Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!

Scholarly  Times     Week  in  Review:    
1/3/12  –  1/6/12  

Class  of  2028  (Kindergarten)  
This  week's  blends  were  QU,  as  in  quick,  and  SC  as  in  scholar.  We  learned  about  realistic   Niction.  Be  sure  to  talk  with  your  scholar  about  the  realistic  Niction  character  he/she  created!   In  math  we  Ninished  unit  7  and  took  a  test  on  Wednesday.  We  began  unit  8,  which  is   measuring  weight.  If  you  are  at  the  store,  let  our  scholar  help  you  weigh  the  fruits  and   vegetables!  In  science  we  began  learning  about  plants.  Do  you  know  the  6  features  that  all   plants  have?  Your  scholar  should  know!  Next  week's  blends  are  SL,  as  in  sleep,  and  SK,  as  in   skate.  Please  have  your  scholar  color  and  cut  the  picture  cards  and  put  them  in  the  baggy  for   work  with  them  on  Monday.  


Class  of  2027  (First  Grade)  

This  week  the  Class  of  2027  became  scientists.  We  spent  the  week  observing  and  recording   our  observations  of  earthworms.    Through  our  observations,  we  learned  earthworms  are   made  up  of  segments  and  are  afraid  of  bright  lights.    We  are  excited  to  continue  our   observations  of  earthworms  next  week.  We  will  be  learning  more  about  a  healthy  worm's   diet  and  their  habitat.    In  literacy,  we  learned  about  the  relationship  between  cause  and   effect.    This  week  in  Math,  we  explored  different  shapes  and  learned  to  sort  objects  by  color   and  shape.    Next  week,  we  will  have  a  test  on  the  shapes  we  learned  about  this  week.  

This  week  in  art,  the  Class  of  2028  has   been  learning  about  the  art  element  of   texture.  They  have  been  painting  with   various  tools  and  discovering  different   techniques  to  create  lots  of  different   textures.  The  class  of  2027  has  been   learning  about  the  principle  of  balance.   They  created  symmetrical  mono  prints   called  “Blottos”  where  they  put  paint   on  a  page  and  folded  it  to  create  a   beautiful  mono  print.  The  class  of  2026   continue  to  work  on  their  paper  mache   faceless  dolls  which  represent  scholars   at  our  school.  They  are  in  the  Ninal   process  of  adding  detail  and   decoration  with  paint  and  fabric.   These  dolls  are  inspired  by  faceless   dolls  made  in  the  Dominican  Republic.  


Class  of  2026  (Second  Grade)  
  Lunch  bunch  is  back  in  full  swing  after   the  winter  break!  We  are  beginning  to   discuss  self-­‐esteem,  and  this  week  we   talked  about  things  that  are   challenging  for  the  scholars.    Next   week  we  will  be  discussing  how  we   can  persist  through  challenges  and   why  it  is  OK    to  make  mistakes.  Discuss   with  your  scholar  what  is  difNicult  for   you  and  why  it  is  OK  to  not  be  great  at   everything!  

In  math,  practicing  number  facts  just  got  a  whole  new  twist!  Scholars  are  using  rhymes  to   remember  which  numbers  go  together  to  make  10.  These  rhymes  are  helping  scholars  to   recall  their  facts  faster  and  teaching  them  about  rhyming  at  the  same  time!  This  weekend,   ask  your  scholar  to  tell  how  "7  is  as  easy  as  can  be"  or  how  "one  is  easy  by  design".  To   improve  their  understanding  of  their  number  facts,  this  week  scholars  made  foldables-­‐a   study  aid  that  turns  their  notes  into  a  mini  quiz  game.  Now  scholars  can  use  their  notebooks   to  practice  how  different  numbers  work  together  to  make  10.       In  Expedition,  we  are  rounding  out  our  social  studies  curriculum  with  a  return  to  geography.   This  week,  scholars  did  a  hands  on  exploration  of  maps  and  globes  to  understand  how  each   help  us  learn  about  our  world  in  different  ways.  They  also  experienced  what  a  border  is   through  an  in-­‐class  simulation.  Additionally,  scholars  can  now  identify  and  locate  all  seven   continents,  the  four  oceans  of  the  world,  numerous  countries  and  the  borders  between  the   US,  Canada,  and  Mexico.  

