Aujas – An Overview

“Aujas” in Sanskrit means “Strength & Energy in a Warrior”

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Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

About Aujas

Aujas is a pure-play Digital Security services company.
We offer high-end Security Consulting, Professional & Operations services

• Started in Feb 2008 • Co-founded by experienced Security professionals
• Funded by IDG Ventures • Global presence with in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Dubai • Team of 30+ with consultants from global consulting companies and leading technology companies

Mission Create a differentiated and scalable ecosystem of people, processes and technology to help customers minimize and mitigate Digital Security risk.

Vision To be the best in class, pure play provider of advanced secure Technologies & Services


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

A Strong team at the helm
Board of Directors
Kiran Karnik Ex-President, NASSCOM

Management Team
Srinivas Rao CEO & co-founder

Sudhir Sethi CMD – IDG Ventures

Sameer Shelke COO & co-founder

TCM CFO – IDG Ventures

Manjula Sridhar CTO & co-founder

Prof. N. Bala IIM-B

Shailendra Mishra Sr. VP – Sales, India & ME

Srinivas Rao CEO & co-founder

Navin Kotian VP – Mktg & Alliances


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Investor Information


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

A Comprehensive Security Services Framework

IT GRC Services Mobility & Telecom Security

Software Security Services

Vulnerability Management Services
ISO Mgmt Services

Identity Management Services


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance offerings
         ISO 27001 ISO 20001 PCI DSS SAS 70 SOX, HIPAA IT Security Audit IT Security Base-lining services IT Security Policy Network & Internet Security audit

Compliance Services

Security Audits & Assessments

IT Risk Management Services

 IT Risk audit  IT Risk framework mgmt  IT Risk management

Continuous Compliance Management Services

 Controls monitoring  Compliance Management  IT GRC Automation


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Software and Application Security offerings

Secure Coding Training

 Secure Coding practices  Threat modeling  Security testing

PCI DSS Compliance services

 Application code review, VA  Secure coding training  Application security guidelines and framework    

Application Security Assessment

Code Review Threat Modeling Application Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Application Penetration Testing (PT)

Secure Software development Consulting

 Secure SDLC training  Transformation to Secure SDLC  Secure application development consulting


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Assessment

 Application VA  Server & OS VA  Network VA

Penetration Testing

 White box PT  Grey box PT  Black box PT

Patch Management

 Patch management process definition  Patch management solutions  Patch management Operations


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Aujas Identity Management services
        Executive workshop IAM strategy and Roadmap Readiness Assessment Architecture planning IAM deployment Enterprise Single sign-on RBAC Workflow process mgmt



Managed Services

   
   

Post rollout support Transition mgmt Change requests Performance optimization
IAM Audit Separation of duties Account reconciliation Entitlement attestation


Aujas offers Identity management Services throughout the Life-cycle
9 Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Aujas Mobile Security & Enterprise Telecom offerings
Mobile Application Security
 Mobile application security assessment  Secure mobile application development consulting  Customized solutions for Encryption, GUI and Authentication  Security consulting services  Security audit and assessment  Near field comm., Bluetooth, SMS, GPRS & WiFi

Mobile Communication Security

Mobile based Security solutions

 Authentication and Access mgmt (OTP & Mobile banking)  Solutions for Enterprise mobility
• VoIP Security audit • VoIP security solutions • Telecom network audit

Enterprise Telecom / VoIP networks

Aujas has developed IP & has security researchers with over 15 patents in this space.
Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential


Aujas Forensic Services

Cyber Crime Incident response

 Crime scene analysis and investigation  Collection and preservation of evidence  Root cause analysis

Data Forensics

 Evidence recovery  Event reconstruction  Law enforcement


 Setting up honey net  Evidence gathering  Deterring the real attacks


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Security Awareness and Training services


 Security Awareness  Periodic Security Induction  Do’s and don’ts

IT Team

 ISMS – ISO 27001  ITSM – ISO 20001  BCM – BS 25999

Software Development Team

 Secure Coding (Dot Net, Java, ASP, C++)  Threat Modeling  Software Security testing


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

Thank you


Aujas Confidential Aujas Confidential

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