History, Health and Wealth

Asteroids, Hemorrhoids and Other Shenanigans from Planet 10 presented by Richard Smith, UFOteacher www.ufoteacher.com

Lecture Itinerary:

I. Introduction
A. About Rick Smith 1. Overview of experiences 2. What brought me to this understanding 3. Mission and focus 4. Mentors and inspirations 5. The missing piece a. The Biography of Noble Drew Ali — The Exhuming of a Nation – Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey – Moorish Legacy – Masonic Agenda B. About the lecture 1. Structure of lecture presentation a. History, Health and Wealth as holy trinity of a true democracy b. Linguistics and Economics as bookends to that democracy c. Robert Morning Sky cosmology d. Noble Drew Ali history 2. Structure of lecture syllabus a. Why it exists b. How to use it to your advantage C. Conceptual understanding 1. Consumer Slave transcending to Master Investor a. Self (666), Soul (777) and Spirit (888) b. Circular Thought - Power of Creation c. Layers or symbolism and the lynch pins of each 2. Flesh and Bone vs. Wood and Stone a. Temple of Solomon (the sun-kissed) b. Freemasonry (the pale-skinned) c. Book: Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness

II. History - Repto-Sirian Fascism vs. The Family of Man
A. Laying the foundation with Linguistics 1. Reptilian Kings and Queens of the Empire of Orion a. SSS-TA Queens b. How and why they took over – Women as VPs looking through the glass ceiling 2. Sirian Fuedal Lords of the Kanus Empire a. King Anu - favored by SSS-TA queens b. Prince Enlil (God, Anu’s son) c. Lord Zu (Zeus) rebellion 3. Expanding empire reaches Earth’s kingdom (solar system) a. Reptilian and Sirian empires working together b. Global Real Estate and tradable commodities c. Earth (Eridu) as the throne of power d. The corporate structure begins – Upper management (Enlil) – Middle management (Anunnaki) e. Anunnaki revolt B. Adapa (Ape) - The Beast is created 1. Prince Ea (Enki, Diabol), Princess Nin-Hur-Sag (Sister, Creator) a. Master Geneticists b. Slave labor begins c. Ankheles (angels) pass on gene code for passion 2. Enlil’s hatred towards Adapas 3. Enki’s rebellion - The Anointed Ones a. Iesu (the Adam) taught forbidden knowledge b. Gene for passion used to awaken them c. Enki as the “Ankh ” of the ‘Ankh’eles b. Adapas taught forbidden pleasure 4. Enlil’s slaughter of Adapas and Enki’s escape a. Anointed Ones (Iesu) stay behind – Adam, Sasquewatch, Yawee, Yeti – Guerilla warfare and underground movement begins b. Adapas and Iesu inherit Enki’s Sirian blood – Rightful heirs to Earth by Fuedal law 5. Enlil’s reign of tyranny a. Invents the term “Gad ” (God) for himself – Psychological warfare and brainwashing begins b. Marduk and the Shetu (aka. Sheti, The Grays) overthow Enlil c. Shetu overthow Marduk – Everyone thrown out of Earth’s Kingdom – Grays take over operations on Earth – Last patriarchal take over of the planet C. Shetu Regime (Grays) and White Freemasonry 1. Become new Upper Management (Amen Ra) 2. New Middle Management becomes Two-Party System a. Raka-Pharoahs (Rockefellers) b. Raka-Shields (Rothchilds) 3. Shetu (Shadow) Regime becomes Shadow Government a. Amen Ra recedes into background b. Two-Party System moves into foreground as Upper Management

4. Grays known as Stonemasons a. allowed to walk “freely” among population as Gestapo b. “Stonemason ” becomes “Freemason ” 5. Two-Party System becomes White Freemasonry and Masonic Agenda a. Transference of power to obedient pale-skinned European b. Extraterrestrial Freemasonry becomes Terrestrial Freemasonry D. Ankheles (Angels) and the Family of Man - Temple of Solomon 1. “Gene Code for Passion ” becomes “The Passion of the Krist ” 2. Legacy of The Adam becomes The Temple of Solomon a. “Angels ” become master teachers b. Bloodline of the Prophets c. Anointed Ones become The Krist – Term meant only for major prophets – Also called “Architects” and “Carpenters ” – Seal of the Prophets 3. Temple of Solomon comes into existence a. The Moorish Legacy - the sun-kissed people of color and hue (‘hu’man) b. Amexem Empire of the Asiatic People c. True custodians of Earth – “The meek shall inherit the land ” d. Kemetian Mysteries – Kemet (Africa, Egypt) becomes Islam (Arabia) e. Hiram Abiff – First African God-Man – Master Architect of Temple of Solomon – Assassinated by three Jubees: Jubelo, Jubela, Jubelum (Grays) – Hiram Abiff’s tools (knowledge) are stolen 4. Pale-skinned abomination comes into existence - Northern Africa a. Warlike and unruly, abusive and self-destructive b. Casted out of Africa and dumped in barren wasteland - Europe (Europa) c. Grays take advantage of European outcast – Vendetta is fueled by embarrassment and hatred – Promise of world domination E. Masonic Agenda Spreads 1. Segregation and colonization a. Native American genocide b. Native Australian deprecation c. All people of color and hue are targetted in global domination 2. Arabian Muslims used by White Christian Masters a. African Maafa and slave trade b. Mother Africa is renamed “Dark Continent” – racist slander 3. Vatican, Christianity becomes pulpit of propaganda a. First official “C ” Corporation 4. The Corporate structure a. Fuedalism becomes Capitalism 5. Galileo’s Illuminati begins a. Preservation and exploration of Truth b. The Illuminated Ones - Intellectuals who simply knew better c. Reacting to Church’s falsehood and gestapo propaganda 6. Illuminati hunted like animals a. Catholic Church labels them heretics - “Shaitanists ” (Arabic term - Shaitan) b. “Shaitan ” becomes “Satan” - “Shaitanist ” becomes “Satanist ” c. Illuminati falls prey to Church propaganda – called “labellism ” in sociology, producing social deviance on purpose

