Arch 493 – 010 Independent Study Prof.

Richard Garber Patrick Casey Mahon

Course Abstract: Six scripts for Karl Blossfeldt In the last five years, formal explorations undertaken by architects have been further enabled by the development of scripting languges that enhance the functioning of popular 3D modeling software. Armed with texts on formal genesis by biologists such as D'arcy Thompson and the botanist Karl Blossfeldt, architects have used scripting languages to explore formal development and mutation in biological systems and its relationship to architectural shape grammars. This renewed interest in form, and scripting's capacity to generate forms that are truly 'new' has opened up fresh contemporary discourse on the relationship of architecture to biology. This independent study will add to the discussion through a geometric analysis of microscopic plant phenomena first studied by Blossfeldt in the early 20th century so that synthetic "scripts" can be invented to explain geometrically these formal structures. This independent study will utilize the rich digital infrastructure of NJSOA in the development of scripts in Rhinoceros, as well as a series of diagrams, renderings, drawings and models for exhibition / publication. Proposed Schedule: 1/29 - Blossfeldt/Thompson Research 2/05 - Blossfeldt/Thompson Research 2/12 – Intro to Rhinoscripting/Grasshopper 2/19 – Rhinoscripting/Grasshopper for Curves 2/26 - Rhinoscripting/Grasshopper for Surfaces 3/05 - Rhinoscripting/Grasshopper for Solids 3/12 – Blossfeldt Script # 1 3/19 - Blossfeldt Script # 2 3/26 - Blossfeldt Script # 3 4/02 - Blossfeldt Script # 4 4/09 - Blossfeldt Script # 5 4/16 - Blossfeldt Script # 6 4/23 - Blossfeldt Scripts Presentation - exhibition/publication preparation 4/30 - Blossfeldt Scripts Presentation - exhibition/publication

drawings and models Possible essay for publication . Blossfeldt. Los Angeles: TASCHEN. 2007. 1976. Thompson. Karl Blossfeldt : Working Collages. Blossfeldt. 1999. Ann Wilde and J. Undergarten der natur. Incorporated. Karl. 2001. Berlin: Verlag für kunstwissenschaft. Karl. Hans Christian. Ann. New York: Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH. and Jurgen Wilde. 1981. Rheinisches Landsmuseum: Bonn. Blossfeldt. Honnef. Karl. Ed. renderings. eds. Karl Blossfeldt 1865-1932.Course Texts Adam. Karl Blossfeldt :Fotografien 1900-1932.neue bilddokumente schöner pflanzenformen. Klaus. Minneapolis: Dover Publications. Karl Blassfeldt. das Fotografische Werk. 1932. D'Arcy W. ed. On Growth and Form : The Complete Revised Edition. New York: Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH. 1992. Wilde. New York: MIT P. 1865-1932. Wilde. The Alphabet of Plants. Online texts & Journal Publications To Be Found Work Submitted A series of scripts based on the work of Karl Blossfeldt A series of diagrams.

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