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January 07th, 2012 Ms. USHA RANI. D D/O Narayana D.No 6/3/677 Maruthinagar Anantapur-515001 Dear Ms.

Usha, OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT We are pleased to offer you a position with Bharat Headhunters as Associate Recruiter. We believe you will find this position to be challenging and rewarding. On the day that you begin your employment with Bharat Headhunters you will be asked to sign an employment agreement. This employment agreement, among other provisions, states that you will keep our business information and our clients business information confidential The following confirms our arrangements regarding your employment with Bharat Headhunters:

Start date: January 11th 2012

Total Cost to Company (CTC): INR 96,000/- (Rupees Ninety Six thousand only) per annum. The CTC defined above includes all statutory deductions from employee and employer and applicable professional and income tax etc. As a part of the joining process, you are requested to bring the following documents on the day of joining. Photocopies of SSLC (X Std) Marks Card / Birth certificate. Degree / Diploma/ Highest qualification certificate along with marks cards (all semesters). Relieving letter from the previous organization or Accepted Resignation letter Experience letter. Passport copies. Form 16 (Income Tax) from previous employer (if applicable) 3 passport size photographs.

Please bring the original education certificates / mark sheets for verification. This letter sets forth the terms of your employment with us and supersedes any prior representations or agreements, whether written or oral. A duplicate original of this offer is enclosed for your records. This offer will expire on Three (3) days from issue of the offer letter if we dont receive your acceptance. Once you accept this offer and join the Company, this letter will serve as your formal Appointment Order. Please sign and return this offer letter with the annexure

It is understood that this employment is being offered to you on the basis of the particulars submitted by you in your application for employment. However, if at any time it should emerge that the particulars furnished by you are false/incorrect or if any material or relevant information has been suppressed or concealed this appointment will be considered ineffective and irregular and would be liable to be terminated by the management forthwith without notice. This will be without prejudice to the right of the management to take disciplinary action against you for the same. You will be liable to be transferred in such capacity as the Company may from time to time determine to other clients, location, department, function, or establishment. In such cases you will be governed by the code of conduct, terms and conditions of service applicable to the location. Any notices required are permitted hereunder shall be given to the appropriate party at the address specified above or at such other address as the party shall specify in writing, by post, email or facsimile. Such notice shall be deemed given upon personal delivery to the appropriate address or if send by certified or registered mail, three (3) days after the date of mailing. Such notice shall be given upon generation of a facsimile transmission confirmation receipt if sent by facsimile. Please note that the offer of appointment is subject to satisfactory completion of your reference check. Please indicate your acceptance of this offer by signing below. We at Bharat Headhunters extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to a mutually beneficial experience.

Yours sincerely,


For Bharat Headhunters

Nivedita. M.S Human Resources

Name: Usha Rani. D Date: January 12th 2012

Terms of Employment 1. EMPLOYMENT Irrespective of the date of the present agreement this contract shall be effective from your date of joining i.e. January 12th 2012 and shall remain in force until revoked / terminated in accordance with the terms contained herein. Your employment with the Company is subject to:



(i) (ii)

The accuracy of the testimonials and information provided by you; Your being free from any contractual restrictions preventing you from accepting this Offer or starting work on the above-mentioned date; On our receiving two satisfactory references; and If you breach any of the aforesaid conditions, this offer shall stand revoked / terminated automatically; whether you have accepted it or not or if you have already commenced employment with the Company i.e., this clause may be invoked by the Company throughout the term of the present contract. We do not want you to bring with you any confidential or proprietary material of any former employer, or to violate any other obligation to your former employers. So, you represent that you are not subject to any restrictions that prevent you from working for the Company.

1.3 (i)

Probation You will serve a minimum probation period of six months from the date of your joining the Company (Probation). The initial probation term shall be for six months, at the end of which it shall be reviewed. Based on your review the company reserves the right to extend the Probation period in the event that your performance is not up to the expectation. You will be deemed to continue on probation until you are confirmed, and your confirmation has been communicated to you in writing. Your performance will be evaluated according to your efficiency, punctuality, conduct, maintenance of discipline and in accordance with the code of conduct of the Company (Code of Conduct), a copy of which shall be given to you by the Human Resources Department During the period of Probation, the present contract may be terminated by either party, without cause, at any time by giving ONE MONTH notice or by payment of salary in lieu thereof.



