Persuasive Presentation; Presenter: John Marshall
A. Should the United States Institute a Mandatory Military Service?
1. President John F. Kennedy said in a message to the youth of this nation, ³Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.´ He was calling the future generations of our nation to stand up and work to build a stronger community where one earns their citizenship, serves the greater good and all are responsible for the prospering of our country and our ideals of liberty. Many would ask how to do this? There are many ways to serve the community of the United States. But there is one that is controver-sial and some believe only impresses a war-mongering, militaristic perception of this country and is a form of slavery. I don¶t believe this and am here to explain the concept of Mandatory Military Service as a benefit to the individual and to the nation.


A Little History
1. Hammurabi and ancient Babylon had a form of conscription a) 2. 18th Century BCE saw Ilkum

Feudal times instituted levies a) Peasants and freemen offered one suitable man per family to serve the king or the local lord


Turk and Ottoman slave armies a) Almost a thousand years, 9th to 19th century, Middle East raised armies using slaves b) 14th century sultan Murad I made the Kapikulu


Modern armies a) b) c) Napolean and the French revolution Russian Empire Union Army of the American Civil War


Machiavelli and Patriotism

Army Air Corps-26. 2. all subjects of the kingdom were expected to take up arms against invaders to repel the attack. By World War II.000 respectively . there was not many central armories c) Revolution started because British soldiers attempted to confiscate weapons (1) April. E. the right of the people to keep and bear Arms. Subjects of the Kingdom 1. Navy-126. The king did not maintain large standing armies to defend the realm. USMC19.000. but defense of oneself on the frontier against hostile natives and wild animals (2) Most men who served in the militia brought and used their own weapons. World War II 1. 484. the US instituted a draft system to conscript eligible men in the military service a) 1939-Army 174. shall not be infringed.4m. 1775. Revolutionary War 1. b) Every man expected to have a weapon (1) Defense of the nation was first.700. a) b) c) Too expensive Harvests needed to be reaped Most only served 3-4 months D. but the ideals of defense carried through to the colonies a) Second Amendment direct result of defense of the nation (1) A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State. During medieval serfdom. 2. 3. The American Revolution sought liberty from a tyrannical empire and king.4m.000. 170.000 b) 1945-6m.C.000.400. USCG-10. Concord and Lexington sparked by British Redcoats attempting to confiscate colonial supplies and arms at the Massachusetts armories.

The United States is attacked violently and suddenly without warning by terrorists. it does not impress a war-mongering attitude. expressing our values and ideals and protecting our freedoms. . Mandatory Military Service is not enslavement. That not one segment of our citizens are selflessly serving and that we are patriots. September 11th. 3. 2. In 1973. To serve in national service for minimum of 5 years thereafter. Today Selective Service requires men to register a) b) c) Ages 18-25 required No call up since Vietnam All volunteer system G. Mandatory Military Service 1.F. a) b) c) A standing army responds 2003. Receive benefits comparable to today: a) b) c) House Education Medical II. ages 18 to 40 to serve a minimum of 2 years in military service. Conclusion A. US invades Iraq Afghanistan 7 years of war takes its toll on military H. Selective Service System 1. the draft system ended. it is empowering our nation to defend itself. 2001 1. A requirement of eligible men and women.

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