It involves the carrying on of the calling of and attorney. training and experience. . It embraces any activity. counseling and the preparation of legal instruments and contracts by which legal rights are secured. legal principle. It concludes legal advice. It must signify for its followers a mental and moral setting apart from the multitude. With respect to the fellow lawyers. It was shown that at some point. practice or procedure and calls for legal knowledge. usually for gain. A lawyer therefore should not misquote the contents of documents or conceal facts from the Court essential to the presentation of his causes. which may or may not be pending in court. courtesy should characterize his relation with his brethren. in or out of the court which requires the application of law. ill feelings should be scrupulously be avoided. lawyers were considered as liars but there are still some who are willing to stand up for what is right.AGUSTIN. acting in a representative capacity and rendering service to another. PAULINE Gimenez exemplifies what happens in the world of lawyering. Personal colloquy should be avoided. in the practice of which pecuniary rewards are considered as merely incidental. The duty of candor and fairness towards the Court requires the lawyer to avoid concealment of the truth from Court and avoid misleading the Court in any manner no matter how demanding his client may as no client however powerful and no cause however important is entitled to receive from the lawyer any service involving dishonesty to the court. A lawyer will find his highest honor in a deserved reputation for fidelity to private truest and public duty as an honest man and as a patriotic and loyal citizen. The legal profession is a form of public service or public trust intimately related to the administration of justice. It is not limited to the conduct of cases of in court.

There was a phrase in the book saying that ³the color of the law is green. lawyers are called to be ministers of the temple of justice. wherein super heroes use their special abilities to protect the normal civilians Lawyer¶s knowledge of the law are what makes them standout from ordinary citizens. . People should realize that it¶s always about making the hard decisions that can make them into a better person and molding them to their fullest potential. I never heard of a religious minster who was thinking more of himself than thinking of the welfare of others. Most people today want to take the shortcut to success by cheating and by finding scapegoat to get out of difficult situations with thinking of the consequences involved. It just like having a super power. it made me realize that being a lawyer is no different from being a doctor because the life of a person rests within every action you make. a quote from a very famous movie must be what lawyers must do they have the power to protect people and they must be responsible in using that power. Lawyers must observe moral values and meet the moral standard they are asked of. In the book the color of law Shawanda¶s life was in jeopardy because it seems like she no chance of winning the case because she against a very powerful and influential person in the state of Texas. ³With great power comes great responsibility´. It was like no chance to win but Scott Fenney came through by carefully analyzing the minor details of the crime that was overlooked by the authorities. Handling the case turned out to be a turning point for Scott¶s career because handling the case of Shawanda made him realize that a lawyer¶s duty was to uphold peace and justice and not only be after the money.´ Green because the law was always about the money and asking for more than what should ask from a client with regards to the attorney¶s fees. These kinds of lawyers are more concerned with the money that they will earn rather than the future of their clients. It¶s not about your knowledge of the law it¶s about how you will use that knowledge for the greater good. In relating this to the legal profession. ELLIS After reading the color of law. Senator Mack McCall. It¶s more of what you can do to help others rather than to think of yourself and become a selfish fool who cares for nothing more than getting all the pleasures in the world without even giving a damn of what is happening around him.CRUZ. But the realization of Scott turned the whole story around because he had a change of heart towards his profession and put into mind the life of Shawanda and her daughter instead of his greed for money. Sadly that phrase is partially true because majority of lawyers today only do it for the money and the power and not for the duty of upholding truth and justice.

Then on. He told in front of the twelve members of the jury about the book named. drugs and girls. Scott then on must choose on which he must do as a lawyer and as a person. . He had given a new life for Shawanda. He then said that it was a guy with right handed who have killed McCall and it was Delroy Lund. Then after. It is not about winning and money but rather about giving justice.De Guzman Joey Albert P. to the accused for learning his mistakes and for the family of the victims for having justice and knowing the truth. Then the protagonist in the story. As the story goes on. He then explains that he hasn¶t done much of good and that it is just time to do it. He likes night outs like drinking. Sometimes we need to sacrifice something for the better of others for us to give justice and that¶s what Scott did as a lawyer. He might have loose the precious material things in his life but his conscience were cleaned and a better life was as exchange. The story portrays how did a lawyer who is greedy becomes a good lawyer and choses a good practice of law and sacrificing things to give justice and held the truth. He said that he¶d have much money and that he might not need money and now proceeds to do the right thing by winning the case for giving justice and truth. Scott wins the case. The story gives an inspiration that there were really a happy endings in life. It was said in the story that Law is not a game. The story had shown the changes of Scott¶s perspective about life. a prostitute he met. he tries to win the case no matter what happened because of what his mother told him before and things need to change specially on his practice of being a lawyer. ³To Kill a Mocking Bird´ which tells about an honorable man and an honorable lawyer which he then had been inspired. He must choose between money and his pride as a lawyer. peace and life. He have this case on the murder of the son of an influential senator and his client was the accused and he must win the case because truly. Shawanda was innocent. was the lawyer assigned to help Shawanda to prove her innocence against Clark¶s father who is an influential senator. he met this Shawanda Jones. Scott Fenney. Shawanda was then after accused of killing McCall. Scott is a fortunate guy to have a wealthy life specially being a lawyer in a prestigious firm but he might have been an aggressive lawyer then. The Color of Law Clark McCall was a rich guy who happened to be the heir of a senator.

