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City declined security devices along hike and bike trail
Emergency call boxes were given spot to be installed in vicinity where rape occurred
by Brian M. Cuaron bcuaron.reporter@gmail.com Engineering plans for the Lone Tree Hike and Bike Trail show that Victoria declined to install security devices in the area where a woman was reportedly raped last month. A woman was reportedly attacked after coming onto the trail from Miori Lane, heading north toward a nearby pedestrian bridge, said Victoria Police Chief Jeff Craig. After observing two suspects near the bridge, the woman was then attacked between Miori Lane and the pedestrian bridge. The father of the suspected victim, whose name is not being released to protect the victim’s identity, has wondered why the trail lacked a safety device. “I just don’t understand why you put something in there and not have it protected,” he said. Engineering plans show that emergency call boxes were at one point given a place to be installed in five rest areas along the trail. Call boxes allow for a person to make immediate contact with authorities by pressing a button. Some have a flashing beacon on top. Two of these security devices would have been installed at the pedestrian bridge, as well as the intersection of
See CITY, pg. 5

Victoria Police Chief Jeff Craig. Revista photo by Brian M. Cuaron.

Tim Hornback, Executive Director of CASA (left) and Rudy Guzman, owner of the Victoria Texans. Contributed photo.

The Victoria Texans raise funds for CASA
by Peter Moralez When the Victoria Texans played the South Texas Wranglers in an exhibition football game recently, all the proceeds from the game went directly to the Golden Crescent Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). “I guarantee the 100 percent of ticket sales will be donated to CASA, to assist them in the work they do in our community,” said Rudy Guzman, owner of the Victoria Texans. “The Texans wanted to do something that would directly impact CASA, so they can continue assisting abused children in the eight-county region that they serve.” Guzman indicated that he can’t think of a better cause to support than CASA, and he wants to call attention to the difference they make in the Victoria area, as well as what he termed the, “Dire and grave situation that countless children find themselves in, by no fault of their own.” Tim Hornback, executive director of CASA, echoed Guzman’s words. “We are fortunate that because of organizations like the Victoria Texans, the word is getting out in our community that CASA needs help,” he said. “We are a community based organization, so it is imperative that the community step up and assist us. We are thankful for this fundraiser that the Texans put together, as well as for the record number of volunteers who have given so freely of their time to help abused children in our service area.” CASA has been at work in this region since 1996. The eight counties that comprise their service area are Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad,
See CASA, pg. 14

Police sketch. Contributed by Victoria Police Department.

Police sketch. Contributed by Victoria Police Department.

2 — Revista de Victoria, December 2011


Through December 23 HOLIDAY LIGHTS AT THE TEXAS ZOO – at 110 Memorial Dr. from 6-9pm. Come enjoy your zoo lit by Holiday Lights. For more information, call 361.573.7681 or go to The Texas Zoo www.contactus@texaszoo. org December 17 VICTORIA MARKET

DAYS – at DeLeon Plaza, 101 N. Main from 9-4pm. Hosted by the Victoria Parks and Recreation Dept. More than 100 vendors will be there selling leather works, art, home décor, jewelry, woodworks, gift items, handmade items and great food. For more information, call 361.485.3200. JOEY AND GIL’S 4TH ANNUAL 7 ON 7 FLAG FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT – at Bloomington High School Football Field from 8am-midnight. Cost per player is $10. Registration will begin at 8am with games starting at 8:30am. For more information, call Gil at 254.498.6336 or Joey at 361.648.3866. Ages are from Jr. High on up. All proceeds will go toward a scholarship Fund.

December 15 & 22 SHOP LATE ‘TIL 8 – Shop late from 5-8pm every Thursday in December until Christmas. Great deals, lots of bargains and good friends. For more information, call the Chamber at 362.275.2112.

December 17 GREENSKEEPERS REVENGE GOLF TOURNAMENT – at Goliad Golf Club, 1103 W. Fannin, Goliad. For more information, call Glenn Pitts at 361.645.8322 or go to www.goliadgolf.com

Open Mon. 11a.m.-2p.m. Tue. 11a.m.-9p.m. Wed.-Sat. 11a.m.-10p.m.



