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Anatomy & Physiology Library Resource Guide
September 2008 Reference Books Abrahams, Peter H. McMinn’s Color Atlas of Human Anatomy (with CD-ROM). 5th ed. Mosby, 2003. (Call Number: QM 25 .M23 2003) Agur, Anne M. Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy (with CD-ROM). 11th ed. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2005. (Call Number: REF QS 17 .A284 2004) Dean, David. & Herbener, Thomas E. Cross-sectional Human Anatomy. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2000. (Call Number: REF QM 25 .D43 2000) Gray’s Anatomy. 38th ed. Churchill, Livingstone, 1995. (Call Number: REF QM 23.3 .G73 1995) Kapit, Wynn & Elson, Lawrence M. The Anatomy Coloring Book. 2nd ed. Random House, 2003. (Call Number: REF R 834.5 .A425 2003) Walker, Richard. Encyclopedia of the human body. DK Publishing, 20002. (Call Number: REF QM 7 .E53 2002) Anatomical Chart Company Resources-The World’s Best Anatomical Charts. Anatomical Chart Company, 2000. (Call Number: REF RB 33 .A538 2000c) Diseases and Disorders. Anatomical Chart Company, 2000. (Call Number: REF RB 33 .A538 2000d) Systems and Structures. Anatomical Chart Company, 2000. (Call Number: REF RB 33 .A538 2000s)

Main Stacks Books for Loan Berne, Robert M. Principles of Physiology. 3rd ed. Mosby, 2000. (QP 34.5 .P744 2000) Borley, Neil R. Instant Physiology. 2nd ed. Blackwell Publishing, 2005. (QP 41 .B757 2005) Faiz, Omar. Anatomy at a Glance. 2nd ed. Blackwell Publishing, 2006. (QM 31 .F33 2006) Ganong, William R. Review of Medical Physiology. 21st ed. Lange/McGraw-Hill, 2003. (QP 1 .R38 2003) Godfrey, Helen. Understanding the Human Body. Churchill Livingstone, 2004. (QP 34.5 .G63 2004) Guyton, Arthur C. Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease. 6th ed. W.B. Saunders, 1997. (QP 34.5 .G87 1997) Guyton, Arthur C. Textbook of Medical Physiology. 10th ed. W.B. Saunders, 2000. (QP 34.5 .G9 2000) Johnson, Leonard R. Essential Medical Physiology. 3rd ed. Elsevier, 2003. (QP 34.5 .E83 2003)

2000. Kent M. Enter your D number for access to these services-EbscoHost Alt HealthWatch EbscoHost Consumer Health Complete EbscoHost Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Full-Text (CINAHL Plus with Full Text) EbscoHost Medline with Full-Text EbscoHost Nursing Reference Center Internet Resources Human Anatomy Online http://www.5 .5 .innerbody. 2001.5 . McGraw-Hill. Study Guide for Delmar’s Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology.S526 2002) Seeley.html Medline Human Anatomy & Physiology http://www. HarperCollins. Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies. (QP 41 . Williams & Wilkins. 12th ed.S418 2007) Thibodeau. Gerard J.nlm.M67 1999) Rizzo.5 . 2002. Clinically Oriented Anatomy (with CD-ROM).nlm.M66 2001) Moore. Delmar/Thomson Learning. McGraw-Hill. 1997. Delmar/Thomson Learning. (QP 34. Gary A. 4th ed. Donna Rae. Human Anatomy and Physiology (Schaum’s Outline Series).T67 1996) Van de Graff. Donald C. 1999. Wiley.2 .devry.Main Stacks Books for Loan (cont’d) Lingappa. Physiological Medicine: A Clinical Approach to Basic Medical Physiology. Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology (with CD-ROM). (QM 23. Keith L. (QP 34. 2004. newsletters and trade publications that cover anatomy and physiology topics. (QP 34. Churchill Lingstone. 8th ed.3 .T453 2004) Tortora.html Medline Plus Free health database maintained by the National Library of Medicine which is part of the National Institutes of for magazines. Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. 2001. (Textbook QP 34. Delmar’s Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology.L56 2000) Monkhouse. http://www.5 .R55 2001) Rizzo. (Textbook QP 34.5 . Donald C. Clinical Anatomy: A Core Text with Self-Assessment. 2nd ed. (QM Mosby. (QP . 2007. Vishwanath R. (QP 34.nih. 1997. Lippincott.5 . McGraw-Hill.V36 1997) DeVry Electronic Databases in Health Sciences Visit the National Library Services page at http://library. Structure and Function of the Body (with CD-ROM). 2000. Stanley. Rod R.R55 2001) Siegfrid.