In this part. his client. probably because that was the mindset provided by them by the firm. a black prostitute who has been accused of murdering Clark McCall. I think that Scott knows on how to become a good lawyer or what should lawyers do based on their profession without destroying the essence of their work. Fenney has been appointed by Judge Buford to take on the case based on his passion for seeing justice done. I think that was the usual thinking that most lawyers have. he drank and took drugs and every time he got into trouble with the law his father was there to buy his way out of it. He has to weigh up if he is willing to sacrifice everything he holds dear: lifestyle/money/social standing/family/ferrari etc etc against his belief in justice. Also the line where it states that: 'For real? Is that why you work so slowly?'". The story was started by his inspiring about being a good lawyer. It is their ability of defending well their client and become an instrument of justice that will make their more noble. In this story I learned. The story is a long narration about his experience as a lawyer before it actually come up with the main topic of the story which is the case of Shawanda Jones. Boo. I couldn't afford to hire myself. who may very possibly become a future President of the United States. Based on the story I will first describe his life as a lawyer. For Fenney to be able to defend Shawanda Jones properly he would have to present evidence about Clark McCall¶s past that would drag the McCall name through the mud. Three hundred and fifty dollars and hour.DORADO.fifty an hour. Clark McCall raped women. not at three. sometimes what you receive is tempting and can even reach the point of losing your morale or ethics of being a lawyer. Boo the daughter of Scott is reminding him that he is still a father and a lawyer. the main character on To kill a Mockingbird. MARK JOSEPH The story is about Scott Fenney a lawyer who worked his way to the top of the heap of the Dallas firm of Ford Stevens. There are also part of the story that strike me most. for me this more rewarding than having a Ferrari or mansion as part of my compensation as a lawyer. Possessions. it was stated that he must become a lawyer one day and he must become a good one. Mack McCall knows that if any of his son¶s past was brought out. In the story. even though we don¶t want to defend our client just because they cannot pay us a s much our other clients does. Despite of discrimination and different issues that surrounds this case. Heck. like the part where it was stated that: "'Why do you represent corporations instead of people?' Because people can't afford me. he beat women up. Scott Fenney is about to defend Shawanda Jones. by proving that Shawanda is not guilty. He won the case in the end. I think that he is more concerned about the money every time he gives his service as a lawyer. I¶ve realized that lawyers are still human. in the end Scott remained firm to his duty and that is to defend his client and serve justice and truth more that what he can regardless of any monetary considerations. 'No. his aspirations as president would be lost. and they should give their service to human also. His initial reaction is to refuse and attempt to wiggle his way out of the case as he is forced to defend a black. regardless whether they can pay you or not. son of senator Mack McCall. As mentioned in the book. everything that Scott owns from head to toe and even the bed where he sleeps is owned by the company that he worked for. Scott will step on anyone to get more until one day he is forced to take a case against his will/wishes by a manipulative judge. 'You charge three dollars and fifty cents an hour?' Scott chuckled. that money is an inevitable part of being a lawyer. A. especially in the US. .'´ In this part. In this case. he succeeded on applying this principle. In the story.'Her eyes got big. heroin addict prostitute for the murder of the local Senator's son and next likely president of the US. We should not lessen our effort as a lawyer.which he hasn't actually practiced since becoming a lawyer. he was told by his mother that he must be like Atticus Finch. family are all going to be threatened and he will be left with having to make a decision between doing the right thing and doing the smart thing. Scott Fenney is about to find out just how precarious one¶s life really is. job.

