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PragueHub Questionnaire TechCruch info

your name: your email: your age: your occupation: other occupation / details: do you work independent? where do you live? where do you work? do you work alone on projects? how much time per week do you work or meet in public places (eg coffeeshop)? did you ever experience? < 1 day difficulty working at home 2/3 days >3 missing project missing social interaction collaboration lack of productivity lack of creativity web /SW development fully city: at home most of the time partially district: at client partially at employer with collegues employed student other: consulting design media marketing artist

other issues experienced?

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PragueHub Questionnaire TechCruch coworking

what is your interest in coworking / using a shared office / community space ? 0 = no interest, 5 = very interested where would you like to see the facility? (Prague 1,2,......)

would you become a member of a coworking community (to drop-in and hang-out, attend events, etc)? would you be willing to pay to be a member? how much would you be willing to pay for membership (including one day of desk use per month)? yes yes less than 250 czk no no between 250 a 500 czk more than 500 czk

would you at all work in a coworking space? how often would you work there? what would you be willing to pay for fulltime working at the hub? do you prefer open space or closed working space? yes < 1 day a week < 2500 czk per month open no 2 to 3 days a week 2500 to 3500 czk dont mind > 3500 czk closed/private full-time

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PragueHub Questionnaire TechCruch work preferences

how important is privacy? how important is silence ? maximum amount of people working at facility? other preferences? meeting what services would you expect at the hub? desk/chair what added services would you appreciate? would you appreciate services like? other services? food / drinks legal advice member presentations internet 24 hour access financial advice printer tv / games / books project acquisition phone other: training art gallery fax room/project or project room (0-5) (0-5)


what events would you attend? guest speakers concerts training sessions other:

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PragueHub Questionnaire TechCruch other

what issues do you expect coworking will solve for you? how important is supporting a social cause or the environment? would you be interested in helping this initiative and in what form? (0-5)

Thanx a bunch !

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