QP 34. QP 34.5 . http://www. Part 2—Living machines.NPAC Visible Human Viewer Developed at Syracuse University. 1999. 7 Volume 8--Balancing Fluids and pH: The Urinary System. including animations.medtropolis. QP 34.E97 2006 Vol. 2 Volume 3—Support and Movement: The Skeletal and Muscular Systems.E97 2006 Vol. 1 Volume 2--Regulation: The Nervous and Endocrine Systems.5 . 1993.5 .1 Wiley. [VHS] BBC 4 Volume 5--Disease Resistance: The Lymphatic. 2001.E97 2006 Vol.2 . QP 34. National Library of Medicine This website provides complete. http://www. QP 34. narrations.5 . QP 34. (Call Number: Video QM 23.E97 2006 Vol.E97 2006 The Visible Human Project. three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies. 5 Volume 6—Energy Acquisition and Use: The Digestive System and Metabolism. 9 Intimate Universe: The Human Body. Each volume contains animations of the human body systems covered. and quizzes.nlm.E97 2006 Vol.dhpc. (Call Number: QT 36 .nih. The Incredible Human Machine. Integumentary and Immune Systems.I56 1999) (400 min.B49 2001) (120 min. [VHS] PBS Home Video.E97 2006 Vol. anatomically detailed.5 .5 .5 . QP 34.) 4 volumes .E97 2006 Vol. [VHS] National Geographic. QP 34. this website has a Java applet that allows the viewer to extract planar views of the Visible Human male dataset (a Java enable Web client is required on your PC). 3 Volume 4—Distribution: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems. 8 Volume 9--Continuity: The Reproductive Systems and Development.html Nonprint Media Beyond The Virtual Body This website includes interactive presentations on various body systems. 2006. 6 Volume 7—Gas Exchange and pH Balance: The Respiratory System. Volume 1—Foundations.) Part 1—Body electric. (Call Number: Video QP 38 .I537 1993) Interactions: Exploring the Functions of the Human Body. QP 34.E97 2006 Vol. [CD-ROM] Version 2. .5 .

Discovery Education Streaming Library Visit-. and the history of medicine in general. the scientists and physicians who developed new medical procedures and technologies. Volume 1—The Heart / Transplants Volume 2—The Brain / Infectious Disease The Secret Life of the Brain.) 2 Volumes Covers medical innovations. [VHS] Cerebellum. 2003. [VHS] PBS Video. circulatory systems. (Call Number: DVD QP 376 .Life’s Greatest Miracle. Miracles and Compiled by: Dr.discoveryeducation.L544 2002) (60 min.A3A3-14C5 Videos available for viewing are-Standard Deviants School Anatomy which covers—bones. Standard Deviants Present Anatomy. (Call Number: QP 251 . eyes and ears.http://www.A538 1997) (123 min. 2002. endocrine and reproductive systems. [DVD] PBS Video.M384 2003) (200 min. (Call Number: Video QP 34 . [VHS] BBC Video. 1997. Mavericks.) This series explores the startling new map of the brain that has emerged from the past decade of neuroscience and shares a revelatory view of this most complicated organ. Professional Association Websites American Association of Anatomists http://www. Computer animation reveals the inner workings of cells inside the embryo. 2000.) (Call Number: Video QP 37 . 2001. the lymphatic and respiratory systems. Mary Howrey Director of Library Services 8/26/2008 . “Miracle of Register with this American Physiological Association http://www. (Call Number: Video R 133 . orchestrating each crucial step in a baby’s development.S86 2001) 3 vols. [DVD] PBS Home Video. muscles. Part 1 and Part 2. Lennart Nilsson’s cameras take us into the mysterious and beautiful world of conception and the embryo’s development.) From the creators of the world-famous film.S43 2001) (300 min.) 2 parts Superhuman Body: The Future of Medicine.anatomy. (300 min. and nervous system. digestive and urinary systems. as master control genes switch on and off.” comes a spectacular new look at the journal we all travel—from conception to birth.

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