Mark Gimenez has not yet mastered the skill to turn his ingredients into a first-class novel. Gimenez spends far too much time in his novel describing the trappings of high-power. his mother always wanted him to be a lawyer who do good and not just do well. and Pajamae. not just to do well. As the case unfolds. nicknamed Boo. the spoiled rich son of an influential United States senator Mack McCall. he is horrified. after a tawdry night of booze. It is at least fifty pages too long and the conclusion. Lescroart and Turow have earned deserved praise. drugs. dry wit. draws the attention of the federal judge presiding over the murder case. is a lucky man. a partner in a prestigious firm. Two substantial problems hinder The color of law from earning kudos as a courtroom thriller. affection. As an author he obviously knows Texas law and lawyers and has some interesting opinions of both. that one need not ³check one¶s conscience at the door´ in order to be a successful lawyer. ingredients alone do not make a world-class soufflé. While the lifestyle of Scott Fenney becomes an important issue in his preparation of a vigorous defense for his client. he hesitated to handle the case of Shawanda Jones after knowing that the respondent was the son of a millionaire and senator. Jones is accused of murdering Clark McCall. The color of law has all the necessary ingredients for an exciting courtroom thriller. Alas. practicing what he calls ³aggressive and creative lawyering.´ which is code for cheating. Scott Fenney also have weak points. The Dallas lawyer Scott Fenney. As a lawyer the protagonist Scott Fenney for me is a good lawyer. Although arriving late to the courtroom. The result is a plot that is both unwieldy and hard to believe. Scott slowly realizes that fate has brought him to a crossroads. He defends mostly well-to-do clients. but he also shows. He also holds out the possibility that even an arrogant and self-centered individual can seek redemption. He is an acclaimed former jock.MANABAT. conniving. the story ultimately works because of Gimenez¶s fluid writing style. family conflict. the trappings of wealth are too lovingly portrayed in the novel. through Scott¶s poignant journey. greed. In his next novel one hopes that Gimenez finds a better recipe for success. The defendant is a beautiful drug addict and prostitute whose only hope for acquittal rests in unearthing evidence that will besmirch the reputation of that powerful family. The best scenes in the book show the warm relationship between Scott and the two girls in his life his eight-year-old daughter. and all the elements appear to be in place for a rip-roaring Texas-style murder trial. Not only does the author effectively depict the deep chasm between Dallas¶s haves and have-nots. Scott¶s decision to fight for Shawanda earns him Pajamae¶s respect. pressure is exerted on Scott to deter him from being too aggressive in his defense of Shawanda. the proud owner of a luxurious home and car. The author skillfully orchestrates Scott¶s fall from grace and his gradual reawakening to the value of a principle-driven life. political corruption. Shawanda¶s daughter. For a 500-page novel to be considered a work of courtroom fiction. high-living lawyers and devotes too little time to the actual courtroom proceedings that will establish guilt or innocence. As a book The Color of Law is not perfect. Someone must mix those ingredients into a finished product. Helping Shawanda Jones may give Scott the chance to be the kind of lawyer his mother always wanted him to be one who is anxious to do good. The crime is a sensational murder of the son of the most powerful politician in Texas. When Scott is appointed by a federal judge to represent a black prostitute named Shawanda Jones which is addicted to heroin. He appoints Scott Fenney to represent Shawanda Jones. Her lawyer is a high-power partner in a prominent Dallas law firm whose speech to a group of attorneys calling upon them to act in the highest tradition of the law. After trying in vain to extricate himself from Shawanda¶s case. . veers dangerously close to sentimentality. and the husband of a gorgeous woman. The colorof law has some worthy attributes. although satisfying. and doing whatever it takes to win a case. to be lawyers like Atticus Finch. But he needs to be either a courtroom novelist or a social commentator in order to succeed in a field where writers such as Grisham. and rough sex. Mark Gimenez portrays a tragic miscarriage of justice. the scenes detailed there by Gimenez have a realistic and entertaining flavor. the protagonist reaized that by handling the case of Shawanda Jones he will fulfill the the dream of his mother. However. and puts a major crimp in his father¶s election plans. and gratitude. it needs to spend more time in the courtroom than the final 85 pages. That pressure becomes palpable as Scott is slowly stripped of the things he¶s come to care for most. and sharp delineation of character. MARK DANIELLE The protagonist of The Color of Law is a poor-boy college football hero turned successful partner at a prominent Dallas firm who long ago checked his conscience at the door catches a case that forces him to choose between his enviable lifestyle and doing the right thing.In The Color of Law. and the abuse of power.

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