The Globe Theatre

Kayla Haruka Sledge Period 1 4/23/07

and Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the new GLOBE Theatre on June 12. The “two-penny” viewers on the outer rim of the theatre were able to sit. and is connected to the backstage area by its end.” where higher paying audience members were seated.” in which “one-penny spectators stood. They had a covering over their heads. It continued operating until 1642. The three sides surrounding it is called the “pit. and constructed the Globe across the Thames in Bankside. Did you know that the Globe Theatre first made in 1599 was threestories high? It was an amphitheatre about one hundred feet wide that had a total capacity of about two thousand to three thousand people! Now that is a lot of people. The Globe Theatre remained ghost for the next 352 years. until its foundation was rediscovered in 1989. which was the first of its kind. the puritans razed the building to build tenements on the premises. they started the construction of a new Globe close to where the original had been. It was also used as the “Lord’s Room. which is a stage that extends into the audience on three sides. Their landlord. I insist. It was completed in 1996. where musicians would play. and all of the other theaters down. while the stage and the pit did not. in Bankside. There was also a balcony house. the Theatre. when the puritans shut them. When Allen left to the countryside. the brother of the most famous Shakespearean actors of the Elizabethan Age. about forty-three feet in width and twenty-seven feet in depth. In 1993. but the lease of the land in which the Theatre was erected on expired. Two years later. It is still being used today. the Globe was burned to the ground when a cannon misfired during the performance of Henry VIII. the members of the company resembled the Theatre. It is also known as an apron stage. where the actors and actresses changed their . It is the history and structure of the Globe Theatre all in a nutshell. He owned the Theatre. Am I right? Of cour… pardon me?… You say you do NOT?! You must be out of your mind! What have you been doing all your life to not know anything about the most magnificent structure in the world! You MUST read this. The company later completed a new Globe on the foundation of the original Globe. and could be used for the scenes that required a higher space. London. wanted to tear the Theatre down. Cuthbert Burbage inherited a London theater. but he vowed to put the wood and timber of the building to better use. The original Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by Cuthbert Burbage. 1997.Do you know the history of the Globe Theatre?… No you say?! Then you must know its structure down to the last nail. Giles Allen. On the fourth side of the stage was an adjacent “tiring” house. Cuthbert tried to renegotiate the Theatre lease with Giles Allen. The stage itself was a rectangular level platform five feet above the ground. Richard Burbage. In 1613.

Though it was an apron stage. They are beautiful. Secondly. Shakespeare’s company at the Globe Theatre. the shows had to change their schedule according to weather. the performances were totally devoid of background scenery. Incredible.costumes. There were no curtains. To have support from royalty. nothing different from the others. Shakespeare and his company would be safe for life! See it was all in a nutshell. Because there wasn’t any light. . Many stage players were vulnerable to being arrested on charges of vagrancy. no proscenium arch. What was so unique about the Globe Theatre? Many things were anomalous about the Globe Theatre. that it was completely different from the plays you may see today. called “hell. it had several diverse trap doors hidden in various places. Though costumes and props were correlated. unless they were under support of a powerful sponsor. where a trumpeter would announce the day’s performances. It was capped by a small turret structure. the act of wandering around without visible means of support. Now you should teach someone else all that you’ve learned.” Another thing unique about the Globe Theatre is the performances. Shows could only be held from about 2:00 PM-5:00PM when it was still bright. I hope one day we can go to see the real one. These trap doors lead to the space underneath the floor. Thank you! I had a splendid time telling you about it. it was one of the first Elizabethan Theatres during the Reformation. its stage was extremely unique. Did you learn anything? You did! Oh that’s spectacular!! It was interesting wasn’t it? Did you like it?…. William Shakespeare. First off. and no stagehands that talked other than the actors and actresses themselves. was put apart by virtue of formally being patronized by the Lord Chamberlain of Queen Elizabeth and by King James I himself. Maybe it was because they were performing plays written by one of the world’s greatest poets and writers. Changes of scenes had to be indicated explicitly or implicitly in the speeches and narrative situations. Remember to look at the pictures on the next page.

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Extra Pictures The newly made Globe Theatre today A sketching of the original Globe Theatre (Notice the apron stage) .

The stage of the Modern Globe Theatre (Notice the lord’s room in the back) The inside of the modern Globe Theatre (Notice the two-penny seats and the pit) .

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