PLACE OF POSTING Your initial place of posting shall be at Bangalore, India. However, your services are transferable and you may be assigned / transferred in India or outside India to serve the Company or any of its group companies. It is a condition to your employment that you comply with any such requirements of the Company. The transfer will not deem to constitute a change in your conditions of service.



3.1 Your Total Fixed Pay (TPF) will be INR 96, 000/- (Rupees Ninety Six thousand only) inclusive of all taxable and non- taxable emoluments, allowances, perquisites and financial benefits and statutory contributions. You will be entitled to performance-based incentives as per the Firms policy which is applicable once you complete your probation period of six months successfully. You will not receive any financial benefit/incentive once your employment ends with the company. The management can change temporary allowances/incentives without giving any notice or reason. The TPF mentioned above is subject to mutual review during the course of your employment, as per the Companys policies. 4. HOLIDAYS & LEAVE You will be eligible for holidays and leave as per the policies of the Company in respect of leave and holiday. Leave entitlement: One day paid leave per month after the completion of the probation period.

5. CONFIDENTIALITY The Company considers the protection of its confidential information and proprietary materials to be very important. All work or material developed by you during the course of your employment with the Company will remain the sole and exclusive property of the Company. Any unauthorized disclosure of confidential or copyrighted materials of the Company would attract stern action from the Company including and not limited to termination of your employment and legal prosecution, if necessary. The present clause shall survive the termination of the present contract. You agree to sign the Restrictive Covenant and Confidentiality Agreement in the form annexed to this letter. For the purpose of the present document Confidential Information shall mean and include all information, details and document which have either been marked as confidential and/or which may reasonably be deemed to be confidential. 6. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT 6.1 After completion of the Probationary period, either the Company or you may at any time terminate this agreement without cause by giving in writing to the other party, one month notice or in lieu thereof a sum equal to the amount or pro-rated amount of salary which would have accrued to you during the period or remaining period of notice. 6.2 On termination of employment and/or your resignation, you shall handover all the company properties like tools, accessories, documents, specifications, books, etc. of what so ever nature or media in your custody, care or charge and handover the charge to the person nominated by your reporting manager and also obtain clearance from the relevant person(s), office(s), department(s), on production of which alone, your dues, if any, will be settled by the Company. 6.3 You will not, during the currency of the present agreement, without the Companys previous written permission, carry on any business, or enter into, in any capacity, the services of, or be employed by, any other firm, company or person. You will devote your whole time and attention to your duties to promote the interests of the Company. 6.4 The Company reserves the right to terminate your services without any notice or salary in lieu thereof for reasons including but not limited to misconduct, negligence of duty, disloyalty, dishonesty, insubordination, misrepresentation, indiscipline, disobedience, breach of the Non Disclosure Agreement, irregular attendance, inefficiency, poor performance, redundancy of job or any act detrimental to the interests of the Company, as per the policies laid down in this regard.



7.1 You are bound to abide by and adhere to the policies, rules and regulations enforced by the Company from time to time including those related to conduct, discipline, benefits, Salary review, retirement and any other matters as though these rules, regulations and orders were part of the contract of employment. Such policies, rules and regulations may be subjected to alteration and amendment from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company and you shall be covered under them. 7.2 You shall inform the Company in case of any change in your address, surname after marriage or any other changes(s), the employee should inform the management in writing to this effect within one week of such change.

7.3 The provisions of this agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of
India. Further, disputes, if any, relating to the present document shall be subject to the jurisdiction of competent courts at Bangalore. 2.4 This agreement contains the entire agreement and supersedes all prior agreements and Understandings, oral or written, between any of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof. Kindly sign and return the duplicate copy of this letter, as a token of your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein. Also, please initial each page of the letter. Please note by signing this letter agreement, you have agreed to accept the employment with the Company on the terms and conditions set out herein. Upon your signature and return to us, this offer letter will be treated as an employment agreement and the terms and conditions of this agreement shall govern your employment with the Company It is a pleasure to welcome you as member of BHARAT HEADHUNTERS. We are confident that your employment with the Company will prove mutually beneficial and rewarding. Yours truly, For Bharat Headhunters.

___________________________ Nivedita.M.S Human Resources

_____________________________ Sheena.P.N Hiring Manager

I have read and understood the terms and conditions laid down in this Contract of Employment. I hereby sign the contract as a token of my acceptance. ________________________________ Usha Rani.D Date: January12th 2012