d. Illuminati becomes abomination of its former self – Master Infiltrators – Find safe haven within Freemasonry – Become 33° Masons F. America and the ‘Dirty’ Colonists 1. Freemasonry begins in America a. 1730 (Boston) b. 1733 (Philadelphia) – The “Tun ” Tavern (Spirit House) – Origin of U.S. Marine Corps “a few good men” – Printing presses - world’s money 2. Female Masons a. Country Club segregation 3. Black Masons a. Prince Hall (1735-1807) – Barbados “free born” – Comes from the Hall family – Mr. William Hall (master) freed him after 21 years (1756) b. My experience in Memphis, February 2006 – meeting 32º Black Mason Ken from Texas – confirmed with Black Moor Kemitu Bey (kin to Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey) 4. “Founding Fathers ” - Black Moors a. Black Native Americans b. George Washington and the gang – Origin of his last name - “Washitaw” (Native American) – Vendetta with British military and General Cornwallis c. Constitution handed to us by Moorish Native Americans d. Morocco - first country to recognize U.S.A as sovereign nation 5. Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation Proclamation a. York and Scottish Blue Lodges of Freemasonry – Northern Freemason lodges create ABA - American BAR Association – Southern Freemason lodges create KKK - Ku Klux Klan Knights of Liberty b. BAR is British Accreditation Regency – Metaphor for allegiance to Grand Masonic Lodge c. 13th Amendment has its legs cut out from under it – 14th and 15th Amendments re-categorize newly freed slaves – they become the property of the state they were born in – paves the way for getting away with illegal 16th Amendment - I.R.S. G. Freemasonry splits in the 1960s 1. Prince Hall Masons secede from Illuminati Masons a. Motivated by assassinations of civil rights leaders H. Levites “Black Jews” 1. Ark of the Covenant I. Current Events - Illuminati Masons from 1960s to now 1. Power struggles a. Middle management vs. Upper management b. World Trade Center – western center of power for Illuminati Freemasonry – powerful arm of WTO 2. “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma a. Original Oklahoma Bombing of prominent b. “Tulsa City Race Riots ” of June 1, 1921

c. 3000 Negroes, Creeks, Seminoles and Jews massacred by 3000 Ku Klux Klan Masons – 5 million KKK in US; 100,000 in Oklahoma – massacre included 1,400 home & businesses, millionaires and banks d. Act of Terrorism kept secret for 70 years; “Front Lawn Genocide” – Sheriff, Judge, Police Chief and Newspaper Owner e. Pluto catches up with Freemasonry 80 years later; balanced ledger books 3. Weather control a. Hurricane Katrina “Kat ” b. “Cat people” are Moors c. Real Estate – New Orleans – Halliburton & Blackwater USA d. Controlling tradable commodities – Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait – OIL “Black Gold ” (again, Halliburton & Blackwater USA) – Iran and Syria will be invaded via Lebanon-Israeli conflict e. Controlled propaganda – History Channel documentary on Freemasonry

III. Health - Body, Mind and Spirit vs. Middle Management
Pharmaceutical multinationals (High Priesthood) – Historical connection (High Priesthood) – Sociological connection (pollute the Temple of Solomon) – drugs, food, sex, alcohol Go over beating Cancer; reinforcing body’s immune system – Battle Plan – RFA – Peter Moon’s material – Osha root; Artie Crippen – Ageless juice; Artie Crippen – “Blueprint” of cell rejuvenation; Madelyn – Use resources on Page 6 to find places in your area – They have them for their own products but you can use them for your own purposes

IV. Wealth - Economic History and Global Real Estate Investing
Reasons for studying economic history – Devil in the details; flip side of linguistics; tied at the hip as fraternal twins – Start off with Robert Kiyosaki and Russ Whitney – Kiyosaki: Philosophy and mindset – Whitney: Mechanics and method – Dr. Al Lowry - Grandfather of real estate investing as we know it today

V. Invisible College – What is it?
– How to decipher the symbols for mass communication – Learned from teacher Steve Duncombe - SUNY Old Westbury – Moorish Legacy and Masonic Agenda coming to the surface – Examples: – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV series – Anecdote on original Star Trek scenario; Desilu Studios – Council of Nine scenario with Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett – Lethal Weapon and Star Wars films

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