Revista de Victoria, December 2011 — 3

13th Court of Appeals chief justice seeks third term
by Peter Moralez Roy Valdez, Chief Justice of the 13th Court of Appeals, is seeking re-election to that post. He has served in that position for the past two terms. “I was elected as chief justice in November of 2000, and I am proud of our hard-working, impartial and exemplary court of appeals,” he stated. “Over the past 11 years, I have worked hard as chief justice to make the 13th Court of Appeals as efficient and transparent as possible.” The Texas Court of Appeals is made up of 14 separate courts that rule on appeals of decisions made by district and county courts, both civil and criminal. The only cases the courts do not hear are death penalty appeals, which go directly to the Texas Supreme Court. The 13th Court of Appeals serves a 20 county region that is bor- Chief Justice Roy Valdez. Contributed photo. dered in the north by Gonzales County, in the south by Cam- by voter redistricting, or use puberon County, in the east Matagorda lic utilities, including water conCounty, and Live Oak County to sumption,” he said. “So, as you the west. That region has a popu- can clearly see, our decisions aflation of approximately 2 million fect, virtually everyone.” people. Of the 20 chief justices in the Valdez was born in Raymond- State of Texas, Valdez is still the ville, Texas. He earned a degree only Hispanic. “I am very proud in Jurisprudence from Texas of my heritage, and I feel that beSouthern University’s Thurgood ing raised Hispanic gives me keen Marshall School of Law in 1979. insight, but it is very important to He served as an assistant dis- note that the decisions we make as trict attorney in Cameron County from 1980-81. From 1983-86, he served as the county court judge in Cameron County. He was then elected to serve as the district judge of the 357th District Court from 1987-2000. When elected as chief justice, he was the first Hispanic in Texas to ever be elected to that position. Valdez is married to Adelita Martinez Valdez and has five children, Elena, Vanessa, Annalisa, Roy Jr., and Rafael, and one grandchild, Isabela. Valdez said that the rulings that are made at the appellate level are very important. “The Texas Courts of Appeals makes vital decisions on many cases that will eventually affect any Texan that pays either property taxes, have children that attend public schools, are effected a court of appeals are fair and equitable,” Valdez said. “I am proud of the work that we do on the 13th Court. “When a case comes before us, we know that both parties have a vested interest in a prompt decision,” Valdez said. “Whether the custody or safety of a child is at stake, or our decision will economically impact the litigants, we are keenly aware at what hangs in the balance. Therefore, it is imperative that the 13th Court of Appeals works diligently to provide a decision in a timely manner.” Valdez said that one of the most important topics in Texas right now is voter redistricting. “As the population continues to shift, and as Texas becomes more ethnically diverse, voter redistricting will play a vital role in creating voter districts that accurately reflect their community,” he said. “I feel that cases will be presented to the Courts of Appeal by parties that will either gain or loose power by voter redistricting.” All that being said, Valdez feels that no matter how much redistricting is done, the most important thing that has to change is a citizen taking the time to vote. “People need to register to vote, and then go to the polls and support whatever candidate best reflects their desires,” he said.

4 — Revista de Victoria, December 2011


por Santos Raya VATICAN – El Papa Benedicto XVI va anunciar este mes si va a viajar a México y Cuba este año. Si hace los viajes va anunciar la fecha muy pronto. El Presidente Felipe Calderón de México y Raúl Castro de Cuba están esperando la visita del Papa y ya están haciendo planes para su visita. UNITED NATIONS – Marco las Naciones Unidas el lunes, el 31 de octubre como la fecha que nació la persona numero 7 billones del mundo. No se va saber exactamente donde nació ese bebé porque millones de personas nacen y mueren cada día. PARIS, FRANCE – La familia de Muamar Gadafi está en pláticas y estudios con un abogado francés en una demanda contra la Organización del Trato del Atlántico del

Norte (OTAN) por “crimen de guerra.” PIEDRAS NEGRAS, MEXICO – Tres policías fueron asesinados en la ciudad de Acuña. El departamento de Acuña Publica de Seguridad reporto que los La estatua de la libertad. Contributed photo. policías fueron secuestrados y después fueron asDETROIT, MICHIGAN – La esinados. compañía de camiones coches Desde Abril más de 400 cuer- Chevrolet celebro sus 100 años el pos se han hallado en Tamaulipas mes pasado. En cien años se han y Durgando asesinados. hecho más de 204 millones de caNEW YORK – La estatua de la miones y coches. La compañía de libertad fue honrada en su aniver- Chevy dice que ellos han vendido sario 125nd en el mes de Octubre. más coches que cualquier otra El Secretario del Interior Kenneth marca de coches. Salazar dijo, “Somos una nación NEW YORK – Los bancos de gente diversa y esa diversa hace siempre no van a cobrar $5 por a nuestra nación fuerte.” mes para usar las tarjetas de debiCiento veinte cinco inmi- to. Hubo muchas quejas de los cligrantes de 45 países tomaron el entes. Muchos amenazaron quitar juramento de la ciudadanía de los su dinero de los bancos y ponerlo Estados Unidos en el pie de la es- en las uniones de crédito. tatua de la libertad en ese día de HAVANNA, CUBA – Raúl celebración. Castro ha legalizado la venta y la CIUDAD DE JUAREZ, MEXICO compra de propiedad privada. Las – El gobierno de México se dis- reglas mandan que haya un 8 porculpó por no poder prevenido los ciento de impuestos y los cubanos asesinatos de tres mujeres en esta pueden tener el límite de dos caciudad fronteriza. sas. La disculpa fue la respuesta LONDON, ENGLAND – La del Acto 2009 de la Corte Inter- Reina Isabel II encabezo el evento americana de los Derechos Huma- anual Remembrance Day donde se nos. Han matado a las centenarias recuerdan los muertos de las guerde mujeres desde 1993 en esta ciu- ras de World War I, World War II, dad. y Afganistán.


Revista de Victoria, December 2011 — 5

Victoria Hike and Bike Trail. Revista photo by Brian M. Cuaron.

CITY, from pg. 1

Miori Lane and the trail. However, the city declined to install these devices. Parks and Recreation Director Doug Cochran, who was involved with the project, said that the call boxes were never part of the proj-

the call boxes, they would have done so through another contractor, Cochran explained Craig said it was too hypothetical to conclude whether the call boxes would have prevented the attack or resulted in the suspects’ capture. Security cameras are a deterrent since criminals can

Craig announced at a city council meeting on Dec. 6 that police added patrols by bicycle, allterrain vehicles and K-9 units to the trail. Information signs, such as mile markers, also were in the process of being added, said City Manager Charmelle Garrett. Additional safety recommendations by Craig included call boxes, surveillance cameras, limiting the trail’s hours, as well as maintenance of brush and overhanging tree limbs along the trail. Yet Garrett said during the meeting that installing the emergency call boxes wasn’t a strong staff recommendation. Mayor Pro Tem Paul Polasek was against limiting the trail’s hours. Angry and frustrated about the attack, the father said he thought of going to churches and local organizations to gather funds for some type of safety devices along the trail. “It’s not like I’m trying to change the world. I just want things to be safe there,” he said. Follow Brian M. Cuaron at www. texascrossroadsinquirer.blogspot.com.

