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"Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it ... their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth."
St. Thomas Aquinas

Divine Qualities Freedom Mercy o Transmutation Divine Ray & Sacred Fire o Seventh Ray o Violet Flame
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Archangel Zadkiel
FORGIVENESS, MERCY, CLEANSING, FREEDOM Call on Zadkiel's silver, violet flame to purify body, mind and soul, to heal your emotions, relationships and negative beliefs, to move on with your life, bringing forgiveness for yourself and others for true happiness and joy.]



Name meaning "Righteousness of God" Virtues Colour of Aura Guards this day Element Relevant chakra Related to Number Related to Crystals Compassion, generosity and forgiveness Blue Thursday Fire 7th (crown) 4 Amethyst, Lazuli, Lapis,Tanzania, Turquoise and Sapphire, clear quartz

Aromatherapy Violet leaf, rosewood, Cedarwood, Frankincense oils and Neroli Herbs Lemon Balm, Borage, Sage, Comfrey, Ginseng and Arnica

I bring to mankind, from God, the gift of compassion. I counsel you to let go of hurt, anger and hatred. You have within you the God-given ability to forgive. For God will forgive you your trespasses, as you forgive those who trespass against you. This is the message, I, Zadkiel, the Archangel bring to you.

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In the name of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, I AM the violet flame in action in me now! I AM the blessing and buoyancy of the violet flame! I AM freedom from limitation!

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Zadkiel means the "Righteousness of God" It is believed that Zadkiel was the angel who stopped Abraham from killing his young son, Isaac, as a sacrifice to God. As a result, Zadkiels symbol is the dagger, or sacrificial knife and he is usually depicted with it. Zadkiel is Chief of the Order of Dominations. Zadkiel is thought to be the Angel of Mercy, the Angel of Memory and the Angel of Benevolence. Zadkiel is one of the nine rulers of Heaven. Zadkiel is thought by some to be one of the seven archangels who stand before God. In "The Zohar" Zadkiel is represented as one of two chieftains, the other being Zaphiel, who assists the great Archangel Michael when he bears his standard in battle. Zadkiel is ruler of the planet Jupiter. Zadkiel is an angel of the Order of Seraphim.

Archangel Tzadkiel (or Zadkiel) is a Regent Prince of Heaven and of the choirs of the Dominions. His name means "Righteousness of God" or "God's Blessing". He may also be referred to as the Angel of Divine Justice, the Angel of the Divine Presence or the Angel of Invocation and prayer, bringing to us Divine Light and Harmony. His energy is integrating, harmonising and balancing and he connects us to Heaven and Earth, having the ability to expand us in all directions. The Etheric retreat of Tzadkiel and Lady Purity, his twin flame (also known as Holy Amethyst) is in the Etheric realms above Cuba and known as the Temple of Purification. Here is a focus of the violet flame, and the gathering place of the Angels of the Violet Flame and the Angels of Transmutation. This temple was originally raised in Atlantis and was the retreat for the Priests and Priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel, who used the violet flame and the purity of their own etheric bodies to work to remove negative energetic debris from the towns and cities of the civilisation. Today the retreat is also a focus for all members of the Order of Melchisadek, of all times and from all Dimensions. Tzadkiel and the Lady Purity originate from the Violet Planet, the home of the sacred fire of the violet flame, where as High Priest and Priestess they tended and administered the violet flame - the sacred fire that transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of wrongdoings or negative karma. The violet flame may also be known as the Flame of Transmutation; the Flame of Freedom or the Flame of Forgiveness. Tzadkiel told us this: "If you can work consciously with the violet flame to help release and transmute burdens of personal or planetary negativity then that will be to your advantage. The violet flame is a dispensation given to humanity to help them make

the transformations and changes that they require and reduce their karmic burdens as the time of transition to the New Dimensions approaches. So use it well, use it often and use it wisely. Find the time and space in which to confront your life and discern what there is in it that pleases you and what in it that does not, and then work consciously with the violet flame to help transform your life. You may reach me and also access the energies of the violet flame through the vibration of the amethyst or many of the other violet crystals your planet has now." Tzadkiel and his Lady came to Earth bringing the flame with them many aeons ago in order to transmute millions of years of mis-qualified energy that had accumulated within the Earth's energy fields and to introduce the Age of Ritual, Science and Alchemy. As you may expect therefore, Tzadkiel serves on the seventh ray which is violet, and which is a synthesis of the attributes of the other six rays. The seventh Ray is the Ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic and Transformation and its theme is to do with consciously invoking Higher forces to work with form by making invocations through the seven Rays and what they represent, each one as appropriate. It is the gateway to experiencing and understanding the evolutionary path of Earth and of ourselves in a spiritual sense - that of our combined ascension into the Higher Dimensions. The purpose of the Ray is to help us to see ourselves clearly as we truly are, and to see our potential. This enables us to clear ourselves of all the things we do not need or want in order to become what we do want to be. It also gives us access to the wisdom of our inner and Higher selves, and to Higher Beings who can help us in the task of creating exactly who we want to be, and what we want to do. We are also asked to use this ray in conjunction with the Violet Flame of freedom and mercy to benefit the Earth. Tzadkiel works in conjunction with St. Germain in promoting the use of the

