Memorandum  To: PRSSA Members

From: Bethany Scott Date: 02/03/10 Re: Executive Board Elections: VP of External Relations

Maintaining an esteemed reputation is what an organization always strives to achieve. It is an important aspect to not only help to grow the chapter; but also to continue the legacy of PRSSA as being one of the top student PR organizations in the country. If elected to the position of VP of External Relations, I will make it my duty to represent the chapter in a professional manner and to strengthen our relationship with PR professionals. Since my freshman year of college, I have been an active member of both PRSSA and ImPRessions. Through my involvement in PRSSA, I have served as a contributing writer for PRSuccess, attended both the regional PaRterns conference and Chicago networking trip, and served on the executive board as the current VP of Member Relations. In addition, I am also a member of the Global Leadership Center as well as a student writer for University Communications and Marketing. By staying active on campus and in student organizations, I have learned many reputable qualities that would make me an excellent candidate to serve another term on the PRSSA executive board. The position of VP External Relations requires an individual who is active within the chapter as well as someone who is charismatic and would not be afraid to approach individuals at regional meetings. These are two qualities that I posses. I will make sure that if elected to the position of VP of external relations, I will attend at least one regional conference a month and encourage other members of the chapter to attend the meetings with me. I will strengthen awareness for the chapter by networking with liaisons from other PRSSA chapters as well as strengthening our speaker contacts by networking with other PR professionals. As the current VP of Member Relations, my passion to see PRSSA increase its membership and succeed in the future has only been intensified by serving on the executive board with eight other talented individuals. PRSSA is filled with passionate members who are truly dedicated to the chapter. It would be my honor to serve as the next VP of External Relations to represent our great chapter and update PR professionals on all the great activities that our chapter does.

To: From: Date: Re: PRSSA Members Heather Farr 3/08/09 Executive Board Elections – President

Dear dues‐paying members of PRSSA,  The Hugh M. Culbertson Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America  has been many things to me throughout my time at Ohio University. It was my classroom  long before I took my first PR class. It was an opportunity to network with not only  professionals that I otherwise might not have had access to, but also with a supportive  group of “PR kids” who unconsciously always pushed me to be at my best—and who turned  out to be just as crazy as me. In the most basic sense, being a member of PRSSA solidified  my passion for the field of PR and gave me my first sense of purpose, comfort and belonging  on campus. For these reasons, I want to repay the chapter that has given me so much by  serving as the 2011‐2012 chapter president  I am confident that I am the best candidate for this position. Currently, I am the  Executive Vice President, which has given me the opportunity to work closely with the  current president and to work closely with our professional affiliates; in addition, I served  as the 2009‐2010 Vice President of Public Relations, which included serving as the editor‐ in‐chief of PR Success as well as leading all chapter outreach and social media efforts. With  two years of experience on the Executive Board under my belt, I am confident that I  understand what programs and traditions have been successful, and what items need to be  improved. For example, last year we found that our members had a lot to contribute in  regards to what they want to get out of PRSSA; if elected, I would make sure that all  members’ opinions are heard to ensure that each and every person is getting the most out  of this experience.     After attending a PRSA networking event last fall, I realized how fortunate we are as  a chapter: while nearly all other Ohio PRSSA chapters only host one or two speakers a year,  we could potentially schedule a speaker for every meeting if we chose. Recognizing that  more professionals means more opportunities to learn, a bigger network for not only our  chapter as a whole but also for individual members and a better PRSSA experience all  around, I am committed to continuing our tradition of weekly speakers. This year, I  attempted to schedule speakers from a wide variety of locations to speak on a wide range of  topics; if elected, I will assist the next Executive Vice President in doing the same.   I have been fully invested in this organization since I became a member and this  chapter’s success is extremely important to me. My passion, my enthusiasm, my  qualifications and my leadership skills all make me a prime candidate for this position.  Thank you for your consideration.  Best,  Heather Farr  