Pedestrian bridge. Revista photo by Brian M. Cuaron.

ect. He said that the location designated for the call boxes was only a suggestion where such devices could go if the city decided to install them in the future. Cochran said that it was never discussed with the city manager whether to install the call boxes. He had recommended that picnic tables and exercise equipment that were designated for the rest areas not be put in. The rest areas also were reduced from five to two as a cost-saving measure. In the engineering plans, “to be placed by others” was written underneath the proposed area for the call boxes. That meant that the devices weren’t part of the contractor’s job, said Billy Settles, who was the project’s engineer as an employee for Associated Engineering and Surveying. If the city decided to install

see their crimes could be reported, he said. A brightly-colored call box could be somewhat of a deterrent. The victim’s father said that the call boxes would have been better than nothing. He preferred officer patrols and security cameras to improve safety. The father also was glad to hear of the city’s safety efforts since the reported attack.

An example of an emergency call box can be seen at the University of Houston-Victoria campus. A button allows someone to make contact and there is a beacon light on top. Revista photo by Brian M. Cuaron.

6 — Revista de Victoria, December 2011

Land for Caterpillar suppliers being readied
by Brian M. Cuaron bcuaron.reporter@gmail.com The Victoria Sales Tax Development Corp. and a private engineering firm have begun the process of preparing some land that could be used by Caterpillar suppliers. It would cost an estimated $1,245,520 to install a 30-foot wide concrete street, along with water and sewer utilities, at Lone Tree Business Park 2, according to a Dec. 6 report by Lynn Short, director of public works. The land sits near the intersection of Lone Tree Road and John Stockbauer Drive, across the street from where Caterpillar is building its plant. The sales tax corporation’s board, which manages the city’s 1/2-cent sales tax, approved a development project last month for the 106-acre plot of land. According to Short’s report, the land would be divided into 10 lots. The sales tax corporation can’t spend money on the project until 60 days after the agenda was posted for the board’s meeting, according to the city attorney’s office. The agenda was posted on Oct. 28. Funding for the project could come from the city’s general fund or sales tax revenue, said Dale Fowler, president of the Victoria Economic Development Corp. Officials would only allow primaryjob creators to purchase the land and the law allows for sales tax revenue to be spent on such projects, Fowler noted. The sales tax board, which purchased the property in 2010, has heard interest regarding the land since Caterpillar announced it would move across the street, said Lewis Neitsch, sales tax board president. He said the land could be broke up so it could be sold to


more than one business. who it feels is best suited for the As a result, the sales tax board project. was getting the land ready to sell Tom Schmidt, president of Urbefore potential buyers showed up, ban Engineering, said the compaNeitsch said. The board wouldn’t ny has configured a layout for the spend money on the property until property and estimated how much companies appeared ready to sign such engineering work would cost. up. There had been no arrangement Councilman Joe Truman, who between the sales tax board and sits on the board, said the sales tax Urban Engineering for that work, corporation was waiting to find Schmidt said. out the needs of potential buyers. Schmidt said he didn’t plan While the board wanted to get more Caterpillar suppliers to the area, Truman said they would be willing to talk to any company that wishes to come to Victoria. Councilman Tom Halepaska, who also sits on the board, said having The Lone Tree Business Park 2 property sits across the suppliers across the street street from Caterpillar plant construction site on Lone from Caterpillar would Tree Road. Revista photo by Brian M. Cuaron. financially benefit the manufacturing company. A shorter to charge the sales tax board for route to suppliers means that Cat- the preliminary engineering work. erpillar wouldn’t have to stock up “I’m a member of the board of the on those companies’ parts and ma- VEDC. I’m doing it as a public terials. service,” he said. Neitsch said that Urban EnAccording to the Victoria gineering had already done some County Criminal District Attorpreliminary engineering work on ney’s office, reimbursing Urban the property. The sales tax corpo- Engineering for the preliminary ration had not budgeted money for engineering work seems to be althat work, but the company could lowed under the board’s resolucharge for that work and the board tion that authorized the Lone Tree would reimburse the company, Business Park 2 project. There was talk of the VEDC Neitsch said. It was Urban Engineering that funding engineering work for the came up with the estimate for how project before the legally-required much the Lone Tree Business Park 60-day moratorium passed, ac2 project would cost, Short said. cording to the sales tax board’s The estimate didn’t include the Nov. 1 draft minutes. The sales tax cost of the preliminary engineer- board would refund the VEDC afterwards. ing work. However, Fowler said that The city could hire an engineer for the project via a no-bid such a plan no longer was necesprofessional services contract, City sary since no billing would get done within the 60-day period. Attorney Thomas Gwosdz said. Follow Brian M. Cuaron at www. According to Short, the city typically hires engineers based on texascrossroadsinquirer.blogspot.com.


