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1 Sensory organ s and their functions * Identify + relate sensory organ to its stimulus * State pathway from stimulus to response 1.2 Sense of touch * Draw the structure of human skin + label correctly * Function of different receptors * Sensitivity of skin at different parts of body toward stimuli 1.3 Sense of smell * Identify the structure of nose * Draw the structure of nose + identify the position of sensory cells 1.4 Sense of taste * Draw + label the different areas of tongue * State the different taste to different areas of tongue * Relate the sense of taste with the sense of smell HARI KEPUTERAAN KEBAWAH DYMM TUNKU SULTAN KEDAH 1.5 Sense of hearing * Draw + identify the structure of human ear * Function of different parts of the ear * How we hear hearing mechanism 1.6 Sense of sight * Identify the structure of human eye + label its. * Functions of different parts of different parts of eye * Describe how we see 1.7 Light and sight * Properties of light reflection + refraction * Various defects of vision * Ways to correct vision defects * Limitations of stereoscopic + monocular visions * Device use to overcome the limitations of sight * Relate properties of light to natural phenomena TAJUK BIL SET LATIHA N TINGKATAN: 2 DELIMA JUMLAH SOALAN OBJEKTIF STRUKTUR ESEI LAIN-LAIN (NTAYAKAN)



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FEB W5 1.8 Sound and hearing * Properties of sound * Reflection + absorption of sound * Defect of hearing + way to rectifying defect hearing * Limitations of hearing + device to overcome the limitation of hearing * Stereophonic hearing 1.9 Stimuli + responses in plants * Identify stimuli cause response in plants * Identify parts of plants sensitive to specific stimulus * Relate the response in plants to their survival (K)


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CUTI TAHUN BARU CINA 2011 2.1 Classes of food * Explain through examples the classes of food * State the function of each class of food * Test for starch, glucose, protein and fats 2.2 Balance Diet * State what a balance diet * Factor to planning balance diet * Factors affect a balanced diet * State the quantity of energy (g) of carbohydrate, Protein + fats CUTI SAMBUTAN MAULIDUR RASUL 2.3 Digestive system in man * Explain what is digestion * Identify parts of digestive system * Flow of food particles in alimentary canal * Function of organs in digestive system * Describe digestion process 2.4 Process of absorption of digested food * Explain process of absorption product of digestion * Absorption of glucose through a Visking tube

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MAC W9 2.5 Reabsorption of water and defecation * How water reabsorb in large in large intestine * Explain defecation * Relate problem of defecation with eating habits 2.6 Put practice the healthy eating habits * Importance of eating nutritious foods * Relate dining culture of different people UJIAN 1 UJIAN 1 UJIAN 1 CUTI PERTENGAHAN PENGGAL 1 CUTI PERTENGAHAN PENGGAL 1 Discussion test answer paper Discussion test answer paper 3.1 Variety of living organisms and their classification * Explain the diversity of living organism in a habitat * Classify various animals base on common characteristic * Classify various plants base on common characteristic * Explain the importance of biodiversity to environment

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APRIL W13 4.1 Independence among living organism * State what species, population, community, habitat + ecosystem * Identify various habitats in one ecosystem * Explain the independence among organisms + environment to create balance ecosystem 4.2 Interaction between living organism




* List the type of interactions between living organism * Explain the interactions between living organism + environment using examples * Importance interaction between living organisms + environment * Advantages + disadvantages of biological control in regulating number of pest 4.3 Food Web * What is producer, consumer + decomposer * Construct food web from a few chain * Identify producers, consumers and decomposers * Construct pyramid number from food chain * Relate the food web + the pyramid number to energy flow 4.4 Photosynthesis * What is photosynthesis * Factor required for photosynthesis * Product produce by photosynthesis 4.5 Conservation and preservation of living organism * List the step taken to preserve + conserve living organism * Importance of conservation + preservation

MEI (A) 01/05/11 W17 4.6 Role of man maintaining balance in nature * Effects of human activities on the balance in nature * How man solves problems related to environment 5.1 Physical characteristic of Water * Meaning of freezing point + boiling point of water * Describe physical characteristic of water * Effect of impurities on physical characteristic of water 5.2 Composition of water * Determine the composition of water * Test the presence of hydrogen + oxygen Guide students to write laboratory report correctly 5.3 Process of evaporation of water * Factors that affects the rate of evaporation of water * Compare + contrast between evaporation and boiling (S) 17/05/11 CUTI HARI WESAK * Describe the application of evaporation of water in daily life. PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN 2011 PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN 2011 PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN 2011 CUTI HARI PEKERJA


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5.4 Solution and Solubility * Explain solute, solvent and solution are * Compare and contrast between dilute, concentrated and saturated solution. * Explain suspension and solubility * Explain the importance of water as universal solvent in life * Factor affecting the solubility of solutes in water 5.5 Acid and Alkali * identify the properties of acid + alkali * definition of acid and alkali * identify the substances which are acidic or alkaline in everyday life * State that acid and alkali only show their properties in the presence of water * State the uses of acid and alkali in daily life, * State the meaning of neutralization, * Write an equation in words to describe the neutralization process * Give an example the uses of neutralization in daily life. 5.6 Methods of water purification * List the natural sources of water * Various types of water purification (R) 29/06/11 * Compare the strengths and weaknesses the various types of water purification ~ ultra violet treatment 5.7 Water supply system * How water supply system works * Ways to save water CUTI ISRAK DAN MIKRAJ

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JULAI W25 5.8 Preservation of water quality * List examples of water pollutants * Effect of water pollution on living things * Ways to control water pollution * Ways to preserve water and its quality 6.1 Air Pressure * Explain the existence of air pressure with reference to the Kinetic Theory, Guide student to write laboratory report * List and explain factors affecting air pressure 6.2 Principle of air pressure * Apply the principle of air pressure Discuss the finding with class ( demonstration) * Relate the safety measures taken when using gas under high pressure 7.1 Force * State that a force is a push or a pull * Explain the effects of forces * Explain the various types of forces 7.2 Measurement of force * State unit of force * How a spring balance works, measure the magnitude of force


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OGO S W28 (I) 01/08/11 7.3 Frictional Force * Explain using example the existence of frictional force CUTI AWAL RAMADHAN

* State the direction + magnitude of frictional force * How different types of surface affect frictional force * Advantages + disadvantages of friction * List way to increase + reduce friction * Explain using examples application of friction in daily life W29

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CUTI PERTENGAHAN PENGGAL KE DUA 2011 BERAKHIR 8.1 Support systems in animal * Explain support system in vertebrates + various support system in invertebrates * Compare + contrast support system between land + aquatic vertebrates * Compare + contrast the support system between land + aquatic invertebrates 8.1 Support system in plants * Various support system in woody + nonwoody plants * Classify plants based on their support systems * Classify plants and animals based on their support systems CUTI HARI MALAYSIA 8.3 Support system in living things * justify the importance of support system to living things * PEKA Evidence updated and summit group work project


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