholders MOST Monitor most active stocks by volume *DDIS Display outstanding debt and loans EMTK Search for exchange-related equity tickers CCRU Credit crunch overview MMAP Market map by sector/regions of the world WWCC View the worldwide credit crunch menu IMAP Analyze price movements across industries MAPD Outstanding debt by region, industry IMOV Monitor equity index/industry group movers Charting & Technicals HILO Display 52-week high/low information OVI Display increases in trade volume G Create & maintain customized charts MARB Real-time M&A arbitrage spread data *GPO Historical chart ECDR Monitor IPO and secondary equity offerings GV Multi security volatility chart SIA Analyze short interest data TDRS Securities meeting selected TD Indicator conditions MRR 10 best and worst performing stocks of an index HS Graph historical price spread and ratio GRR Rank the returns of index sub-groups MGR Display security ratios to a base index LVI Monitor equities with abnormal volumes GPCA Graph historical corporate actions ALRT Create price, event, rating alerts Broad Market Perspectives GRPH Charts hompage BYFC Interest rates yield forecasts Company Analysis BTMM Monitor U.S. Treasuries and money markets *DES Company’s fundamentals/financials FXIP Access the Bloomberg FX homepage *RELS Display all related securities MA Monitor Global M&A transactions *BQ Bloomberg Quote LEAG Research underwriters and legal advisers *FA/CH Display fundamental and ratio analysis to securities deals *PGEO Product/Geographic segmentation GLCO Global commodity prices & data *HDS/PHDC Search for institutional and insider holdings *OMON Monitor real-time option prices *RSKC Display company risk FXFC Access FX rate forecasts INSD Insiders monitor WVI Monitor world volatility indices CACT Corporate action calendar DMMV Leading developed market data *CACS Search for corporate actions EMMV Leading emerging market data *PPC Peer product comparison *CAST Display a selected company's liabilities (where available)

Sales Press after each command to run the function * Denotes a single-security function ** Denotes a multiple-security function Company Research & Events RSE *ANR EVTS Research search engine Display analyst recommendations Display a corporate events calendar Comparative Analysis *RV *RVR *RVH *RVC COMP *RVRD *RVG PC Run custom peer group analyses Perform fundamental ratio benchmarking Display/analyze disribution data Display/analyze scatter data Compare multiple security returns Relative value based on debt metrics Chart a company's key financial metrics Find equity correlation with peers Earnings & Dividends EA *EE *GE *EEG *SURP *DVD *BDVD EERM *EEB *GUID *EM Earning season analysis View the earnings estimates menu Graph historical price and market ratios Chart equity price movements Monitor earnings surprises Access dividend/split information Bloomberg dividend forecast Display earnings estimates revisions Display Bloomberg Earning Estimates Evaluate a company's own estimates Reported data and future estimates Equity Searches EQS ESCO Search for equities based on a variety of criteria Create stock scoring and ranking models Communications MSGM IB SPDL GRAB TMSG BERRY Access a menu of message functions Instant Bloomberg messaging system Create/organize your contact list Send Bloomberg screens via the message system Send and receive stock-specific messages Bloomberg on your BlackBerry® device .Equity .

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