Revista de Victoria, December 2011 — 7

Santa keeps the magic running at Victoria Mall
by Brian M. Cuaron bcuaron.reporter@gmail.com Sometimes, the magical part of Santa Clause confronts reality. Jack Janecek, 1, was one such case. His mother took Jack up to Santa, who was sitting in his sleigh. With a stretched out arm, Kris Kringle hoped to convince Jack that he had nothing to fear. “You have to work around that,” said Don Perrin, 71, the Santa at the Victoria Mall. “You try to scared of strangers and others so bold that they come equipped with Toys R Us catalogs. “If they’re happy and bouncy, or they’re quiet and reserve, I enjoy children,” he said. Yet when it comes time to ask a child what he wants for Christmas, the reality of Santa kicks in. “I always tell children, ‘Santa will do his very best to get you what you want,’” Perrin said. “But sometimes Santa can’t. The parents can’t.” sad stories that Perrin sometimes hears. He has heard stories of a father not having a job and a family member going off to war. When the problems are small enough, Perrin said he can help. Other times, he can’t. “Honestly, I’m not a miracle maker,” Perrin said. For all that, Perrin said children should be given the opportunity to believe in Santa Clause. To take away a child’s imagination is a horrible thing, he said. “Children are honest. They haven’t learned the devices that adults use to persuade,” said Perrin, describing the innocence of children. Without imagination, the world would have no writers, he said. Mark Twain had a tremendous imagination. Such outsidethe-box thinking has allowed people to make inventions once only found in science-fiction movies. But it is not just children that want to embrace the magic of Santa Clause at the Victoria Mall. Perrin said he has had people in their 80s and 90s come up to him, wanting to get their picture taken. Some of them have told Perrin that they have never had their picture taken with Santa Clause before. “It’s magic,” he said. Follow Brian M. Cuaron at www. texascrossroadsinquirer.blogspot.com.

Amanda Janecek tries to convince her 1-year-old son, Jack Janecek, to have his photo taken with Santa. Don Perrin later tried to help by reaching out his arms to the child. Revista photo by Brian M. Cuaron.

bring folks that magic of Christmas.” Perrin has a lot of experience bringing that magic to both young and old. He trained at a Santa school 10 years ago, where he and a group of men sang carols and learned Santa etiquette. “It’s not ho, ho.’ It’s ho, ho, ho,’” quipped Perrin. His Santa work has included spots in Colorado, Hawaii, Missouri and Mississippi. The son of a farmer, Perrin said he decided to embrace his inner Santa after speaking to someone about it. Calling his job a lot of fun, Perrin has encountered children

For nine hours, Monday through Saturday, Perrin is expected to don the big red suit and turn into the man that loves milk and cookies. He works five hours on Sundays. It’s not easy work. Perrin’s legs sometimes hurt, so he stretches while he sits. He also comes equipped with water in his mug and makes sure to eat fruits and vegetables. “I eat carrots every day. They’re not just for reindeer,” he said with a smile. But perhaps the greatest contrast between the mythical world and today’s society involves the

8 — Revista de Victoria, December 2011


por Gloria Rivera ¡Hola! Como ya lo saben, Adamari López gano en “Mira Quien Baila.” Todos bailaron muy bien pero nomas una persona podía ganar. El mes pasado el actor Jorge Salinas estuvo en el hospital muy enfermando con neumonía. Este mes se encuentra en su casa mucho mejor pero todavía un poco delicado de salud. Faltan unas cuantas semanas para que se acabe la novela “Cuando Me Enamore.” Juan Soler es uno de mis más favoritos. Es muy simpático. Me gusta verlo porque tiene mucha carisma. El que ya esta listo para ser un galán de las telenovelas es Aarón Díaz. Esta trabajando en la nueva novela “El Talismán.” Aarón finalmente hablo de su divorcio de Kate Del Castillo. Dijo, “Que difícil es sepárate de alguien cuando no es por falta de amor. Mas difícil aun aceptar que una relación tan bonita fracaso por el éxito de dos personas con diferentes caminos.” Angélica Vale cumplió años el

Sonya Smith y Gabriel Porras. Contributed photo. See CHARLANDO, pg. 7

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Revista de Victoria, December 2011 — 9

Luis Miguel y Daisy Fuentes. Contributed photo.

CHARLANDO, from pg. 8

mes pasado y se fue de fiesta con su mama Angélica Vale en Miami. Vale hablo con reporteros y afirmo que va salir en una nueva novela el año que viene donde ella será la protagonista. Otro rumor que corre de la Vale es que va hacer un CD de canciones de su mama Angélica María. Vale contesto, “¡No puedo decir nada al respecto, si de mi de-

pendiera, te soltaba toda la sopa!” Maite Perroni no le gusta las entrevistas con reporteros. Dicen los reporteros que cada vez es muy difícil hablar con ella. El más reciente rumor de Jennifer López es que anda con un hombre de 24 años y ella tiene 42 años. El es una bailarina en su show. ¿Sera verdad? La actriz Cameron Díaz de Hollywood todavía anda con el pelotero Alex Rodríguez. Ya tienen tiempo de andar juntos. Niruka conto que vio a su ex Juan Osorio en un club recientemente. Ella le grito su nombre pero las nomas le dieron una sonrisa y se fue. No quiso ni hablar con ella. Ya se sabe que Mijares, el ex de Lucero, tiene novia. Ella es una conductora de TV, divorciada, y tiene dos hijos. William Levy va a visitar a su ex Elizabeth Gutiérrez en la casa que el le compro a ella y a sus dos hijos con ella. ¡El extraño rumor

de esta pareja es que en realidad nunca se han separado! Alejandra Guzmán le compro a su hija de 16 años un caro que le costo $50,000 dólares. ¡Los ricos! ¡Pero se fueron a compras ese mismo día y regresaron con las manos vacías! Después de que ya se han visto muchas veces juntos, Luis Miguel y Daisy Fuentes si andan en romance otra vez. El galán Osvaldo Ríos revelo, “Perdí un 80% de mi capacidad auditiva en el oído izquierdo

causada por un accidente que sufrí mientras buceaba en una playa en Puerto Rico.” Otro rumor sale que Aracely Arambula anda en romance con Arturo Carmona, pero ninguno lo confirma hasta la fecha. Los dos salen en la obra de teatro, “Perfume de Gardinas.” Angelique Boyer y José Al-

berto Castro siguen con su romance a pesar que el es mucho mayor que ella. Gabriel Porras y su esposa Sonya Smith quieren adoptar un bebé porque no han podido tener uno. Si en un año mas no tienen su propio bebé van adoptar. Los dejo este mes. ¡Disfruten todos los días de festividades!

