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ru/klh8; The libraries of a number of countries worldwide which acquired the books and have the publications (ecology, environment, biology) by Dr. S. A. Ostroumov and co-authors:
Ecology, Biology, Environmental Sciences: in the libraries of Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa (in arbitrary order): Denmark, U.S.A., Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, China, Korea, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, and others. CONTENTS: List of the countries and web-sites (in the format of a table); Additional sites: what are the innovations in those publications; An extended list of the publications by the same author; Citation of those publications; **

Papers of this author are available in U.S. libraries (Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Aquatic
Sciences): Biology.; **

All about scientific results and activities of Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov, in short:; ** Table. Countries where libraries acquired the books (ecology, environment, biology) by Dr. S. A. Ostroumov and co-authors (some examples, in arbitrary order). Countries, institutions Site with more detailed data;

Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Finland, Serbia, and Turkey The U.S.A., Harvard University, and some other institutions The U.S.A., Library of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) U.S.A., Stanford University;;

U.S.A. University of California, and
other universities See:; See:;;; See:;;; See:;;

U.S.A. Caltech (California Institute of Technology) U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Mexico U.K. University of Oxford France, U.K., U.S.A., Germany Canada. the best 20 Canadian libraries –
universities and governmental agencies

Australia France: 4 leading scientific centers Italy Japan. university libraries. China. Beijing. National Library of China.
Biological Effects of Surfactants.

HONG KONG universities. university

Taiwan Korea (Seoul). University. Korea University

Czech Republic. National Library of the
Czech Republic. Чехия. Национальная библиотека.;

New Zealand. libraries of New Zealand; Singapore. libraries Austria. libraries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, U.K. (Cambridge, Oxford, and other institutions), France, Australia, Canada, Poland;; See:;; See:;;

In U.K. – British Library, Cambridge, Oxford, Trinity College, etc.

Netherlands Mexico Slovenia Spain Israel Qatar France Germany Switzerland Norway Poland Hungary Bulgaria Kenia South Africa. University Library. University
of Pretoria and other universities; Department of Library Services (Library);; See:; See:; See:;; See:; See: See: See: See: See:;;; See:; See:;;

Malaysia Indonesia Russian Federation.
State Russian Library. Moscow (the largest national library of Russia)

Ukraine. National Library named after V.I.Vernadsky (в Нац. биб-ке Украины
им.Вернадского Національна бібліотека України ім В.І.Вернадського);

Univ of Kyiv-Mohyla Acad KYIV, 254070 Ukraine


Belasus. National Library Estonia, Lithuania. Эстония, Литва

** ADDENDUM: more about the books by S.A.O., which innovations are in his publications:

** This book was acquired by the key world libraries – cover picture, abstract, list of the reviews of the books (favorable):
** The key discoveries and innovations that were made by the same author (Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov), and the scientific questions that were answered in his publications:; ** Scholars of these over 300 institutions (worldwide) have cited the

publications (biology, ecology, environment) authored by Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov:; ** Key annotated bibliography on the most important issues of ecology, environment (the innovations authored by Dr. S. Ostroumov) with short comments on what is new, in the form of a simple table, which is easy to read and understand and use:; ** Annotated English bibliography: In the form of a list; Environmental Science, Ecology. Dr. S.Ostroumov. with comments:; ** EXAMPLES OF KEY DISCOVERIES in ecology, environmental sciences, biology in the 20th and 21st centuries: 17 KEY DISCOVERIES, INNOVATIONS. Scientific questions that were answered.; ** Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Biology, updated; Citation of Dr. S.A. Ostroumov’s works in the U.S.A. ** All about scientific results and activities of Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov:;;


KEY WORDS (with computer translation):
Tensides, Biological effects of surfactants, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Introduction to biochemical ecology, Conservation of living nature and resources: problems, trends, and prospects, Yablokov, A. V., aquatic, ecosystems, water bodies, water streams, pollution, bioremediation, phytoremediation, filter-feeders; bivalves; water self-purification; Ecology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, libraries, Europe, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Finland, Serbia, New Zealand, Poland, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Korea, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Austria, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Korea, U.S.A., Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, bought, acquired, ordered, library, books, S.A. Ostroumov, ecology, biochemistry, hydrobiology, biodiversity, conservation, nature, living, resources, biochemical, bioactive compounds, biosphere, surfactants, detergents, hazard assessment, water quality, Kluwer, Advanced Research Workshop, Comparative Roles of Suspension-feeders in Ecosystems, Aquatic biodiversity, Introduction to the issues of biochemical ecology: biotechnology, agriculture, environmental protection; sustainability, environmental safety, biosphere, Aquatic ecology; Ebook;

