Personal Profile

Dr. Maria Todd is a key opinion leader in the global health and medical tourism industry. She is president and CEO of The Mercury Healthcare Companies, and is also the author or co-author of over 500 articles. She has delivered more than 2700 training and educational presentations in 18 countries since 1989. Ms Todd is the author of four books on medical tourism, including the Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development, The Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook and two more specifically authored for insurance producer and human resource benefits managers, and 7 other books on healthcare administration topics such as managed care contracting, physician employment contracting, HIPAA compliance, and development of integrated health delivery systems. She has been a consultant to medical tourism projects undertaken by government agencies, hospitals and medical providers abroad and in the USA. She is also the founder and Acting Executive Director (Pro Tem) of the Managed Care Institute and the Health Travel Training Institute, both in Denver, Colorado. One of the companies under the corporate umbrella, Mercury Healthcare International, Inc., is the largest medical tourism provider network in the world, operating in the USA and 94 other countries. Currently the network is comprised of over 800,000 providers of healthcare, including over 6000 hospitals, 9000 ambulatory surgery centers, and more than 750,000 physicians and allied healthcare providers. Since 2003, the company has facilitated out-of-country medical treatments for over 4000 patients seeking both surgery and diagnostic services as well as executive checkup and wellness exams. Dr Todd presides over quality and strategic issues together with the Medical Director, Healthcare Informatics and CIO and the Clinical Quality team. Mercury Healthcare Benefits Group, another subsidiary of the Mercury Healthcare Companies focuses its core business on working with employers and labor unions. Experts in this group have experience and insight into USA and international healthcare benefits management for employees of multinational companies and their retirees. Dr Todd often is called upon to explain the complex challenges faced by the employer and insurer markets which limit growth and uptake of medical tourism benefit expansion.

Mercury Healthcare Advisory Group, another Mercury corporate subsidiary frequently consults with U.S. and foreign hospitals, ASCs and physicians who are curious about medical tourism as an alternative to the revenue stream from government and commercial third-party payment sources. Three consultants in the group are certified to teach English to speakers of other languages and often conduct training on Medical English for Medical Tourism programs. Seven consultants within the group have experience preparing hospitals and healthcare organizations for international quality and safety accreditation and re-accreditation surveys through a number of organizations including Joint Commission and Joint Commission International with a 100% pass rate in 15 countries. Three journalists within the group frequently assist international clients with editing for idiomatic English translations for medical tourism marketing collateral. Other consultants within the group assist hospitals to develop strategies and organize implementation for medical tourism service line development. Dr Todd is often called upon to discuss healthcare clinical, administrative, logistics, public health, and hospitality provider challenges, including market and service line specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by newcomers to the medical tourism and global health delivery arena.

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