Angelica Vale. Contributed photo.

10 — Revista de Victoria, December 2011

2011 CYFL all-star football team


These players were picked from the regular season CYFL teams for the 12U (12-10 years old) to compete in the Regional Football tournament in Humble on Dec 10 and 11 at the Lyndsey Lyons Stadium. Front row: Troy Franklin, Noah Garza, Keon Boyd, Cameron Fuhnken, Dontavion Clay, Keshawn Perry, Matthew McGrew, Kane Mendieta. Second row: Chandler McKittrick, Jonathan Whitby, Marshall Purdy, Grant Baker, Issiah Roach, Quincy Brooks, Jesse Lopez, Jakob Sierra. Third row: Zachary Ramirez, Bryce Carman, Julian Salas, Rene Rodriguez, Roger Martinez, Xavier Rivera, Jacob Castillo, Tyler Scott. Fourth row: Brandon Tumilson, Dillon Slaughter, Esai Gonzales, Rudy Valdez Jr., Ryan Elkins, Chayce Grevey, Mark Alvarado, Austin Farias. Coaches: Kevin Black, Jimmy Gonzales, Shawn Tumilson, Orlando Rodriguez, David Hartman, Robert Mendieta Sr. Contributed photo.

Strong Families of Victoria seek volunteers
by Raymond F. Smith America’s families are in trouble. Many of us have experienced problems in our own family or extended family. Divorce is at an all time high, single parent families are a problem, couples are living together outside of marriage, violence and murder rates are increasing, teen pregnancy is up, child

January 3, 2012 @ 10:00 A.M. At the Front Door of the Victoria County Courthouse For Tax Sale Information contact LINEBARGER GOGGAN BLAIR & SAMPSON, LLP at: (361) 573-9666 or www.publicans.com

abuse is becoming serious and, of course, drug and alcohol problems have always been a symptom of dysfunctional families. Children growing up in a dysfunctional home are far more likely to be a problem to society than
See VOLUNTEERS, pg. 12


Revista de Victoria, December 2011 — 11

H-E-B holiday food bank donations work toward ending hunger in Victoria during the holidays
The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent received a trailer full of Hill Country Fare corn flakes on December 15 as part of H-EB’s continuing efforts to prevent hunger in Texas. Each corn flake donation is valued at $10,000 and tips the scales at 10,400 lbs. This holiday season, local food banks are seeing a significant increase in the need for food among families and individuals that is far outpacing incoming donations. In response to this growing concern, H-E-B is stepping up to the plate by making additional donations to area food banks in this critical time of need. A major food donation valued at $250,000 (322,800 pounds) of staple food has been made by H-E-B for the holiday season to 15 Feeding America Food Banks. In addition to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, donations were made to the Capital Area Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank, Montgomery County Food Bank, Food Bank of Corpus Christi, Houston Food Bank, North

CAR ACCIDENT? Play it safe!

H-E-B‘s Doug Wallace and truck driver deliver corn flakes to Dennis Brown at Food Bank. Contributed photo.

Texas Food Bank, Brazos Valley Food Bank and Tarrant Area Food Bank. These donations are among the many ways H-E-B supports hunger

relief in Texas and Mexico. In total for 2011, H-E-B will donate more than 26 million pounds of food to food banks, which represents more than 32.5 million meals.

La gordura

Contributed photo.

by Plino Flores La gordura yo creo nos hace feos por aquello del dicho común: Vete de aquí, que ya me caíste gordo pero para aquellos que lo son, aquí va un gran remedio casero que esta alzando un revuelo (that’s a rage) en México y entre gente Mexicana en este país. Puedes encontrar 5 paginas (una en Español) en el Internet describiendo su uso, precio ($8 por 2 libras), estudios hechos en la Universidad de Mexico. Bueno, sin mas ni mas, aquí va: 1. Remojar en agua tibia 2

cucharas soperas de semilla de Alpiste (Canary seed) en agua tibia por toda la noche en un vaso grande. 2. Usando un cedazo, en la mañana, cambiar el agua por agua limpia. 3. Moler en la batidora (blender) hasta hacerse un batido lechoso, componer con algún sabor (no sabe fea) 4. Beberse diariamente antes del desayuno.

Una señora de mas de 300 libras en Laredo, Texas bajo a 150 libras y completamente sano de diabitis tipo 3 en menos de un ano. Una travesía (short cut) es hervir en el microondas por 2 minutos las e cucharadas de alpiste en una Taza de agua y para arriba, para abajo, para el centro y para adentro (tomárselo después de enfriarse, licuarse y ponerle sabor). ¡Adiós y buena suerte!