Lunch  Bunch  

Alma  Attendance  this  Week:  %  

Star  Scholars  
Star  Scholars  come  to  school  every  day  in  the  proper  uniform,  have  their  homework  completed  every  day,  and  behave  excellently.  

Texas  Lutheran  








Abby   Aiden   Alexia   Faith   Faryn   Jayda  R.   Jackson   Leo   Lucas   Katherine   Noah   Roman  

Adam   Adrean   Aleah   Heaven   Joscelyne   Raeghan   Xavier  

Ayah   Chandler   Eli   Emily   Jaanai   Kyanna   Leily   Noah   Ryann   Ryleigh   Samuel   Ty  

Carmen   Daisy   Kayden   Kya   Marijah   Nazyia   Noah   Riley   Rosa   Samantha   Vado        

Emma   Henry   Hunter   John-­‐Nae   Morgan    

Alexander   Asyana   Ava   Cayla   Destiny   Greggory   Kolby   Kristen   Marcel   Nevaeh  

Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!
   Friday  Afternoon     Soccer  Program!  

Scholarly  Times     Looking  Ahead    

Tuesday,  1/10  –  6:00  PM  –  Parent  Council  Meeting  

  Many  parents  have  requested  the   opportunity  for  their  scholars  to   participate  in  a  sport  one  afternoon  a   week.    Thanks  to  your  feedback,  we  are   going  to  begin  offering  an  indoor  soccer   program.    The  program  will  be  free  and     run  from  2:30  PM  until  3:30  PM  on   Fridays  (2/3  –  3/30)  at  the  Portuguese   Verde  Academy.    Details  and  a  signup   will  go  home  on  Monday.  A  lottery  will   be  used  if  more  than  20  scholars  sign  up.  

Please  come  to  this  month’s  Parent  Council  meeting  to  contribute  your  voice  and   learn  more  about  all  that’s  happening  at  Alma  del  Mar.  

Friday,  1/13  –  6:00  PM:  Family  Movie  Night  –  Lion  King!  

Alma  families  will  be  gathering  together  for  a  movie  night!    We  encourage   scholars  to  come  in  their  pajamas  or  other  comfortable  clothing.    They  may  bring   sleeping  bags  or  blankets.    Popcorn  will  be  provided.    Please  feel  free  to  bring   other  snacks  to  share.    The  whole  family  is  welcome!  

Monday,  1/16:  Martin  Luther  King  Jr.  Day  

New  Alma  Creed  

This  week,  scholars  have  been   learning  our  new  Alma  creed:          We  are  Alma  scholars.        We  are  all  here  to  gain  knowledge.        We  are  all  headed  to  college.  

Alma  families  will  be  joining  others  from  the  community  to  volunteer  at   GiftstoGive.    Come  by  anytime  between  9:00  AM  and  4:00  PM.    Families  will  be   working  to  help  prepare  emergency  supplies.    Lunch  and  an  educational  program   will  be  between  12:00  PM  and  1:00  PM.    We  encourage  scholars  to  wear  their   Alma  t-­‐shirts.   Reminder:  If  your  scholar  is  too  sick  to  come  to  school  (a  fever  of  over  100   degrees,  actively  vomiting/diarrhea,  or  a  diagnosed  contagious  disease),  please   call  the  Main  OfNice  before  7:30  AM:  774-­‐206-­‐6827  

     We  never  give  up.        We  work  as  a  crew.        Every  day  we  grow  smarter.        Every  day  we  improve.  

     Learn.  Lead.  Serve.  Succeed!        Learn.  Lead.  Serve.  Succeed!  


Have  a  health  question?   Call  the  school  Nurse!    

Joyce  Suprenant,  our  school  nurse,  brings   more  than  30  years  of  nursing  experience.     She  is  more  than  happy  to  answer  your   questions  about  child  or  adult  health— anything  from  pregnancy  to  asthma.     Please  feel  free  to  reach  out  to  her.       Nurse  Suprenant  is  at  Alma  del  Mar  every   day  from  8:00  AM  until  12:00  PM.    You  may   reach  her  at  774-­‐206-­‐6825.    

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