Violet flame. His aim is to free us and release us from our imperfections and limitations, allowing us to expand, integrate and balance all earthly and heavenly aspects of ourselves. He helps us always develop to our highest potential, and to aid us with this the violet flame may be called upon to dissolve and transmute all negativities that hold us back. By the process of purification we are able to develop our pure true Selves and are able then to live without fear, limits or illusions. Many resources show that the violet flame may now be enhanced with the silver flame, to produce a combined energy flame of silver / violet. We think that, as the need was recognised for a move towards attaining balance of male / female aspects in all things, the silver flame came forth to bring to light the energies of Lady Purity, who carries the Silver Ray. Whilst we feel that the silver-violet flame may be appropriate in some cases, in many circumstances we feel that the pure violet flame is best used alone when solely dealing with the transmutation of negative energies. We have found, however, that combining the violet flame with the Magdalene flame, or using them in tandem, is the most effective method for addressing and remedying negativity. (See our webpage on this by clicking here.) The Magdalene flame contains the colours silver and blue, and is a feminine ray of purity, innocence and love. When we take something out (negativity), we need to fill the space that is left and what could be more appropriate than to bring in the attributes of this flame / ray. Whereas the violet flame and Ray and its actions might be regarded as predominantly masculine in its actions, at this stage in the planets growth, we need balance, and again this is where bringing in the Magdalene energies especially the untainted energy of innocence and love - will help enormously. Tzadkiel is also High Priest of the Order of Melchisadek

and initiates potential members as priests and priestesses of the order. The Order of Melchisadek is a Cosmic order and priesthood. The underlying principle of the Order for us on Earth is to prepare us for our transition into the fifth dimension (or what we refer to as Ascension) by mastery of the four planes of matter. The work of the Order is much more vast than this however, as it supports the same spiritual principles for worlds within other Galactic centres and other Universes. The name "Melchisadek" may be given to any initiate of the Order who has passed the seven levels of initiation into the Order and many of the Great White Brotherhood, including many Ascended Masters are members. Priesthood is automatically carried over to future incarnations, although the Order also initiates people when they are incarnate, as happened to Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Many of the Starseeds and Lightworkers currently incarnated are already members of this Order, whether they are conscious of being so or not.

The Fire of Tzadkiel and his Inspiration frees me His flame of violet purifies me. The energies of the Angels and the Stars cleanse me. Self-knowledge, forgiveness and completeness is my path.


I come to bless, to help heal the wounds and pains of life and life's lessons. There are times when I know your hearts are heavy and your burdens seem too much to carry. And I see this and I weep for you. If you will but call I will gladly share your load and ease your travail. With words of comfort and encouragement I will attend you. For now it is the time when the energies around you are quickening, and you are being faced with many lessons seemingly arising in a short space of time. If you could see the contract you agreed to before your transition into this world you would be amazed, and probably wonder why you would attempt so much! But it is your love of life and your eagerness to embrace all that this world of duality can teach you that shines through. And I am so proud to see you struggle and fight to continue to find your perfect Selves even in the face of many adversities which weigh you down. Please call on me, for I have by the Grace of God been granted the dispensation of the violet flame, with which to help free you of the things that hold you back. Place your fears, your worries, your restrictions, your attachments and all things that prevent you from living as joyful emanations of God within the flame. See them transformed and feel yourself become light and free once more. Allow your spirits to rise, and joy to blossom again within your heart and I will consider myself honoured indeed to celebrate your perfection with you.

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Prepare the room by dimming the lights, playing soft unintrusive music, light a candle or incense etc according to your preferences. Relax !!!!!! Call in your helpers, guides, God, Goddesses or Gods, Great Spirit or whoever you relate to and ask them to help you to be a clear pure channel to send the attunement to.and to keep you safe from all negative energies or unwanted entities You may want to use the Usui distant symbol if you are doing a distant attunement If there are any special symbols attached to the particular attunement you will need to used these as well State your intention, that is to attune .to the energies of. Then just relax and let the energies flow When you are finished remember to thank your helpers ,and you are done