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We have developed a self-propelled raspberry harvester to complement our range of existing apple harvesting machinery The Samson is designed to harvest both small and large bushed efficiently. It is powered by a 4 cylinder diesel engine, which, through a series of 5 pumps drives the transmission and all other hydraulic systems. The machine has been designed on the basis of a tractive power unit with a pivoting front axle which ensures good traction and steering, with the added advantage of providing stability for the operators at the rear of the machine With in the chassis, the centre frame and conveyors are raised and lowered. The facility to control the height of the front and the rear independently provides added flexibility when harvesting in differing sizes of bush. The design of the centre frame in relation to the conveyors ensures good presentation of the fruit over the conveyors. Removal of the fruit is achieved buy the use of 4 robust shakers, which have been carefully designed to ensure that the amplitude and force available are sufficient to remove the most difficult of fruit with fibreglass tines. The tines are individually clamped with SFM Technology Limited in tine rings for reliability and ease of installation. Fruit loss is kept 9 Bancombe Court, Martock to a minimum as conveyors have fish plates attached. Debris is removed by 2 high volume 6 bladed axial fans mounted directly on to the conveyor.
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Harvesting For maximum all round visibility and precise control the driver is seated at the front of the machine. Simple hydraulic controls, situated to the right of the driver facilitate ease of operation with minimum effort. There are variable speed controls for shakers, fans and conveyors that can be engaged independently The Samson is fitted with an electronic monitoring unit which monitors the forward speed and the left and right shaker speed. The engine is switched on and off with a starter key, in addition there is a safety stop button which when pressed stops the machine and all of its systems and simultaneously engages the wheel brakes When harvesting small bush plantations the use of the platforms simplifies headland manoeuvres; in heaver crops, platforms are easily removes and replaced with trailers. The Samsons hydraulic system provides maximum flexibility with the advantage of economic use of power. The closed loop transmission system provides a speed range: 0-8 Km/h. Three independent pumps are used for the harvesting functions of shakers, fans and conveyors. The system is designed to ensure that surplus oil flow is returned to the tank without creating excessive back pressure. The sizes of the pumps have been carefully matched to run at relatively low hydraulic pressures. Oil temperature is controlled automatically by an electric oil cooler set to run at 45oC. Typically the required engine speed is around 1500 R.P.M., which gives excellent fuel consumption and low noise. Because of our continuing support and service to our new and existing customers we are able to offer new developments and where retrofitting is possible these will be offered to our existing customers to bring their machines to the newer specification. There are a number of handling options that are available with more being developed with customers input all the time. SPECIFICATION General Vehicle gross weight working length working width of tyres Drivers platform height Total overall width Overall height Wheel base Track width Turning rad centre of M/C Speed range Maximum gradient " side slope Engine JCB 444 NA 4 cylinder engine rated power @ 2200 rpm 85 hp NB Dimensions, capacities etc to be used as a general guide only. S.F.M. Technology Limited reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice and without incurring obligations. 5 Tonnes 5.4 Metres 2.7 " 2.4 " 3 " 3.3 " 2.5 " 2.4 " 2.75 " 0-16 Km/H and 0-8 Km/H 20% 10%