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little What beginswith A?

Aunt Annie's alligator . .

little What begins with B? .

I I Barber baby bubbles and a bumblebee. I .

.little What beginswith C? Camel on the ceiling C. . . . C 10 . -c. . .

.little David Donald Doo dreamed a dozendoughnuts and a duck-dog. too.

.e a ear egg elephant e e tA w E ui .. e.

.f Four fluffy feathers ona Fiffer-feffer-feff.

Goat girl googoogoggles .

Hay. Hooray ! Hooray ! . Hen in a hat.little h Hungry horse.

. little rl I . ..Icabod itchy.1o. .. aa i i b"d \ So am I..

_ . =--/ 5 1 .:.f-k Ii btle j -_4D\N=-- "4= What beginswith j? Jerry Jordan's jelly jar ano Jam begin that waJ l.r \\ .l = .

Kangaroo.af. . Kite and a king's kerchoo.9 k Kitten. Kick a kettle.

. Kt. Lazy lion licks a lollipop. Left leg.l little Little Lola Lopp.(dg.

little Many mumbling are making midnight music in the moonlight mighty nice 30 .

AC'/H n What beginswith those? Nine new neckties and a nightshirt and a nose. .r2 4l l$ o '(*-r't .

.. You use it when You say: "Oscar'sonIY ostrich oiled an orangeowl todaY' ( .r useful.

oao .

.t4I <&. Policemanin a pail.. And now Papa'sin the pail. Ht( paj Painting pinl_r amas. Peter Pepper'spuppy.

.little q What beginswith a ? The quick Queenof Quincy and her quackingquacker-oo.

. Rosy's going riding on her red rhinoceros.little Rosy Robin Ross.

little Silly Sammy Slick sipped six sodas and got sick sick sick. .

What beginswith T ? Ten tired turtles on a tuttle-tuttle tree. .

.little u What beginswith Uncle Ubb's umbrella and his underwear.too.

.little Vera Violet Vinn' is very very very awful on her violin.

53 L .Willy Waterloo washesWarren Wiggirrs who is washingWaldo Woo.

if your name is ( Nixie Knox. . It also comesin handy spellingax and extra fox.

Young Yolanda Yorgenson is yelling on his back.little Li:r A yawning yellow yak. Or .


little What beginswith Z? 61 .

. Iarna ZtzzerZazzerZuzz as you can plainly see.I do.

d gh .

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