Surface active agents, Physiological effect; environmental hazards, pollutants, bioassay, biotesting, xenobiotics, new, methods, plant science, plant seedlings, phytotoxicity, Hirudo medicinalis, filterfeeders, marine, freshwater, mussels, oysters, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus galloprovincialis, Fagopyrum esculentum, Sinapis alba, chemico-biotic interactions, conservation biology, water sustainability, experimental data, hazards, fundamental concepts, environmental education; water treatment; most important, priorities, hot topics, urgent issues; Los efectos biológicos de los tensioactivos, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Introducción a la ecología bioquímica, la conservación de la naturaleza viva y de los recursos: problemas, tendencias y perspectivas; Yablokov, AV; acuáticos, los ecosistemas, cuerpos de agua, corrientes de agua, la contaminación, biorremediación , fitorremediación, filtradores, los bivalvos, la auto-purificación del agua, Ecología, Biología, Ciencias Ambientales, bibliotecas, Europa, Bélgica, República Checa, Alemania, Dinamarca, Islandia, Italia, Eslovaquia, Turquía, Reino Unido, Finlandia, Serbia, Nueva Zelanda, Polonia, Canadá, China, Taiwán, Singapur, Hong Kong, Sudáfrica, Corea, Finlandia, Noruega, Suecia, Francia, Austria, Australia, Japón, Suiza, Corea, EE.UU., Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, comprado, adquirido, ordenó, biblioteca, libros, SA Ostroumov, la ecología, la bioquímica, la hidrobiología, acuáticos, la biodiversidad, la conservación, la naturaleza, de vida, recursos, bioquímicos, compuestos bioactivos, la biosfera, los bivalvos, surfactantes, detergentes, evaluación de riesgos, biotesting, la calidad del agua, Kluwer, Taller avanzado de la investigación, funciones comparativas de la suspensión y se alimentan en los ecosistemas, la biodiversidad acuática, Introducción a los temas de la ecología bioquímica: la biotecnología, la agricultura, la protección del medio ambiente, la sostenibilidad, la seguridad del medio ambiente, la biosfera, ecología acuática, Ebook, agentes tensioactivos - efecto fisiológico; detergentes, los riesgos ambientales, la contaminación, los contaminantes, bioensayo, biotesting, xenobióticos, nuevos métodos, ciencia de las plantas, plantas de semillero, fitotoxicidad, Hirudo medicinalis, filtradores, bivalvos, marinos, agua dulce, mejillones, ostras, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus galloprovincialis, Fagopyrum esculentum, Sinapis alba, la calidad del agua, químico-biótico interacciones, biología de la conservación, la sustentabilidad del agua, nuevos datos experimentales, nuevos riesgos, nuevos conceptos fundamentales, la educación ambiental, tratamiento de aguas; xenobióticos, lo más importante, las prioridades, temas, cuestiones urgentes;

Effetti biologici dei tensioattivi, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Introduzione all'ecologia biochimici, Conservazione della natura vivente e le risorse: problemi, tendenze e prospettive; Yablokov, AV, acquatici, degli ecosistemi, bacini idrici, corsi d'acqua, inquinamento; biorisanamento ; fitodepurazione, filtro-alimentatori, bivalvi, acqua autopurificazione, Ecologia, Biologia, Scienze Ambientali, biblioteche, Europa, Belgio, Repubblica Ceca, Germania, Danimarca, Islanda, Italia, Slovacchia, Turchia, Regno Unito, Finlandia, Serbia, Nuova Zelanda, Polonia, Canada, Cina, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sud Africa, Corea, Finlandia, Norvegia, Svezia, Francia, Austria, Australia, Giappone, Svizzera, Corea, Stati Uniti d'America, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, ha acquistato, ha acquisito, ordinato, biblioteca, libri, SA Ostroumov, ecologia, biochimica, Idrobiologia, acquatico, la biodiversità, la conservazione, la natura, vivendo, le risorse, biochimici, composti bioattivi, biosfera, bivalvi, tensioattivi, detergenti, valutazione dei pericoli, BioTesting, qualità dell'acqua, Kluwer, Laboratorio avanzato di ricerca, Ruoli comparativa delle sospensioni-alimentatori negli ecosistemi, la biodiversità acquatica, Introduzione ai temi dell'ecologia biochimica: biotecnologie, agricoltura, tutela dell'ambiente, la sostenibilità, la sicurezza ambientale, della biosfera, ecologia acquatica, Ebook, i tensioattivi - effetto fisiologico; detergenti, rischi ambientali, inquinamento, sostanze inquinanti, biotest, BioTesting, xenobiotici, nuovi metodi, la scienza delle piante, germogli delle piante, fitotossicità, Hirudo medicinalis, filtro-alimentatori, bivalvi, marini, d'acqua dolce, cozze, ostriche, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus galloprovincialis, Fagopyrum esculentum, Sinapis alba, la qualità dell'acqua, chimico-interazioni biotiche, biologia