MEMORANDUM Date: 2/26/2011 To: Dues paying members of the PRSSA Hugh M. Culbertson Chapter

From: Nicole Bersani RE: Chapter Elections: CEO of ImPRessions

As a public relations student at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and with  excellent qualifications and a strong desire to excel, I am seeking the appointment of the chief  executive officer of ImPRessions and executive board member of PRSSA for 2011‐2012 academic  year. Each experience thus far in both organizations has provided me the opportunity to greatly  expand my public relations skills, which I have capitalized below.  ImPRessions – Vice President of Administration and Jschool Supervisor:  • Secured the PRSSA Student‐run Firm National Affiliation for ImPRessions  • Assisted in firm promotions and secured a 78 percent increase in client base and a  50 percent increase in firm membership for 2010‐2011 school year compared to  the previous year  • Worked closely with the chief executive officer with an emphasis on client relations  • Supervised Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism account by  monitoring all account activities concerning the social media research, plan and  execution  PRSSA:  • Served on the PRSSA executive board as a non‐voting member and second voice of  ImPRessions during the 2010‐2011 academic year  • Produced and edited articles since fall 2008 for chapter’s newsletter, PR Success  • Attended the annual PRSSA National Conference in 2009 and 2010    My goals for next year’s position is to not only fulfill the responsibilities that are required as CEO, but also capture the firm’s biggest accomplishments from this year and excel those further as well as new endeavors. From increasing membership and clientele to building stronger PRSSA/PRSA connection and networks, my main goal is to provide participants with the professional experience that will prepare them for future internships and employment opportunities. I believe I have the qualifications and enthusiasm that your are looking for in the next CEO of ImPRessions and PRSSA executive board member. Always thriving on challenges I am provided, I will spend the time and effort it takes in furthering the success of both the entire firm and chapter. I am excited for the next team of leaders in ImPRessions and PRSSA, and believe that I would be the ideal person for this position. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Nicole Bersani

I am submitting this memo as my official application for the position of Vice President of Public Relations for 2011-2012. I believe that I have all the skills needed for this position. I became a member of PRSSA this fall, after changing my major from Broadcast News to Public Relations. I have done as much as I can thus far to get involved and broaden my knowledge of public relations through PRSSA. Along with being a dues-paying member, I attend all the weekly meetings, attend as many PRSSA activities as possible, and I just recently wrote for PR Success. Even though I have not been studying public relations for very long I decided to get actively involved as fast as I could. From all of my activities, I have gained a lot of experience that will benefit me if I am elected VP of Public Relations. This year I became a member of ImPRessions and am on the OU Performing Arts account. For this I actively volunteer and participate in planning and promoting university-wide events. I have gained blogging experience writing for the ImPRessions blog and the OU Performing Arts blog. This past winter break I also started a public relations internship with The Lippman School, which is a private school in Akron, Ohio. I launched the school’s social media pages and I currently am still updating them. I also am revising the school’s website to reflect its new curriculum. I also know what it is like to hold an executive board position in an organization, as I was the Vice President of Operations for the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority for the past year. For this position, I informed over 100 members of the chapter’s upcoming meetings and activities, communicated with Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters on a weekly basis, and I attended Executive Council meetings and participated in decision-making. This helped me develop my leadership and communication skills. I would like to take my PR involvement further now by applying as the VP of Public Relations of PRSSA for 2011-2012. PRSSA has had such an amazing impact on me this past year and has helped me not only become more knowledgeable about the field but has enhanced my PR skills greatly. I want to

make sure that other students are informed about what PRSSA does through the chapter newsletter, Twitter and Blog, because being informed about the chapter was my first step to discovering my passion for PR. As VP of Public Relations, it would be my duty to make sure this would happen. If I were elected, I would bring my organized, hard-working and dedicated personality to the position, as well as my many ideas for the chapter. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy for VP of Public Relations for the 2011-2012 school year. Sincerely, Amanda Stefanik


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