12 — Revista de Victoria, December 2011


AVISO PARA UN PERMISO FEDERAL PARA OPERAR PRELIMINAR PERMISO PRELIMINAR NÚMERO: O3421 SOLICITUD Y PERMISO PRELIMINAR. Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas, PO Box 700, Point Comfort, TX 77978-0700, una planta de materiales de plástico, ha presentado una solicitud ante la Comisión de Calidad Ambiental de Texas (TCEQ, por sus siglas en inglés) para la expedición inicial de un Permiso Federal de Operación (en adelante denominado el Permiso), número O3421 Solicitud núm. 16106, con el propósito de autorizar la operación de una Instalación de Generación de Energía a base de combustión de Carbón/Coque de Petróleo. El área a la cual se refiere la solicitud está ubicada en 2159 Farm to Market Road 1593 South en la ciudad de Point Comfort, condado de Calhoun, Texas, 77978. Este enlace a un mapa electrónico de la ubicación general del sitio o de la instalación es proporcionado como una cortesía al público y no es parte de la solicitud o del aviso. Para la ubicación exacta, consulte la solicitud. http://www.tceq.texas.gov/assets/public/hb610/index.html?lat=28.6888&lng=-96.5472&zoom=13&type=r Esta aplicación fue solicitud fue presentada ante la TCEQ el 7 de marzo del 2011. El propósito de un permiso federal de operación es mejorar el acatamiento general de las reglas que gobiernan el control de la contaminación atmosférica, claramente definiendo todos los requisitos aplicables como están definidos en el Título 30 del Código Administrativo de Tejas § 122.10 (30 TAC § 122.10, por sus siglas en inglés). El permiso preliminar, si es aprobado, establecerá las condiciones bajo las cuales el sitio deberá operar. El permiso no autorizará construcciones nuevas. El director ejecutivo de la TCEQ ha concluido el análisis técnico de la solicitud y ha preparado un permiso preliminar para la revisión y comentarios del público. El director ejecutivo de la TCEQ recomienda que se otorgue este permiso preliminar. La solicitud de permiso, la declaración de base y el permiso preliminar estarán disponibles para ser revisados y copiados en la Oficina Central de la TCEQ, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Building (Edificio) E, First Floor (primer piso), Austin, Texas; en la Oficinal Regional de Corpus Christi, NRC Bldg Ste 1200, 6300 Ocean Dr, Unit 5839, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-5839; en la Biblioteca Calhoun Branch, 1 Lamar Street, Point Comfort, Texas; y en Point Comfort City Hall (Ayuntamiento de Point Comfort), 102 Jones Street, Point Comfort, Texas 77978, empezando el primer día de la publicación de este aviso. En la oficina central y la regional de la TCEQ también podrá revisar y copiar todos los demás documentos pertinentes al permiso preliminar, así como los permisos para el Examen de Nuevas Fuentes que han sido incorporados por referencia. Personas que tengan dificultades obteniendo estos materiales debido a restricciones para viajar pueden comunicarse con la sala de archivos de la Oficina Central de la TCEQ al teléfono (512) 239-1540. COMENTARIOS/NOTIFICACIÓN PÚBLICA Y AUDIENCIA. Cualquier persona puede presentar comentarios por escrito sobre el permiso preliminar. Comentarios sobre si las condiciones del permiso son exactas, completas y apropiadas pueden resultar en cambios al permiso preliminar. Cualquier persona afectada por la emisión de contaminantes atmosféricos de este sitio puede solicitar una audiencia de notificación y comentarios. El propósito de la audiencia de notificación y comentarios es proveer la oportunidad para someter comentarios acerca del permiso preliminar. El permiso puede ser cambiado basado en comentarios referentes a si el permiso tiene en cuenta el acatamiento con las leyes del 30 TAC §122.10 (ejemplos pueden incluir que el permiso no contiene todos los requisitos necesarios o que el proceso de notificación al público no fue seguido). La TCEQ puede otorgar una audiencia de notificación y comentarios con respecto a esta aplicación si una petición por escrito es presentada dentro de los 30 días después de la publicación de este anuncio. La solicitud para audiencia debe incluir la razón por la solicitud, incluyendo una descripción específica de cómo le perjudicarían las emisiones atmosféricas del sitio. La solicitud también debe especificar las condiciones del permiso preliminar que son inadecuadas o especificar porque la decisión preliminar de otorgar o negar el permiso es inadecuada. Todos los asuntos razonablemente identificables deberán elevarse y todos los argumentos razonablemente disponibles deberán someterse en o antes del final del período para comentarios del público. Si se concede una audiencia de notificación y comentarios, todas las personas que presentaron comentarios por escrito o peticiones para audiencia recibirán confirmación por escrito de la audiencia. Esta confirmación indicará la fecha, hora y lugar de la audiencia. Comentarios públicos por escrito y/o peticiones para audiencia de notificación y comentarios deben de ser presentados a la Oficina del Secretario Principal (Office of Chief Clerk), MC 105, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087, o por el Internet la www.tceq.texas.gov/about/ comments.html, dentro de 30 días después de la publicación en el periódico de este anuncio. Si usted decide comunicarse con la TCEQ por vía electrónica, por favor, tenga en cuenta que su dirección de correo electrónico, así como su dirección postal, pasarán a formar parte del registro público de la Agencia. Una notificación de la acción final, incluyendo respuestas a los comentarios públicos e denotando cambios hechos al permiso preliminar, será remitida a todas las personas que hayan presentado comentarios públicos, solicitudes para audiencia o que hayan solicitado ser incluidas en la lista de correo. Esta notificación también proveerá instrucciones para hacer peticiones públicas a la Agencia Para la Protección del Medio Ambiente (EPA por sus siglas en inglés), solicitado que la EPA se objete al otorgamiento del permiso preliminar. Al recibir una petición, la agencia EPA solamente podrá oponerse a la promulgación de permisos que no se acaten a los requisitos de sus reglamentos o a los requisitos de 30 TAC Capítulo 122. LISTA PARA ENVÍO DE CORREO. Además de presentar comentarios públicos, usted puede solicitar ser incluido en una lista para envío de correo para recibir información adicional con respecto a esta solicitud enviando su solicitud a la Oficina del Secretario Principal (Office of Chief Clerk) a la dirección que se encuentra arriba mencionada. Personas en esta lista de correos recibirán copias de futuros avisos públicos (si los hay) enviados por la Oficina del Secretario Principal para esta aplicación. INFORMACIÓN. Para más información sobre esta solicitud para permiso o el proceso para permisos, usted puede llamar a la Comisión de Calidad Ambiental de Texas, Programa de Educación Pública (Public Education Program), MC-108, P.O. BOX 13087, Austin, TX, 78711-3087 o sin cargo, al 1-800-687-4040. Más información puede ser obtenida de Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas llamando al Sr. Randy Smith al (361) 987-7000. Fecha de Expedición: 22 de diciembre, 2011.