della conservazione, sostenibilità idrica, nuovi dati sperimentali, nuovi pericoli, nuovi concetti fondamentali, l'educazione ambientale, trattamento delle acque; xenobiotici; più importanti, le priorità, argomenti, questioni urgenti;
生物表面活性劑,生化生態,生活的本質和資源保護:問題,趨勢,以及發展前景的影響; Yablokov,AV,水產,生態系統;水體;水流;污染;生物修復;植物修復;濾食性雙殼類;水體自淨;生態 學,生物學,環境科學,圖書館,歐洲,比利時,捷克共和國,德國,丹麥,冰島,意大利,斯 洛伐克,土耳其,英國,芬蘭,塞爾維亞,新西蘭,波蘭,加拿大,中國,台灣,新加坡,香港 ,南非,韓國,芬蘭,挪威,瑞典,法國,奧地利,澳大利亞,日本,瑞士,韓國,美國,買, 收購,訂購,圖書館,書籍,SA Ostroumov,生態學,生物化學,水生生物,水產品,生物多樣性,保護,自然,生活,資源, 生物化學,生物活性化合物,生物圈,雙殼類,表面活性劑,洗滌劑,風險評估,biotesting,水 質,高級研究研討會,暫停食性比較生態系統中的作用,水生生物多樣性,介紹生化生態問題: 生物技術,農業,環保,可持續發展,環境安全,生物圈,水生生態;電子書,表面活性劑 生理效應;洗滌劑,環境危害,污染,污染物,生物測定,外來物質,新方法植物科學,植物苗, 藥害,水蛭,濾食性,雙殼類,海洋,淡水,貽貝,牡蠣,水質,化學生物相互作用,保護生物 學,水的可持續發展,新的實驗數據,新的危險,新的基本概念,環境教育;水處理;外來物質, 最重要的優先事項,熱點話題,緊迫的問題;

生物表面活性剂,生化生态,生活的本质和资源保护:问题,趋势,以及发展前景的影 响; Yablokov,AV,水产,生态系统;水体;水流;污染;生物修复;植物修复;滤食性双壳类;水体 自净;生态学,生物学,环境科学,图书馆,欧洲 ,比利时,捷克共和国,德国,丹麦,冰岛,意大利,斯洛伐克,土耳其,英国,芬兰 ,塞尔维亚,新西兰,波兰,加拿大,中国,台湾,新加坡,香港,南非,韩国,芬兰 ,挪威,瑞典,法国,奥地利,澳大利亚,日本,瑞士,韩国,美国,买,收购,订购 ,图书馆,书籍,SA Ostroumov,生态学,生物化学,水生生物,水产品,生物多样性,保护,自然,生活, 资源,生物化学,生物活性化合物,生物圈,双壳类,表面活性剂,洗涤剂,风险评估 ,biotesting,水质,高级研究研讨会,暂停食性比较生态系统中的作用,水生生物多样性 ,介绍生化生态问题:生物技术,农业,环保,可持续发展,环境安全,生物圈,水生 生态;电子书,表面活性剂 生理效应;洗涤剂,环境危害,污染,污染物,生物测定,外来物质,新方法植物科学, 植物苗,药害,水蛭,滤食性,双壳类,海洋,淡水,贻贝,牡蛎,水质,化学生物相 互作用,保护生物学,水的可持续发展,新的实验数据,新的危险,新的基本概念,环 境教育;水处理;外来物质,最重要的优先事项,热点话题,紧迫的问题;

