Top Steel Companies in India


The performance of steel industry in India has been quite satisfactory over the past decade. The steel industry in the whole of Asia is aided by cutting-edge technology and because of this, the companies in the industry has made great advancements in all their operational areas. The development of steel industry in India is mainly due to the substantial increase in the demand for steel products of India in the global market. The top companies in this industry mainly operate in four different forms like manufacturers of semifinished steel, producers of finished steel products, manufacturers of stainless steel and producers of pig irons. The list of top companies in the steel sector in India is given below: Top 10 steel companies in India: ‡ Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited ‡ Steel Authority of India ‡ Tata Steel ‡ Visveswarayya Steels ‡ Bokaro Steel Plant ‡ Bhilai Steels ‡ Essar Steels Limited ‡ Jindal Steel & Power ‡ KVS Ispat ‡ Jindal Steels Limited

Some of the details regarding these top players in steel industry is given below: Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited: The foundation stone for Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited was laid in the year 1971 and this organization is the corporate body of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. SAIL holds the pride of being one among the four Maharatnas in the Central Public Sector Enterprises in India. They are the major manufacturers and sellers of the following steel products: ‡ Alloy steel . They have three different mines under their control being the blast furnace grade limestone mine. They are specialized in the production of the following products: ‡ Rounds ‡ Beams ‡ Wire rods ‡ Squares ‡ Billets ‡ Channels ‡ Blooms ‡ Rebars or reinforcement bars Steel Authority of India: Steel Authority of India shortly called as SAIL is one of the top public sector steel-makers in India and they produce steel products both for export and for domestic consumption as well. manganese mine and dolomite mine.

it is now merged with the Steel Authority of India. Bhilai Steels: . Even though.‡ Stainless steel ‡ Rods and bars ‡ Railway products ‡ Structurals ‡ Electrical sheets ‡ Galvanized steel ‡ Cold and hot coils and rolled sheets Tata Steel: Tata Steel is a part of the India¶s popular Tata group and they are one among the global steel service and manufacturing companies in India. Visveswarayya Steels: Visveswarayya Steels is actually a unit of the Steel Authority of India and they are dealing in the production of pig iron and alloy steels. The plant holds the pride of being the country¶s first Swadeshi Steel Plant. Bokaro Steel Plant: Bokara Steel Plant began its journey as a limited company in the year 1964 and the company is situated in the Bokaro District of the state of Jharkhand. The company began as a separate entity in the year 1923 and it has now come under the SAIL. They have a balance presence in over 50 developed countries in the continent of Europe and they have manufacturing units in 26 different countries all over the world. the company began its journey as a separate entity.

textile.Bhilai Steels are one of the leading supplier. The steel products of this company are being used in different industries like cement. sugar mills. screwed. stockiest. copper. ally steel. Some of the products manufactured by them are: ‡ Cold Rolled Products ‡ Hot Briquetted Sponge Iron ‡ Hot rolled products ‡ Galvanized products ‡ Iron ore pallets Jindal Steel & Power: Jindal Steel & Power is a leading player in different industries like infrastructure. pharmaceuticals. aluminum. SW and BW pipes. coal to liquid. gas and oil. KVS Ispat: . fertilizers and chemicals. They have international centers in different countries like Indonesia. power. They are also leaders in a wide range of pipefittings like compression type of popes with Ferrules. brass. Their 24-carat steel is a product that got worldwide acceptance. forges. inconel. They are continuously creating new opportunities by leveraging their core capabilities to venture into new business. power and steel. exporter and importer of hast alloy. petrochemicals. Essar Steels Limited: Essar Steels are one of the most versatile producers of steelbased products and tailor-made products and these products are the best known for their quality. Canada and the USA. carbon steel and stainless steel. mining. diversifying investments and by increasing production capacity. monel. Vietnam.

KVS Ispat is a flagship of KVS group of companies and the company enjoys a legacy in the industry of steel for the past 22 years. Thus. This company is known for its excellence right from its inception and they are consistently making great contribution towards the development of the society. Their main aim is to become a world player in the industry of steel production and they are committed to maintain world-class quality in their production. They are dealing with different types of steel products like: ‡ Rounds & Squares ‡ Channels ‡ Flats ‡ Angels ‡ Light Structural Steel ‡ TMT Bars Jindal Steels Limited: Jindal Steels are also making a good contribution towards the development of India and they are ranked sixth among the top business houses with respect to their asset holding. to offer products at a competitive price and to do excellent after sales service to their customers. like any other industry steel industry in India is also offering wide range of employment opportunities to deserving candidates thereby acquiring the required talents for their organizations and by offering the right job to the right candidate. They are one among the multi billionaire corporation in India. .