VOLUNTEERS, from pg. 10
those growing up in a secure and loving family. There’s no need for this trend to continue. While the problems may never be completely eradicated, it can surely be addressed by educating and challenging families at risk. We believe that by presenting public parenting programs and going to the neighborhoods most at risk, we can have an impact. We will use both public speakers from organizations like Focus on the Family and The American Family Association to present these programs. Also, we will use recorded DVD programs in churches and public buildings. Imagine the effect of just one family making such an improvement that the children become community or national leaders. There is not the slightest doubt that lives can be changed by undertaking a program like this. Your involvement is requested. You can be sure that results will be obtained and have a part in changing someone’s life. Such parenting programs will center on love, discipline, sparetime activities, responsibilities, father involvement, interfamily communications, family outings, encouraging the children to read, reading to children, setting boundaries, self esteem, the role of faith, and family worship. Strong Families of Victoria is a non-profit (501c-3) organization dedicated to helping our community achieve a high standard of family living. What a blessing it is to watch children grow up as well-adjusted, educated, polite and happy adults. One of the greatest responsibilities God gave parents was that of raising obedient and productive children. It will cost nothing but time. Local money will be available as well as grants from foundations and business organizations. If interested, call 578-1210 for further information or to volunteer.

To advertise, call 578-9686.


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Education a community effort
by Manuel De Los Santos, Jr. Now that school is in session, we no longer have to wonder what our children are or should be doing during the day. With the end of Christmas break, it is time to try and break them of those bad habits we encouraged during the winter recess. During these breaks, it has become the norm to expect our children to police themselves from all those vices that we provide – staying up and sleeping late, video games, computers, cell phones, etc. Now is the time we hand them over to a new policing and disciplining entity – schools and teachers. Although, this can lead to unwanted and unexpected results. Yes, it’s back-to-school time; a time to let – or maybe force – our older children to return to the halls of those institutions set up to open their minds to disciplines that will ensure an educated and better future. Additionally, we must also encourage and support our youngest children, those just beginning the role of students, into believing and accepting that they are embarking in a most-important era of their lives. This era will affect their future personally and, possibly, publicly, but nonetheless forever, since we live in a society that judges others on the wealth and education acquired in a classroom. Even though there are few exceptions, no longer is personal experience or hard work sufficient in opening doors to a guaranteed successful future. In reality, neither is a full education, but it is a lot of help. A popular belief is that it is the parents’ duty to teach right from wrong, and to discipline as needed and required before the children are sent to school. On the other hand, it has become an accepted view that it should be the teachers and schools to share in disciplining and teaching right from wrong. Unfortunately, with diverse economic means, social upbringings and reality of legal culpability, many students fall through the cracks. Those with minimal means can be insulted because of misunderstandings of simple things as school attendance, even to strangers. Pointing fingers and failure to work together will undoubtedly negatively affect us all. It may not be the community’s duty to raise the child, but failure to help could eventually lead to having to support the child and maybe even lead to the community’s downfall.

Contributed photo.

what they wear, eat or participate in. Those that have the wealth to dress expensively, eat out every day and participate in several extracurricular activities may sometimes not realize they are insulting others by their behavior and actions. It is because of this environment that some students can go astray, get into trouble and make education of secondary importance. Some eventually drop out. Teachers sometimes, too, do not realize that maybe their students have not been exposed to nor have the means of understanding certain activities, which can lead to mis-

communication and antagonisms among students and faculty. It is imperative that the community work together in eliminating as many obstacles and misunderstandings as possible to accomplish the all-important task of encouraging education and allowing for a more equitable playing field. Parents should be the leaders at home, teachers should be allowed to teach, administrators should be supportive, attentive and open-minded, and relatives, neighbors and friends – when the opportunity presents itself – should make an effort to encourage and praise