Biologische Effekte von Tensiden, Einführung in die biochemische Ökologie, Erhaltung der lebendigen Natur und Ressourcen: Probleme, Trends und Perspektiven; Jablokow, AV, aquatischen, Ökosysteme; Gewässer, Wasser-Streams; Umweltverschmutzung; Sanierung; Phytosanierung; Filtrierer; Muscheln; Wasser Selbstreinigung; Ökologie, Biologie, Umweltwissenschaften, Bibliotheken, Europa, Belgien, Tschechische Republik, Deutschland, Dänemark, Island, Italien, Slowakei, Türkei, Vereinigtes Königreich, Finnland, Serbien, Neuseeland, Polen, Kanada, China, Taiwan , Singapur, Hong Kong, Südafrika, Korea, Finnland, Norwegen, Schweden, Frankreich, Österreich, Australien, Japan, Schweiz, Korea, USA, gekauft,

erworben, bestellt, Bibliothek, Bücher, SA erodiert, Ökologie, Biochemie, Hydrobiologie, Wasserorganismen, Biodiversität, Naturschutz, Natur, Wohnen, Ressourcen, biochemischen, Einführung bioaktiven Verbindungen, Biosphäre, Muscheln, Tenside, Detergenzien, Gefährdungsbeurteilung, Biotestverfahren, Wasserqualität, Advanced Research Workshop, Vergleichende Rollen der Suspension-Zubringer in Ökosysteme, aquatische Biodiversität, auf die Fragen der biochemischen Ökologie: Biotechnologie, Landwirtschaft, Umweltschutz, Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltverträglichkeit, Biosphäre, Gewässerökologie, Ebook, Tenside Physiologische Wirkung; Waschmitteln, Umweltgefahren, Umweltverschmutzung, Schadstoffe, Bioassay, Biotestverfahren, Xenobiotika, neue Methoden , Plant Science, Pflanzenkeimlingen, Phytotoxizität, Blutegel, Filtrierer, Muscheln, See-, Süßwasser, Muscheln, Austern, Wasserqualität, chemisch-biotische Interaktionen, Conservation Biology, Wasser Nachhaltigkeit, neue experimentelle Daten, neue Gefahren, neue grundlegende Konzepte, Umwelterziehung; Wasseraufbereitung; Xenobiotika; wichtigste, Prioritäten, heiße Themen, drängende Fragen; Les effets biologiques des tensioactifs, Introduction à l'écologie biochimique, de la Conservation de la nature vivante et de ressources: problèmes, tendances et perspectives; Yablokov, AV; aquatiques, les écosystèmes, les organismes d'eau; cours d'eau, la pollution, la biorestauration; phytoremédiation; filtreurs; bivalves; d'eau auto-épuration; écologie, biologie, sciences de l'environnement, des bibliothèques, en Europe, Belgique, République Tchèque, Allemagne, Danemark, Islande, Italie, Slovaquie, Turquie, Royaume-Uni, la Finlande, la Serbie, la NouvelleZélande, Pologne, Canada, Chine, Taïwan , Singapour, Hong Kong, Afrique du Sud, Corée, Finlande, Norvège, Suède, France, Autriche, Australie, Japon, Suisse, Corée, Etats-Unis, a acheté, acquis, ordonné, bibliothèque, livres, SA Ostroumov, écologie, biochimie, hydrobiologie, aquatiques, la biodiversité, la conservation, la nature, la vie, les ressources, biochimiques, composés bioactifs, la biosphère, des bivalves, des tensioactifs, détergents, l'évaluation des dangers, biotests, qualité de l'eau, atelier de recherche avancée, Rôles comparative de suspension-feeders dans les écosystèmes, la biodiversité aquatique, Introduction aux questions de l'écologie biochimique: la biotechnologie, l'agriculture, protection de l'environnement, la durabilité, la sécurité environnementale, la biosphère, l'écologie aquatique; Ebook; agents de surface - l'effet physiologique; les détergents, les risques environnementaux, la pollution, les polluants, bioessais, biotests, xénobiotiques, de nouvelles méthodes , science des plantes, plants, phytotoxicité, des sangsues, des filtreurs bivalves, marins, d'eau douce, moules, huîtres, la qualité de l'eau, les interactions chimico-biotiques, biologie de la conservation, la durabilité de l'eau, de nouvelles données expérimentales, de nouveaux dangers, de nouveaux concepts fondamentaux, l'éducation environnementale; traitement de l'eau; xénobiotiques; le plus important, les priorités, les sujets brûlants, des questions urgentes; 界面活性剤、生化学生態学入門、生活、自然と資源の保全の生物学的効果:問題、ト レンド、および見通し、ヤブロコフ、AV、水生、生態系、水域、水の流れ、汚染、バ イオレメディエーション、ファイトレメディエーション、フィルターフィーダー、二 枚貝。水は、自己浄化、生態学、生物学、環境科学、図書館、ヨーロッパ、ベルギー 、チェコ共和国、ドイツ、デンマーク、アイスランド、イタリア、スロバキア、トル コ、イギリス、フィンランド、セルビア、ニュージーランド、ポーランド、カナダ、 中国、台湾、シンガポール、香港、南アフリカ、韓国、フィンランド、ノルウェー、 スウェーデン、フランス、オーストリア、オーストラリア、日本、スイス、韓国、米 国は、購入、買収、順序、図書館、本、SAオストロウーモフ、生態学、生化学、水生 生物学、水生、生物多様性、保全、自然、生活が、資源、生化学的、生理活性化合物 、生物圏、二枚貝、界面活性剤、洗剤、ハザード評価、biotesting、水質、先端研究ワー クショップ、生態系のサスペンション、フィーダーの比較の役割、水生生物は、はじ めに 、洗剤、環境災害、汚染、汚染物質、バイオアッセイ、生体異物、新しいメソッドが 、持続可能性、環境安全性、生物圏、水圏生態学;