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Mas o Menos
“The year in review”
by Peter Moralez Just a few more days until the end of 2011 and another year will be on the books. A lot has happened this year: I took a long overdue trip north; my beloved Brewers were in contention for the World Series; I announced my candidacy for mayor of Victoria; I withdrew my candidacy for mayor of Victoria; and set my goals even higher, as I announced my desire to win the nomination as the presidential candidate for the Ice Tea Party, and I’m sure I ranted on about many other things. As Christmas nears, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the ghosts of Christmases past. It’s sort of sad to say, but when I was a kid, the two most important days on the calendar were my birthday and Christmas. I guess from the perspective of a child, any day when anyone hands you boxes wrapped in finely colored paper that you get to tear into like a mad wolverine, and you receive gifts that you asked for, are days that you will anxiously look forward too. That carried on for all my childhood and even in to my teens. My birthday and Christmas, Christmas and my birthday, that’s all that mattered. I do have to say that even as a child, family members’ birthdays became important days, too. Some of my fondest memories have to be the looks on my parents’ faces, or my older brothers’ or sisters’ faces as they opened boxes revealing some trinket that I was usually given the money to buy for them. As I got older, and personal friendships became closer and more relevant, the idea of giftgiving took on new meaning and


say the same thing, for really any holiday. Even as a child, I would hear them say to one another, “What’s most important is that we’re still alive, and that we can spend this

significance. Of course, I’ll always recall that special gift-giving that came with having fallen in love with that special someone. The time spent shopping for the right birthday or Christmas gift for the one you truly love, at least at the time. I guess it’s sort of like that first kiss, something that is burned into your memory as long as you live. The last birthday I officially celebrated was 36. From what I have been told, I had a very good time. It was around that same time in my life that Christmas giftgiving became more habit than any thing else; just giving because that’s what was expected. That went on for some time. Now I’m in my 50s, and trust me, it’s very hard to write that, and even harder to see it in print, and the habit of gift-giving has taken on a new meaning. What’s funny is that even as I’m writing this, my mind is reflecting on how my parents, aunts and uncles would CASA since May, said that people who sign up to assist CASA receive on-the-job training in order to be certified as a court appointed special advocate. “We are very thankful for all the volunteers that have stepped up to help us in 2011,” Ramirez said, “However, we really need more people to help. We have approximately 130 cases assigned to us at this time, and we serve about 250 children.” Hornback said that CASA has set a goal in 2012 to add 50 more volunteers. “Ideally, it would be great

time together.” As a kid, when I would hear them say that, I would say to myself, “whatever.” But you know what? I’ve come to the realization, maybe right now, I mean maybe even at this very instant, that what they used to say is really true. Maybe that’s what the holidays should really be all about, the fact that we have the ability to be together with the ones that really matter in our lives. All the toys and gifts I have ever received have broken, been given away to someone who wanted it more than I did, or just been lost. But you know what I still have? I still have my family and those few special friends who, in the end, have truly proven themselves to be my friends, through thick and thin. For that, I am truly grateful. Here’s hopping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. to have one volunteer for every child,” he said. “And I feel that with community members like Rudy Guzman, and organizations like the Victoria Texans, that is an achievable goal.” The Texans will start their second year as members of the Crossroads Amateur Football League in February. The Wrangles are members of the same league. Tickets for future Texans games can be bought at Aaron’s Superstore. Aaron’s can be reached at 361.579.6887. For more on CASA, call 361.573.3734

CASA, from pg. 1
Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca, Refugio and Victoria. According to Debbie Ramirez, volunteer coordinator for CASA, “We hope to raise in excess of $5,000 at the game, and we encourage everyone to come out and support our cause,” she said. “I think it’s going to be an excellent opportunity to come out and have a wonderful time with your neighbors, and to enjoy, what promises to be a great game.” Ramirez, who has been with


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Bacon wrapped Contributed photo.



medium-high heat. Cook each medallion for 4 minutes on each side. Place skillet into the preheated oven and bake until the pork is no longer pink in the center, 17 to 20 minutes. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center should read 145ºF (63ºC). Makes 6 servings. CHIVE AND GARLIC MASHED POTATOES 4 to 6 pounds Yukon gold potatoes, peeled Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1-cup heavy cream ½ stick (¼ cup) unsalted butter 4 cloves garlic, lightly crushed 3 sprigs fresh thyme 2 tablespoons chopped chives Put the cut potatoes into a large pot, cover them with cold water, and add a large pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and simmer until the potatoes are fork tender, about 20 to 30 minutes. Drain well. Meanwhile, in a small pot heat the cream, butter, garlic, and thyme. While the

potatoes are still warm, press them through a potato ricer or food mill into a bowl. Stir in warm cream a bit at a time, straining out the solids, until the potatoes are fluffy. Season with salt and pepper and gently fold in the chives. Serve immediately. Yields: 6 to 8 servings. HERBED BROCCOLI SPEARS 1-pound fresh broccoli, cut into spears 1 medium tomato, chopped 1 garlic clove, minced ½ teaspoon onion salt ¼ teaspoon dried basil ¼ teaspoon dried oregano 1-tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil Place 1 inch of water and broccoli in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 5-8 minutes or until crisp-tender. In a skillet, sauté the tomato, garlic, onion, salt, basil and oregano in oil for 1 minute or until heated through. Drain broccoli; top with tomato mixture and stir gently. Yields: 6 servings.

BACON WRAPPED PORK MEDALLIONS 8 slices bacon 1-tablespoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon seasoned salt 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 teaspoon dried oregano 2 pounds pork tenderloin 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons olive oil Preheat an oven to 400ºF (200ºC) Place the bacon in a large, ovensafe skillet, and cook over medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until lightly browned and still flexible, 6 to 7 minutes. Drain the bacon slices on a paper towel-lined plate. Remove any excess bacon grease from the skillet. Combine garlic powder, seasoning salt, basil, and oregano in a small bowl. Set aside. Wrap the pork tenderloin with the bacon strips securing with 1 or 2 toothpicks per strip of bacon. Slice the tenderloin between each bacon strip to create the medallions. Dip both sides of the medallions in seasoning mix. Melt butter and oil together in the same skillet over


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From Revista Staff

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