Ebookの生理的効果、界面活性剤バイオテクノロジー、農業、環境保護:生化学生態学 の問題へ、植物科学、植物の苗、植物毒性、蛭、フィルターフィーダー、二枚貝は、 海洋、淡水、ムール貝、カキ、水質、化学の生物の相互作用、保全生物学、水の持続 可能性、新しい実験データ、新たな危険、新しい基本的な概念、環境教育、水処理、 生体異物、最も重要な、優先順位、ホットな話題、緊急の課題; ***
Biologische effecten van oppervlakte-actieve stoffen, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Inleiding tot de biochemische ecologie, het behoud van de levende natuur en middelen: problemen, trends en vooruitzichten; Yablokov, AV, water, ecosystemen; waterlichamen; waterstromen, vervuiling; bioremediatie , fytoremediatie, filter-feeders, tweekleppigen, water zelfreiniging, Ecologie, Biologie, Milieuwetenschappen, bibliotheken, Europa, België, Tsjechië, Duitsland, Denemarken, IJsland, Italië, Slowakije, Turkije, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Finland, Servië, Nieuw- Zeeland, Polen, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zuid-Afrika, Korea, Finland, Noorwegen, Zweden, Frankrijk, Oostenrijk, Australië, Japan, Zwitserland, Korea, USA, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, gekocht, verworven, bevolen, bibliotheek, boeken, SA Ostroumov, ecologie, biochemie, hydrobiologie, aquatische, biodiversiteit, het behoud, natuur, wonen, middelen, biochemische, bioactieve verbindingen, biosfeer, tweekleppigen, oppervlakteactieve stoffen, detergenten, beoordeling van de gevaren, biotesting, waterkwaliteit, Kluwer, Advanced Research Workshop, Vergelijkende Rollen van Suspension-feeders in Ecosystemen, Biodiversiteit in het water, Inleiding tot de problematiek van de biochemische ecologie: biotechnologie, landbouw, bescherming van het milieu, duurzaamheid, veiligheid voor het milieu, biosfeer, Aquatische ecologie, Ebook, Oppervlakte-actieve stoffen - Fysiologische effect; detergenten, gevaren voor het milieu, vervuiling, verontreinigende stoffen, bioassay, biotesting, xenobiotica, nieuwe methoden, plant wetenschap, plant zaailingen, fytotoxiciteit, Hirudo medicinalis, filter-feeders, tweekleppigen, marine, zoet water, mosselen, oesters, Mytilus edulis, Mytilus galloprovincialis, Fagopyrum esculentum, Sinapis alba, kwaliteit van het water, chemisch-biotische interacties, het behoud biologie, water duurzaamheid, nieuwe experimentele gegevens, nieuwe gevaren, nieuwe fundamentele concepten, milieu-educatie, waterbehandeling, xenobiotica, het behoud, milieu, afbraak, milieu, beheer, het milieu, bescherming, uitputting, fauna, flora, natuurlijke, geschiedenis, natuurlijke hulpbronnen, de natuur, het behoud, bescherming, kwaliteit, de samenleving, soorten, diversiteit, wild, Wildlife Conservation, natuur, overexploitatie, het behoud van de levende natuur en middelen: problemen, trends en vooruitzichten, Monograph, Vvedenie v problemy biochimiceskoj ekologii: biotechnologija, selskoe chozjajstvo Ochrana sredy, MM Telitčenko, SA Ostroumov, introductie problemen van biochemische ecologie, inleiding tot kwesties van biochemische ecologie, Nederland, Holland, Nederlandse, bibliotheken, Bibliotheek van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Ochrana životnogo mira: problemy i perspektivy, AV Jablokov, SA Ostroumov, Series, Novoe v žizni, nauke, technike. Biologija, publicaties, beschikbaar,